Vol. 1: Chapter 6 – Marfa, Jack, Wilder, Moya, Me and the Rhonas part 2

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Translated and Edited by Tianic

This novel was being updated on Liberspark.com but was kicked out of nonsense reasons.

Thanks to Tyrant from Liberspark, who acted as unreasonable as his name.

I wish Liberspark will prosper under this tyrannical atmosphere.

You look unhappy, cheer up!” There came the voice of the younger girl, she was a stupid. Can’t she see I gloomy all because of her!

“Yeah, cheer up, I’m Flynn Rhona. This is my little sister Carey Rhona.” A soft voice came from the older girl, “What is your name?”

Confronted by the question, I began to look at these two girls carefully. They really were twins.

They shared the same eyebrows, same bright eyes, same delicate face. The only thing that bothered me was the evil look in Carey’s eyes. Can’t she be a bit more like her sister?

“Ah… black hair, dark eyes, I’ve heard about you, you are Cohen Kheda!”

“I… I am Cohen…” I can’t lie about this.

“Cohen Kheda? Are you the son of the Viceroy? Why did you want to steal an apple?” Flynn looked confused.

“Actually I…” I have to lie through this, “I am starving.”

“No lunch?”

“I… I ran away from home!” It was so hard to be a liar.

“But you are a noble? What’s good about running away from home?”

“I… I was sick…” Now I was starting to even confuse myself.

“What kind of illness? My sister will be the best physician in the future! You can talk with her.”

“Yeah, I’m still learning, but I know some healing spells.”

What kind of sickness? I’ve been healthy since I was born, except for those dreams. I was in perfect health.

“Can’t you tell us? Are you lying?” Carey’s evil look appeared once again, “Sis, let’s find grandpa.”

“No! I am… really sick!” I had to say something or die.

(The following will be the top classified information in the empire!!!)

“I… I have a…”

“You have a what! Say it!” Carey was not behaving like a lady at all!

“I have a hole on my but!”

After the two girls had laughed about it, I was brought to the red-nosed grandpa. A retired former general of Swabia.

He looked mighty, plus a red nose.

“Hello sir, I am… I am Cohen Kheda.”

“Oh! You are Cohen Kheda! Welcome!” Grandpa had a loud voice, “You can call me grandpa like Flynn and Carey! Your father and I are good friends.”

“Grandpa, Cohen is so funny!”

“Really? You three shall be good friends then.”

“Yeah! We are already friends, right Cohen?”

(I don’t wanna be your friend!)

Well, luckily, I can put my heart back. And Wilder you four stupid, you knew such an evil creature lived here, and you still let me! I felt the urge to kill them!

“Grandpa, I have four friends there down the hill.”

“Does one of them named Wilder?”

“Yeah, how do you know that?”

“Hahaha! No friends of Wilder dare to climb up to my garden!”

“Oh, grandpa, they are orphans, can you…”

“No problem, I’ll keep them for good.”

I slammed a big bag of food in front of my four newly-met friends and sat down while gasping.

They looked a bit lost.

“From now on, I am your boss!”

“Food!! Boss!!! Impressive!!!” Once the food was spotted, Moya acknowledged me, “Jack! Right?”

“Yeah… the new boss is terrific…” Jack was grabbing food in the bag, “Last time, last time Wilder came back with wounds full of his head!”

I stared at Wilder angrily!

“You set me up!” I said, “You knew there were 2 mean girls there, right!!!?”

“I… you can’t blame me… you wanted to get there…”

“Wilder, you are supposed to call him boss…” Marfa said.

“He doesn’t have the apple!” Wilder insisted.

“Look at it!!!” I revealed a tiny ball and placed it in front of him, “Because of you!!! And you!!! They laughed at me!!! Two girls!”

“Yes… spring apple looks like this indeed…”

“Right… I’ve never seen this…”

“Boss, can I eat it?”

“Stop!!!” I declared, “Now am I the boss, right, Wilder?”

“I’m a man of my words since you have the apple, you are the boss then.”

“There you go.” I smiled, “Well, to keep you guys away from starving, me and grandpa had an agreement.”

“Boss, what is it??”

“I have asked for you guys to help out in the garden,” I said, “Don’t cry, you’ll live with him, and you’ll all be well fed.”

“Noooooooo! Boss no…”

“Can’t, I’m your boss, you’ll listen to me! I said go!”

“Damn, those girls are mean.”

“Stop talking, I think boss is better.”

Wilder said nothing, he fainted.

Since then, Wilder and the other three boys settled at grandpa’s home. Grandpa could be harsh sometimes, but he cared about them. Meanwhile, he taught them martial and magic skills. Wilder and Moya were strong, so they took martial arts as their primary skills. Marfa and Jack were not as good, but they were pretty good on spells and archery.

I visited them every day. And I watched when they practiced. Though I can’t do anything, I’ve learned from watching. As for Flynn and Carey, they liked to practice on us with attacking magic, then healing spells afterward.

God knew if they deliberately planned to do that.

When they were on break, I taught them what I learned from the books. Or had a day out to play. During those days, every mountain, every river around Darkmoon city saw our joyful faces

Time went by, I spent my days happily and was ready to welcome my 12th birthday.


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