——Volume 12: Character List——

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  • Cohen Kheda(Alias: Claude): The main character.
  • Visual Kheda: Cohen’s father, viceroy of Darkmoon
  • FlynnCareyWinslet, Dior Merlin: Cohen’s wives.
  • Marfa:  Cohen Kheda’s Chief Liaison Officer and close friend
  • JackCohen Kheda’s Lord Justice Officer and close friend
  • Moya: Cohen’s childhood friends and firm supporters, current Ninth Legion commanding officers.
  • Wilder: Nickname: Army Bandit. He was Cohen’s childhood friend and firm supporter, current Ninth Legion commanding officer.
  • Kirk: Chatelain of Winper City
  • Don Amart: Godfather of the Winper underworld, Cohen Kheda’s subordinate
  • Havoc Tyrant: Viceroy of Maple City
  • Lucy: Big mom of Winper’s brothels
  • Arnold: Cohen Kheda’s eudemon (magic creature pet)
  • Fischer Summers(alias: Raven): Cohen’s friend and current king of the Swabia Empire
  • Luhrmann: The Swabian Prime Minister assigned by the holy temple, currently he assumes the Swabian throne through a rebellion.
  • Carlos: A reserved talented officer assigned to Cohen Kheda by the Swabian king, current Chief of Staff in Cohen Kheda’s army.
  • Dirt/Malphite: An orc, one of the slaves in the Ninth Legion.
  • Diana: A she-elf, a member of Cohen’s Imperial Guarding Troops.
  • Princess Bernie: The youngest princess of Rivalz Empire.
  • Winterhard Lennie: Princess Bernie’s sworn sword
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