Vol. 8: Chapter 02: Nobility Chaos part 2

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

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“[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y Lord, please let her go!” The middle-aged man who was pressed to the ground by a soldier yelled, “My Lord! She’s underage…”

“Shut him up.” I flapped my palm, “Underage? I like that.”

A soldier walked by, then with a few kicks, the man passed out.

“Isn’t this bro of mine beefy? Let me tell ya,” I fetched a soldier and said softly to this girl, “This is a wingman, he has a variety of ways to play girls. His favorite is to make bruised marks on your smooth skin. It’s the only way to arouse him!”

“Hehhe…” The wingman cooperatively flashed his claws. The girl was so scared that her face paled and pupil dilated.

“This one is even more so. People call him a ‘beastly flower destroyer’,” I fetched again for an orc, “He’s strong and full of energy. His junk is even more impressive. The problem is he doesn’t like to shower. Isn’t he disgusting with that stinky smell. But what can I do? He hasn’t touched a woman for a few years. Be gentle, bro, don’t kill her like the last time you did!”

“Sure! Yes!” The orc soldier acted like the last wingman and drooled by his mouth corner. And the girl’s eyes already stopped moving. She was already too shocked.

“But we have so many here, and there’s only one of you.” I touched my jaw, “Which one should go first, ugh, a tough decision!”

Once my finger reached her shoulder, she immediately huddled.

“Okay, I got it.” I snapped my finger and said loudly, “I’ll let you run. Whoever catches you first will have you!”

“No… no…”

“No?” I touched her face again, “So you wanna play with all of them?”

“No! Please!” The girl fell on the floor.

I dragged her up and made her steady. My hands clutched her skirt.

“If I were you,” I said, “I will run! If no one catches you, you won’t have to die…”

Having said that, I tore her skirt and made a big hole. As if the sound of the cloth ripping irritated her, she started screaming, then ran.

“Hahahaha!” I was delighted at such a result and yelled, “Get her!”

Then I processed the other girl with the same method. Thus a big crowd of people began chasing the two girls on the streets. Not long after, the girls’ clothes have become stripes and what left on their bodies were just dangling around.

“Did you see that? Do it like that!” I remounted, “The same method applies to young men with blonde skin as well!”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

I did expect the influence of this operation went so far as many years later, a lot of senior officers made fools of themselves on their weddings. The first half of the first wedding night will hear the bride shriek, the second half of the wedding evening will hear the groom shriek. The next day, the black-and-blue groom will come to see me eagerly and ask, “Boss, what’s next after I tore her clothes and caught her?”

Soon, the whole village fell into a situation of desperate screams and leering grins. The soldiers chased dozens of almost all naked young ladies and were driving them toward the old lord’s mansion.

The girls smacked the old lord’s door desperately and knocked the embossed iron gates with all of their strength. These girls families were rather wealthy as they were considered the town celebrities. Evidently, they were somehow associated with the old lord.

Finally, the iron door made a slit. The women cried and rushed inside.

“Old bastard!” A soldier picked a stone and threw into the enclosed wall, “Give them back, our women!”

“Give my women back! Hand them over!”

“If you don’t we’ll rape you as well, and you wife!”

As the stones being thrown over the wall became bigger, the profanities became dirtier. But the old lord was as if he heard nothing. We looked over the fence and found his 300 guards lined perfectly in the yard with weapons.

I hinted the officer beside and told him to continue whereas I took my horse to a crossroad.

“Sir!” Another officer came over and halted my horse, “Everything’s ready!”

“Get someone to tell the new landlord!” I entered a building beside the road then saw many soldiers with enhanced crossbows by the window. What a familiar scene!

That moment made my consciousness bewildering.

“Sir, sir, are you okay?” The officer held my shoulder, “We had a man for the new landlord now.”

“Oh, nothing.” I said instinctively, “Tell all, kill all!”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

The officer turned away leaving me remained put. My heart rate accelerated and a bud of sweat streamed down from my forehead. How they were the same, my previous life and the current life. Was I able to grasp my fate?

An unknown amount of time passed before an officer came to see me, “Sir, they’re almost here!”

I nodded speechlessly and grasped my hilt.

