Vol. 1: Chapter 1: Osmos

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Translated & Edited by Tianic

This novel was being updated on Liberspark.com but was kicked out of nonsense reasons.

I wish Liberspark will prosper under this tyrannical atmosphere.

Note: The title originated from a mobile game instead of a typo.

What happened to me?” My brain was twisted. I tried to touch my head, but couldn’t feel my body. “I…where is my body? Am…am I dead??”

That’s right…we were on a mission and fell into a trap, and then was…fight…

…explosion…to this end…I was indeed dead…

“Shit ! ! ! ! ! ! I’m in so much trouble !”

“Calm…I have to calm down…I’m dead, but I’m thinking, right…yes I’m thinking. Thinking means I exist? Yes…I exist.”

“But shit, even though I am thinking…what the hell am I? Can I think without a body? Am I a soul? Then I’m a soul now?”

“Oh please…I’m not done. I don’t want to be a soul…I have brothers. I have a business.”

When I thought of my brothers, I can’t feel them at all. Obviously, this was beyond my understanding.

Wandered around in space, I’ve grown to understand my situation.

I existed like energy. I didn’t have organs, the body either. I was a group of energy that somehow didn’t dissipate.

In this space, I had a unique power to sense the outside world. This ability enabled me to detect danger. I also discovered that there are individuals like me that existed in this space. Some of them were very powerful.

I can’t approach those powerful ones, but as for the smaller ones, then…I’d rush on and devour them. By consuming their energy, they become part of me.

“Call me cold-blooded. What else can I do?”

In this godforsaken place, there were powerful creatures. And there were random energy waves, which could kill me.

Then one day, when I was devouring others. An energy wave, biggest I’ve ever encountered, struck me. Before I can do anything, I was knocked out like a rocket.

I felt several slight shocks as if I penetrated some bubbles. When I stopped, I knew I was in another space, a safe space. I had no idea why I considered it as safe, but I was certain it was.

“Fragile life, what do you have in mind?” A deep voice traveled into my mind clearly.

“None of your business, leave me alone.”

“You are inside my body. If you don’t want that, I can send you out.”

“Wait!” My senses were coming back, “Are you talking to me?”

“Technically speaking, we’re not talking. You and I have established a spiritual connection. Although like you said, let’s say we’re talking.”

“Are we? You…what…are you?”

“Like you, according to your way of understanding, I am living creature.”

“My understanding? How could you possibly understand my way?”

“When you entered, I’ve gone through all your memories.”

“You thief!!!”

“I don’t have that in my vocabulary. All memories should be shared in response to potential danger.”

“That’s my privacy!!! Why don’t you share your memories with me?”

“Your current energy level will not survive my shared memory.”

“I don’t care!”

Between our Q & A, I came to understand that I was currently located on the edge of the universe, and this giant thing that trapped me existed since the creation of space. I was not exaggerating that she was giant. There were four planets the same size as her. Her understanding of the universe was far beyond me. But I still can do something she can’t, like I had no shame.

In a short while, we became friends. She knew everything about me, and I knew something about her.

Because of her figure, I named her Cotton. She wouldn’t call me vigorous and powerful and invincible and loved-by-all Westley. She said it’s too long to remember.

“Little one, what’s on your mind?” She preferred to call me this name.

“I’m thinking about my 24 years of life.” I said painfully, “Twenty-four years, what have I done to it.?”

“Still can’t forget your old life?”

“It’s not. It’s just…there are still…too many things I wanna do..” Faces of my brothers appeared in my head.

“Everything has passed.” Cotton said.

“If I can live again, one more time, I can do better…” My voice gained weakness.

“Really? How much do you want to live again? What if you’ll suffer?”

“I’ll change it!!! My life is mine, and it’s not to be controlled by anyone!!!”

“Think it through?  No regrets?”

“What are you talking about? There is no point thinking about anything.” I think, “Would that be dreaming?”

“If you promise me something, I can give you a chance.”

“Are you kidding?”

“I know a place you might like.” Cotton said, “But, with conditions!!!”

“Then hurry!!! Say it and send me out there!!! I don’t want to drift into space anymore.”

“No hurry, it’s very easy for me to do that.” Cotton had grown more cunning, “Don’t you wanna listen to my condition first?”

“I’ll promise you ten things if that’s all it takes…” I can’t hide it anymore; I was laughing so hard.

“Ok, here it is. My condition is, DON’T YOU EVER CALL ME COTTON AGAIN!!!!!!!!”

“…no problem.”

“I’ll send you there, and tell you other things to pay attention when we arrive.”

“OK, why didn’t you say it earlier.”

“Because I just found out you are an asshole.”

“Really? It looks like I should make that clear earlier…haha haha haha.”

“By the way, what’s my new name?”

“Well, no cotton…how about marshmallow?”

“Shut up…”

I felt a very slight shake. It was starting

“Alright, Reborn Express, let’s go!”

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  1. This was a really funny and good chapter. Its a shame its Polygamy… But what was the point for it being a scientific artifact?

    1. here’s a little background information, the author has created this book out of personal interests, he also didn’t have any ideas where the story will lead to. Thus there will be clues missing every now and then. It will become more rigorously written in later chapters. Thank you for your support

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