Vol. 6: Trivia: Prologue of the Chaotic Times

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Translated by Tianic, contributing editor LordBunnyBone

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Characters in this chapter:

(Dark Province Capital, Dark City.)

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t was a stretch of cloudless blue sky and a brisk breeze.

In the drawing room of the Viceroy’s backyard, Viceroy’s three wives had a renowned scholar from Divine City as their guests, while two well-dressed young men squatted under the window listening to whatever was going on inside.

“… that’s how you offend the Minister! Dean Lorenzo, it surprised me!” Her Ladyship Flynn Rhona, having listened to the former Dean of the Divine City Academy’s explanation, said with a smile to her guest, “What a mean man, the Minister.”

“Your respected Madam Flynn, honestly, I know that I’m stubborn.” Dean Lorenzo’s voice sounds a bit out of choices, “But I am who I am. I cannot help myself  correct things when I see unmannerly behaviors, so I might offend you in the future for such a reason.”

“I don’t see how, Dean Lorenzo. We didn’t know you in the past like we do today, but as far as I can tell, it’s one of your biggest virtue!” Her Ladyship Carey Rhona said with a smile. She seemed to be very straightforward on things.

“My appreciation, Madam Carey.” The Dean said, “If only I wouldn’t lose my life here because of my virtue.”

“You won’t, Dean. When Cohen is mad, he would at most yell at you.” Her Ladyship Winslet said softly, “You will come to understand that, despite that Cohen always make it clear what he likes and what he doesn’t, but that’s all about him. Trust me, he won’t be harsh on you.”

Under the drawing room window, a black-haired young man made a cold ‘humph’ sound.

“I hope so.”

“By the way, Dean Lorenzo,” Her Ladyship Flynn said, “could we ask for your advice on a matter? I think only you in the Dark City are capable of answering such a question.”

“Madam Flynn, I’m all ears!” Once he heard there was a question to answer, the much-exhausted Dean’s eyes instantly brightened as well as him as a whole, “Solving problems is the one thing I actually live for!”

“Then with all due respect, Dean Lorenzo,” Flynn held off for a second, “You know, males in this world are not limited to marry only one wife, moreover, in the meanwhile, they usually pay constant attention to other females after their marriages. Do you consider it rational in your point of view?”

The two young men under the window shared a look, they both saw astonishment in the other’s eyes.

“Madame, allow me. I need a few minutes.” The Dean said, “It’s a complicated question that requires partial explanation. It’ll be right up, a moment please.”

“Take your time.” Her Ladyship Winslet stood up and filled the dean’s empty goblets with more wine.

“Before I say anything, I’ll make it clear that I have only one wife.” Finally, the Dean opened his mouth, “I will, do my utmost, judge this matter fairly.“

The three ladies nodded and listened on.

“First of all, let me start by stating the reality. Throughout the continent, the population has always been declining due to the ruthless war and starvation, especially wars. Men are and always will be a major part of war and labor. They also made the ones who died. The accumulation of the men diseasing has resulted in the fact that females weigh far more than male in number.” The Dean paused and seemed to sipped his wine, “Then, the problem, who’s to feed those extra females?”

“Clearly, it is a problem for all empires. Thus the lawmakers made it legit or even encouraged men to marry multiple wives as long as they are able to feed them. Males can marry however many they want.”

Under the window, a black young man made a thumbs up to the other.

“These matters apart, let me explain it from the aspect of husband and wife. What makes a good husband? What makes a good wife?” The dean was truly living up to his name on telling theories, “The definition of a good man lies in the loyalty to his family and faith. If he is a nobility, he has to be loyal to his empire and emperor. That is to say, there is too much to bear as a good man. As for a good woman, it’s not that complicated, all they need to do is to sacrifice their self-awareness to help their husbands to uphold their duties…”

“I’m sorry to interrupt you, Dean.” Her Ladyship Flynn frowned and said, “Why would females need to sacrifice themselves? Don’t all females have souls?”

