Vol. 1: Chapter 12 – Farewell

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Translated and edited by Tianic

[dropcap]U[/dropcap]nder the careful guidance of the elf queen and other adults, my friends and I have shown tremendous progress in both spells and physical skills. Sure, my problem remained unsettled. I couldn’t even produce a simple tiny fireball. And today was Mr. Dwarf’s last lesson.

“Kids, watch!” Mr. Dwarf spoke as his beard waggled, “This is a heavy sword which requires its user to hold with both hands. Wilder, your favorite. It outweighs ordinary swords in both size and weight. Chop it with force, sweep hardly, retrieve it backward like this, and stab it fast. In the meantime, while you can not arm a shield with your hands full, this weapon could also act to defend.

“The user requires, primarily strength!” The great blade looked exceptionally light in Mr. Dwarf’s hands, and he played it like a toy, “You need a bit of agility. A melee battle means it’s close combat, an extended range will decrease your advantage, thus your movement and distance between you and your enemy will not be neglected. You need to keep it in your head, all blades have their strength, and weaknesses. No single weapon has total advantages over the other. Smart up, take control of your blade instead of being taken over. This way you will not be dominated in combat.

“Uncle Dwarf, what is your weapon?” Rick stood up and asked.

“Well, Rick, my height reasons me to use a pair of two-handed axes.”

“Would you battle me?” Rick’s eyes lit up a bellicose desire.

“I would. Gimme your best.” Uncle Dwarf axed up.

Rick and Swift also drawn their swords, then bowed to Mr. Dwarf, and approached him.

“Yes! Live combat!” All kids cheered for them, “Go for it!”

“Hoa!” Swift yelled upon his opponent at a short throw on, then his sword chopped from the top. Doing that, his feet shifted quickly forward and his attack landed right upon Mr. Dwarf.

“NOT! ENOUGH!” Uncle Dwarf did not move a bit. He raised the axes up against Swift’s sword.


The dwarf fended off Swift’s attack and turned him over. His axes were thrown into the sky and knocked Rick’s weapon away.

Rick swept his sword across towards his target, then its direction was altered.

PUFF… His sword fell to the ground, throwing dust and sand.

My two brothers were embarrassed and blushed, then all kids laughed…

“Don’t think less of yourselves.” Uncle Dwarf sounded very supportive, “You two are still developing in time. And you performed well as you grow. Even without much communication, you two made a good two-man’s team. More practice is needed. Let’s do it again…”

“Cohen!” A voice called my name, it was the elf queen, “Winslet, come too.”

“Got it!” I took Winslet’s fair hands and run.

Father and other adults were waiting for us.

“What’s going on? Auntie Elf? I was learning martial skills with Mr. Dwarf.”

“Cohen,” Father chatted, “there is a situation for you and Winslet!”

“What is it?”

“Cohen boy,” Madam Elf said, “It is time for us to go.”

“How soon? Are Winslet and the others leaving along?”

“Don’t worry,” Father grinned, “Your Auntie Elf didn’t say Winslet is leaving.”

“Indeed,” Madam Elf smiled, “You know, we will be departing to a very distant place. It would be less troublesome if Winslet stays here. What say you, Cohen?”

“OK!” I replied joyfully, “OK, OK!”

“Mother,” Winslet whispered, “where is this place? Is it far away?”

“Considering your age, yes.” The elf queen combed her daughter’s hair gently, “But your mother is a grown-up.”

“Then, come back early. Winslet will miss you every day.”

“I promise, my dear.”

While they were cuddling, Uncle Earl the vampire approached me.

“Cohen,” He presented me a slim box, “I know you hate weapons”

“I do, Uncle Earl. You know that already.”

“Indeed.” He opened the box, “You saved Windsor with your own blood. I appreciated that a lot. Although you hate weapons, I still wish you could have this.”

“Cohen, I reckon that you already know.” Father said, “Weapons can be used for saving people. Like your Uncle Dwarf’s axes. The weapon is handled by its user for bad, and good things as well. My faith in you to accept this present.”

“He’s right. Cohen.” Even the quiet sandman talked, “Your soul makes your deeds.”

“Correct, I believe that you will protect your friends someday with your power.”

Silently I took over the box and opened it.

A sheathed dagger full of mounted gems presented itself in front of me. Set by velvet underneath, I drew the dagger with care.

“CHINK…” The sound of metal touching sharpened my ear. I saw a gleaming dagger so brilliant as if moonlight reflects its flare into the darkness.

“WOW…” I admired uncontrollably, “It is gorgeous!”

“HA, more than that! My dagger is a rare treasure!” Earl grinned, “You’ll notice its power when you use spells! And… What a nice Earl am I to you, right?”

“Thank you! Uncle Earl! Cohen will learn magic hard!”

“That’s my boy!”

The adults all smiled at me, but their looks turned out a bit differently than usual.

“Alright!” Auntie Elf declared, “Let’s go check out other kids!”

The next day, we said farewell to our moms and dads. My father will be on his way to DC, so he’s setting off as well.

“Dad! Come home early! Bring books this time!”

“Mom… I’ll miss you! Winslet saddened.

“Dad! What ya bringing this time?” Windsor asked.

“Father! I will do more practicing!” Manta promised.

“Old man!” Hippie Steven smirked…

“…” Dimmock and Mr. Sandman were staring at each other speechlessly.


Peace Chronicle

Saint Calendar

July 2227

The group bandits Black Storm, who had been troubling the area Ocean of Death were wiped out from history.

Rumors had that this act was carried by the united effort of elf, sandman, wingman, and vampire.

If this were the case then obviously they had obtained help from other parties…

nevertheless, the extermination of Black Storm was good news to residents and businessmen in the neighborhood.

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  1. So let me get this straight. The Children who were captured has Parents who were powerful and they united to destroy the kidnappers?

  2. Those bandits deserves to be annihilated tsk abducting innocent child for slavery…sxtoy lolita… Tsk hayts

  3. “Would you battle me?” Rick’s eye lighted up a…

    But then Swift joins the fight…

    So shouldn’t it be “Would you battle us?”

    Also I got confused a little with the bi-hander though I got the idea.

    “Since you prefer bi-hander and I’m holding one…”

    Was he talking about double-handed weapons or being ambidextrous?

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