Vol.2: Chapter 17 – Fiancees

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Characters in this chapter:

  • Cohen Kheda: The main character.
  • Visual Kheda: Cohen’s father, Duke of the Swabia Empire.
  • Flynn & Carey Rhona: Sisters, Cohen’s childhood friends, and future wives.
  • Laika: Cousin of the Prime Minister’s second daughter. He got into a fight with Cohen in the capital Grand Altar, which awakened Cohen’s true self.
  • Lisa: The Prime Minister’s second daughter, Cohen’s ex-fiancee. Laika’s current fiancee.
  • Luhrmann: The Prime Minister of Swabia, a Holy Temple assigned official to Swabia.

The Rohna sisters came over to meet Nashor the Queen before my marriage, and preparation was well underway.

It was entirely appropriate for the ceremony to take place at my parents’ place since I was a son of the Darkmoon Viceroy. However, people in the Divine City were well informed, and within less than two days, wedding presents from friendly acquaintances or unfamiliar Empire officials came flooding my place. I could fill a whole room with them.

Jack was certainly on cloud nine.

The most amazing part was the Prime Minister, disregarded all our disputes earlier, had his men carried expensive presents like nothing had happened, which staggered as well as put me in a loss.

“What of it? Just go and show your appreciation.” My father said, “Each and every one of them.”

“Everyone?” I asked, “Father, do you have any idea how many Houses there are?”

“That I’ve no idea.” He insisted on, “Still you have to go and show your gratitude.”

“What about the Minister?”

“Minister as well.” He said, “Misconception is one of his plays. You could act as well and go to thank him, then leave like nothing has happened.”


“Shut it, it’s decided.” He put a hand and say, “Son, you are a politician now. You need to learn your way around people. It might help your career in the future.”

Thus the Rohna sisters and I traveled by carriage between DC streets and visited House by House according to the present registry. I was driven mad by the noble formalities, but my two warbler-like fiancees, in contrast, smiled and coped with conversations to the occasions like pros.

“I am Viceroy Cohen Kheda’s personal guard.” At the gate of the Minister’s, Jack who wore a light warrior suit informed the housekeeper. “Viceroy Cohen Kheda, with his fiancees are here to visit His Prime Minister, the Excellency.”

“Please excuse me.” The guard was off to inform.

In the short moment, I pushed aside the tassel on the carriage window to regard the Minister’s house. I grew very complicated emotions seeing this somehow familiar place.

“What’s on your mind?” Carey asked slowly, “Your ex-fiancee?”

“Nonsense.” Flynn smiled and said, “Look out our Mr. Viceroy gets angry. I heard some people are starting to call him Viceroy Rascal.”

“Haha, Flynn you’ll be afraid? I’m not.”

I forced a smile at them then started to appreciate their look. The noble-lady-looked dressings did not compromise their glamorous charms on the inside, one was pure as water while the other was bright like the sky.

“Let’s get off,” I said, “Here’s the last House.”

We were led by Minister’s Butler to his reception hall. Minister was already waiting accompanied by a cold-faced man who paid us with ignorance and a woman whose sharp gaze was practically penetrating my body.

It was Lisa and Laika. A sudden anger immediately suffused my inner, and I did not feel the need to kept my sword in the sheath.

“Nice to meet you, Your Excellency!” Flynn rested one hand while the other held mine firmly. She smiled and bend half knees to him as a younger female to an elder.

“You are such a match!” He said, smiling, “Be the Divine with you.”

“Thank you, Minister.” I calmed down, “We are here to appreciate your kindness to our wedding.”

“You are very welcome.” He seated us, “When is it?”

“Her Grace has the date for us.” Flynn felt my uneasiness, and said, “The 15th next month in the Darkmoon City, please I insist that you join us.”

“What a coincidence.” He looked at me and said, “That day is my daughter’s engagement, with Laika. I have to be there for them.”

“What a pity.” Flynn squeezed my hand, “Well let’s congratulate Ms. Lisa and Mr. Laika.”

