Vol. 9.5: Chapter 13: Epilogue

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he physicians along with the main troop arrived the horrifying battleground after the fierce war. Many fainted at the look of the thousands of bodies amputated of their limbs placed in neat arrays.

Elaine and Maria’s hearts shattered at the scene. But the girls did not give up hope. With great willpower, they held each other and started walking among the bodies, looking for their beloved ones.

From the outer to the inner clay city, the two’s hope diminished as they searched. What was in their sights were all dead bodies!

Elaine could not hold any longer. As she was about to collapse, a loud shriek sparked her remaining hope.

“Found one, alive!” The voice cried, “It’s a colonel! Our colonel!”

Half an hour later, one more voice resounded in the dim sky, “Found another one, alive! Champion Legion’s recon corp! He’s a lieutenant!”

The two young physicians immediately ran toward the distant voice. Despite the sharp rocks pierced their shoes, and time after time, their delicate bodies fell into the dark-red earth, they’ve finally reached where the voice came from.

The spot has already been crowded with a group of senior physicians. The light of an advanced healing spell merely went away.

“Are you able to bring him back?” A voice asked.

“In a way, yes.” An aged voice answered, “After such a long time, it’s a miracle.”

Elaine pushed herself in, and she was just in time as the physician apprentices removed the man’s armor.

The girl suddenly weakened. She could not hold up but slumped on her knees before this blood-stained man.

On his left chest, Samgha’s plate was shining light, silver light.


Elaine welled her eyes.

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