——Volume 7: Legion No.9——

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Finally, another volume has finished.

As you all could see, Cohen will be commanding an army in the vol. 7.

So here is the real army building arc you all have been looking forward to.

And with some recent updates:

My editor Jiem resigned because of study burden, and I don’t plan to find a new editor.

Because I, myself use a paid version of Grammarly and heck, translating is a hobby, I’m not publishing books and I don’t do Petron nor paid chapters nor share ad revenue.

I want none of those. All I want to do is to share this novel with everyone, and I like to publish chapters immediately, so paying Grammarly for free chapters is the best I can do.

Thus please pardon my limited English knowledge if there are any wording issues that make you uncomfortable. There will be a link at the top of each chapter where you can edit if you would take the time.(And of course, I will receive notification immediately once someone makes a suggestion)

After sorting out my end of the mess, I can finally have a steady update of the chapter.

Here it goes, it will be approximately a chapter per 2 days, thankfully the length of the chapters relatively equals.

But the trivia of this volume is so long that I doubt it might take less than half hour to finish reading, thus I might be able to finish tling it over the weekends.

That’s it. Please look forward to Volume 7 of Cohen of the Rebellion

Table of Contents

  1. Shit Legion
  2. Officer Hunt
  3. Lord Justice’s First Job
  4. Meeting
  5. Supply Shortage
  6. Attack on MMS
  7. Smash and Grab
  8. The Ninth Legion Departure
  9. Reinforcement
  10. Undeclared Warfare
  11. Trivia: The Camp Strangle
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