“Yeas, sure, congrats, Ms. Lisa.” I stood and walk nearer, “Please forgive my ignorance, an engagement present will be on the way.”

“Hmm!” The apple of a particular Minister snorted, then I walked towards Laika.

“Congrats to you, Mr. Laika.” I said, “Your fiancee is a lady.”

“App… reciated!” Laika grew an obvious pale look on his face with a pair of hands clenched firmly, blood veins pumped.

In Divine City, Lisa’s sluttiness was widely known by anyone; thus any stupid could know what I meant by that. I couldn’t help but feel shameful for Laika, for he was once a man of proud.

“Well, excuse us.” I said, “Don’t bother, Mr. Minister.”

Holding two soft and warm hands, I exited the Minister’s mansion and boarded my carriage.

I gasped and eased myself as the carriage speeded up.

“What? Feeling better?” Carey grinned, “Who was about to erupt earlier?”

“Was I?”

“Haha, if it were for my sister,” Carey said, “There’ll be another bloody fight in the Minister’s tonight.”

“Perhaps.” Flynn said thoughtfully, “Maybe the Minister wanted that.”

“Exactly.” I said, “I noticed moments ago. I heard people breathing around the hall and sound of armor clashing on our way out.”

“Holy Divine!” Carey cried while covering her mouth, “They…”

“They were trying to fish me, Laika and Lisa were their bait. They wanted me to get angry, then stood against me. If I moved first, then they will be the ones who stood on the ground. I guess the Minister must have invited plenty of his justice noble friends awaited us.”

“We were in so much danger!” Carey declared.

“Yeah, though we have the calm and graceful Ms. Flynn.” I smiled and said, “We are fine.”

“Actually these things that could happen, Mr. Kheda had the ideas for you.” Hearing my words, Flynn flushed and said, “He told me the solutions.”

“My old man!” I wondered, “Why didn’t he tell me?”

After I have returned, I said everything happened in the Minister’s to my father.

“Queen’s choice has always been thoughtful!” He said, “Isn’t it fantastic, her selection of your wife?”

“What are you talking about, pop?” I was puzzled, “Is it all connected?”

“Do you think it’s an easy job to find you a wife?” My father said, “It has to be well-considered. If chose well, like today, they will be of great help in your career. If not, she might be a burden and drag you to hell.”

“But are Flynn and Carey ladies like you said?” I asked, “Didn’t you teach them how to behave?”

“Haha, mine were nothing worth mentioning. Her Grace has met them a few times.” My father lowered his voice, “I suspected she had already taught the ladies many of her best tricks and plays. Plus your mother and your Auntie Bellerina, not one of them is a rookie. Son, you’ve got two tough partners.

“Shit! Dad!” I yelled, “You are one of them, aren’t you!”

“Haha, off you go prepare a gift for Minister’s daughter!” Regardless of my complaint, father laughed, “We have to return Darkmoon now or never.”


“I’ll take Flynn and Carey with me.” My father continued, “You could go later and take a look at your Dark City construction, remember to get there before the wedding.”

“Alright!” I said, “I nearly forget.”

“You rat, how could you forget!” He chuckled, “About your money, five hundred grand in all, His Majesty had it delivered to Darkmoon already. I think I’ll hold it there for safety. You could have someone withdraw whenever you need.”

“Sure.” I then asked, “When are we leaving?”

“Tomorrow.” He looked out of the window, “We’ve wasted a lot of time.”

A few days later.

“Boss…” I heard Jack’s compelling voice, “We are almost there.”

“Yeah, right.” I peered at the burning sun above, “Dunno how are those guys.”

“Dark City is beyond those hills.” Jack urged his horse, “I’ll go first and check it out.”

“What a rusher.” Maiza laughed.

“Boss! Come here!” Jack roared. Maiza and I looked at each other and rode upon the hilltop and looked to the direction Jack pointed to.

We were thrilled by what was in the front.

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