Vol. 5: Trivia: Visit to the Grand Temple of Light

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Translated by Tianic, edited by the homecoming Jiem

Characters in this chapter:

  • Cohen Kheda: The main character.
  • Marfa, Jack, Wilder, Moya: Cohen’s childhood friends and firm supports.
  • Fischer Summers: Cohen’s friend and the prince of the Swabia Empire.
  • Courbet: The prince of the Rivalz Empire.
  • LeToux: The prince of the Tansey Empire

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]eaven Island-an isle located to the northmost of Peace continent- was where the Protoss resided.

The island isolated itself from the mainland with a vast ocean and was draped in a dense and everlasting fog, causing its appearance atop the waters as illusory and as fantastical as a fabled legend.

Though many were aware of its existence and could point out its location vaguely, the Heaven Island remained as unchartered lands and not a single person managed to explain the mystery of the island.The Heaven Island, similar to its owner, was veiled in mystery.

However, the island in its current state seemed to smile with hospitality at the approaching elite youths of the Protoss Alliance and spread its arms out in warm welcome.

To the south of the Heaven Island, an enormous magic transportive field was inscribed onto the plaza of a shrine and emitted an endless stream of white light. Various types of runes were drawn onto the four corners of the transportive field and glowed with zeal and vigor, floating to the sky and flitting about as if they were dancing. Thereafter, humans began to emerge from the transportive group in groups, adorned in various types of uniforms. The distinguishing feature of the people who appeared from the transportive circle was that they all came from the three empires of the Protoss Alliance on the Peace continent. They were the people who showed tremendous merits and talent in the recent twenty years within the alliance.As the people of the Protoss Alliance walked about, they burst out in fascination towards the transportive field which shone with a stunning iridescent brilliance. Its gargantuan size was unimaginable; it could transport over a thousand people simultaneously with ease. Even though magisters around the world were capable of drawing a magic transportive field, its usage was limited to short-distance transportation that could not exceed even five miles. Furthermore, the transportive circle was so tiny it had barely enough room for three kittens to fit. It was impossible to compare the magnitude of the transportive circle before their eyes to any transportive circles a magister had ever made.On the other side of the plaza, three priests wearing long vermillion robes quietly stood by a corner.

The utter amazement on the people’s faces greatly pleased the three priests who had come to receive them.

Though these youths were all elites of the Protoss Alliance’s young generation and destined to take on high and lofty positions during the upcoming war against the Asmodian Alliance, teaching them the magnificence and regality of the Heaven Island Temple was quintessential! Through their recognition and heightened respect towards the temple, it would serve as a boost to their faith and ensure they ardently serve the Temple and Protoss Lord.

“Everyone!” A white-robed priest spoke in a slightly louder voice after seeing that all were present, “May you all come this way, please. We will soon have an audience with the three supreme leaders of the Temple who are the messengers of the celestials and the Protoss Lord’s faithful servants: The Cardinals!”

A burst of hushed gasps erupted amongst the crowd. Who would have thought the esteemed Cardinals would personally welcome their arrival! It was indeed a supremely great honor!

It should be known that the Cardinals were the highest-ranked priests; They were the ones who had absolute rule over all the Light Temples of the Protoss Alliance. From another point of view, their status was second to none except the Protoss.

Hearing the collective sound of over a thousand breathing in sharply from shock and the sensation of their respectful gazes falling upon them, the three Cardinals’ expressions became holier. The angelic expressions on their faces looked to be so pure it was as if it could even enlighten a mere hundred-day old baby with a glance or a man bearing the age of an ancient fossil. It could even make millions of Asmodians cry out with a simple sweep of their gaze.

Oh, what regal mannerisms, such dignified bearings! A group of white priests who weren’t qualified enough to stand forward watched from a corner far away as they choked over their sobs. Many of them were determined to show an expression as saint-like as the Cardinals no matter what it took. Whoever went against their wish was bound to be ferociously fought with.

Visitors from each country were then separated from their guards. Led by several white-robed priests, the people of higher importance approached the three Cardinals.

“This is the Left-wing Cardinal. This is the Right-wing Cardinal, and the one in the middle is the Pope.” As the white-robed priest introduced them, the three Cardinals nodded to the priest cordially.

“You may continue! We would like to be introduced to these exemplary youths.” The Pope told the white-robed priest.

