Vol.2: Chapter 11 – Trouble Maker part 2

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Trouble Maker part 2

Characters in this chapter:

  • Cohen Kheda: The main character.
  • Maiza: Visual’s head of guards
  • Moya, Jack, Marfa, Wilder: Homeless boys, Cohen’s childhood friends till then.

“Shit!” My blood boiled when I noticed a gloating dogface pulling the alarm.

I turned horse about and dashed back to the gate. Let me make some trouble! “As long as I’m not in the gate, you can’t sue me!”

“These bastards! Kick their ass as hard as you can, damn it! Spare your arms!” I ordered loudly and jumped off, a fistfight on horseback was not my strength.

A fireball took shape in Jack’s hand and rolled into the enemy crowd. He made a large one once heard I didn’t mention no magic. The fireball ranged fast which scared those human-bullying asses to scurry off like frightened rats. They must think that we would head straightly in town instead of going back.

Those who were too scared to face a fireball were scattered by my horsemen, they then rode off and aimed to hit. In such a narrowed space, a horse fight was indeed unwise.

Their leader, who got caught in my hand by the collar, was screaming and covered in blood.

“How dare you rats… in DC! Ya’ll all be dead! Ahhhhh!”

I slammed him on the ground and stomped on his neck.

“Well! You dare me!” I looked at my men, “I am Cohen Kheda, Viceroy of Dark City! Today I’m going to teach these bastards a lesson! You come here, I dare you not! You’ll die!”

Hearing this, the other guards, who were running off the wall, stopped their feet, rather they surrounded us in a safe circle.

This infantry team was thirty people -ish, who should handle us twenty soldiers easily. However, what infantries were taught was how to stand in formation. They weren’t equipped with anything of a fistfight.

In regards of my guards, they fought fiercely, kicked vigorously and fist swung sharply. Those infantry people winded in a complete mess, and in a moment, it was us that stood alone.

The ones who lied on the ground groaned and begged for mercy as alarms numbered up rapidly throughout the air space above DC. Finally, the last and the biggest bell rang.

Alarms were orders, and citizens who heard them started to collect valuables and shut their doors. The Army was mobilizing to back up the city. Officials, big or small, ran to their positions… All city was muddled up in a rumble.

“You can’t run away!” The squad leader under my food struggled and yelled, “Let me go!”

“Go? You started the whole thing!” I was filled with anger and told Jack, “Come here, make him a naked pig!”

“Boss,” Jack and one of my guards came along, “What’s a naked pig?”

“Strip him off!”


“Hang him upside down!”

Jack was very quick and neat, he instantly nakedized that soldier while the other guard found a rope from god-knows-where then hanged that man on the gate.

“Funky! You are?” I whipped one more time, “Acting like a big shot!”

“Your Highness!” Maiza approached, “Their backup is here.”

I looked towards his direction and discovered a string of curling dust afar. It was an army of cavalry. On the other path, I heard sounds of armor clashing were getting nearer, that’s mobile infantry.

“No biggie, spread out and show your guard sigils. Bring their headman to me.” I told Maiza while continued whipping. If I were to make trouble, then make it big, big enough to let His Majesty know.

“Listen! You people!” The backup shouted out loudly, “Drop your weapons! Seize fire!”

“We are guards of the Dark City viceroy!” Jack shouted, “Our viceroy is here! Get your boss coming down.”

An officer-like tall guy came running with a few fellow soldiers only to surprisingly discover the naked pig and a handful of troopers lying about.

“Viceroy of Dark City?” He asked after a good while, “What are you doing here?”

“Can’t you see that?” I said without looking at him and gave another harsh whipping on the naked pig, “Fighting and ass-kicking!”

“Drop it!” He was clearly irritated by my attitude, “I SAID DROP IT!”

“Okay, alright.” I turned my body and gazed at him, “Who the fuck are you?”

“This is the DOD officer on duty today!” A trooper around yelled.

“Officer?” I dropped my whip and pointed at his nose, “That’s you man on the gate?”

“En… yes.” This so-called officer took a while to recognize his naked pig, “Why did you do that?”

“He’s not my problem.” I grinned, “Why do you think I summoned you here?”

The officer was slightly distracted, one second later his face bloomed out blood. I was not a face hitter, but he was covered in armor, and slapping him will hurt my fist.

“Commander… he’s beaten by Viceroy Cohen Khe….ahh ahh!” The soldier got beaten down before he could finish it.

“Fuck! What’s so good about a viceroy!”


“I heard he’s a new nobility…”

“He’s a nobility so does our commander! Fight!”

“Lose your arms!”

“Then don’t use it! Let’s fist… fight!”

After a puff of uproars and confused voices, these guys straightened things up and dropped their weapons and armors and rushed towards us, as some smart asses were off to inform their supervisors.

An even bigger fistfight has begun, noble guards vs. infantry without armor.

My guards were robust and sturdy but being outnumbered. They were without much yelling but fought dirtily while the opposing troopers pressed forward without fear. The once wide gate seemed narrower now. Tens and hundreds of people were fighting the tunnel, and every now and then one could hear cryings like “Ouch! Awwwww! My junk!”.

The cavalrymen that arrived apparently had first info on this. They held a no participating, no encouraging and no preventing attitude and stood nicely and silently aside. Compared to the fight on our side, the situation was weird and bizarre.

My guards lined up by two teams to block the gate, and I stood in between dodging and fighting. My men were well trained in stepping pace; being outnumbered, on the contrary, gave us the edge. In contrast, the infantry troopers were in misery. To begin with, there was not much who was brave enough to hit a nobleman, plus those situation unknowners who stood in the back were trying to thrust way in and the front people who got beaten sought to fall back. Thus they were huddled up and beaten down. Jack was a clever one. Every time we trust, he’ll drag a man with a collar ornament and beat his ass.

Anyone who had participated in a group fight knew that once it started, there was no way to stop. To summarize current chaotic condition, there were people around watching, cheering, yelling “watch out”, whistling around. There were crazy fighters who were too mad to hear.


“I am ×× deputy general! Stop!”

Sorry, didn’t hear you!

“I am a ×× officer! Stop!”

Heard you this time, but can’t help.

“I am ×× general, damn it!”


The infantry people were seized by the order; nevertheless, our fists have launched anyway… as a result, they still got hit. So many tears as they bled and shouted: “You crossed the line!” Then two parties messed up one more time.

“Crackling” A series of fireballs dropped in the enemies.Though their size and power were intentionally reduced, fireballs were fireballs.

“Who the fuck did that!!!”

“Mother fucker! We have fireballs too!” One put out the fire and shouted.

“Fuck!” A general with silver armor slashed while riding in, “I did that! Who’s yelling?”

Silver armor, a royal guard.

“They did!” Both sides were acting as if they have colluded, several fingers pointed at the opposing side.

“His Majesty’s order!” The silver general glanced at me, “You all to the square! Now!


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