Vol. 1: Chapter 02 – Cohen Kheda

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Translated and Edited by Tianic

This novel was being updated on Liberspark.com but was kicked out of nonsense reasons.

I wish Liberspark will prosper under this tyrannical atmosphere.

I stopped

Though I can’t see anything around me, familiar feelings were already coming through.

The soft breeze, comfy rain. I was about to cry.

“You are here, little one.” This was Marshmallow.

“I…what now?” I panicked.

“Not far from you, a few lives are moving, you feel that?”

“Yes, six of them. Ah, one of them, strange enough, it seems like a two-in-one.”

“Not strange at all, that female body is pregnant. She will soon be your mother.”

“Are you suggesting a reincarnation?”

“Yes, but no worries, it’s totally safe.”

“Why not put me into a mature body? Why start as a baby?”

“I can’t. That would mean killing another soul, which I don’t expect to do. You don’t want that, do you?”

“Whatever, you are the boss, whatever you say!”

“One more thing, when you come down to that body, you will not merge with it immediately.”

“What the hell? You joking?”

“You are currently a group of pure energy, plus the other stuff you absorbed in space. That tiny body is not capable of bearing that much. Another problem is…”

“Can’t you be done all at once?”

“I’ll compress you into a small group of energy, and put you into the part where that life uses to think. When it grows strong enough, it’ll be the time for you to wake up. I will save part of your power for you to control that body. To learn everything necessary in this new world. However, when this energy has new developments, its frequency will change. There will be a joint event to resonate the rest of you. In this way, you’ll wake up.”

“That’s it? Anything else?”

“Not for this moment, you need a long sleep now. And before you wake up, you will not remember a thing. Ready?”

“Ok, whenever you are ready.”


“Wait, Marshmallow…can I keep the memory about you?”

“If you insist.”



“Thank you.”

“You are very welcome.”


“What again?”

“Consider your figure, it’s time to lose some weight, don’t you think?”

“Shut up…I’m starting.”

Half year later, center of the Darkmoon City

In the house of the Viceroy, everyone was busy, everyone was both happy and worried.

Why? The Viceroy’s wife was in labor again! It’s her third child. However, it’s been all night. The tiny little one still wouldn’t come out. And amongst all, Visual Kheda was the most concerned one.

Visual Kheda, the only civilian viceroy in the history of Darkmoon, was pacing in the garden outside the birth chamber. The love of his life’s painful groan made him painful like no other.

A tall and vigorous warrior-look guy beside him said, “Calm down, brother. We have the Saintess from Capital Mage Guild, Katherine should be okay!”

This is Visual’s sworn brother Tennessee.

“Yes, I know, but Katherine…”

“Let’s trust her!” A mage with a long cloak said, “If the Saintess fails, I’ll do it myself.”

This is Visual’s other sworn brother, Arch-mage Webster.

Visual wanted to say something, a maid who came out of the room interrupted him.

“Master! It’s a boy!!!”

Smiling face was not ready to spur, another maid brought another news.

“Master, young master’s not crying!!”

“Master, he’s smiling…and…”

Visual Kheda can’t help and rushed into the chamber.

First, he saw a pale face, then bright eyes, delicate eyebrow, a small mouth under the nose. This was Visual’s beloved wife, Katherine Hagrid.

Katherine looked at the baby on her arm, with love. The little thing was rattling with his arms and legs, giggled.

Hearing the footsteps, Katherine saw her husband. Her sunshine-like smile made his worry gone.

“Darling, come and look at our baby.”

“Katherine, I’m so glad you are OK, but the maiden said he’s not crying…”

“No one said a baby has to cry at birth, maybe a laughing kid is a genius.”

“But… his two brothers cried at their birth.”

“Rick and Swift? I have no idea, but don’t you love them?”

“Of course I love my child. Relax, darling, I love him.”

“Visual Kheda” the Saintess who was washing her hands raised her head, “About your child, there’s something.”

Visual Kheda didn’t notice there was one more person in the room. The Saintess Bellerina, from the Capital Mage Guild.

“I’m sorry, where are my manners. Thank you so much for helping around. Saintess Bellerina. What is it?”

“There is something unique about this boy, I can’t feel any magic in his body.”

“Really? How come?”

“I have no further information, but it’s not a big problem. Probably the baby is too small for me to feel the magic within.”

“Ok, anyway, thank you for what you’ve done for us.” Visual made a bow to Bellerina.

“You are very welcome. We are friends.” Bellerina smiled, “Katherine is my best sister. Does he have a name for him yet?”

“Cohen Kheda, I want to call him Cohen Kheda, is that alright Katherine?

“Cohen..Cohen, I love it.” Katherine held the boy happily, “From today, you are Cohen Kheda, you little devil! You’ll listen to your mother, be a good boy.”

The baby smiled even harder.


…Saint Calendar

June 2215

The disaster of the Divine, the source of the chaos, the axis of all evil, his hands were stained with blood, Cohen Kheda was born in the Darkmoon city…

Classified Divine Document p2


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