Vol. 1: Chapter 5: Marfa, Jack, Wilder, Moya, Me and the Rhonas part 1

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Translated and Edited by Tianic

This novel was being updated on Liberspark.com but was kicked out of nonsense reasons.

I wish Liberspark will prosper under this tyrannical atmosphere.

Screaming, fire and explosion were all around me. There were unknown weapons in my hand, and I was killing men with it. Anyone shot by it will burst out a mist of blood from the wound. Fragments of muscles and organs were up and down in the air. Dying bodies fell in all the ways possible. “I don’t! I don’t want to watch any longer!” I was screaming, but I felt there was a stone on my chest. I couldn’t speak.

I fell, a disgusting fat man stepped on my chest. He was laughing! He’s laughing! I was filled with hatred, sadness, and a little regret.

“Don’t blame me… I have to abandon you.”

“At least with you together!”

My powerless hand held up a silver object shining red. Looking at their dilated pupils, frightened face, and muddled steps. I was extremely excited…hahahahaha…”You want me dead! You are going down with me! COME ON!”

BOOM… The thing in my hand exploded, my fingers were gone, pale bones were all that’s left on my arm… I smelled death.

Such a drastic explosion… Fire destroyed everything…


I struggled to life, there were beads of sweat mixed with tears on my face, streamed down. I was shivering in cold. What a terrible… terrible dream. Who was that man in my dream? Definitely not me. “I don’t wanna kill… no killing…”

The sunup! Warm sunshine on my face. It drove away all the cold from last night, so comfy!

“Cohen, say goodbye to your father.”

“Yes! See you tomorrow father!”

“Cohen, be a good boy. You want anything from DC?”

“I want books! A lot of books!”

“Sure, I’ll bring a lot of books then.”

“Pinky swear!”

“Of course, your father will never forget what I’ve promised to Cohen.”

“Thank you, father! Cohen will be a good boy!”

So boring, mom’s with father, brothers were having classes. I was counting birds under the garden tree. What to do? Nobody was here to play with me, I’ll go out!

Hurried with lunch, I grabbed granny’s book and ran out. I returned the book and wandered alone on the market. There were some children over there, I’ll go and talk with them.

At a quiet corner of the market, a discussion about “fat sheep” was taking place.

“That guy, take a look. That guy with black hair.”

“Yeah, boss, I saw him.”

“Marfa, can you see how much money he has?”

“Boss, me and Jack saw he has a lot of money, the yellow ones.”

“You stupid, that’s called gold.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Moya, you go and fight with Jack to distract him. Marfa, you and I will take the gold.”

“But Wilder… no, boss! Jack is my brother. I promised my father no bully. Can I beat up Marfa?”

“Shit! If you beat up Marfa then who’s going with me to steal… no… get the gold?”

“Ok, boss, I know. Jack, I’ll go easy on you. Bear with me, we’ll have food once we get the money.”

“Just do it, I’m not afraid of pain.”

The boss, Wilder, assigned the jobs. When Moya was about to fight with Jack in front of the ‘fat sheep’. He came right toward them.

“Hello there! What are you doing?” I said, not knowing anything about I being the fat sheep.

Four kids aging 7, 8 years were stupefied when they saw me going towards them.

“Boss, am I still fighting with Jack?” The slug boy asked the boy with gray hair.

“Fight my ass! You stupid!” The gray hair flapped the slug.

“Hey, you boy! What’re you doing here?” The gray hair asked me roughly.

“Oh, I wanna see what’re you guys are up to. I’m alone. Can I play with you?” I answered honestly.

“Play? Who wants to play with you. We are doing business, go away!” The gray hair looked really unfriendly.

“Business? What business? Can I join you?” I didn’t know what was coming.

“Dress like that, you must be a noble boy, what can you do?” The slug said.

“I can do a lot of stuff.”

Looked at me, the gray hair thought about it, then said, “Alright, if you want in, you call me boss.”

“Why call you boss? You don’t look much older than me?” Boss… what a familiar word.

“Are you stupid? Boss means leader!” The slug said, “Wilder is our leader, so we call him boss! Wilder is very brave! Last time when we were hungry. He climbed up the cliff behind the old red nosed man’s garden and stole… no, got an apple for us.”