By the moonlight, a team of people revealed from the other side of the street. Their unsheathed sword reflected random hints of cold light. A rider stood out from the crowd of the soldiers. He was certainly the new lord who was here to pick up the old lord’s dead body.

“Bah! What a cowardly fucking nobility!”

I reached for a crossbow from a soldier and aimed for the man on the horse. What I was holding was a crossbow redesigned by myself. It not only had enlarged lethality but was also able to replace arrows automatically. As long as the user rotated the handle under the bow body, the gear in the crossbow will start working to pull the string continuously onto the actuated position and push out one more arrow to the ready slot. It will go on until the clip became empty.

The building I was staying was in the middle of the ambush ring, thus I need to let the front targets pass first. Slowly, the new lord’s face was within my fire range.

He wore a suit of yellow dust armor on his upper body. The armor was the heaviest I’ve ever seen. It was too heavy as the war horse under him could barely move. The man’s face looked up and down. One moment he revealed a hint of a smile, the next moment he was clenching his teeth.

“What’s on your mind?” I said to myself quietly and pushed the trigger.

“TWANG!” Arrow away and landed accurately on the new lord’s neck vessel. A big jet of purplish red blood erupted.

He held his neck with one hand, and the other bumped hard on his chest. He made a quiet gasp. When he fell off his horse, I saw exactly what was in his eyes: terror.

When I pushed my trigger, the soldiers hiding on the sides of the streets pushed theirs too. Sounds of bowstrings loosening, arrows penetrated bodies, crying and bodies fell echoed in the dark.

Such a close distance enabled the enhanced crossbows to maximize their lethality. Their powerful penetrating power and the arrows with carved fuller were the best combinations. The first round of shooting put down half of the enemies.

The arrows shot mostly on the enemy’s’ neck vessels and throats. Once those places were shot, the target will be incurable. Though they won’t die immediately, after 2~3 breath times, they will pass out due to suffocation and blood loss, then die.

If they had a skilled physician around to act fast, they might live, though I doubted they had such a qualified personnel.

After another few rounds of arrow rains, I dropped the bow and rushed out on the street. Once I was out there, I raised my long sword.

A sensation of rampage had me dominated as I slashed the first enemy’s chest into two with my sword, then drew and pushed the blade into the new lord’s neck.

He gazed at me straightly with his eyes. His lips opened and closed for a few times. He was apparently trying to say, “You killed the wrong person.”

Out of the blue, my face twisted then started my right hand with the sword and ended his agony.

“Set the fire!” I pressed the tumbling emotion and told my soldiers, “Hurry up!”

An officer brought my horse. I mounted then directly rode toward the old lord’s mansion.

“Old bastard!” I start yelling at a street away from his house, “I’ll burn you alive for opposing us!”

This was the coordinated signal. Once heard my yelling, the soldiers around the old lord’s mansion dispersed in an uproar and lit up the houses around, save for the old lord’s house.

I led my men to rush out of the town throw the drawbridge. Thus all of my troops hid into the woods beside the village.

Before the fire went bigger in town, the 500 Cammish troopers to inspect the peripheral villages returned. When we were operating, they were apparently on their way.

Surely it was I who sent the notice as these 500 men were the most crucial part of the plan. I intended to let them see their commander die on the street while the old lord’s guard stood not far from the new lord’s body with their weapons. The rest would be the normal reactions which normal people will have.

The psychological offense was the best of tactics for every war.

Two shadows dashed into the woods, after checking the password, they came to me. They were a scout and the messenger I sent for the Cammish troop.

“Sir, they started fighting!” One of the shadows told me excitedly.

“Is it intense?”

“Positive! They came to the new lord’s mansion and found some corpses. Afterward, they found their dead commander on the street.” The messenger said, “Then those 500 soldiers’ eyes just turned green. They surrounded the old lord’s mansion and fired arrows! And the old lord retaliated with some arrows too. Then the fight started!”

“Well done!” I nodded, “Prepare to move out!”

The whole battalion left from separated directions.

Before going, I had all of the soldiers yelled toward the village, “The landlord rebelled! He rebelled!” A team of mages even tossed some fireballs into the village on their way out.

Seeing the soaring flames, I only hope the women that hid in the old lord’s mansion could get away, though, in fact, it was not possible. They did not have the chance. I was shameless to do so as I used those women as a trigger for the Cammish troops to fall into complete madness. If a soldier saw a naked woman when he was slaughtering desperately, I wouldn’t continue picturing.

