Vol.2: Trivia – Fischer the Prince

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Translated and edited by Tianic

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f the accident this time were not counted for, Fischer has been a well-behaved prince. Since childhood, He was a good boy. His girly look and inactive personality had not once or twice made new guards or maids think he was a girl. And Fischer’s graceful temperament was a killer for anyone who dared to look at him longer.

If one were to underestimate Fischer from his appearance, he would make the biggest mistake. Prince Fischer had been enjoying reading and was extra knowledgeable and wise. The questions he asked could often corner his maesters.

As for magic skills, his father, the king had ordered three royal high mages as Fischer trainers. Thus in spells, Fischer was well beyond anyone at his age.

As for combat, his sword was able to battle his father’s and acquired a few winnings.

Nobody has ever doubted, that Fischer will be a good future king.

He had no ideas about being a successor. He was not quite into one, though he was a prince born into a Swabian royal family. On the other hand, Swabia, Divine City had been pressing him. In these times, only hunting activities will keep him away from this environment, though not for long. What choice did he have? Thus hunting had become the only thing that could ease his life.

Drawn in catching games, the Prime Minister found him and gave him a sword. He told Fischer about the only creature that was the most difficult to kill, dragons. If a Swabian prince could catch a dragon, then it would be a sign of prosperity.

Fischer intended to make a combat suit out of dragon skin. He thought his father would look great. As his mother once said, his father was a wise king.

The day as a dragon was sighted near the Divine City, Minister almost instantly sent one of his men to inform him, when the King was not around.

Who could expect that things would go upheaval? If it were not for the Cohen boy, he would have been dead for real this time.

He recovered at Viceroy Visual’s place for a whole day, then he was taken by the King and the Queen. He knew he screwed up big time by losing a team of knights and nearly got killed.

“Was a dragon looked easy to kill?” The Queen scolded on the way, “They are intelligent creatures!”

“But…” Fischer wanted to argue, “Minister said…”

“Don’t…” The King stopped him, “Let me settle this when we get back!”

Fischer was as regretful to trust the Minister. He was planning on just some leisure times outside the city and did not expect the dragon to be a fast flyer.

Fischer came clean in his father’s study. Then the Queen stared at the King, the latter frowned.

As a king, Climos Summers was a man of constant practice. Twenty years since the crown had made him able to tell a lie by a look at his son’s face.

Fischer was not lying. In this case, the Minister’s purpose became suspicious.

“Climos.” The Queen gazed at him worried, “Did he know that we…”

Climos Summers turned his head, “The plan was laid down by Visual Kheda and me since many years ago, and it was already undergoing for a while.”

In fact, when he was still a prince, he drafted a rough plan with Kheda’s help. Such a plan demanded much. One of the problems was the temple ordered officials, and the Minister was one.

These people were in particular positions. They had the rights that a normal officer had, and the right to survey other empire institutions at the same time. In a way, they represented the Holy Temple, they were eyes and ears of it. Thus these people will meddle in many empire affairs, and misbehave towards the king.

If these were not problems, they were just ordinary people instead of the Divines. Humans possessed many flaws. Such were better be on capabilities, personalities flaws were the worst.

With the temples behind their back, these flaws became evil practices. They gathered members, and cultivate forces. These people pursued unlimited powers and plays, plays in the pursuit of corruption.

As long as they were not caught conspiring huge mistakes, you can’t do anything about them. If they did get caught, the temple would send more substitutes.

Nobody can do anything. Every empire was in the same situation. Any kings who wanted to make a difference were not content about them. How did Fischer’s father think? Isn’t anything against their people acted against the Supreme Race?

Climos told himself more than once every time he saw his father depressed that he will never compromise to the Holy Temple! A man as peak as himself, how could he lower his head to them. Sure, the ones to fight against were humans instead of the temple itself, and he knew he was not to defeat God. In fact, Climos was one of the God of Light disciples.

This plan was enormous and able to make those people practically useless within the empire.

As of now, Climos thought that his son, Fischer at his sixteenth, with the same problem. He did not have a real friend.

Climos Summers was not an indoor prince who stay in the imperial palace every day. Instead, he was a ranger. He wandered and one day he met Visual Kheda, today’s Viceroy of Darkmoon, a man who was low on spells, lower on combating, however with a smart brain.

Countless times, such smartness and brave heart had pulled them through the corner and thus became best friends.

People needed many things, one of the most was a real friend.

“Fischer, I will not blame you for this.” He thought this through and said with a smile, “But you have to promise me, you cannot be this reckless anymore.”

“Yes, father, I will.”

“Sigh, why.” Queen Nashor peered at the King, “Don’t indulge him.”

“I do. I was afraid he wouldn’t get any cockier.” Climos laughed, “If he messes up, I’ll have his back. I don’t believe in a good-boy prince will be a good king in the future. Remember when I was young, I was named the most reckless prince on this land. And now I’m the best father and king in this world. Can you find another king with a single wife, you tell me.”

“You…” Queen Nashor sighed, “I’ll stop you right here, you two clowns.”

She went out yet returned to speak by the door, “I’ll have the dinner ready in the garden, just come when it’s time.

“Hey, son.” He waited until the Queen disappeared, and said, “Tell me, what do you think about Cohen Kheda? You’ve talked?”