“What? Are you guys starved very often?”

“Yes, you have something to eat?”

“Yeah, what do you want?” Luckily I have money on me today.

“You! Really?”

“I want bread!”

“Jack love meat!”

“Marfa want chicken!”

Five kids with their bellies full were lying on the grass.

“Wilder, is this the place you climbed last time?” I pointed to a steep hill and asked the gray hair, “looks like it’s not so hard after all.”

“Well, why don’t  you give it a try.” Wilder said lazily, “on the top it’s the red-nose’s garden, and if you go up there and grab an apple, I’d call you boss.”

“Really?” I asked, “You call me boss?”


“Ok!” Such a brilliant name will belong to me!

When I saw him walking towards the tiny cliff with his eyes shining, I knew I’m not boss any longer…” Many years later, Wilder, as one of five generals of the empire, said regretfully to his wife.

I climbed and climbed, tried very hard to keep my body close to the ground. Every piece of grass, tree roots made my help for climbing. Every rock became my standing point. I’ve never climbed anything before. But I’m not scared, instead, excited. This was not hard!

When I was about to finish and raised my head. I discovered not trees full of fruits. It was a… a sharp and shining sword!!!”

Looked at the swinging blade, I can’t help sticking my fingers into the mud tightly. Sweat was all over me once again. Heartbeat was rising. I was waiting, waiting for my trial. Gosh, someone was coming for me.

“Sis! Come come! I caught a thief!!”

Wait! Sounded like a girl? I raised my eyes. What the hell!

A girl younger than me was staring at me with great interest like I was an interesting toy. She had a pair of bright eyes. The sword looked huge compared to her tiny hands, she had to try very hard to steady it.

Smart enough, she leaned the sword to a rock. I was relieved. I’ve always considered swords as a dangerous thing. I never thought a sword would be any more powerful held by a girl. She could lose the balance and the sword would hit me!

“Sister?” Another girl appeared from behind, “what are you doing?”

“See! I caught a thief!” The girl looked at her elder sister and said proudly. She pointed at me with her finger.

(Please lady, don’t lose your sword!)

“Really? Let me see” The elder girl looked at me, “He’s just a boy!”

“You’re not any older than me! Why talking like adults?”

“Don’t forget you are a thief!” The younger shouted, “I’ll talk to grandpa!”

“I’m so sorry, the two of you kind ladies, can I climb up for now? I feel like I’m going down! If I slip away there’ll be no trophies for anyone.” My body was going numb. But to survive, I had to find all the good words and say it with the most sincere voice.

“Alright, come up.” Sounded like a nice elder sister.

I climbed up clumsily and sat down. I was worn out.

“Hey, little thief, what are you doing here?” Needless to think, that tough voice came from the younger sister.

I had no other way but to tell her. I pointed to the tree above my head, and confessed, “Apple.” I said tiredly.

“Apple?? Ahahahahaha!!!”

“Why, what’s so funny?” I didn’t know what were they laughing at but they were definitely laughing at me.

You know what it’s like to have 2 girls laughing around the ground? Now I saw it. Was it that funny to look at a thief like me?

When they were on their feet and had me looked at the tree, I realized how stupid I was. The green and finger sized fruits were swinging on the trees. This… this was apple??

“Hey, you cute and lovely thief, you eat an apple like this? Or have you no ideas when to eat an apple, do you?”

“Sister, don’t laugh at him… look his face is all blushed.”

Dear god, let me die. Stealing apple in spring, what a shame…

“The first time I met him, it was in my grandpa’s garden. Me and my sis were only past 6. He was 7. Black hair, black eyes, delicate face, suddenly appeared in front of us. I didn’t know if he came from the sky or underground. Of course, we treated him friendly. He was so funny. But who would know we both married him.”

excerpt from Diary of Queen Rhona Jr.

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  1. What’s with these quotes? They were funny as hell but starting to spoil. At least it gives me hope that it went end as a tragedy. I can’t wait till he remembers everything… How much of a cold blooded killer will he be? Hehehe

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