Vol. 9.5: Chapter 10: The Phantom Legion

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

“[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o then, we…”

“Samgha will retain as it is. Get kitted. We’re moving out immediately!” Anemia said, “To save their asses!”

“But isn’t the War over already?”

“I’m afraid it’s not for us.” Anemia stared at the ground, “Go now.”

It was, once again, battle. The rookies stared at each other’s numb faces, their joyful and homesick hearts, gone.

In such a hurry, new operation orders were issued. The relaxed atmosphere that has been spreading for days in the camp sunk into suppression. No one liked to fight another war right before homecoming. But this was the War, a war beyond man’s control. The officers had no choice but yelled out their orders; soldiers ran about with their weapons; supply personnel began preparing for the long journey. Horse whinny thrilled. Everybody from regular GIs to senior officers was pulling armors onto their bodies. Metals clashing once again resounded.

The orders from the reconnaissance center required that the Samgha Squadron should lead the other five recon squads to start an investigation as pioneers. The rookies said no nonsense words, they immediately put away their depressing emotions and set out of the camp gate ahead of the other troops.

The mage physicians’ fleet was just beside the main road. They were letting their way to the vanguards.

The mage ladies have recognized the Samgha boys. So they waved their hands to them in their vehicles.

“We’ll be right behind you.” Maria lowered her voice, “You’ll see us very soon.”

“You…” When Ranger passed by, Elaine gazed him with a caring look, “Take care yourself.”

Ranger nodded and replied with a smile.

The Samgha Squadron hence rode with the rest investigation troops ahead of the main army. They rode for days and nights towards the 5th warzone. More troops joined them along the journey including soldiers from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th warzone. They were all armies of excellencies and great heroes.

It looked like this battle will be even more significant than the last one. Thus the rookies aroused and started inquiring about the information of the new enemy.

Before they get anything, the troops that arrived ahead of them gradually entered the battle station. The rookies divided themselves into smaller chunks and spread out into the AUF side of the P/A Line. Some of them were even ordered to drive the refugees wandering on the Line. However, the 6th Champion Legion where Samgha was in was still marching forward. Its commander’s order was to arrive at the center of the 5th warzone asap.

The champions might be facing a hardcore battle.

In the meantime, the enemy’s information was issued to the soldiers. They came from the 9th Legion of the Protoss United Forces. However, they had an odd designation: the Phantom Legion.

Technically, PUF army’s establishment usually had 20~50 thousand soldiers within a legion. The critical main combat legions had 90, 000 at most. There was no way for the AUF to deploy such many troops to deal with a single army.

But the group that included Samgha had a mixture of 200, 000 elite troopers, which equaled the grand total of the soldiers in the 2nd warzone. What they will be dealing with was sheerly a miniature army. Thus the rookies all regarded this operation as a massacre instead of a battle.

What came next was great, inspiring news from the frontline. The investigation squads from other reconnaissance troops have caught this Phantom Legion’s whereabouts. The enemies were running. What a good job the 26th Legion’s light calvaries had done. They’ve successfully driven the Phantom Legion onto their death path. Their 60~70 thousand men were currently trapped in a rock and hard clay city outside a giant canyon.

One good news after another, the rookies’ tension have been eased. This will be an easy battle.

Due to the Samgha’s investigative mission, Commander Anemia, as well as the dusty rookies, arrived outside the clay city ahead of everybody else. They were the first in the 27th Legion to see this targeted clay city.

“Hehhe, that crappy wall.” Rut glanced at the wall, he scorned, “We’ll destroy that in less than a day.”

“That ass of yours stopped hurting, right?” said Anemia, “Go pitch our tent!”

Once AUF’s 3 main armies converged, the operation headquarter gave the order to initiated an exploratory attack. Samgha was usually not a part of such activities, nor did they like to be part of any labor work, so the rookies and Anemia found themselves a high ground to watch the battle.

The first round of attack ended soon. Though such a trial attack had cost the 27th Legion nearly 3, 000 soldiers, they were not able to even touch the edge of the clay city wall. The Samgha rookies were curious about the result. Nevertheless, Commander Anemia remained standing wordlessly; his face gradually went blue.

“They’re good. This army is definitely not a regular PUF troop.” Anemia turned to the rookies, “Now pay attention. This operation might last for a few days. If the HQ’s order is to wear them out, we will be deployed eventually.”

AUF was still high in morale, though the first fight had yielded no outcome.

Before sunset, the slave army stepped onto the stage. The rookies went to see such an unfamiliar army out of curiosity. After they’ve returned, the slave army was described as ‘a beggar crowd of phenomenal size’.

Since this moment, AUF’s attack persisted days and nights. It lasted waves after waves and never seemed to stop.

One day, two days, three days, clay city’s low and shivering wall have remained rock steady. On the other hand, AUF soldiers’ corpses have filled the earth. Faced by such a result, AUF, from bottom to its head, went rage.

