Vol. 9: Chapter 08: Desperate Hours

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

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[dropcap]C[/dropcap]overed by archers and wingmen, PUF began a general retreat. Thus Asmodian United Forces overwhelmed the rest of the wall. Due to the messy occasion and the worry of an unforeseen situation, AUF did not initiate a chase.

Thunder roared and lightning struck, PUF’s warlocks can no longer maintain the eve of the storm. Then finally, it stormed like pouring water after a final flash of light.

In the rain, PUF forces gradually seized attacking thus the warfare eased with it.

A few senior commanders, Steven as well as Moya, Jack, and Marfa who were supposed to stay in the break-out force entered Cohen’s command post.

Given the advantage, they still failed on the verge of successfully breaking out. The four regiment leaders all had a sense of shame on their faces. Under the bloodstained armors, their bodies were still shivering.

Even Steven who had always been a joyful wingman acted seriously. Compared with Steven, the three other guys acted sad, though, in Cohen’s eyes, they were tittering rather than being depressed.

“Sir!” The four of them knelt harshly on both of their knees, “We have failed you! We hereby obeying military laws by your disposal.”

“Military law!? Have you killed too much and lost your minds? You wouldn’t even try to spare your own heads!” Cohen swept the four with his cold vision, “Killing you is easy, but where the hell do I find four ‘lousy’ legion commanders to take your jobs?!”


“You’re men, you’re warriors, you’re my, Cohen Kheda’s subordinates!” Cohen declared loudly, “Now rise! Look up! Square your shoulders!”

“You’ve broken through 3 AUF defense lines in such a short time. Where you struck, enemies die; where you marched, enemies bleed like a river! You’ve successfully smashed AUF troops and brought down their banner!” Cohen removed his gloves to wipe away the stains on his friends’ faces, “I see four heroic warriors, brilliant officers. I, Cohen Kheda, am proud of you!”

“Well done too, Steven!” Cohen tapped Steven’s shoulder, “Your wingman squadron did an awesome job!”

“You didn’t fail me. I miscalculated!” Cohen roared, “Now, rest your troops. We’re expecting more fights!”

“Yes, sir!”

After the regiment leaders had left, Cohen gazed at his 3 brothers with a vague smile. His blinking eyes gave the three gooseflesh.

“Boss… sir!” Jack asked with a small voice, “We…”

“You? You idiots!” Cohen sighed, then he turned away, “Now, back to your units! Moya takes care of the rear! Jack, defend the command post with your LAD, Marfa will help!”

“Yes, sir!” The three answered loudly.

“Listen well, we have no retreat. So we fight till we die!” Cohen said, “It’ll hurt getting cut by a blade.”

Moya made an honest and straightforward smile then went off the wall with an army salute. Jack and Marfa too saluted then squared their chests and left, their heads raised.

Cohen shook his head helplessly then put his vision on the enemies front.

“Come, you dregs!” Cohen roared in the pouring rain, “Come and get me!”

Meanwhile, in the AUF bastion, the army banner was lifted though their command post was long gone. Lieutenant General was sitting behind a rugged desk. His eyes gazed at the rain curtain in the front. He was still giving out orders while his guards were wrapping his wounds.

“Send my order! Inform the 27th commander, leave the rear business to me. His job is to attack! Keep it steady!”


“All 28th enter the city wall! Prepare to support!”


“Sir… I suppose you should take a rest!” Major Brandon said besides the Lieutenant General, “You’re badly wounded!”

“Thanks for your concern, I know you meant it.” Lieutenant General nodded and looked back to the corpses in the mud, “My soldiers did a good job! They’re looking at me now. If I leave now… what should I face them with?”

“General!” Major Brandon sobbed with his choking voice.

“Brandon, we will win, won’t we?” Lieutenant General’s right hand took Brandon’s tightly, “I will see my men push down that PUF banner, even I had to give my life to see that coming!”

“General…” Major Brandon made a step back and carried a standard army salute, “I, Brandon, solemnly swear with my life, we will win! General, you will see PUF’s banner, which I will deliver to your feet!”

