Vol. 1: Chapter 11 – Learn Magic Theory

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Translated by Tianic

This novel was updated on Liberspark.com but was kicked out of nonsense reasons.

Thanks to Tyrant from Liberspark, who acted as unreasonable as his name.

I wish Liberspark will prosper under this tyrannical atmosphere.

Madam Elf, are you a vegan?” I asked with a mouthful of food.

“Cohen! She has a name, and you know it.” Mother gave me a dissatisfied look, “And you are not talking with your mouth full, that’s rude.”

I groaned as she stuck my head, grabbed a glass of water to wash the food down, “Madame Elf’s name is really tough to pronounce! Mr. Wingman’s name is also particularly hard for me…”

“Never mind, call me auntie.” Madam Elf combed my hair, “Really rare, black hair. How pretty.”

“Your Elf Majesty…” Mr. Wing’s hippie face looked just like his son, “are you sure ‘pretty’ is the right word for a boy?”

“Well, of course, Steven got that specialty look from you. Can’t you stop that silly face?” Mr. Dwarf’s voice was just as loud as uncle Maiza.

“Enough, you two quit picking on each other.” Windsor’s father shook his wine glass, “Cohen, my name is short, just call me Earl.

“Some Earl! You’re nothing more than a dummy mage guy!” Mr. Wing laughed, “My magic will strike your ass!

“Yup!” Mr. Dwarf held up his fists, “I’ll cut you off with my ax!”

“Will you?” Uncle Earl said casually, “As long as you are fast enough.”

“You know, we have kids here,” Mr. Sandman, who’s been silent from the beginning, said, “Stop arguing, for god sake.”

“Oh, Cohen, you don’t have any magic, do you?” Auntie Elf cut in, “Let me take a look, is that alright?”

“Sure,” My mother gladly answered, “with Her Elf Majesty’s help, we can definitely find the reason!”

“Excellent, she is professional on anything related to magic.” Father nodded.

“Thank you! Auntie Elf!”

“Cohen, relax.” The Elf Queen put her hands on mine, “There will be no pain.”

I could feel a pleasure trace of coldness extending from her hands onto mine. Was this magic?

The cold slowly went through my arm, then became weaker when it turned and passed my shoulders. And it disappeared before it could barely reach my chest.

“Curious,” She frowned, “Cohen, let me try from the other end.”

“Sure.” I said.

Then her blonde finger tipped between my eyes. This time the magic felt like threads! It flew and reached in my brain like streams. Finally, it gathered in a place as big as an infant’s fist, then it was bypassed and went down to my chest again.

“Curiouser and curiouser!” Auntie Elf drew her fingers, then spoke to my mother, “The magic currents I sent in were not rejected by his body. And I’ve altered the elements and retried. All of them dissipated without exception, which countered my expectation, that they would gather somewhere. There was a place in particular, my magic was hindered there.”

“Is that where the problem is?” Father asked anxiously, “Which part is it?”

“Right here,” Auntie Elf pointed at my forehead, “Somewhere behind here.”

“Can you fix it?” Mother asked, “Is there any chance Cohen could learn magic?”

“I can’t say anything for now,” Auntie Elf thought, “Considering his current condition, I would suggest teaching him magic theories for now.”

“So be it!” Mr. Earl said, “We still have a few days to kill, let’s take care of him.”

“Good idea!” Mr. Wing added, “I’ve got some magic tricks for you as well.”

“Your stuff…”

“What is it?”

“I’ll laugh about it…”

“What! Enlighten me! Ass face!”

“Yeah, my ax’ll kill you!”

“Guys… there are kids around here…please.”

A torch of flame was dancing on the palm of the Elf Queen. And I watched it contracted and expanded astonishingly. Then it turned bigger than my head and flew quickly far away.

“There 2 aspects in the usage of spells.” Madam Elf offered her smile, “First, the level of your meditation. The higher the level, the greater power your magic will be. Meditation determines whether your spells are powerful or weak. Take fire spells as an example, the lowest lighting spells will usually take an ordinary person a few months to learn, then medium level fireball is followed by the mighty Diablo Wrath. The question is, why it takes some mages their lifetime to become an archmage?”

