Vol. 5: Chapter 06: Royal Successor’s Trial

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Translated & Edited by: Tianic

Note: Please click on the character name for their illustrations.

Characters in this chapter:

  • Cohen Kheda: The main character.
  • Marfa, Jack, Wilder, Moya: Cohen’s childhood friends and firm supports.
  • Amart: The big boss of Winper City’s underworld.
  • Dior Merlin: One of Cohen’s wives.
  • Fischer Summers: Cohen’s friend and the prince of the Swabia Empire.
  • Climos Summers: King of the Swabia Empire.
  • Nashor Summers: Queen of the Swabia Empire.
  • Martin Luther: Cohen’s Dark Army commander.
  • Courbet: The prince of the Rivalz Empire.

The following days saw me getting myself busy laying out the detailed plan with the crowd on future secret progression.

The so-called ‘progression’ included all smuggling and business affairs as well as Amart’s underground influence. I have transferred Marfa from his old career to exert his advantage. He will be propping on Dior’s and Amart’s business and gang system then finally built up an independent and active liaison agency.

As for Fischer, Dior and I, as we have agreed on the other day, we did not speak of anything about our discussion on God. Even when we were alone.

We were indeed full of things to do for a few days.

I might have been too obsessed with the little piece of sentiment that appeared on Dior, I refused to get off the bed though my wound had been healed.

Dior may have already known I was faking it, though I was not busted. Both of us were just too reluctant to let this precious moment go.

However, destiny was a thing to laugh about. After a couple of days, a letter found itself in the hands of Fischer and me.

It was simple on what it read. The letter ordered me, the Viceroy of Dark City to escort Prince Fischer back to Divine City immediately, written in the name of Climos Summers, Emperor of the Empire.

The order was irrefutable. We could not help but leave.

Thus Fischer and I acted as quickly as possible to plan out ‘homeworks’ for our men and said farewell to all. Then we were on our way.

I recalled Dior’s look of slight rage and hidden bitterness, which was rather cute to me, I could not feel the same way.

Luckily the weather was not bad all the way. After a few days, we have arrived Dark City with the first sum of money we have earned.

By the time I saw the tall wall that reminded me of this first city I had built singlehandedly, a sense of proud arose.

After entering the city, before I could tender around with my three long-awaited wives, a second letter arrived from the King ordering me as well as at least 3,000 Dark City’s finest soldiers to come along, said anxiously.

Though confused, I did as I was ordered. Thus Fischer and I handpicked enough best soldiers among the expanded Dark City training campus.

All credited to Dark City’s simplified and efficient managerial agencies. Those soldiers were in excellent condition due to the well-designed training procedures. They have all completed a full set of infantry and cavalry practice, looking energized and skilled.

With the addition of fifty IGTs(Imperial Guarding Troops), my army was in a complete change compared to my previous one during the Dark City early days.

Aside from His Majesty’s picked Martin Luther, I have got Uncle Tennessee and Webster coming along.

Those two were too idle anyways. They would be better going with me at public expense. If anything went wrong, they’d be able to help out.

We have finally arrived Divine City after a half month within the foreseeable date.

My troops quartered, as usual, ten miles outside the Divine City wall. Only Fischer and I accompanied by my IGTs were going into the city. We had no idea of what happened. Thus the two of us hurried into the Imperial Palace.

His Majesty met us in the Royal Garden. The emperor couple was as elegant as ever, no missing arms or legs.

Seeing the emperor couple in good condition without any worried look, Fischer and I were able to finally settle our dangling heart. Rather, we started complaining the hardship we have been through on the way.

“Your Majesty.” I was allowed to seat on a stone stool, “What exactly is going on?”

“For you two, it’s a big deal.” The King watched his son who’s almost as tall as him in satisfaction, “Fischer is going to attend an important meeting. A meeting where a historical treaty will be signed.”



“Indeed, more to that.” The King explained, “On the Protoss/Asmodian Line, there are three Protoss Allied empires are at the frontmost: Swabia, Porta, and Tansey. That is to say, these three empires were the outpost of the entire Protoss Allied.”

“So then?” I asked.

“This meeting is usually scheduled irregularly.” The King flicked my head, “It’s real purpose is to condition the royal heirs and the important officials of the three empires to meet and get to know each other to facilitate future convenience.”

“I know it! Signing treaty is merely an excuse for us to meet each other.”

“You think that’s unnecessary?” The King said and gazed at me in a way as if he understand me very well.

“Nope! I think it’ll be fun!” I said with a smile, “We’ll be good meeting each other! Or shall I set up a small get-together? I might meet new chicks by the way…”

“If you keep on speaking like that, I’m afraid I might beat you up.” The King gazed at me, “I’ll let your Auntie Nashor fill you in.”