After the oath, Major Brandon rushed out of the command center and mounted. He rode to his command position.

In the rain, light cavalry riders dismounted. They were standing in a straight line without any movements.

After adjustments, AUF initiated a new round of attack.

AUF officers of all ranks personally led the attack, the plain soldiers followed with their reddened eyes.

They knew what happened. They knew their army banner has been taken down. They knew thousands of wounded saved the situation with their lives earlier.

Thus AUF’s willpower aroused. Some acts that have vanished for a long time reappeared: the act of multiple soldiers fight to be the killer of a single enemy; the act of a soldier filling a trap with his own body; the act of grasping a spear thrust from the hole on a wall and never let go; the act of soldiers blocking the archer firing holes on the wall with their bare chest.

As the time passed, the battle frontier advanced toward PUF’s rear end.

They were not far from the clay city’s back wall. PUF had nowhere to retreat. However, its soldiers clung to the defendant. They tried everything from sneak attacks from the sides, the back and from every direction, blood has been shed and dry, however, AUF kept coming.

The 9th Legion of the Protoss United Forces, the troop named as ‘the Phantom Legion’ by its enemy, the troop that gained most hatred by the Asmodian United Forces in this P/A War, was making its last effort.

If I were to die, I shall die with my brothers.

If I were to die, I shall die with a few more enemies!

Every PUF soldier persisted with such a faith.

On the frontier, a team of AUF troop suddenly speeded up from one side. Though PUF has made an effort to contain partial enemies who tried to reach the final end, still, a team of hundred AUF soldiers marched directly toward the command post. They’ve reached the much-anticipated 2nd wall of the clay city!

The critical moment has called the LAD personnel into the fight already. Currently what remained in the PUF command center were a few staff officers and an IGT troop of less than a hundred.

“IGTs, deploy!” Cohen wiped away the raindrops on his face and roared his order, “Do your business, staff officers!”

“Yes, sir!”

One more lightning and the fight started on and off the wall.

The ones that came attacking were the champions from the AUF 27th Legion. Their combat ability was close to Cohen’s elite IGT members. Many AUF champions were able to leap onto the wall relying on their super skills.

“CLANG!” Black steel machete out of the sheath, Cohen stood with his blade in front of his chest to protect Gardena behind him.

“Cecilia!” An AUF champion marched over and chopped down his giant sword.

A beam of yellowish light flashed on Cohen’s machete then he stirred up his blade to make the champion’s weapon into halves, then immediately, Cohen turned his wrist and chopped down this champion’s head!

The machete then slashed in the air to shake off the residual blood. Cohen spat and yelled, “Noob!”

In the storm, Cohen remained on the wall. His machete danced as the magic enchanted on his silver Protoss Knight armor was awakened by the slaughtering and started to shine lights.

Yellow combat aura showed again, “Bastards!”

Blood splashed, “Dregs!”

After, Cohen even started chortling。

Righ until Marfa came to rescue with a team of men, Cohen has collected 30 -ish bodies underneath his feet. No scratch was found on his armor.

“CLANG!” Cohen returned his blade back to the sheath.

“Gardena…” Looking at the closing frontier, Cohen said with pity, “I’m sorry for not able to break out your men.”

Gardena has been striking the giant drum for quite a while, and he was close to a breakdown. Once heard Cohen said that, he immediately lost his strength and sunk into the ground.

“No… nothing!” Gardena gasped, “You’ve done your best!”

“You too.” Cohen said, “Thank you!”

“It’s so… odd.” Gardena replied, “Every time you act polite, I feel awful…”

Cohen turned to the idle staff officers. He looked at these faces who he has been watching days and nights for dozen days, Cohen said slowly, “You’ve done your best as well. I thank you!”

The staff officers gazed at each other and lost their words.

“Grab your weapons with me! Let’s make a pleasant fight!” Cohen walked down the wall while roaring, “Gardena, strike the drum! It’s not an order this time.”

“A… again? You rascal!” Gardena rose to stand, “My poor body. Which chapter should I use for such a situation…”

Staff officers fetched their weapons and rushed down to gather around Cohen. They understood it was their last moment.