“Yes, they do. I cannot deny it. But pay attention, self-awareness does not equal to having souls.” The Dean was not displeased by being interrupted, “Moreover, those who sacrificed are not limited to women, men sacrifice much more than women! He has to serve his family, his wives, plus his duties to the empire and the king. He might die during the course! Aren’t that also sacrifices? Having done so much, do women even have the right to require men to spend their lifetime and energy to care for them? It is obviously irrational…”

“But, women and men sacrifice for an entirely different purpose.” Her Ladyship Flynn objected, “What you said is not exactly right.”

“Yes, since you’ve asked, let me compare the relationship between male and female.” Dean Lorenzo was so eloquent that he was able to ward off any blows, “A woman’s sacrifice limits only on her husband whereas a man has to sacrifice to ensure the livelihood of his wives and children. Compared to which, he sacrifices more.”

“Why would us women have to sacrifice for men, why would they do it for us?” Her Ladyship Carey asked out of curiosity.

“I haven’t made it clear. Actually, no one has required a female to sacrifice anything for a male. But as a wife, she has to make sacrifices for her husband.” The dean said, “If she doesn’t want to, then don’t marry him. Since she has married him, she has assumed such responsibilities.”

“What about love?” Her Ladyship Winslet who has been quietly listening, said, “Isn’t there love out of responsibility and sacrifice after they’re married?”

“Surely there is. A real gentleman has a very subtle way to moderate love.” The dean laughed, “His moderation of love will decide his wives’ status in case any of them are repressed by the others. A, because of love makes a gentleman to love every of his wives despite the fact that he has multiple lovers. Dealing with the wife-husband relationship is also a part of the sacrifice of being a husband. If a gentleman’s house resembles a Colosseo, then it’s safe to say that he doesn’t love his wives. He is not worthy of the title of a gentleman!”

The two young men included, all were stunned by Dean Lorenzo’s comments. No one said a word for a good while.

“Is that so?” Her Ladyship Flynn sighed, “What a shame! Do you think that gentlemen these days know all these?”

“I’m not sure, madam. At least I consider myself not able to maintain a good relationship if I had two wives. Thus I married only one.” The Dean said, “And within such a morally corrupted world, no one has the right to require the males to obey the rules. All rules can be abused easily by corrupted men to seek pleasure.”


“As far as I can tell, nowadays, the reason for a male to marry multiple wives is not aimed for father offsprings or seeking love and relaxing exhausted mind and body.” The Dean shook his head and said, “They would even rob or coerce women against their will for pleasure and possession of them, to abandon them later on, what a bunch of incredibly shameful skunks!”

“Mr. Dean, other things aside.” Flynn asked, “We can understand about fathering offsprings, but how do you explain the point about ‘relax exhausted mind and body?”

“Apologies, I didn’t make myself clear.” The Dean said, “You see, the wives a man marries is no doubt the prettier, the merrier, what matters more is that he has to like her. Imagine if a weary man comes home, he sees the beautiful, hears the gentle voice, touches… oh, forgive me, Madame. In such an environment, would his exhaustion not recovered more quickly?”

The three ladies remained speechless.

“Actually what I mentioned are not to be called wives anymore, they should be called concubines.” The dean said, “Aside from the husband’s care and love, their status is only higher than maids and lower than wives. Can you understand my words, madams?”

“How awful!” Her Ladyship Winslet said, “Is this love?”

“Positive, it’s not only love but also a system. Like an empire, the maintenance of the relationship between the two needs a system.” The Dean said, “Or what’s waiting for the females will be brutal. Such system was passed down from ancient times and has its reasons.”

“I see, thank you, Mr. Dean.” Her Ladyship Flynn decided to end this conversation. She considered it would harm their view of the world if it continued. At least Winslet and Carey had been half convinced by this Dean, “Thank you very much for coming over…”

Having heard Flynn said goodbye, the two young men under the window quickly tiptoed away. Judging from their professional movement, it’s not their first time to eavesdrop.

Swabia was located in the warm region on the continent. Thus there was no snow nor coldness during the winter. Most of the Swabian citizens could never understand the thing such as ‘snow’ to exist.

