——Volume 5: Light Journey——

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Hell yeah, another volume has finished. It’s been a long one. I hope you all enjoy the chapters.

Special thanks to Jiem and MadSnail who poured so much into editing my mess. I owe these two, big time.

Though there are up and downs in the process, I was quite into translating this novel.

As you all can see, it is heading into the right direction.

Anyhow, here is a little spoiler into the future.

Our Cohen Kheda will go through a series critical events that will serve as step stones for his military career. Then comes his first/god knows how many in total Protoss/Asmodian war.

His personal arms and forces will take into shape and the empires (both Protoss and Asmodian) will experience upheavals.

So, thank you all for supporting this.

Next volume, Light Journey.

(Does it remind you of a volume named Dark Ramble, lol)

Table of Contents

  1. Heist
  2. Arethusa
  3. Aqua Story
  4. Returning
  5. Definition: God
  6. The Royal Successor’s Trial
  7. Three Armies
  8. League of Creatures
  9. Shame on You
  10. Journey to the North
  11. Trivia: A Visit to the Grand Temple of Light
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      1. been seeing this in NU several months ago, but just started reading recently and it’s cool. unlike normal CN this one got a real great character they seem more logical and alive than the usual ones. I’ve been reading novels since middle school and now I’m a freshman in university so that is a long time, and I dare say this might be as good if not better than M*shoku T*nsei and some other in isekai genre.

        yeah I tried to censor some stuff…

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