Six days have passed, the tiny clay city was like a dilapidated dinghy in the most fierce storm. Although its average height of wall has dropped by a fourth, the wall was still under PUF’s control.

Samgha members were able to see PUF men running on their wall; those people were just black dots in a distant; however, these tiny black dots have exerted their best will of the fight. AUF’s 6 day’s consecutive attack was without success. Countless soldiers and officers lost their lives down the clay wall.

AUF went mad.

Nine days have passed. AUF soldiers were worn out. Their eyes red, voice hoarse; however, that godforsaken clay wall was still not breached.

Who were those people? PUF soldiers had no supplies; they were too starved to keep themselves straight. But they just were able to stop the mighty AUF by defending a tiny clay city. AUF had several times more soldiers, and yet they’ve accomplished nothing after nearly a dozen days’ attack. It was utterly shameful, unprecedented shame!

Due to the significant casualties, the Samgha Squadron was incorporated into the assault army on the 9th day afternoon. The siege operation had required that each rookie officer should lead 3~5 supplement soldiers, all under Anemia’s command.

As the army horn blew, Samgha pressed over with the main force.

AUF’s commanding center also hoped that this squad of excellency could make a breakthrough in today’s assault. AUF needed a brand new morale booster because, from the eyes of the AUF supreme commander, this battle has long passed to become an act of life and death. It was a battle for dignity.

The battle’s fierceness was already beyond any language to describe. Only by blending in the fight did the Samghas realized what they saw in the early days were not so accurate. The battle experience they’ve been through was sheer child’s play.

Down the clay city wall, thick dark red liquid has seeped into the dirt, reeking the earth where body parts were half buried. Dying soldiers were left sinking and crying helplessly.

On the wall, thickly dotted arrows mixed with wooden beams, rocks, and spell attack were pouring like storms. AUF soldiers who tried so hard to reach the wall top were throwing down one by one by the enemies. They were not even allowed to make a sound before their death.

Somehow, a PUF soldiers fell off the wall, just as everybody thought he was going to die in no time, obstinately, he rose. His blade then chopped down three more enemies. It took 3 barbarian soldiers to kill that PUF man for good.

As the man fell, his helmet went loose. A slave mark was on that emaciated visage. His eyes remained sharp and endless rage until they closed.

AUF had to sacrifice more than 3 lives to end an slave’s life. How shameful.

Samgha was acting at their own discretion. There was no one to tell designated route. Samgha was free to march onward or backward.

When the troops in front of Samgha have reached the clay city wall, three successive waves of arrows launched from the inner city. The timing, density of the arrow rain were just right to eliminate the targets. PUF commander was improvising, and he was doing a horribly good job.

Thus the front troops went out of luck. In the cryings, soldiers fell massively, even the siege weapons collapsed.

AUF’s archers had protective shielding vehicles. They were supposed to cover the front troops; however, the early arrow rain had weakened their firepower. They dared not attack the wall like this because their arrow could become friendly fire by any chance.

Anemia and his subordinates were hiding behind a shielding vehicle as well. They were observing the battle situation closely.

Only 20-ish aerial ladders were on the clay city wall that stretched several miles long. Countless murderous redeye soldiers were being held up around the ladder, shot to kill by the enemies. Enemy archers did not even need to aim. Even, a randomly tossed rock could kill a massive amount of AUF soldiers.

“What shall we do?” Scarlet crawled over to Anemia, he said in a lowered tone, “Sir, the situation ain’t good. We can’t even bring up the ladders.”

“Those ladders on the wall are left by the enemies for a reason. There’s no way we can go up from those places.” Once Anemia had a clear knowledge of the situation, he drew an instant conclusion, “If we’re to breach it successfully, we’ll have to find new spots for the ladders.”

“We have more.” Ranger yelled, “But we just can’t bring them up.”

“We help them. We need at least 3 ladders in one place to gain a chance.” Anemia made up his mind, “Let’s lead. Follow me!”

“Yes, sir!”

Anemia knew the fact that Samgha alone will never make a difference. So he hurried to call in a few other squads. After a loud roaring, all nearby recon squads ran over for the aerial ladders. Thus, the ladders marched on, carried by soldiers on the inside, huge shields carried by supplement soldiers on the outside and a layer of miserable slaves on the even outer side. Such a unique assault combination was forged.

Anemia spotted an opportunity, he roared, “For the united forces’ glory – attack!”


A dozen aerial ladders, as well as the recon troopers who carried them, marched onward between a relative safe attack gap. Since the recon soldiers were fast in speed, agile in command, the ground in front of them was relatively empty. Also, close combat was occurring on and off the clay city wall. Not very many PUF archers were able to intercept the ladder carriers.

They actually did it!

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