——Volume 17: Divine City, a Comeback——

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Okay, I’ve been too lazy. And I apologize.

The past 16 volumes were the starting point of my journey with this novel. I bought the actual books when I started it. Then the book stopped publishing and I had to stop.

The disconnection kept for roughly a year before I found it again on internet. So I kept on reading. Volume 17 is all about a war to restore Swabia.

However, if you sit through 17 with me, I promise Volume 18 will be a lot funnier. Cohen is gonna run away, again. But this time, his journey is about a promise he made to a woman that had died in his arms. During the journey, a key new character will come to us. A key old character will also befriend, and be-enemy our MC.

I’ll try to do one chapter per week, but there’s no promise. Asphalt 9 is so much fun.

1. We’re Attacking, the Enemies Are Not.

2. Divine City Is About to Change Hands

3. What a Great Day to Loaf on the Job

4. I Have Your Medals, Come and Get Them

5. I’m Finally Back to My Own Body

6. Kill’em, Kill All

7. Don’t Expect to Eat Before You Take the Capital

8. “I’m a Genius,” Said Lord Liaison

9. Welcome, Your Grace, to the City

10. If You Were a Hooligan, I Won’t Be Here

Trivia: It’s Been a Long Time, Divine City

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