“Yes, Your Holiness!” The white-robed priest cleared his throat and announced in a clear voice, “May Your Holiness’s be introduced to the Prince of the Tansey kingdom, a fellow ally of the Protoss Alliance and their subordinates”

A prince with a slim and tall stature strode forward with two of his bureaucrats. Before the prince had gotten into position, he bowed deeply to the three Cardinals and grasped the Pope’s hand. With an expression of great worship, he kissed the back of the Pope’s hand. Naturally, he did not pass on kissing the hands of the Left and Right Cardinals afterward. 

“Prince LeToux of the kingdom of Tansey, as well as his two bureaucrats achieved outstanding merits in the arduous trials they have faced.” The white-robed priest continued, “Now, may we be gifted with the blessed benediction of the three Holiness’s!”

“Followers of Protoss!” The Cardinals said one after another, “Because of your deep devotion and perseverance, I bestow upon you my blessings…”

Within the crowd awaiting their audience with the Cardinals, everyone was fervently gazing upon the scene before them with excitement as they thought to themselves, “I’m next! I’ll be the next! The three Excellencies are about to give me their blessings!”

However, there was one particular fellow dressed entirely in black who appeared indifferent to that rather emotional sight.

His hands rested atop his stomach carelessly and were burrowed within the spacious sleeves of his attire. His body swayed left to right languidly and his gaze was lifeless and bleary.

The person in question was the Swabian Viceroy of Dark City: Earl Cohen Kheda, an infamous man of dubious reputation that nevertheless upheld a high regard for himself.

“Say, my dearest, dearest Prince Highness…” Cohen spoke to Fischer who wore white and had a peaceful look on his face, “That, that Tansey Empire… what’s it like?”

“Tansey,” Fischer turned his head and looked at him, “is an empire located in the outermost northern region of the Protoss Alliance. However, its lands are barren and thus, the difficult life the citizens of Tansey experiences made them become hard-workers and are all rather strong-willed. The Tansian army is mighty and ferocious, known for its strong troops and excellent officers. The power of Tansey must not be overlooked! That’s why it’s one of the empires the Temple values most.”

“I see!” Cohen said, “Then, which country do those guys come from?”

“That’s the Symbian prince, Ribera.” Fischer said, “His country is located in the central regions, thus it is an empire that has a strong geographical advantage. Besides that, the kingdom of Symbia has some renowned specialized corps…”

“Oh! Got it.” Governor Kheda suddenly came to a realization and said, “Well, which minor-minor is next?”

Before he could finish his sentence, the white-robed priest interrupted him and declared, “Presenting: Prince of Swabia of the Protoss Alliance and their subordinates!”

Fischer shook his head in a mixture of annoyance and amusement as he began to walk towards the three Cardinals. Cohen cursed under his breath before quickly following behind, maintaining a distance of one foot between the two of them.

Fischer smiled and approached the three Excellencies leisurely.

“Greeting, Your Holiness.” He bent his back slightly as he grasped the Pope’s hand and brought it near his lips but never touching; it was a gesture to merely keep up appearances, “I am Fischer, the Swabian Prince. I am glad to be blessed with your graceful mien!”

“Oh! So, you are the Fischer?” The Pope had long forgotten the fact that Fischer did not kiss his hand unlike the others and exclaimed to the other two Cardinals, “This is Fischer! I would have never expected him to be so young!”

The Left and Right-wing Cardinals came closer to engage in small talk with Fischer, as well.

“You must be the Left Cardi! Seventeen years ago, it was you who personally came over to Swabia with relief rations while famine struck our lands! The people of Swabia owe you a debt. They respect you for your benevolence!” Fischer shook their hands one by one while talking politely, making sure he did not neglect any of them, “The Right Cardi, your dashing looks, and voice triumph the passage of time. Since the day I met you ten years ago in DC, all DC residents have bore you in mind constantly!”

“You flatter us so…”

“Prince Fischer is indeed young and promising…”

While the big shots intimately crowded around Prince Fischer who had stolen the limelight, Cohen Kheda, who had been standing behind fell into confusion.

Fischer’s mannerisms and movements had made everyone present including the other princes and their men- ashamed of themselves. His naturally gentle expression and graceful bearing could not possibly be imitated by normal people.

“Ah! Your Holiness’s.” Fischer had finally remembered the presence of a certain man who had been left standing behind, “This is the Viceroy of Dark City from my home country, who was designated a Royal Commodore by my father a few days earlier: Earl Cohen Kheda.”

“The one who had been protecting the temple ardently during the defending trial in Porta, the Earl Cohen Kheda?” Though he put his words in such a nice way, his tone was slightly colder than when he spoke to Fischer, “Nicely done, young man! You’ve protected three princes and hundreds of priests! You’re well perceived by us!”