“My dear soldiers, let’s stand together!” Cohen raised his black steel machete and rushed out first, “Let’s have a good fight!”

“Fight!” All men charged out following.

“What a mess…” Gardena gazed at the marching stream of people, “I guess…”

Gardena took a deep breath. The drumsticks landed on the drum surface.

The rain was close to an end, though the distance scene was still vague. It was still silent in the slave army at the far end of AUF camp.

The slaves were not clear about the war situation in the frontier. However, they knew the fight was not an easy one.

First, several time-folds army supervisor teams came and whispered to the officers. Then the officers and the supervisors started glaring all the slaves with the fiercest looks. Any slaves who made a move will get whipped.

It started with the sudden darkness and the unexpected wild gale. Then all the officers freaked out of no reasons!

Dozens of slaves were slaughtered because they moved their legs. Their corpses were piled up high in front of the slaves. Their blood flew far mixed with dirt and water.

However red the officers’ eyes were, however hard the untrained slaves tried, their numb bodies that have been sitting for nearly a whole day were already uncontainable.

Screams occurred from time to time. Slaves were dragged and slaughtered from time to time. Hundreds of corpses were there piling when the chapter ‘Danger’ came from the clay city direction.

The PUF reconnaissances currently lurking among the slaves were like ants on a hot pan.

The chapter ‘Danger’ was not like any chapters that were used on a daily basis. It was the chapter to warn the people when the entire clan was in grave danger. What followed should be the chapter ‘Safeguard’ to tell the clansmen to protect the weak and young.

Sounding chapter ‘Danger’ meant the situation in the clay city was on the verge of collapsing. If they did not do something now, there wouldn’t be any chance make a change. Though what they could do under a circumstance like this?

In the meanwhile…

“Dirty slave!” An AUF officer who’s patrolling the rows with his blade glared a slave besides him, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Sir, mercy, I didn’t do anything!” This thin and weak slave stood up with anxiety. He instinctively started stepping back while waving his both hands, “Have mercy, sir!”

“DIE!” The officer raised his blade and was ready to slash it down upon the poor man. However, the officer suddenly fell. His blood started flowing.

“Ah…” The slave gazed as the officer fell off. He was stunned.

“Who did that!?”

Dozens of army supervisors came running to the scene. One made a brief check of the dead officer’s body. Then he said, “He’s dead, it’s the slaves’ throwing knife!”

“Who did it?” A senior officer rode along, “No one tells? Kill them all?”

As he said that, one more tiny sharp blade shot into his neck. The senior officer screamed and fell.

“Sir!” Several officers cried and rushed over.

Like a ripple, the uproar spread quickly. Officers were being assassinated everywhere in the slave army.

According to the rules, 100 slaves had to be killed to compensate the death of 1 officers. They’ll have to kill 20, 000 slaves for the officers who just died.

The army supervisors are not soft bones. They did not need excuses to start slaughtering slaves. Though the poor men dared not resist, they sure knew to run. Only idiots will remain here whilst the supervisors began killing every slave they saw.

Thus the slaves started running about together. For a time, cryings and whining overwhelmed the camp.

This slave army we were talking about was an entire legion consisted of remnants of several other slave legions. The whole legion was as large as 120, 000~130, 000 soldiers. But only less than 5, 000 officers and army supervisors were there to oversee them. Once the turbulence started among the slaves, the 100 -ish PUF reconnaissance had their perfect chance.

These officers were badasses when they were still plain soldiers. Then they were enlisted in the Dark City Imperial Guarding Troops. Though Prince Fischer taught only so much to them, they’ve learned plenty from Governor Cohen. Later, they became members of Commander Jack’s Hawk Squadron.

Jack was the youngest, and he grew up with the care of his elder brother Moya and friends. Plus he was a playful boy to begin with. Without too much constraint, Jack gradually developed and combined everything he picked up from Cohen and the others. Then finally Jack has become a brat boy even Cohen cannot do anything about.

The most troublesome water was the best place to catch fishes. For Jack’s Hawk Squadron, turning a peaceful water into a dirty one was a piece of cake. During the Camp turmoil, it was them who spread the rumors among the refugees. And now, it was their moment.

