——Volume 10: An Unexpected Crusade——

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Well, well, well, finally, this side story is finished.

I know, I know there’re complaints here and there, but they shouldn’t be a holdback to make Volume 9.5 a good story.

Honestly, I cried multiple times for the ending.

If I hadn’t found the missing epilogue on the novel’s forum, I would have cursed the author for life.

So then, I should apologize for the delay because I wasn’t keeping a steady update schedule.

I was, guess what, playing online games. Well, shameless me.

I’ll try to fix my problem.

Anyhow, here’s the table of contents for volume 10

01. Bruised Army

02. Narrow Escape

03. Mystery

04. Self

05. Rehabilitation

06. Training

07. Wilder

08. Allegiance

09. Potential Danger

10. The Return

Trivia 1: An Introduction to Rebellion part 1

Trivia 2: An Introduction to Rebellion part 2

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