Vol. 1: Chapter 4: Code of Chivalry

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Translated and Edited by Tianic

This novel was being updated on Liberspark.com but was kicked out of nonsense reasons.

I wish Liberspark will prosper under this tyrannical atmosphere.

I rushed back home under the last sunlight and stopped at only a bit away from the dining room. It was not because I became full out of sudden, I bumped into a big guy!

I rubbed my aching head, “Big brother, can’t you wait at the same spot every day? How many times have you stood in my way?”

“Huh, stop talking… you scared off another maester today! Nobody dares to teach you anymore.” This was my big brother Rick Kheda. Rick has red hair, firm face, and beautiful blue eyes. Only ten years old, he was destined to excel in both martial and magic skills.

“Yeah, father and mother are waiting for you. They have something to say after dinner.” My second brother Swift Kheda appeared behind my big brother. His hair and eyes were identical to Rick’s, “Please say no more those strange words, little one.”

“Alright… alright, my brothers, I didn’t mean to, but that’s really my thoughts.” I was hungry, but I cannot act impatient. It was common courtesy.

Then and there came a soft voice that belonged to our mother, “Boys, aren’t you hungry? Dinner’s ready, hurry up!”

“Dinner time! I love mama the most!”

“Kids, are you full now?” It’s father’s gentle voice.

“Totally, you have something to say to Cohen, Father?” Rick put down his bowl, Swift was finished as well.

“Let’s wait for him,” Mother looked at me devouring food, smiled and said, “Cohen can eat a lot.”

“Yeah, he can eat twice as much.” Father smiled, “What did you do today Cohen?”

“Me? Nothing much. I was out on the street.” Stuffed with food in my mouth, I said vaguely, “I’m getting hungry quickly now. I have no idea.”

Last chunk of food down. I was full.

“Alright, let’s talk about Cohen.” My father was not in a rush, “Cohen, what did you say to Maester Cisco today?”

“Not much, Maester Cisco said the continent is a flat place. I told him he’s wrong. The continent is round like a ball.”

“Are you joking? If it’s a ball then we would fall, right?” Rick was surprised, his eyes were wide open.

“This… I have no idea, but if you think carefully. Why do we first see the top parts of something sailing back from far away, if the continent was so flat?

“OK, no more arguments.” Father said, “The problem is, there are things you can’t talk about.”

We looked at him curiously, father continued, “Cohen, it is good that you are thinking. However, if the priests from the temple know about your comments, it would be a disaster for our family.”

I shook my head, “I don’t know that, but how come my thoughts have anything to do with the guys from the temple?”

“You are still too young, and this is my concern. You don’t know what you can say and what you cannot. But as far as I’m concerned, we can’t hire another maester. I’ll teach you myself from today.”

“Really? I love it!”

“Yes, but you can’t say those things anymore. You can think about it in your head, or ask me.”


“By the way, I’m off to DC soon, you boys want anything?”

“I want knight outfit!” Rick said.

“Me too!” Swift followed.

“Really? Swift, you wanna be a knight too?” Father looked the eight-years-old Swift.

“Yeah! I made my mind a long time ago.”

“Hah, look, Katherine, we’ll have two knights in our family.” Father then said to my brothers, “But how about Cohen? He can’t do martial arts or magic.”

“No problem!” Rick jumped off the chair, shouted, “I, Rick Kheda, in a knight’s name, will do my best to protect my brother, Cohen Kheda!”

“Same here!” Swift never fell behind on anything, “I, Swift Kheda, in a knight’s name, will do my best to protect my brother, Cohen Kheda!”

Smile burst on mother’s face, “Darling, see, they get along well.”

“Sure, our children. And should we have a daughter as well?”

“Get away, don’t say that in front of the kids!” Mother flapped father, “Boys, time to take a shower!”

“Are they talking things that we can’t be part of? Why can’t we? Adults have a lot of secrets, right?”

“Mother, why do I have black hair?”

“Because your mom love a boy with black hair, so Cohen, be a good kid and grew black hair.”

“Mother, why can’t I do magic?”

“That’s because your mom doesn’t like Cohen to get into a fight, so Cohen, be a good boy, you will do no magic.”

“Mother… I want blue eyes like Rick and Swift…”

“Stupid little, mother love your black eyes… you’ll become a charming man someday.”

My mother left, and I sat up. Looked like my mother was fooled by my act. I did not want to sleep too early. But what to do now?

Right, I had a book from Granny. I’ll read it.

I lit up a light, then took the book from my pocket and started reading. If it was not attractive, I’d return it tomorrow.


Continent Chronicles

Where we are is a continent called Peace (meaning hope).

The Divines and Asmodians were at war when other species were primal. The vicious Asmodians were born with dark magic and the eagerness to invade. The incredible Divines protected us with their ability to use light power. In every country, there are temples built for the Divines.

(This is true, my father said there is an enormous temple in DC.)

The Divines care their people with high power and kindness. We are showered with their standing…

(Boring, nothing good…)

The Divines felt the lack of power within their people who were unable to fight against the Asmodians. Thus the Divine passed on their knowledge of magic to us.

Since then, magic is not a patent of the Divines and Asmodians. Elves and human beings excel most in magic. Others, limited by their intelligence, have difficulty in doing magic. There are five kinds of magic, air, fire, water, dust, and light taught by the Divines. The Asmodians taught their people air, fire, water, dust and dark magic.

… during each war, there were wins and losses between them. During one war called the Golden Battle, which the Divines and Asmodians were directly involved, the great Divines defeated the Asmodians, making them live solely on island Hell until now. Even though there was a great sacrifice, the Divine had to retreat to island Heaven.

…the Divine and Asmodian needed time to heal, and without too much time to care about the affairs on the continent, other races thrived. During a hundred years, the situation in Peace has changed dramatically. Group called nations appeared. Groups formed by tribes retreated to the islands beyond the shores. As of now, there are only a few alien tribes who live in the Dark Forest and the Ocean of Death. Others have merged to each and every nations.

…the structure of a nation, human beings consists a great number of their people. Thus powers are held mostly by human beings. The structures are; Royal family, nobleman, civilian. Tribes of people other than human beings were classified as slaves or lower…


“Ahhhhhhhh! Boring! I’ll stop!”

It was time to do what I’ll do every night.

I put down the book, legs crossed, eased my mind, and breathed carefully following a unique pattern. I did not know why I knew how to do this, but this was a thing that I knew how since I remembered things. By doing this before sleep, I will be more energetic the next day!

I had lots of other secrets, and I’ll tell you some other day. Slowly, I fell asleep.


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  1. Will this end a tragedy? I hope not! But it looks like despite losing his memories he still trains!! I hope he’s secretly OP right now

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