“Not that I’m denying their hard work, it concerns the second aspect, the understanding of magic.”

“Understanding?” Some subtle things came to my mind.

“Yup.” Madam Elf looked at me gently, “Your understanding of magic is crucial. A person, no matter how great his magic is, he needs to practice the spells. Like the fireball I made earlier, people with a lower understanding of magic will launch it after the chanting. Then he chants again to prepare his next spell, whereas a person with greater understanding, he will hold the ball until it charges to the right size, then release it. Afterward, he still has his mind controlling the fireball on its flying path. This way, the chance of hitting the target will be greater. Compared with using spells blindly, the latter way will save on your mana and virtually increase its power. Sure, one is free to do so on all element spells. An excellent mage will have to learn to calm.

“Magic is not perfect!” Mr. Wing put on a serious face instead of his usual fun, “Magic damage is to one end, physical damage is to the other end. Some guys could ignore the magic attack, and there are people who’re able to defend physical thread. Then what’s the solution?”

“There is a solution! You know, spears and shields co-exist harmoniously in this world. Knowing this, you need to think your ass. The way is to combine the two! Like this! Look at that tree!”

He spread his wings like a whirlwind and float into the sky. Then he started to chant while took the bow behind his back. Bowstring drew like a full moon. A hint of white light began to appear on the tip of the arrow. Then he shot, the distant tree shook twice, then returned silence.

“Wicked! Right on target!” I yelled excitedly. Mother taught me about politeness.

“That’s good, very precise!” Uncle Earl who was standing with Madam Elf said, “We saw that, very precise indeed!”

“You!” Mr. Wing’s face reddened while he saw Madam Elf chuckling. He flashed down then grabbed me towards the tree.

“Take a good look at it!” Mr. Wing put me down, “Is it that simple?”

I examined the tree. While it was standing straight, the trunk was blasted into pieces and sealed in ice.

Gosh, an arrow did that?

“Did I make myself clear?” Mr. Wing said proudly, “The power of combination! Arrow destroy the target, magic seals it. One can only defend one.”

“OK… loud and clear! I’m very well impressed!!” I admitted I have to copy Steven’s hippie face.

“Well, magic…” Mr. Earl said slowly and casually as always, “… magic is very picky on its user.”

“Spells are art!” He glanced Mr. Wing, Earl continued, “The importance lies in precise aiming and smart hiding.

“If you understand what I said, you need to observe your opponent carefully and look for his weakness. Correctly evaluate his strength and decide which spell to use. Next, take advantage of any objects to conceal your present then narrow your appropriate distance until finally, you are ready to release your spell.”

“To release your spell, you have to do it slowly and gently. Try to finish your chanting without being heard…” Mr. Earl quietly slid his fingers in the air, “Shield its light, care for your spell like a lover and release it without hesitation.”

His arm waved, and continued, “In most cases, acting as I said will mostly ensure you hit your target. In some instance, like if you are seen, or having an enemy without shame, then you need to run away. Hell, we are mages, not warriors. Don’t underestimate running. You need to learn to run, keep your distance and prepare your next spell. Avoid incoming strikes while keep troubling them with, let’s say you tusks, or anything puzzling until you beat them down!”

Mr. Earl glimpsed me and asked, “So much for now, do I make myself clear?”

“Cohen get them all except for one thing!” I said.

“Good job, asking questions, what is it?” Mr. Earl looked quite delightful, “Say it, let me enlighten you.”

“I don’t understand, what is a lover?”

“Oh yeah! Same question here!” Mr. Wing laughed out loudly, “Please enlighten me, Earl!”

“That… this question… where’s my wine…”

“Good question,” Mr. Wing laughed, “enlighten me as well, what is a lover?”

“Let’s have some delicious wine, your Uncle Earl is tired. Let’s pick it up tomorrow…”


“Go and check out over there, Cohen. Mr. Dwarf is showing off his martial arts!”


  1. Diablo wrath is a top class, wide range fire spell.
  2. Archmage, level of the mage classification. Levels of mage are: Stage mage, junior mage, archmage, sorcerer. Due to the difficulty, most people are halted at stage level for life.
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