The Pope’s right hand raised slightly, ready to allow Governor Kheda to kiss the back of his hand. Aside from Fischer, that had been the second time the Pope actively allowed a person to kiss his hand. Though it could be perceived as a gesture done for the sake of Fischer, such actions were still rather extreme.

Seeing the Pope’s actions, many others inevitably felt their emotions become turbulent, “What the hell?! Why does a rascal viceroy deserve the Pope to raise his hand! That hand belongs to the Pope, for god’s sake! This guy is just a puny viceroy! We’ve got loads of viceroys! And, he’s just a tiny little Commodore. Wait for it, once I get home, I’ll promote every soldier to become Commodores!”

When they recalled the instance when the Pope’s hand was kissed, the expression on his face seemed to be reluctant, which only served to incite the jealousy raging within them.

Governor Kheda copied Fischer’s actions and smiled. Though his smile appeared to be rather fake, it was still within an acceptable range. He slightly bent his back to hold the Pope’s hand.

“Pure white as bowlder, skin as smooth as that of an infant’s… Your Holiness!”

Governor Kheda looked up, his sincere smile had turned greedy, “What skin care products have you used to possess such lovely hands?”

“Governor Kheda, a young man should not indulge in such stuff!” The Pope replied with a smile, “As long as you devote yourself to the Protoss Lord, good luck will fall to you.”

However, the thought in his mind greatly differed to what he had just said, “You think you deserve to know? I’m absolutely not telling!”

But, what kind of man was Cohen Kheda? If he was to be dismissed this easily, he would have never been called Viceroy Rascal! In truth, he had already felt peeved since the beginning of the ceremony.

“That’s right! You are the one who is closest to the Lord. You three must be the greatest beings aside from the Lord!” Cohen said with a look full of respect, “I am far too excited by this… truly… truly… HOW AM I TO EXPRESS MY OVERFLOWING EMOTIONS!”

Cohen Kheda’s words made Fischer worry greatly, however, he could not possibly disrupt him at this moment. Thus he could only pray that Cohen would not go overboard. On the contrary, such a scene seemed normal to the others as Governor Cohen Kheda was famed to be extremely emotional. Hence, his actions seemed perfectly fine to them.

“BUT…” Cohen paused for a moment; he seemed to have come to a huge revelation, “HOW COULD A MERE KISS ON THE HAND TRULY EXPRESS THE INTENSITY OF THE EMOTIONS RAGING WITHIN ME!!”

“EVERYONE!” His body suddenly turned to face the crowd as he declared, “The esteemed individuals before our eyes are the three highly respected and greatly accomplished Cardinals! Truly, how great is the extent of their status, ah? WHAT GREAT MEN THEY ARE! THEY ARE UNSELFISH, UNPREJUDICED, NOBLE AND HONEST…”

Cohen Kheda continued his endless stream of praises until the three red-robed priests had even begun to blush from his flattery.

This was a rare situation that the three elderly men with a cumulative age of over 250 years were facing. To think their faces were still capable of blushing.

“… thus, I’ve made a decision!” Governor Kheda’s eyes have become incredibly and unrealistically pure, “I WOULD LIKE TO SHOW MY RESPECTS TO THESE THREE GOD-LIKE BEINGS WITH A MORE PROPER, MORE DIRECT, AND MORE HOTTER AND PASSIONATE MANNER!”

“Governor Kheda… we don’t deserve that.” Those three, who did not know a catastrophe was about to befall them, were still acting modest, “We’re merely the Lord’s servants…”

Fischer, who was standing by the side kept his head down. No one knew Cohen better than him. The ferocity of Cohen’s revenge was always directly proportioned to the duration of the intro to his revenge. Currently, Cohen could have already gotten his revenge long ago. However, he had been talking feverishly for over ten minutes and had made everyone including the three Cardinals involved stupefied.

“You three!” Governor Kheda turned back to the red-robed priests and spread his arms out, “PLEASE ACCEPT MY… MY MOST PASSIONATE, FIERY EMBRACE!”

Before the Pope could come to his senses, Cohen had already taken the first step and was tightly embracing him. Cohen’s arms wrapped around the Pope’s torso and formed a cross at his back, gripping onto his shoulders with a deadly vice-like grip.

“Don’t wrinkle my robe…” The Pope had thought in his mind, “Reckless guy!”