“This is serious, so you two little rats listen well.” Queen Nashor said with a smile, “Actually, within any king’s life, such a chance as meeting with another king face to face is rare, let alone three future kings. A well-established relationship between empires and personal friendship among nations will benefit the countries. Fischer cannot be absent to such an opportunity to come by.”

“I see!” I nodded, “Are you assigning me to protect Fischer?”

“Like I said.” The King said, “This will be a chance to temper with your skills, one of a kind. The question is, are you able to bring Fischer back to us, safe and sound?”

“I promise!” I said with a loud voice.


“I have the best soldiers! We have firm belief and faith, and…” I smiled, “We have the renowned admiral, deputy commander of Dark City Army, my two wives’ grandfather, Martin Luther!”

“Haha! I’ve heard.” The King laughed and said, “People are calling you Viceroy Rascal, and Viceroy Gangster. But I’d say, you’ll be a Viceroy Devil that’ll make many’s lives nightmare.”

“Indeed! Hehhe.” Fischer added from beside, “People are calling him like that already!”

“Oh? Who is it?”

Thus Fischer told the King couple about the thing we did in Winper City, but he carefully avoided mentioning us running whorehouses and smuggling business, as we have agreed. If he let out the two things we did, it’s our butts the King will be smacking.

As a result, Fischer’s version of running whorehouses became investing in entertainment, smuggling became legitimate business as well.

The funny episodes had made the King couple giggled. When they learned that I set Dior Merlin up on purpose, Auntie Nashor nearly cut off my head.

“There’s no doubt putting such race into the Navy.” When heard about the Aqua Clan, the King said, “But Cohen, how do you ensure their loyalty?”

“By putting a massive amount of soldiers of other races into the Navy. The Aqua people will be serving mainly as technicians whereas I will assume as their commander.” I said, “I will start migrating the Aqua Clan gradually back to the mainland in the meantime.”

“How about before that?” The King was not too content to my reasons.

“I will create an environment.” I said, “I will not allow them to develop fully in both economy and agriculture. They will get cold, starved and suffer. I’ll be the one who could offer basic necessities, and even more, I decide whether they live or not!”

“Good, you are acting a bit more like a viceroy now.” The King said to Auntie Nashor, “Look at him, worthy of his name, Visual son! We’ve got one less boy to worry about.”

I blushed at his comment.

“Alright!” The King said, “You’ll set off tomorrow, any questions?”

“None!” Fischer and I stood up.

“Boys, look at you. You remind me of Visual and I in the earlier days.” The King combed our heads, “You’re just like us in the opposite character. You have to take care. War is coming.”

“Rest assured, Your Majesty.” I said, “I’ll bring Fischer back safely.”

“Both of you come back safely. Fischer is destined to be with you. If you are missing, where do I find another partner like you for him?” The King said, “Though the meeting location is considerably secure, you cannot be less careful. I’ll assign you 50 mages! You have to listen to Martin. That guy has been planting fruits for years to wait for this meeting.”

“Roger!” I’ve got a hundred elf warlocks in my troops. It will be even safer with the addition of 50 mages. However, why Grandpa Luther would plant fruits solely for this meeting?”

We left Divine City the next day with 30,000 knights escorting us. The meeting was set in a Portaria city on the border. We had to travel very far.

Grandpa Luther told us that there was a giant shrine, the ancient kind. I, on the other hand, cursed badly. “What the hell was that shrine, making my troops traveling for nearly a month and passing through two nations!”

Grandpa Luther was well entertained. He has been either showing us all kinds of views or assisting Uncle Tennessee and Webster scolding Wilder and Moya. ‘NO PROGRESS, YOU’LL DIE’ and heavy sprays of spit had been overwhelming Wilder and Moya.

The course from Divine City to the border was not that hell of a ride. It was rational that Swabia was a developed empire, any heavy-going roads had been already trodden to flat land by the traveling caravans.

By the time we reached the border, our carriages had stopped. They will be waiting here for us until we came back. The rest of the journey was left with us.

The Rivalzian King was generous to send a team of 10,000 knights as convoy for Fischer at the border. We will rendezvous with the Rivalzian prince then set off together.

As a result, guards were too many, though I cannot be too careless. I spent my days planning the routes with Martin Luther in coordination with the Rivalzian security general. If anything went wrong with Fischer, I could not forgive myself, let alone anyone came for me.

Fischer acted in a proper manner in the crowd. He was a trademark prince talking with anybody: acting gracefully and elegantly while still being unattainable.

The other prince from Rivalz was a total idiot! I meant it. At least this was my thought of him at first sight.

He wore fresh and bright garments with bling-bling decors. He changed clothes several times within a single day. What was more intriguing was he powdered his face! I would puke on him every time.

Who could expect a man as skinny as mere bones to eat that much? He had to eat ten entrees, fifteen side dishes, five desserts. If any chefs on that day missed a plate, or even forgetting to put a single seasoning, he would smack the cook’s ass open.

