Vol.2: Chapter 14 – Trouble Maker part 4

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Trouble Maker part 4

Characters in this chapter:

  • Cohen Kheda: The main character.
  • Luhrmann: The Prime Minister, a Holy Temple assigned official to Swabia.
  • Fischer: Prince of the Swabia Empire, Cohen’s friend.
  • Visual Kheda: Cohen’s father, Duke of the Swabia Empire.
  • Climos Summers: King of the Swabia Empire.

The time when the Prime Minister had someone broke open the door, I was challenging a man with a loud voice “Are you done?” while stamping on his face.

“Hands off!” The Minister yelled, “I SAID HANDS OFF!”

“My hands aren’t onto anything, Minister!” I answered while using my foot to run over the face a few more times.

“Stop it!” He changed the wording, “Come around! Behave yourself!”

“Oh? Why am I taking orders from you?” I answered and kept on with my foot.

“I am the Prime Minister of Swabia, first rank Duke!” He raised his voice, “I am ordering you!”

“Fuck your mama!” I let go of the idiot and went to the Minister with a finger pointed at his nose, “What are you, acting like an old bird!?”

“En?” He didn’t catch my words, “Old bird?”

“How dare you insult the Minister!” An old man appeared from the back, “Undisciplined man! I was right expelling you!”

I widened my eyes for a while to recognize this bold guy was the headmaster of the Royal Academy.

“Why do you care?” I smoothly pushed his shoulder and gave him a swirl, made him circled and fell.

“Yo… you! You shameful brat!” Desperate Minister grabbed my collar, “You don’t care who I am, or who he is! I’m taking you to the king!”

“Sure! I’m not afraid of you!” I ditched his hands, “Lose it, your hands!”

“It’s ‘lose your hands’!” The headmaster who was left on the ground said, “Uncultured man!”



“How dare you hit again!”

“Hey! Hit you once, twice, what’s the difference!”

“I’m not wasting my times here! TO THE KING!”

I acted as wild and rebellious as I could and watched Fischer asking questions with the other two high officials of the empire. His Majesty cooperatively went out hunting.

“Minister, my father went out this morning, if you could…” Fischer said with prudence, “Is it really that important?”

“Yes!” The Minister was blue in the face, “I have a matter of utter importance! I’ll wait until no matter when!”

“Well, you can have your moment.” I was not used to standing along and was eager to sit somewhere, “I’m not keeping myself here!”

“I dare you!” The Minister was about to lose it, “I dare you to move a step!”

“One step! Two steps! Three steps…” I walked around him, “It’s not so hard, right? What’s your move anyway?”

“Scamp!” Now he was completely out of control, and “slap,” his palm landed on my face.

I did not see that coming and got hit right on the surface. It was a huge insult.

“FUCK!” Chill brought forth from the feet and anger built out from guts! I then with lightning speed caught him, put him down and rode on his back.

First I lightly punched his stomach.

“Ohhhhh…” Minister rounded his mouth, probably thought crying was not a dignified manner.

Then I put the back of my hands above his heart and smashed on it. This way, nobody was able to inspect any wounds even he’s beaten to death.

“Hmmmmm…” Now his hummed. Impressive, he could groan with a nose.

I was foul-mouthed and ready to punch him a third time only to find out I was captured by many. People trapped me by the feet and hands while dragged me to a chair. I peeked from spaces between the crowd. That jerk face was close to dying.

A handful of high mages enchanted and feed potions to the poor man to drag him back from being in a coma.

“You…” Jerk face pointed at me, trembled, “Good job…”

I roared and bounced from the chair again to be forced down by a few royal guards.

A valuable royal chair was not built for smashing. “Crack!” It broke into pieces and was in an early grave.

“What are you doing!” The King has finally shown up, hunter suited up, “What’s this place? Are you all drunk?!”

“Why are you all pushing Viceroy Kheda? Let him go!” The King then saw the Minister who slumped on a chair, “Are you OK? Have you forgotten your manners?”

I knelt then threw myself into quick actions with a face of sadness, sorrow, and complicated emotions.

“Keep on!” I thought, “If only I could let out some tears.”

“Please uphold your justice, Your Highness!” The Minister was on his hands and knees, “I was… Cohen, this brat slapped me!”

“Damn!” I thought regretfully, “He said it first, where are my tears?”

“Minister, calm down.” His Majesty casually helped the Minister up, “Please take a seat and let others tell me the details.”

The Minister tore and sat and nodded.

“Father, about the Minister being slapped.” Fischer said, “I witnessed the whole thing, may I?”

“Granted.” The King glanced me with an expression of “Why on earth are you making it this big?” and answered, “Minister was hurt. This is huge. Now, summon the group, let’s talk in the great hall!”

The King’s men were gathered at the Grand Palace.

“It began by the Minister saying ‘Scamp.’ Then he slapped Viceroy Cohen.” Fischer was extraordinarily clever. He knew he could state this affair from backward forth and separate it into chunks. “Then like a crazy man, Viceroy Cohen put the Minister on the ground and punched him… twice.”

“Your Majesty!” Someone stepped forward, “There were something else before that…”

“Hold on a moment. Let’s focus on this matter.” The King and his son acted perfected together, “Is this true, Minister?”

“Yes… it is.”

“Why would our Minister be abusive?” My father looked at Fischer and complained.

“His words were, and I quote ‘I have a matter of utter importance! I’ll wait until no matter when!’. Then Viceroy Kheda said he’s not staying and wanna leave. The Minister dared him to walk a step. And then like this, Cohen hit the Minister.”

“Oh!” My father paced ahead and faced the Minister, “Was it just because Cohen walked around you? Alright, now I’m walking, are you gonna swear and hit me! Viceroys do not take orders from you, don’t you know that?”

“Visual!” The King said, “Don’t act like a child!”

“Your Majesty!” My father aimed at the Minister, “He hit my son!”

“Enough!” The King said, slightly annoyed, “Are you done talking!? Stay put! Let this go for now!”

“But Your Majesty…” Luhrmann shouted, “I was hit!”

“You hit first, admit it!” King said impatiently, “You were wrong in the first place, live with it. Let this go!”

“Anything else.” Asked the king, “Anything related to this matter?”

“One more thing,” Fischer said loudly, “The Treasurer’s accusation of Viceroy Kheda’s abuse on him. Furthermore, the Minister held the same on Viceroy Kheda at the same moment in the same place.”

“Is that so? You are indeed a troublemaker.” The King gazed at me, “What did you say?”

“Your Majesty! I know!” The Royal Academy headmaster who has been neglected said, “Viceroy Kheda expressed with wretched language his anxious and impulsive eager to have unordinary and immoral male and female relationship with Minister’s mother. More to that, Viceroy Kheda made a terrible metaphor as to compare the Minister with a particular male organ, the kind of filthy.”

To end with his words, the old man waved with a gesture.

The Minister listened to the soft-in-head nerd to finish his show-off on academic integrity. With a constant and compelled twitching on the face, he said nothing. All people who were in the hall were stunned and lowered their heads, focusing hard on what was the actual meaning of his words.

I forced to not smile and prayed not to cramp my belly.

“Coffee break.” The King revealed a weird face, “Let’s take a break, washroom?”

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