Looked upon with astonished gazes, Cohen clenched his hands.

“BUZZ!” Low crackling like the sound of roasted beans exploding emitted from the Pope’s robe.

“Ah! Apologies! Forgive me, you have to forgive me, I was too overjoyed!” Cohen Kheda jabbered, “Let me try again!”


By the time Cohen released him, the Pope looked neither joyful nor unhappy. He seemed touched, or perhaps even confused and at a loss for words.

Whereas the ones who presented earlier were experiencing grave regret, “Why didn’t it occur to me to hug them! What a shame, this extreme honor was taken by this rascal for nothing.”

“Ah!” Governor Kheda dashed towards his next target, “My beloved Left Cardinal!”


The Right-Wing Cardinal was smart enough to know that though the current situation was odd, the sounds that originated from Cohen’s embrace was anything but good. When he was considering whether to retreat a step or two, he found out that Cohen had placed one of his foot on the edge of his robe that touched the floor.

Between the choice of flashing his naked body and receiving Cohen’s embrace, the Right-Wing Cardinal naturally chose the latter.

“Ah! My dearest Right Cardinal! I know! You must have been looking forward to this!”


In this solemn moment under the gaze of everyone, did the three red-robed priests have the option to yell out?

Surely not!

Finally, when Cohen was done with the hugs and retreated, the Pope’s touched expression twitched to reveal a trace of a forced smile.

“You…” The Pope told a white-robed priest, “Let the visitors have a tour around the temple!”

“Yes, Your Holiness!” The white-robed priest then told everyone, “The ceremony has come to an end. May I have the princes of the three empires and their subordinates follow me!”

Thus, all bid farewell to the three Cardinals with great reluctance.

When they were assured everyone had left the venue, the three Cardinals could no longer support their weight and fell to the floor almost simultaneously. Immediately, several priests rushed forward to help them up and the sounds of their cries resounded.

“Hey!” Fischer said lightly to the governor beside him, “You overdid it.”

“Nah, I don’t care! Who the hell do they think they are!” Governor Kheda did not give a damn, “By the way, why did they act like that when seeing you, like flies seek for meat! Disgusting.”

“You kiss your mother with that mouth?” Fischer eyed their surroundings and said quietly, “You wanna know? My lips are sealed!”

“Not telling? Are you sure?” Cohen Kheda grinned, “After all, I’m your best bro!”

Fischer turned around to face Cohen with a defiant expression that expressed his unwillingness to oblige to his request.

Governor Kheda grinned and showed an imploring expression, urging him wordlessly to tell him about it.

“I absolutely won’t tell you!”

“You better tell me, or else!”

“Bring it on!”

“Just you wait. Don’t you regret it after this!”

“May everyone please have a look: this is one of the rooms in the Temple used to say one’s prayers.” A white-robed priest explained, “Usually, it is used by priest apprentices who have come to enlighten themselves. Now, may I have you focus on the murals on the wall. They depict the tale of…”

Slowly, the white-robed priest came to the realization that no one had been listening to his introduction. Instead, the audience had focused their gaze on two young men slightly lagging behind from the group. It was unknown to them as to why Prince Fischer and Governor Cohen Kheda were looking at one another with such an expression.

“MY HERO!” Abruptly, Cohen Kheda cried out in a voice that could shake the heavens! He knelt on one knee and grasped both of Fischer’s thighs as he wailed so loudly it terrified the people listening!

“MY HERO! TELL ME! TELL ME THIS SECRET!” He yelled hysterically. His enormous voice surged in the spacious lobby which buzzed in everyone’s ears, “PLEASE TELL ME! TELL ME! I’M NOT AFRAID OF DEATH, I’M NOT! LET ME GO! TELL ME! IF YOU DON’T TELL ME, I’LL KILL MYSELF RIGHT NOW!”

Anyone who was familiar with him would know that this governor had something up his sleeves again.

However, nobody, there was familiar with him. Everyone was stunned by Cohen Kheda as they did not have a single clue on what was going on between them. According to what Governor Cohen Kheda, it seemed like he had been given a hint on a huge secret that was extremely dangerous; this greatly encouraged him to know the entire truth. From their point of view, Governor Kheda seemed like a responsible man!

But, why exactly did he call Fischer a hero?

His Royal Majesty was stunned. Though Fischer and the guys joked around to each other in private constantly, the place they were standing in at that moment was the Holy Temple, a temple of devout faith to the Protoss Lord. Even if someone were to hand a person a hundred guts, they still wouldn’t dare act silly with Prince Fischer and say something along the lines of, “Golly, you really do hate me to the point of scaring everyone off. I’m ignoring you from this point onwards, hmph!” While putting on a delicate and cutesy act.