We the travelers would settle at anywhere on our way, though this prince would not. He had to judge where he slept: the view had to be excellent, the place had to be giant. He messed with the local Rivalzian officials and tore many buildings solely for the sleeping thing.

He was riding a horse. However, he insisted on taking a carriage. A two-horse carriage was not enough though, nor a four-horse one. Finally, he found a twelve-horse kick-ass carriage, yet he complained about its style, ugh!

An average idiot, higher or lower, would not have many habits. An average prince was the same. He showed no interest in anything other than style and prove of his manful ability on women.

I can tell that he was sort of coached by some genius. He knew that he was not strong enough to conquer all women. If he wanted to have the sense of conquest on women, the choice of female and methods were crucial.

As a result, about the women which the Rivalzian officials had offered, they all had one more trait other than pretty: weakness.

We would hear whipping sounds coming out of his carriage along the way. At the camps where we settled, screaming. When I saw a much-bruised kid girl leaving his pavilion, I swore to god I wanted to slaughter him.

I cannot comment too much on him though, it was not my business. However, this guy had to send his man for Fischer, inviting him to chat about a few times on daily basis, making me going along to see his powdered face.

Maybe I really meant to slaughter him. Thus I noted his name. This idiot’s name was Courbet.

Compared to the Rivalzian prince, his guarding general was rather pleasing to the eyes. Although this was also a weird guy.

He locked himself in the armor from top to bottom. Even the face shield was put down. Whenever I talk to him, he will say nothing other than nodding or shaking. For a time, I was annoyed. However, I have noticed his carefulness on daily affairs. Thus I forgave him. Anyway, it was rare for me to have any merits.

His men called him ‘general’ all the way instead of calling his name. Thus his name had remained anonymous.

After almost twenty days bumpy ride, we have arrived Porta empire, where the ancient shrine was located. The meeting will be held there.

The Portaria prince was here early, thus then all three princes settled in different places. I could finally see the disappearance of Courbet, the idiot. I had rough days being with him.

That night, Grandpa Martin Luther summoned us, saying it was urgent.

“What I’m about to say was my personal experience, which will also happen at the meeting tomorrow.” Martin Luther said seriously to us, “You need to get prepared.”

“What is it?” Fischer asked, “Is it serious?”

“For you, prince,” Martin Luther replied, “It is.”

“But, so far, everything’s good, right?” Wilder said.

“Indeed, yes. But something will take place at the meeting.” Grandpa Martin said, “It will happen.”

“En…” I said, “Grandpa, please be more specific.”

Grandpa Luther nodded and slowly, he told us the real purpose of this meeting.

“When I was young, I’ve come to such a meeting with His Majesty Climos. At that time, he was a prince like you, Fischer. It was the night before the meeting,  like today, our old general told us about it.”

Martin’s eye brightened as if he was back to his youthful days, “In this ancient shrine, there’s a large dungeon where live a flock of dreadful beasts. This shrine was built to seal the dungeon!”

“Does tomorrow’s meeting have anything to do with these creatures?” I asked.

“Positive. After you princes sign that damn treaty at the meeting tomorrow, the priests from the Light Temple will release the seal where thousands of ancient creature will come out!”


“This is a Light Temple’s trial on the three empires’ heir and relevant officials.” Grandpa Luther said, “The ones who excelled in the test will be summoned together and grant the right to meet the Protoss Lord on Heaven Island.”

“But as far as I know.” Fischer said, “The Light Temple never interferes with royal heir inheriting affairs.”

“Interfere or not is one thing.” Martin Luther said, “Us three empires are at the frontmost of the Protoss Allied. Once the war starts, we’ll be the first to stand in the breach. The Temple at least needs to know the future kings and officials’ capabilities for god sake.”

“But, by killing beasts?” I disapproved for this matter.

“Killing beasts will certainly not serve the purpose. However, those who come to this trial are all underdeveloped royal heirs. The Temple will continue the observation in the following series of tests. Then they will assign a certain amount of their men into our bureaucratic system. Numbers of the designated Temple officials are directly related to how well each royal heir has performed in the trial. Our very own Prime Minister came to Swabia this way.”

“I see!” Fischer said, “So how did my father go in his trial?”

“His Majesty did excellently!” Martin Luther said with a smile, “With Visual’s help, His Majesty had shown excellent dispositions in all trials. That was why the Temple had assigned only the Prime Minister alone to us. There were some countries, designated bureaucrats were as many as dozens!”

“Dozens? Holy shit!” I said, “If that was the case, I was better off being a farmer instead.”

“Indeed, and the Temple has rules that tomorrow’s total numbers of troopers from each country cannot exceed 3,500. In that case, if Fischer wants fewer men like the Prime Minister after he assumes to be the King, you’ll all have to work damn well tomorrow!”

“Ah!” I slapped hard on my face and breathed extensively, “Alright! Hell yeah, let’s do this! Grandpa, tell us about the beasts, I’m gonna slaughter them all!”

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