Vol. 1: Chapter 14 – Royal Academy

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Translated by Tianic

This novel was updated on Liberspark.com but was kicked out of nonsense reasons.

Thanks to Tyrant from Liberspark, who acted as unreasonable as his name.

I wish Liberspark will prosper under this tyrannical atmosphere.

Divine City, the capital city of Swabia. Its geography was characterized by the close distance to Pepys, second largest harbor on this continent. Located to the middle-east of Peace continent, the Divine City oversees Andes Mountains to the west. Swabia’s geography, with its warm climate, rich resources, is a contributing factor in making it the most prosperous country on this continent. Due to its close distance to the Divine/Asmodian line, Swabia also undertakes major trading business with Asmodian countries. All these have crowned Swabia the name Pearl of Peace. The current realm was taken by the Climos family. The empire was prosperous and people were at peace.

I didn’t have time to blink since we entered the city. The Divine City embraced us with her graceful and elegant beauty. Which made us admire the ordered building, well-dressed men and women, witches and wizards with colorful robes, warriors wearing gorgeous metal armors

“Boss.” Wilder licked his lips, “Awesome city…”

“Indeed…” I was glancing stores on the streets and got a little carried away.

“Jack,” Moya whispered to his brother, “I need a little something-something.”

“Nope! You haven’t pay me back last time.”

“I don’t need much! Ten bucks that’s all.”

“Jack, say yes! He’s your brother.” Marfa said, “Ten bucks for me as well…”

“If you pay back 11, I will.”

“Kids,” Father turned his head and said, “I have to see His Majesty, you all come with Maiza to the hotel.”


We settled down helped by Uncle Maiza and commented on things we met on the street. My father came back by noon.

“Kids!” Father declared, “I’ll have Maiza take you out for a tour, what say you?”

“Sure, dad!”

“Thank you, Mr. Kheda!”

“Not you, Cohen.” Father put his eyes on me, “You need to register at the Royal Academy this afternoon.”

“Can’t we wait for one more day, dad?”

“If I could I would, but I shall be busy these days.” Father looked a bit frustrated by work, “I’m merely free until tonight, let’s go. There will be two more days before school opens, you can play with your friends by then.”

“Well, yes.”

“Is this the academy?” Standing beside a tall statue and fondled with its elaborate embossment, I was amazed by its size, “The academy is ten times bigger than our house!”

“You silly lad!” Father gently pushed on my back, “Stop standing around! The Viceroy’s house is not the biggest as always. Now hurry up!”

“Welcome!” Two professor-like middle-aged men came to us, “Lord Kheda Kheda. I am Hillman, this is Marko. We are here on behalf of the headmaster as your guide.”

While they were greeting each other, I took a closer look at these two professors. The one on the left was short with a white mage’s robe and tanned skin. He had an accurate pronunciation of words. The professor who stood on the right was obviously a knight judging from his shimmering armor and sword. He was not much a talker except for responding with necessary greeting language and let the mage do the talking.

“So much for now, duke.” Humbly, the mage said, “Please follow me, Lord Kheda and your child, the headmaster is waiting for you.”

“Good, please lead the way.” Father smiled and said, “My fault for making him wait.”

We crossed the yard and I was impressed by how big it was. We continued for a while, then I saw a three-floor building surrounded by layers of tall trees.

While we were proceeding silently, I had to endure the looks from scattered students around. Perhaps my black hair and eyes caught their attention. I didn’t give a damn, though the thing they said about me was a bit annoying.

“Did you see that? His black hair… weird…”

“Eyes black too! See…”

“Weirdo… he dyed it?”

“I don’t think so… I’ve heard about him…”

“Can’t imagine that… and he dresses like a nobility.”

“Probably son of an overnight billionaire.”

“What? Really… a noble?”

“…he’s the fiance of Minister’s daughter…”

“Gosh… now we are in for a treat…”

We finally reached the headmaster’s chamber. And I could finally stop looking down.

“Welcome!” A tall and thin elder-looking man stood from behind a desk, “Duke Visual Kheda, and our future Earl, Mr. Cohen Kheda.”

“How do you do, Mr. Headmaster.” Father greeted him with manner, “Apologies for interrupting your work.”

“You are being extraordinarily polite.” The old man shook my father’s hand, “Which school does your son desire to attend?”

“That’s the problem.” Father replied, “I need your advice.”

The headmaster winked at the other two professors who accompanied us in, then they bowed to him and exited the chamber.

“Cohen, I’ll have a word with Mr. Headmaster. Will you give us a minute?”

“OK.” I saluted to the headmaster and left the room.

The door shut the voices from inside. I sat on the outside bench for a good while. Passersby paid more attention to the eyes and hair instead of my above-usual look and more or less satisfying figure. I crawled myself on one end of the bench and tried hard to hide any black color in the shadow. Hands crossed and finger messed anxiously.

“Cohen! Cohen!” Panic made me deaf, “Come in…”

I was in the chamber once more and heard father announcing my admission, “The headmaster has agreed. Your major will be in literature, and you are allowed to audit magic and martial arts!”

“You heard him, Cohen, you need to study hard!” Headmaster said, “Now you are a formal student of the Royal Academy. And as one of us, you have to discipline yourself.

“Discipline? What Discipline?” I was a bit confused, “Mr. Headmaster?”

“Be strict with yourself like a nobleman!” The headmaster looked a bit differently than before, “With graceful manner and righteous spirit of a knight.”

“OK, I see.” I nodded, “Will do.”

Perhaps my father noticed I was not big on school, he had me left the school after he’s done with the paperwork.

“What’s going on, Cohen?” Father rubbed my hands, “Don’t you like your new school?”

Looked at his face, “I don’t like it! I wanna go home!” was yet to come out before I noticed his worrying face. Then I recalled his effort during my childhood when I scared off every maester. He winded up squeezing time teaching me himself. I couldn’t speak a word.

“No, father.” I said, “I think it’s cool.”

“You do?” He looked happy, “I’m glad you love it.”

“By the way, what do we do tomorrow? I have two more days to kill!”

“I have an invitation from the Prime Minister.” Father said teasingly, “Let’s go and meet your fiancee…”

“NOOOOO!” I bounced, “I WILL NOT!”

“No, you will.” Father froze my body, “That’s not your call to make.”

“Father, please!” I begged, “Can we wait it out?”

“Wait? I’d be home already.”


“Stop that weepy face… you are meeting a graceful lady girl.”


“Silence means yes.”

“I do not!”

“From now on, no more objections!”

“That’s not fair! You cheated!”

“Yes, I cheated! You mom’s not here anyway…”

An Asmodian country, meaning a country who worship the Asmodians.

By the same logic, a country who worship the Divines is named a Divine country.

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  1. I’m getting tired of his childish tantrums, but he’s completely different then the guy on the first few chapters where he would tease cotton and not afraid of anything

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