Vol. 1: Chapter 10 – Steven, Manta, Dimmock, Winslet, Windsor

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Translated and edited by Tianic

“[dropcap]N[/dropcap]OOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I woke up screaming with heavy breath like any other morning.

“Shhhh!” A voice whispered, “He’s awake.”

Some tiny figures were around, which freaked me a little.

“I am Steven, wingman! Thank you for saving my friend.” To prove what he said, the little wingman boy tried to spread his wings in the narrow carriage.

“I am Manta, I’m a dwarf. I’m not good at human’s tongue.” He looked at his hands, “Thank you!”

“I’m Dimmock… master of the desert, I’m a sandman…”

“I… I’m Winslet… hello.” When the she-elf talked, my eyes lingered on her face. Quickly, her eyes lowered and she blushed.

“That handkerchief…” I touched my forehead, “were you wiping for me when I was dreaming?”

“Yes… me,” Her face reddened even more, “you looked very unfitting.”

“Appreciated.” I said, “You have no idea how hard it is waking up with your head all wet.”

“No… no problem.” The elf girl looked at me, “You saved Windsor’s life with your blood, it’s you I should be thanking.”

“Right! That Windsor girl? Is she alright?”

“Here!” A sweet girly voice came and the door was opened. My father put a little vampire girl inside.

“Cohen, a girl cried to see you.” Father looked amused, “So I brought her in. I’ll let you talk.”

“Thank you, daddy!”

“By the way, because of this incident, we are on our way back the Darkmoon. I’ve sent people for their tribe leaders.” Father closed the door.

“Hello! Big brother!” I’m Windsor! Windsor Don!”

She recovered well, judging from her brightened face.

“Good to see you, Windsor, how are you feeling now?” I flipped her head, “Want another drink of my blood?”

“Nope! If I don’t use magic, I don’t need blood.” She bulged her pretty eyes, “Big brother’s blood tastes nasty.”

“Oh… really?” I was a little embarrassed.

“Don’t get mad, she’s like that,” Winslet said.

“By the way, how did you get caught?”


“Let me see…”

“We were…”

“Don’t talk!” Windsor jumped up, “Let Windsor tell him the story!”

“OK, you tell.” Winslet expressed great patience, “But you have to tell it right!”

“Winslet is the best!” Windsor kissed Winslet’s cheek, then turned to me and said.

“Big brother, things happened. We are friends. Every year, my father will meet with Winslet’s mother, Dimmock’s father, Steven’s father, and Manta’s father. The adults were talking so we went out to play. A few days ago, Winslet and I found a beautiful bird, then I got the boy to catch it. Then we got caught by those bad people…”

“Yeah, Windsor was sick because of that,” Steven added.

“Father said humans are not to be trusted.” Manta glimpsed me, then said, “But I think you are not one of them.”

“My parents are good people!” I toldManta, “My friends and I are good too!”


“Yeah, I’ll show you! Let’s be friends.”

“Some friend, you didn’t even tell us your name.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I am Cohen Kheda.”

“That’s more like it! Still, you need to wrestle with me.”


“It’s a dwarf thing! Wrestling is a must to seal a friendship.”

“Is that true? Steven, do I need to fly in order to be your friend?”

“No… but you need to catch me up.”


“Don’t worry, big brother. Steven’s ritual easy! Windsor will help!”


Moya was slammed on the sand ground, then Manta jumped upon Moya!!

“Argh!!!” As Moya has lost the ability to move, Wilder was giving orders aside, “Marfa, if you do that you’ll get him down!”

On the other side, our lovely Windsor attached herself to Steven, and the little devil revealed her sharp teeth, her eyes aimed at Steven’s arm, said, “I’ll let you fly, aha, can’t you fly? Cohen will catch you!”

“Darn, Windsor! I’m cold-blooded you can’t feed on me!” Poor Steven was sweaty.

“Did I say I’ll drink it? I’ll have a tiny bite!” The girly devil gnashed.

I ran harshly and grabbed Steven’s belt, “Steven!!! I got you!”

“Gee… you passed.” Poor Steven abandoned his rules for his own safety.

“Alright! All passed!” Carey declared.


“We are friends!” Everyone cheered for this Friendship Qualification Convention. Of course, Carey came up with that name. Though she didn’t wrestle with Manta or race Steven. Before Manta was about to complain, she pursed her lips, “Us ladies will make friends with ladies, we don’t want to be part of your sweaty ritual.”

“That’s right! Windsor loves Carey and Flynn! Winslet too!” Windsor followed.

“Yeah, you boys’ stuff. We have our ways to make friends.” Winslet floated in the air, flutter her thin and clear wings.

Well, no girl shows, what pity…

“So what are we going to do?” Windsor asked.

“Let’s go to grandpa’s garden! That should be fun.”


“Boss, are we going, too?” Jack approached.

Before I said anything, Dimmock asked, “Hold on, Jack, what did you just call him?”

“Oh, yeah, you don’t know yet.” Dimmock said, “Cohen is our leader, we’d call him boss.”

“Oh yeah? Then let me do the same!” Steven continued, “What about you, Manta?”

“I… let me think about it…” He was clearly considering.

“Just call him that!” Windsor pushed Manta, “Call him that!”

Suddenly there’s a light chuckle came behind us, “Little Windsor, what’ya doing?”

“Daddy!” Windsor swiveled and immediately jumped into the source of that voice. Then several tall and big adults showed up, my father was among them.

“Manta!” A strong dwarf stood next to Manta, “Now you know you are a long way to go to become a real warrior!”

“Oui, papa!” Manta dropped his head, “I will work harder!”

“Aha, dad!” Steven grinned at his father with a hippie smile.

“Shut your damn mouth! I told you time after time, a wingman has to constantly stay alert! You stupid thing! I will punish you!” An adult wingman shouted to the sky.

“Calm down.” A beautiful elf madam said, “Steven was very brave. He didn’t run away, right? He’s a good boy!”

“For god sake, Your Elf Majesty. You remember that, Steven!”

I stood at a loss. Looking at these guys, I asked my father, “Daddy, are they…?”

“Cohen, these are the fathers and mother of your new friends!” My father said delightedly, “Let’s go, kids! Time for lunch!”

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