As several messengers disappeared into the darkness, my order was going to pass onto each regiment commander’s hands in the shortest time possible.

The order was simple: Commencing the plan of fire and water!

Hence, the troops which I placed on the two transit lines immediately mobilized. They were like ghosts in the darkness, creating unresolvable conflicts between the old and new landlords.

Since new emperor had just assumed his position and he intended to consolidate his status by promoting massive new nobilities, he must have wanted to start weeding out the old powers immediately. But he didn’t do it due to unknown party’s order, which must come from the AUF headquarter. As a result, a situation involving the extremely unstable relationship between the new and the old powers within Camp produced.

On the one hand, there were the new nobilities with their armies. They yearned for power better than anyone. And that eagerness mostly involved violence that came from the new emperor. On the other hand, there were the old nobilities who deep-rooted in their lands. They wouldn’t want the luxurious lives that they’ve been enjoying for generations to go.

Both sides were dry woods and raging flames. Once they started fighting, no one will know which party will win. Disregarding the transit routes, even the realm will be shaken if the problem cannot be solved.

Days later, the nobility crowd was in an upheaval.

As the old lords’ lands were ransacked and the victims all said that they were forced to serve the new lords. Then some nobleman’s wives and children started to disappear. A few days later, their bodies were found exposed on the streets. More and more new lords who just arrived at their lands or haven’t arrived died absurdly, and their bodies were hung up high at where they were last seen.

As for those who haven’t die, they got themselves busy.

The new lords moved first. They gathered their troops to get ready for wars with the old nobilities. The old lords surely will not stay idle, they picked their men and equipped them, in the meantime, they shared information with other old rulers in the neighborhood.

If nobilities were not given keenly painful experience, they will only be all talks and no deeds; only if their interest was harmed will they rise up and fight.

After waiting eagerly for days, as I wished, I heard a piece of news from a ‘brave’ old nobleman: he slaughtered a new nobleman on his land because his little daughter was missing and he heard the girl was last seen in the new lord’s house.

The conflict did not end from here. Affected by more rumors, the big war among the Cammish nobilities broke out overnight!

When they were fighting, I was doing my utmost intercepting messengers sent to the Cammish capital from other local administrations. The Cammish emperor had to know the news last.

The situation went as I anticipated: where the AUF forces had cleaned several considerably big nobility league. The manpower of the largest has triumphed 5, 000.

As the old lords made their effort to capture their enemy’s leader as an excuse to cleanse the new noblemen forces, the new lords rose up in resistance. The war between them was enveloped with flames and fires.

I had to say, Major Hampton, the new supreme commander of the 5th war zone, was a man of harsh life. While he had been working so hard and returned escorting the first supply fleet back, he surprisingly found his home front was all muddled up again.

Poor Major Hampton, he must be expecting a shiny medal for successfully restoring the transit lines.

When I drew this operation, I have carefully studied this young officer.

Although I had very few information about this man, all of the intelligence I’ve already received pointed to this man’s fond of women and addiction to gambling. He gambled the simple way: judging the winner by the point on a single card. As for his taste of women, he liked to rape those strong women who were able to resist him. And of course, no women could make out of his tent alive.

Since he was such a simple-minded commander, my latter half of the plan will count on him.

When he was on his way back aiming to sort out the nobility mess, I deployed six regiments to take turns to attack his leading and rear troops. All six regiments pretended to be local noblemen forces. Then after the fight, they’ll drop some real Cammish soldier’s bodies.

After a few rounds of attack, this harsh-situated commander lost his mind. Maybe it reminded of the miserable end of the last commander; he gave the order to completely wipe out all the noble armed forces that they encountered along the way.

A valiant commander will triumph two normal ones. Because of my volunteered propaganda, his bloody deed to slaughter nobilities was widely known by every family.

As the fight between the old and new lords was going on like raging fire, the lords had to pay ‘visits’ to Major Hampton once in a while. Thus the war between two parties turned into a three-party battle.

In the meantime, as I deliberately let the Cammish emperor know about the nobility chaos, he had to send his mighty army to deal with such a huge threat. The royal troops set out from the Cammish capital Sellin and started their job from several directions. And they all sunk into the ocean of nobility war without exception.