Hence, the new year has passed.

Dark City became even more lively these days as its residents could see troops training every day. They have been training with new and strange methods by many extra military officers since the Viceroy’s returning. At a corner of the city, smoke that came out of the dwarf craftsman’s workshop chimney blocked the sky. Sounds of metal striking metal echoed throughout the day. And in the highest building of the Viceroy’s mansion, the spell powered lamp never went off.

Days like this passed by and finally stopped after about a month. On February 1st, the residents of Dark City were surprised to find that the training has stopped. All soldiers were dressed in uniforms they’ve never seen. They lined up in beautiful rows on the boulevard that connected the Viceroy’s mansion and the city’s gate. No officers were scolding their men like usual, but the soldiers were well-straightened and standing solemnly. Even the most playful wingman soldiers were as serious as they can be.

The Viceroy’s mansion door was opened, came out two steeds, one white, one black.

The young man on the white horse had his helmet and wore silver armor, a gilded and engraved long sword was on his waist. What was under his golden hair was a bright and smiling face. He was one of the Swabia’s Protoss Knight: the Royal Prince, Fischer Summers.

Side by side rode another black horse. The rider was covered in a black suit, black armor, and a black cape. Though he has intentionally lowered his black face armor, the black-steel blade on his back had revealed his identity as the other Protoss Knight of the empire: Cohen Kheda, Viceroy of Dark City.

They seemed to have something on their minds. The two were whispering something despite the fact that the City Hall officials were following. The Viceroy even ignored his three wives.

Except for these two, the whole fleet remained silent until they reached the field out of the city.

“Halt!” Viceroy Cohen raised his hand, “Halt!”

“Are you very free today?” He turned to his civil men, “Aren’t there anything to do in such a vast province? Fuck off, do your fucking things!”

The officials who followed blinked as they had no idea why their great Viceroy was angry again. But nobody disobeyed the governor’s order, and all ran away. They were afraid that if they moved any slower, they might be ‘fucked’ for real.

“Bro, it’s time to go our separate ways!” Cohen Kheda said to Fischer, “Raven is going to DC, Claude is heading to the Corps. We’re out of the way!”

“Sure, take care in the Corps. Don’t get yourself killed.” Fischer said, “You promised.”

“I know! Quit being wordy, you’re acting like a woman!” Cohen Kheda waved his hand, “But Raven, I will miss you.”

“Don’t be! I’ll tell my father I want to pick up my bride once I’m in DC.” Prince Fischer shook his head, “Don’t miss me, Claude…”

“You two,” Flynn Rhona said with a smile, “Are you really friends, or lovers? Ewww, gross!”

“Alright, alright!” Cohen Kheda knocked his helmet, “That’ll be it! We’re leaving! I’m good with three wives at home…”

“Take care!”

“Pick a beautiful bride, Fischer!”

“Cohen, you can’t talk to other women!”

Down the gate of Dark City, as the farewell came to an end, it kicked off the beginning of a history of chaos.

Its ending was so unexpected by even the Protoss, and the Asmodian, or should it be told, not even the Gods dare to know.

… I am the supreme commander of the Ninth Legion and Knight of Protoss, Cohen Kheda.

… I want you to be the Legion’s military justice.

… From now on, these are ours! If anyone wants to take them from, we kill them!

… If you don’t give my armor, I’ll start killing people!

… Legion No. 9 now entering battle station.

… I’m commanding an army of 900, 000, stop bothering me with nonsense, fuck off!

… Okay, Dirt, I hereby declare, you’re killed in action.

Cohen of the Rebellion, Volume 6: Knight of Protoss.

Please look forward to the next volume: Legion No.9

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  1. The romance is so poor, all that marriage thing become ridiculous, Cohen more and more friendzoned by his own wives.

    1. Yeah it’s starting to get on my nerves and used to dealing with and ignoring bad romance.

      But this is just frustrating

  2. Bro.. you gotta decide on the numbers. 90k or 900k. How does a single empire have 3.1 Mi)ionen, but the entire protoss force only add up to 700k….

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