“AUF has failed!”

“They’re going to kill us all!”

“PUF is coming for us!”

“Our friends are suffering! The 10 chapters are calling us!”

“Let’s fight, kill the officers and supervisor dogs!”

“There’re food and clothes in the first camp. Let’s rob’em and run!”

From time to time, the slaves wanted to resist and fight the power. They had the inexplicable courage somehow sometimes. But often the courage would disappear because there was no leader to follow.

Hence, spreading rumors needed few tricks.

The slaves’ hearts were already elevated at the sound of the 10 chapters. Then their resistance will was stirred due to the death of the officers. Then the sentiment was boosted by the relatives and friends and the things in the AUF camp. What was next was a proper leader.



Among the ‘revenge’ yellings, suddenly came a sound loudest of all, “REVENGE! Brother Chappie has revolted!”

Chappie was running and hiding with a few of his little brothers. He was an honest slave who never even considered revolting. Someone was setting him up!

Before Chappie realized what to do next, Maru dashed beside him and yelled, “Brother Chappie, you have my support!” Then he tucked the handle of a blade in Chappie’s right hand. And Chappie confusedly took it!

“Good job!” Maru hailed with both fists, “Brother Chappie is a hero!”

Maru’s hailing actually echoed responses. The entire crowd was repeating ‘Brother Chappie is a hero!’. Before Chappie tried to kick Maru’s ass, Maru was nowhere to be found.

Several AUF army supervisors knew to capture the ringleader in order to capture his followers so they charged to Chappie. Their imposing manner made Chappie’s little brothers around wet their pants. Chappie cursed Maru while realizing that he could be dead even he dropped the blade now.

The supervisors were attacked and killed before they could make to Chappie.

Chappie instantly caught eyes on Maru slaughtering 4 AUF supervisors in a roll. Maru so resembled that of a devilish murder instead of a shy slave Chappie could recognize.

And how detestable that whenever Maru killed a man, he would roar ‘Brother Chappie is a hero’, then ran away.

The drumbeats from the clay city were getting even more so desperate.

“Brothers,” Chappie said harshly, “there’s no way we can escape…”

“Brother Chappie!” A little slave cried, “I… booho… I don’t wanna… die…”

“Stop whining…” Chappie eased the little slave’s head. He made his mind, “In order to live, let’s fucking revolt!”

The little ones around Chappie stunned their eyes.

“I am Chappie from the Yarning Clan!” Chappie raised the blade and started to roar, “Listen to me, slaves brothers! They never feed us, they slaughtered us! We’re doomed to die! Now they tried to slaughter us all! If you wanna live, follow me! Let’s march down to their camp, get their stuff and run!”

“LET’S REVOLT!” Hundreds of voices echoed from all direction, “Follow brother Chappie!”

Among them, Maru was the loudest of all.

Since now, the slaves had an official leader, the situation was nothing like earlier. Nevertheless, Chappie was the head of a small group of men and he had communication with other group leaders.

These group leaders were familiar with Chappie’s voice. They recognized his voice. And as the situation was going south, no one wanted to stay here as a slave.

Dozens of group leader vowed to follow Chappie on the spot.

And since these other group leaders had communication with more related people, numbers of revolting slaves multiplied. Plus the officers and army supervisors number were declining due to that they were being slaughtered. The entire slave crowd revolted.

The sheer number of AUF supervisors were nothing worth mentioning in front of hundreds of thousands of slaves. After a short moment, the slaves marched into AUF’s main camp and started grabbing things to equip themselves. The camp was empty because all the soldiers were deployed onto the battlefield. The slaves just stamped the last few guarding troops into ground meat.

However, the PUF officers in the slave crowd were anxious. Since these slaves just knew they were a mob of ordinary people. They only knew to rob something and run away. How could they be organized and directed to the battlefield?

At this point came a loud, thunder-like hoofbeats from the land far behind the slaves. A vague black line was emerging from the skyline. That was fast moving riders!

The slaves quieted down, bewildered of what to do next.

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