My troops were the busiest among all. In the morning, we had to dress up as the old lord’s men to attack the Cammish royal army; by noon, we dressed up as the new nobleman’s army to attack Major Hampton’s troops; by night, we chose to give some extra exercise to both nobility parties. It was a hard choice for them to rise and rebel, I cannot let them stay out of work!

There was no way I shall not give them any free time because once one was out of things to do, they will have a chance to study the situation. How could I survive if they took times to sort things out? Thus I wanted them to be extra busy; I will make them so busy that they needed to trot to pee!

But keeping busy will result in human errors sometimes.

Major Hampton has tried so hard to restore the transit lines in order to keep his head; he disregarded all irrelevant matters. Everything on the supply lines that will hinder his business will be eliminated, no matter who you were.

As for the Cammish emperor, he wanted his empire to stay peaceful, so two transit routes were less important for him. Thus the emperor’s army will identify the opposing army before initiating the attack, which prolonged their time span, which also gave me more opportunity.

Influenced by my particular operation, the soldiers from the four parties tangled in wars on this land of Camp. Their fight made the commoners who uprose earlier incredibly confused. They had not the faintest idea why the peasants had gone crazy, then immediately afterward, the noble lords went crazy as well this time.

All forces from each party have stopped believing anyone, not even their friendly army! It was obvious that the army who came for a peace talk would come back by noon to attack them. They’d even pretend as a friendly army to attack!

Every commander in each army suffered badly, “Why am I always the one under attack! I was assaulted in the morning, at night! I am under the enemies’ constant harassment! They shot dark arrows, burn my camps! When I gathered my soldiers and was ready for a fight, they’d be all gone! And when my soldiers put down their weapons and prepared to sleep, here they came again!”

No one dared to let down his guard. All of the army commanders knew one fact: the enemy count in this area was huge. They were still scared of the massive soldiers when they were surrounded.

After they have been ambushed for a myriad of times, they have become oversensitive.

So when two armies encountered, they will not inquire their identity anymore. The commander’s first reaction was to attack! Attack first then the rest later! No one had more than one precious life to die.

As the fights continued and everybody had no idea who they were fighting, people were beginning to discover that they killed the wrong troops. The losing army could be sad about it; the winning party was even more stunned. What should they do if they’ve killed their friendly army?

Birds of a feather flocks together, thus the winning commander grinned coldly and gave the order to just slaughter all the remaining friendly army! In this way, more miskilled ghosts resulted on the Cammish land.

As the massacre went on, the 5th war zone army remained to be the strongest troops. Though they have lost many, their superior gears and high morale have established their dominant role in the turbulent time. The army, led by Major Hampton and his personnel, one step at a time, offered their best. They’ve wiped out, without a trace, all noble military forces they’ve encountered.

My army has already withdrawn from the battlefield. I even ran onto a hill and watched the successful force junction between the Cammish emperor and Major Hampton.

After what I’ve done, the two transit lines within Camp have been entirely demolished. And such a huge responsibility will have be assumed by a high-ranking officer, a lower officer can’t afford to do the job.

After a period of time without notice, I heard two pieces of news.

The first was the supreme commander of the AUF 5th war zone, he followed the previous commander Copper Field’s path and was sent to the AUF headquarter waiting for trial. The collapsing of supply lines and slaughtering nobilities were two substantial charges. As for the new Cammish emperor, I heard the Asmodian King sent a special envoy with a unique whip and slashed the poor man between life and death. It seemed the Asmodian King was an Asmodian of his taste. He liked to use a whip as much as I did!

But information about what I concerned most did not come nevertheless. The Asmodian Alliance will not leave the matter unsettled after they’ve suffered such a huge loss. Who will they deploy this time to take over the mess in the 5th war zone? How would the successor counter against me?”

I wish I could survive still.

Camp was currently filled with misery. There was not a single force in this area that could suit my taste. In the meantime, I started contracting my forces and initiated a retreat, waiting for my next opponent.

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  1. One thing is certain, the communication among those guys is horrible.. Camp is a complete mess, if Cohen had more 60 000 men he would be able to capture this country. However I’m not certain of the objetive of this war is win the enemy or just a way of the two “divine” races shift the attention and drain the power of the human nations.

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