“Cohen, you jackass!” Fischer cursed in his heart, “Damn you!”

“Governor Cohen, please get up.” The brightly blushing Prince Fischer had to come to a compromise, “Though the matter we speak of is still a distant rumor, you have shown great bravery. I will share my known information!” (You jerk! Rascal! Get up and I’ll tell you, you shameless man!)

“But…” Governor Cohen appeared hesitant, “If this matter is to be heard by others, I am afraid an insignificant person such as I would be deemed of treason.” (No! If your old man manages to find out about today’s events, he’ll spank me!)

The people eavesdropping began to nod at his words and had a much better opinion regarding Cohen, “To care for the honor of the royal family even in such a moment proves his devout loyalty to the empire he serves. Good! He is truly a capable man!”

“Rest assured, Governor!” Cohen’s act had made Fischer annoyed yet amused. Thus, he said, “ rise!This matter is not as grave as what you have perceived and is far too simple of a matter to cause such worry. Nevertheless, I agree with your thoughts and am on the same page! Please, ” (Ugh, you ass! Fine, if my father asks about today, I’ll handle the situation. Are you satisfied, yet? Hurry and get your ass off the ground!)

“Yes, Your Highness. Please forgive me for being impulsive.” (Okay, I’ll stop making a fool out of you. Now, you should know what I’m capable of, right!)

The duo’s act of the interaction between a loyal man and his wise king had drawn the curtains to its end. The two princes who had watched its entirety shook their head slowly and sighed in lament, “What a wonderful governor! I should have a man or two just like him.”

They had no idea this so-called ‘loyal man’ had inflicted three pinches and five scratches on Fischer’s thigh which made this Prince of Swabia experience a pain similar to the misery in hell.

As the crowd was done watching the show between Prince Fischer and Governor Cohen Kheda, the white-robed priest continued their tour around the Temple.

“Now, say it!” With an appearance that acted perfectly normal, Governor Cohen Kheda lowered his voice and asked.

“When I was young, I’d always been curious about the things around me. Plus, I was rather reckless back then.” Prince Fischer admitted his defeat and said, “Thus, I wrote a letter to the bishop at the DC light temple, who later became the Right Cardi, to ask a few religious question.”

“What then?”

“At first, I was the one who asked him questions. Due to my status, he replied thoroughly. As I grew older, he became the one to ask me about various things.” Fischer continued, “Even after he was offered a job and moved to the Heaven Island, we’ve continued our communication via letters every once in awhile. He had mentioned about me to the Pope and Left Cardinal, hence, they’ve also written to me before.”

“My, I see! What’s it about, those letters?”

“They were usually religion questions asked as a survey.”

“Oh?” Cohen asked in surprise, “Are they raising you to become their successor?”

“I’m a prince.” Fischer chuckled, “Why would I become a priest?”

“So, they must have felt you were a boy they could get along with?”

“Not exactly.” Fischer said, “One day if you’re lucky enough to read the handouts issued by the Heaven Island Temple, you will know the reason why.”

“I don’t get it, tell me now. I’m not so into reading handouts!”

“Those papers are edited by the three red priests.” Prince Fischer said slowly and in his lowest voice, “A majority of its content have something to do with the questions they asked me…”

“I knew it, you’re a ghostwriter!”

“What’s a ghostwriter?”

“It’s… you won’t know about it, anyways. No need for an explanation!”

Once Cohen was done speaking, he tugged on the corner of Fischer’s jacket to get them to catch up with the rest of the group.

The Princes and their subordinates from the three empires spent the whole morning sightseeing, but they managed to see barely even half of the Heaven Island Temple. Although everyone knew of the significance of the Temple in the Protoss Alliance and had already expected it to be enormous, they were nevertheless left awestruck by its magnificence and splendor. An average royal palace seemed to pale in comparison to the Temple’s brilliant appearance and was akin to a meager sand castle built by children.

The places they’ve finished seeing were five praying rooms, two plazas, and the Protoss Academy.

The five praying rooms were designated for priests of different ranks, excluding the academy students who were required to pray under harsh weather conditions to strengthen their will.

The largest out of the five praying rooms was designated for newly promoted priests. Though it may be called a room, its size was large enough to easily contain three thousand to four thousand people.

