Vol.2: Chapter 19 – Proposal

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Translated and edited by Tianic

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[dropcap]M[/dropcap]eeting adjourned. I found a place on the outside lawn and sat with annoyance. “O, Winslet, how am I supposed to explain this?”

A tail-lit firefly danced by. I reached and caught it in my palms, whispered, “I’ve got to keep you here for a while, buddy.”

Then I ran towards Winslet’s tent.

“Ms. Winslet isn’t back yet.” An elf who sat by a blue tent told me, “She could be anywhere.”

Then, with a feeling of shame, I searched every corner of the elf camp, still no signs of her.

“Where could she be?” I figured her mood.

“Are there any rills or lakes?” I grabbed a he-elf, “Somewhere quiet?”

“Yes…” Or perhaps I scratched him, he twitched his mouth, “There is a river that might fit.”

“Thanks!” I loosened him and dashed in the direction.

Annoyingly, after a long run by the bank, I still couldn’t see her.

“Darn it!” I kicked a piece of cobble into the river. Sprays of water splashed with a clear sound that broke this silent summer night.

“What are you doing!” A voice came across the river, though sounded rather unfriendly, it was a heavenly sound to me.

“Winslet, why are you on the other side?” I jumped into the water and walked across, thankfully the river was not so wide, “I’ve looked everywhere for you.”

“What’s your order, Viceroy?” My dropping wet clothes did not serve the expected dramatic outcome, Winslet said, her face grim, “If there isn’t, leave me alone.”

“There is, sure there is!” I distracted and said, “I have something for you.”

“What is it?” She looked listless.

“See.” I unclenched my fist right in front of her eyes, “It’s your friend.”

How unlucky, the little bug did not float up as I anticipated, though, it was struggling in my sweaty palm.

“Such a jerk!” Winslet carefully unleashed it and fawned, “Why are you being so rude to her?”

“I’m sorry.” I was glad, at least this incident has eased the tension between us, “I was nervous.”

“Don’t be sorry to me.” Winslet rested the firefly on her fingertip and blew, “Poor thing, forced here by someone she doesn’t like.”

“Well…” Heard her pun, my blood froze, “We could always send her back and give her life back.”

“Is that it?” Winslet murmured, “Is it the way to forget things?

“I… may I sit down?” My instinct taught me to clarify before answering, “You know, I’m not used to standing.”

She said none. From her facial look, I took it as a silent yes.

“Winslet, if you are calmed down.” I sat and said while looked at her, “I have vital things to tell you.”

“I’m listening.”

“It is…” I said, “A lot of things happened since I left for DC, and the marriage between the Rohnas and me was intervened by Queen Nashor.”

“Flynn and Carey are Winslet’s friends.” Winslet said peacefully, “I am glad for them.”

“You…” My tongue was tied, “Could please let me finish?”


“Situation in the empire was not favorable now.” I settled and continued, “Thus my father and the king have proposed a plan, and as part of the scheme, my wedding was decided for next month.”


“I hardly had time to tell you,” I said.

“I see, you’ve done talking, right?” Winslet welled her eyes, “I have to go!”

“Wait!” I bumped and stopped her, “I am telling you! Please at least let me finish!”

“There is more?” She gazed at me and dropped tears, “You are getting married in Darkmoon, and the brides are my friends. Can you alter that fact?”

“I can’t.” I said, “But you can marry me as well.”

“No!” Winslet was quite decided, “I will not!”


“You have two wives…” Winslet lowered her head with sorrow, “And they are my friends…”

“Winslet, look at me!” I rounded my arms on her tiny figure, she trembled and faced my eyes, “Please tell me, the long days since we’ve met, you’ve never felt my love? Days by the river near DC, and by the Dark Forest, aren’t they better than a marriage paper?”

Winslet bit her lips, her eyes blurred.

“Don’t be sad.” I carefully touched away from her tears, “As long as we are in love, it wouldn’t be a problem.”

“But… you are getting married.” She said, “Isn’t that a problem?”

“Yeah, I am.” I said, “But no one said there will be only two girls!”

“I…” She widened her eyes at me and said desperately, “There’s more?”

“It’s you!” I said, smiling.

Winslet was clearly unprepared for such, “I… don’t…”

“My lovely Ms. Winslet, I am proposing to you.” I said, “Don’t you say yes? This was my very first time, proposing.”

“No!” She pushed me away, blushed, with a hint of a smile, “I’m not!”

“Ah, headache!” I touched my head, “Looks like I have to meet your mother alone.”

“I dare you!” She pretended to be angry.

“There’s nothing I can’t do.” I closed her in my arms, “You know, people are calling me Viceroy Rascal.”

“Ah!” I sneaked and left a kiss on her lips.

Winslet, who lost her first kiss, was so bashful and blushed. She glared at me and gave up, dashed away like a swirl, left me laughing by the river.

It was very peculiar how elves communicate, and within three days, the Elf Queen’s reply appeared on my desk.

“Boss!” Jack came running in, “What’s the big news, laughing like that?”

“Jack!” I signed, “Come and take a look.”

“Can I?” Jack came over happily, “Can I really?”

“Your ass!” I caught and kicked him down, “I forgot to wreck you!”

The next morning, after I had everyone’s assignment released, I took Winslet and guards and went back to Darkmoon.

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