Vol. 1: Chapter 16 – Loser

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

This novel was updated on Liberspark.com but was kicked out of nonsense reasons.

Thanks to Tyrant from Liberspark, who acted as unreasonable as his name.

I wish Liberspark will prosper under this tyrannical atmosphere.

Stranger?” I murmured, “Who… is the stranger?”

“It’s you, haha.” The boy in the middle said, “Let me present myself, I’m Laika.”

“Stranger?” Lisa called me, her fiance, a stranger, in front of another person who was a total stranger to myself? My stomach churned one more time when I glimpse her unchanged smiling face.

Laika paced nearer and drawled, “We’ve been listening to your talk. Your loser fiance was funny enough. Did he touch you?”

“Eww, I can’t go out too often. Father is always watching.” To my surprise, Lisa said in a way as if Laika was her lover, “Then I promised dad to show this loser around so that I can see you. I didn’t even let him grope my hands!”

“You hear that?” Laika faced me, “Loser, get your ass outta here!”

I gazed at him then turned to see Lisa. Anger or pain was not enough to describe my agony.

“Why are you doing this! Why do you do this to me?!”

My look scared Lisa off for a few steps, then she appealed to Laika, “I don’t like him! His eyes!”

“He’s probably another loser who’d go crazy about you.” Laika scorned, “Never mind, he’s a loser.”

“If you want to go out, or to see someone,” I said slowly, “you could just tell me, why lie? Why did you call me a loser?”

“Because you ARE a loser!” Lisa screamed, “You don’t know anything, like your father!”

That moment, my chest was on fire!

From the day I was born, whenever I was, whoever I met, all I heard were compliments on my father. I did know nothing about magic or martial arts after all. However, if anyone were to say a single bad word about my family, I will not tolerate it! My father was a good viceroy! My family’s pride was something I’ve been proud of.

In this confusing moment, I grabbed Lisa’s arm, “No! He’s not! My father is the best viceroy!”

“Hands off! Cousin, help!” Lisa was full of contempt and looked at me as if I was a filthy bug.

“How dare you touch my woman!” Laika threw his foot onto my belly.

(Meanwhile in the Prime Minister’s mansion.)

“Visual,” Luhrmann poured a glass of wine for Mr. Kheda, “We will soon be united as one family, it’s an honor to have your son.”

“Minister,” Visual Kheda too held his glass, “The honor is mine.”

“I think you are aware that, in your territory, quite a few alien races are expanding leaps and bounds.” Luhrmann’s look turned impulsive and fierce, “This is not a good news to both of us. I’ve also discovered the existence of several rare ores in the Dark Forest. My men are planning to take over that place. But considering Dark Forest is within your territory, I sincerely hope that you are with me on this matter. I will be asking for His Majesty’s permission. If it works, I’ll cut you off a deal.

“Mr. Luhrmann, your offer is very much appreciated.” Visual Kheda replied, “However, I wish you take this matter a second thought.”

“Oh? Are there anything I should know?”

“First,” Visual Kheda flicked his glass, “Let’s suppose that His Majesty says yes to your proposal. You need to know that His Majesty has never actively initiated any wars since he started ruling Swabia. We are blessed to have such a king in this peaceful realm. I do not intend to bring this up to His Majesty. One more thing, those races were abnormally united, the cost of attacking will be heavily burdened on us. I suppose you remember the elimination of the Black Storm, right? I, as a viceroy, would like to retain a favorable relationship with them.

“I take it that you wouldn’t join me, in the moment we are about to become one family.

“Mr. Minister!” Visual Kheda stood up, “I appreciated His Majesty’s generosity on this marriage. I’m glad Lisa and my son are getting along well. However, none of these should be a reason for war! You are the Prime Minister, nevertheless, I’m no subordinate of yours. My loyalty lies with His Majesty for eternity.

“His Majesty would be glad to hear that.” Luhrmann’s face fell calm, “But what I said was something he’s been worrying about.”


“You have no idea.” Sipped his wine, Luhrmann continued, “We’ve received orders from the Heaven Island high temple, Swabia’s quota has been tripled this year.

“The temple is fooling around again, even though, our taxation is well enough to handle that.

“Visual, my friend. Don’t you understand?” Wine made Luhrmann’s cheek redden, “The temple is preparing for war!”

“The war… with the Asmodians?”

“It is, my friend. Once the war starts, there will soon be someone to occupy the Dark Forest. It’s better to be us rather than anyone else, that’s a lot of money…”

“Whatever you say,” Visual stood up, “I will not do it!”

“Geez, you!” Luhrmann stormed up, face redden, deformed his glass with his firm grasp.

In this very moment, a servant stumbled into the room.

“My lord… emergency!”

“Fool! What is it!” Luhrmann shot the servant with his glass.

“Ahhhhh!” Then the servant said with one hand cover the wound, “Her Lady… and His Highness Cohen… emergency!”

“What!” Visual Kheda, who’s been watching Luhrmann’s clumsy act, jumped up, “Where are they!”

“… the altar!”

“Take me there, HURRY!!!” Visual and Luhrmann called a truce and rushed towards the altar.

Pains were coming from my stomach after being kicked. Before it went away, I was slapped in the face. After a short numbness came hot pain. My left face was red and swollen. I roared to fight back, but it all seemed powerless against three other boys.


“Sucker, how dare you!”


“Kick his ass!”

I suffered great pain on the chest and head. I was like a boxing sandbag swagging in waves of punches. I couldn’t see with my left eye swollen. Blood was streaming down from my head on the right, through my eyebrow down to my chin. My vision was filled with a scarlet. The pain was all over my body and it felt loosened. My clothes were covered with dust and dirty foot stamps.

However, compared with the sorrow and humiliation I received, the pain was nothing worth mentioning. I was a boy who grew up with love and care.


My powerless legs couldn’t hold its body any longer. I waggled and fell beside the rail. I was too exhausted to even wipe the blood off my mouth.

In the red vision, I saw a foot on my chest. I searched harshly for its owner, it was Laika.

“Peeking my woman, ASS!” His sound was mixed with humming, “Who do you think you are?”

The pressure from my chest crushed me. I was unable to breathe. I made an effort to not tear and I stared at him.

“My father is a general. I will let him appeal to His Majesty and cancel your engagement.”

“Cough…cough” A terrible pain shattered my wound.

“Then I…” That dirty swine gabbled, “My future… I have to trash you…”

“For me… trash you…”

“Trash you…”

“Trash you…”

“My future… trash you…”

The words repeated themselves in my mind. Disregarding all other sounds, a tiny part of my brain boomed and shrank. This was no good! I tried to stay calm, but Laika stamped even harder. I couldn’t control it. The feeling in my mind was trying to burst out. My hands and feet started twisting.

Finally, that tiny ball in my brain cracked.

It felt like an explosion and a huge energy wave shocked my body.

I twisted even harder, my body curled like a cooked shrimp. My skin seeped flows of blood and BOOM…

The foot on my chest and its owner were thrown away from me. And dust around furled to make dust ripples like a stone was thrown in the water.

Countless scenes flashed before my eyes, which looked exactly like my dreams in every night. In the chaos, another spirit crashed into me, a strong power cast the two of us, together.

In Swabia, Viceroy of each province reports directly to the emperor.

Their right is not restricted by other officials.

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