Vol. 1: Chapter 17 – Westley

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

This novel was updated on Liberspark.com but was kicked out of nonsense reasons.

Thanks to Tyrant from Liberspark, who acted as unreasonable as his name.

I wish Liberspark will prosper under this tyrannical atmosphere.

I woke up, the real I has awakened.

Slept for years, before I was ready to breathe the air of this brand new world, I felt the eager from the other me to share his memories, his happiness, sorrow, pride.

In my brain, two minds tumbled rapidly. Every piece of bone, muscle was swelling. My skin was pale because of the internal toss. Mists of blood burst into the air.

My arms and legs mapped on the ground into various positions due to the energy impact. My eyes looked terrible, and my body floated. This ain’t no good sign. I had a vague memory that Marsh told me about my excessive energy reserve. But I had not the least idea if this new body of mine was capable of bearing so much. The only thing I knew was that I needed time to lead and control it.

I felt suffocated and churning in my stomach. I clenched a broken bar, which was broken because of the clenching. Then a large swallow of blood erupted.

“Mother fucker…” I said quietly.

I could finally finish the initial soul merge. Now the two of myself have become one for eternity.

“Shit!” The next thing I discovered before I could celebrate my new birthday, was the flows of energy and streams of air that were floodings in my vessel. I had no idea what it was as it felt like magic or spiritual power and other kinds of messy energies.

I was not in a favorable condition.

“My FOOT!!! MY FOOT!” A voice was crying from not far away, “MY FOOT IS BROKEN!”

I gave it a look and found a lovely dressed boy crying on the ground with one arm around his foot. He must be Laika. At the moment, he was not at all graceful, and his mouth was widely open covered with dirt and tears.

“Loser!” Lisa rushed to protect Laika while shouting at me, “What did you do to my cousin!”

“She’s shouting at me!? Did I beat her up too?” Next, I knew why.

It was the mess caused by my awakening. Now I needed time to sort myself out before my brain could handle it.

“Nope! I’ll deal with you jerks after I’m able to control myself…”

After glancing her coldly, I sat down, legs crossed.

“Looks like this new body of mine wasn’t spend his years doing nothing.” I sensed abundant knowledge in magic that I can make use of…

“OK, let me take a deep breath and press the wounds.” I closed my eyes, lowered my head, and started meditating.

“What are you doing there!” Lisa shouted, “Get him!”

“Geez, I wanna kill that bitch!” But I couldn’t move, though, it’s a critical moment for me. Anything unexpected will kill me. I merely woke up for god sake. After 14 years, I must not die again. So I forced myself to calm down.

Then I heard tiny sounds approached me. I thought to myself bitterly, “Guys, how about another time in another place? I need some time here.”

But those footsteps didn’t stop. Looked like I was destined to not thrive here.

Then I cleared my vision after making a death wish, the next moment I saw two young boys sneaking around. They stopped, perhaps they were startled by my miserable look.

“What are you waiting for!” Lisa urged, “Get him! He’s just a sore loser!”

“Kill…” Laika groaned, “Kill him!”

“Laika, he… he’s a nobility…”


“Kill me, you wanna kill me? You stole my woman, insulted me, insulted my family, hurt me, and now you wanna kill me!”

Sorrow became anger, my peaceful mind tilted again. The power that swirled around rampaged once more.

“Is this my fate?” I thought to myself, “Ok then if you wanna die, I’ll kill! Don’t cross me…”

I straightened up, struggled forward, turned sideways, left foot forward, lowered right knee and leveled my right fist beside the waist, left hand wagged weakly.

My wrestling officer would slap me twice if he saw me in a starting position like this. I couldn’t help it. I have lost control over my body and gasped like a dying cow. Placing a standard wrestling position had already taken away all the power that left.

The short ugly guy made his move by flying his fist towards me.

I retracted my left foot and dodged it. Seeing that, he stopped on the halfway and knew he wouldn’t hit the target, then he slowed and attacked again with a closer range. I retreated once more and sensed that he already was impatient.

“Good! This is what I want!”

My waist was by the wasted bar and I pretended to fell over. He made a sinister look and jumped. He obviously wanted to punch my head. Though, he got too excited. Maybe to him, I was still that loser.

When I stood up straight and avoided his punch.

Grimly I looked at him, and at the same time, I leveled my right knee up quickly and took control of his falling body.

“Wooooooo.” He had to forget Lisa’s order and put both hands on his crotch firmly. Like a raped man, he knelt with both legs closed, face twisted, mumbled. He was not gonna father a child in the future.

One down, one to go.

The tall guy approached. He didn’t see my movements because I was shielded by the lower boy and he had no idea how his friend went down. Still, he speeded up with one arm up high. Probably thought about punching me away!

“Are you kidding me? I’m not a standstill target! I’m an intelligent human being!”

I eyed the distance carefully between me and him, then dodged his attack by positioning myself behind the short guy who was lying on the ground.

The taller boy didn’t expect I’d dodge. He altered direction halfway and unavoidably rushed into his friend. He could only stabilize his body by holding the short’s shoulder.

Just as I expected, he fell forward.

“Chance…” I lowered myself and placed my fist with all my power where his head about to cross.

My head hummed again and I drizzled. My ears went out of order and then I saw a guy squatting with his palms covering his mouth. He jittered while a stream of blood flooded between his finger. Looked extremely painful, he cut his tongue.

“Can you not look at me like that?” I thought while glanced his unbelievable look.

The short ugly seemed to wake up and recovered some strength and gazed upon me once more.


My body was not capable of being thrown over again. Then without even think about it. I pointed two fingers and sent them forward.

“PUFF!” I retracted and avoided what was coming next. Sudden blindness will drive a man crazy. It was human’s natural reaction. I’d rather keep him at a distance.

“Ahhhhhh!” The low groan became a high-pitched screaming, the shorter boy flew on the floor crazily, except for his eyes, two bloody holes.

This short boy, ah, now he’s a short blind, he finally found something he could grab, it was the tall guy. So he held him firmly, then closed the bite.


“Wow!” I would certainly give my compliment and prepared to exit the altar. “Just my luck! I didn’t cost much energy and time. I should be able to survive. Now I needed a quiet place and a couple of hours then I will survive! Next step, another step, nice, then a third step.” A hint of a smile was already on my face.

Then came a sudden sting and coldness from my waist.

My smile froze. I turned harshly and found Lisa holding a bloody dagger.

“You kill… you want to kill… me?” I was shocked, then Lisa proved her intention with another stab. This time she couldn’t take it back. I grabbed that dagger and fell off from the stairs.



I who was flipping between stairs overheard two eager voices, then my body was held firmly.

It was Flynn and Carey! Carey looked at me in tears, she held me in her arms. Flynn’s both hands were shining white light. She was releasing a curing spell. Far down the alter, several armored guards caught up with swords.

“You commoners! You are transpassing the saint altar! You’ll be dead!” The guard leader shouted angrily.

Flynn heard it but gave no reaction. She was focusing her heart and soul on my wounds. Carey too held me and tore like my life is more important than hers. They were a thousand times better than that bitch over there!

“FUCK OFF!!!” I gripped Carey’s hand and exhausted all my leftover strength, “THEY ARE MY WIVES, I DARE YOU!” Then, I blacked out…

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