——Volume 19: Character List——

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  • Cohen Kheda(Alias: Claude/Turner): The main character.
  • Visual Kheda & Katherine Kheda: Cohen’s father and the minister of Cohen’s regime
  • Lorenzo: Master of Cohen’s Royal Academy and Supervisor of Army Discipline.
  • Carlos: Cohen Kheda’s Chief of Staff
  • Malphite: An orc, captain of Cohen Kheda’s guarding troops.
  • Leila: A white dragon girl Cohen saved when he was young.
  • Bernie: the youngest princess of the Rivalz empire
  • Flynn Rhona, Carey Rhona, Winslet, Dior Merlin: Cohen’s wives and the internal supervisors of the empire
  • Rick and Swift Kheda: Cohen’s blood brothers
  • Lucy: Cohen’s inner court director and the owner of all pleasure houses in the capital
  • Weyland, Cigar: Two of the viceroys who had just swore their fealty to the Kheda regime
  • Swiss Hepburn: An ex-military intelligence commander of the Asmodian United Forces
  • Zatanna: Gilford’s grand-daughter
  • Ariel: A nobility’s daughter who chose to travel with Swiss as a handmaid.
  • Gilford: An ex-military commander, very experienced
  • Heaven: Swiss Hepburn’s head of guards
  • The Left and Right Cardinal: Two of the top three red-robed priests from the Paradise Island Temple
  • Jean: New Character, Tonya’s little sister, Cohen made a promise to take care of her when Tonya died
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