No supportive pillars could be found in this giant area. Thousands of spell-powered lights were emitting a soft, gentle glow atop hundreds of fine silver holders located on the walls, floor, and the ceiling. It made the playing room light up with an awe-inducing brilliance.

Large, exquisite wall paintings brilliantly decorated the four walls that surrounded the room. They were so tall that they reached the room’s arched ceiling. Each one of them depicted the innumerable great achievements of Protoss.

What followed was a slightly smaller praying room dedicated for higher-ranked priests. The decorations in that room were much more expensive and the wall paintings were replaced with relief sculptures.

To summarize: the smaller the room, the more money that was spent on it.

As for the two plazas, the first one was the one everybody stood on when they first reached the island. It was nothing worth mentioning about it except for the magic field.

However, the other Plaza of Protoss has had a vast difference. There stood 101 statuses of each and every Protoss member. All of them were a whopping hundred meters tall! The statues were made from whole blocks of giant granite and carved out using only the best of the best craftsmanship. The one hundred and one statues posed in various ways and circled the plaza. All of them were facing towards the Protoss King’s statue situated in the center of the plaza: the sculpture of Pamiche Knarch.

The King’s statue was much taller than the others. His giant wings gently rested on his back and one of the hands was holding onto a sword, while the other a scripture. He stood there peacefully and has an appearance that looked calm and benevolent.Though it may be a mere sculpture, each and every one of them could deeply feel the King’s severity, dignity, kindness, wisdom, and saintliness.

Many of them could not help but kneel in worship to the Protoss King’s sculpture as they began to uncontrollably weep and confess all their sins that had been committed since the time of their birth.

They knocked their heads time after time against the bluestone floor while confessing each and every one of their sins, no matter how small or how severe of a matter it was! The worship they had shown was to such an extent even the priests felt a surge of emotions rushing through them.

The above-mentioned situation had occurred every time the crowd arrived at a new place in the Temple, which greatly delayed the prearranged visiting schedule. After finishing with the Protoss Academy, they were running out of time.

The three Cardinals were the hosts of the banquet of welcome which was held in the main dining hall. They absolutely could not be late for this important banquet.

At the end of the feast, the Pope finally declared the start of the highly anticipated event.

“We all know the reason all of you have come to the Heaven Island is to see the Protoss lords. Our Temple merely serves as a reception for their arrival. Now, the time has come for you to meet them!”

Visitors from all the three empires remained calm on the outside but had begun to shout crazily deep in their souls!

“Please be prepared. At a later time, we’ll transport you all to the place you’ve yearned for!” The Pope stood with his back straight and with a lively spirit, he said, “For you, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime!”

Looking at the excited crowd, the Pope continued, “For that, we’ll not be accompanying you. So, please pay attention to what you say and how you behave! In this saintly holding, you represent not only yourself or your homeland, but also the whole Protoss Alliance and all of the people within!”

“If anyone of you misbehaves in front of the Protoss, even if they let you go, we will not!” The Pope glanced over at a certain man, “Now, I’ll pass it on to the Left Cardinal. He’ll be responsible for telling you what you need to know.”

“Please be assured, the Protoss that we worship is kind and wise. For that, we should be paying more attention to our behavior when facing them.” The Left Pope said as he opened a sealed parchment, “After the banquet, you will be cleansed with holy water. The princes need to wear our white robes that do not have any embellishments  or accessories.”

“All civil bureaucrats need to wear conjoined white robes. Army generals will wear conjoined armor. All personal belongs will be retained.”

“Now, Right Pope, may we have the names of the people who will be a part of this event.”

“We have plenty of names, so please listen well.” The Right Pope cleared his throat and read, “… at last! Viceroy Cohen Kheda!”

Cohen’s mind was wandering while he was named. He snapped out of his daze and replied loudly, “Yes, here!”

“Due to you and your subordinates’ exemplary performance during the trial in Porta, positive references have been given by the two temples from Porta and Rivalz. You, as well as your officers: Wilder, Moya, Jack, and Marfa are granted permission to come as well!”

“Yes!” Governor Cohen replied simply and clearly.

“I’m aware that these four are not of nobility status as of yet.” The Right Pope briefly warned him, “You must properly discipline them!”

Hearing Cohen’s reply, Fischer who has been standing beside was startled and suffered quietly in his heart as he thought, “Cohen himself is already a reckless man and now you are asking him to discipline his subordinates?”

“Alright! That’s pretty much about it!” The Pope stood up with a slight struggle, “Get showered, everyone! We’ll see you off later!”

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