“Sure, father.” Fischer answered, “We get along well.”

“Really?” He continued, “Do you wanna continue your relationship? I mean things like going out or adventures? So to speak, do you want such a friend when you become the king?”

“Can I! Father?” His eyes kindled with happiness, “Are you serious?”

“I’m serious.” Climos smiled and said, “I guess you are getting too bored here. Before you become the king, you should get there and see this world, things other than here.”

“Thank you, father!” Fischer then asked, “When am I going?”

“Be patient, let me settle things for you first…”

That night, the Summers couple argued for a good while about this issue, for Queen Nashor objected to Climos proposal.

“You can’t!” She said, “They are merely kids, you can’t let them just fool around.”

“We met each other as kids, remember?” Climos said, “Besides if I didn’t fool around you at that time, I would still have been single.”

“That’s not the same thing!”

“What’s not the same?” Climos said blankly, “I’d say that Cohen Kheda kid is perfect, plus he’s Visual’s son. Where am I gonna find another ideal friend for Fischer? He will be of great help for Fischer, or do you want those old fools around your son?”

“Nashor, I understand your worry about your child, so do I.” Climos took his wife’s hands, “You also need to know, that the Minister has started his move. Fischer is potentially in danger, anywhere other than DC is a safer place for him. Anyhow, the chance is tiny to finish my and Visual’s plan within a single generation. If Fischer and Cohen could work hand in hand, the opportunity to realize it will be extremely high!”

“Sigh, I… have no comments.” Queen Nashor said, “You father and son troublemakers.”

“Easy, honey.” Climos said, “The plan went well on the Visual part. Even for us to born in a bad time, I want my son to become at least a real hero.”

“So many kings on this land, they’ve grown old in a similar way.” Nashor the Queen said, “Why can’t my husband be like that?”

“For I’m a man unwilling to stay in comfort. I shall be great, a real emperor. Visual didn’t approve of this, haha.”

“But… we don’t know much about Visual’s son.”

“You think? It’s simple, watch.” Climos said with a smile, “Let’s give him a  few tests.”

The second time Cohen went to Divine City was for his titling. Fischer has his father’s tacit approval to approach Cohen’s resident for little chatting and interactions.

Fischer was thrilled by Cohen’s exotic and novel ideas. What attracted him more was the feeling he had around Cohen. Fischer never felt lonely or boring with him. Cohen’s magic power to bring funny moments to his life had made him in constant wonder of what will happen next. He will cut in with mischiefs or else. To summarize this man, the time spent with Cohen, there was no prince or commoners, only friends, and brothers.

There was not the tiniest pressure with Cohen.

Fischer himself grew up in the imperial palace, and he had no idea of such a relationship between human beings. The time when he was wounded and lied in the same carriage with Cohen, the friendship built between them, the feelings no swords or blades could cut off, made him welled his eyes.

Fischer admitted that he had found the half-dead Cohen who he met before he was nearly killed by that dragon was more attractive, the time when he was dying and still pretended to be an awesome guy with nothing to care about and afraid of. And precisely because of this man, before his life was about to end, saved that dragon, and a prince.

They were like born partners, every time they acted in harmony. Even for a few times, they knew what the other thing at the look of the eyes.

Cohen, as he wished, got a large land to rule and became the viceroy of Dark Province. Fischer was thrilled though his father and Viceroy Visual planned the whole thing, they’ve never expected Cohen to actually succeed.

However his mother, the queen, was still not convinced about him, said she wanted to watch a bit longer. Fischer understood his mother’s concern, but he felt pity once he realized it would delay his days to go to Cohen’s place.

For any commoners, Divine City must be splendid and brilliant. However, to Fischer, it was a dead city, any more days here were unbearable.

Fortunately, today Cohen mess around big time at the DC gate. He fought against several hundred city guards, and he won. The greatest thing was, he gave the king an excuse to shift over all city guards official that the Minister placed there. His father was overly delighted the whole night.

Then Fischer hurried to his mother whether he could go to Dark City with Cohen this time

“What’s right about a fight?” His mother said, “He’s proven to be brave but yet astute. And sons from Visual’s House are good at solving problems with their heads, not fists.”

Thus Fischer’s father and the Queen bet on if Cohen was able to take care of the Treasurer who went extra close with the Minister. If he succeeded, the Queen would not interfere anymore.

Her words made Fischer distressed. He knew the Treasurer was cunning and not one to mess up with. And to make the bet fair, he was not allowed to tell Cohen anything.

The moment the Minister and Treasure guarded Cohen to the king. Fischer could felt his heart pounding in his throat, let alone he witnessed Cohen kicked the Minister’s ass.

That moment, he even expected Cohen busted and imprisoned somehow.

It came out unexpected. Not only Cohen sharply took care of the Treasurer, but also messed with the Minister, and in the meantime erupted enmity between the Academy headmaster and the Minister, plus he got a military position from the King. All gave Cohen the necessary conditions to become a future hand of the king.

After such a series of careful observations, the Queen had finally agreed to Fischer’s ask.

Fischer’s father named him the King’s messenger for Cohen’s wedding, and with a bunch of presents, he left the city.

Imagining life outside Divine City, Fischer was thrilled and overexcited. The sunshine, the grassland, the fresh air, and the friendship, all that’s beautiful awaited

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