Vol. 18: Chapter 10: A White Raven

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

The man-in-white walked unhurriedly in the middle of a path, his body always maintaining a high level of vigilance, which made his walking posture monotonous. His cold eyes stared at the end of the road, without looking away, the pleasant scenery of the valley simply could not attract his attention. 

The man’s handsome face had no trace of humanly distinctive expression, even the previous severity was now gone. Now he looked rather like a lonely stone, or a piece of cold steel than a normal human being. 

“Brother… waaaaaaaaait! Brotherrrrrrrrr…” Far behind the man-in-white came an enthusiastic shout, the end of the shout trailing long and high, like a child who saw a beloved toy. 

The man-in-white stopped, of course, he knew that this man had run around the valley several times before coming to him. Now, since this man had caught up with him, he intended to ditch him once and for all to get rid of the trouble sooner. 

“Hey!” A young man-in-black robes jumped into the middle of the trail from the woods in front of him and made a surprised face of an accident encounter, “What a coincidence, oh brother! We meet again!” 

The man-in-white did not answer, nor sparing a thin gaze on the man-in-black. He went directly forward and thrust his sword out without much fancy skill. He knew that the man-in-black had fast movements, so he chose just the right speed that this man could not avoid. But to his surprise, the man-in-black wailed and rolled over to avoid it, apparently, he did not pull out his best earlier. 

“Don’t be like this, brother, I’m not a bad guy,” after he avoided the sword he stared at the man-in-white with very innocent eyes, “I really want to be your friend…” 

The silent man-in-white gave his sword a shake, then thrust his sword with a faster speed. 

But the man-in-black was destined to bring him more surprise as he shouted those meaningless words and dodged the barrage of attacks again. The result forced the man-in-white to reassess this imprudent follower’s strength and mentally analyze his motives for this strange behavior. 

“Don’t do this, don’t do this. Since I’ve dodged many attacks, I can have a conversation with you now!” The man-in-black trumpeted, “My heart is broken… by you… brother!” 

Like the hintless attacks earlier, the man-in-white suddenly withdrew his sword and his flying figure stopped in the road. Because of inertia, his long golden hair floated, and his white cloak stirred. The incomparably familiar sight almost made a certain individual’s heart stop. 

The man-in-white has seen this strange look in the eyes of the black-robed man more than once, surprise with confusion, enthusiasm, and as if it was mixed with sadness. Even with his heart as peaceful as water, he couldn’t resist being curious about this look. 

“If you have something to say, say it.” 

“I… I… that…” the man-in-black did not dare to be careless at all, his whole body was kept ready to bounce. A hint of embarrassment and a rogue smile was on his face. Cohen put a hand up, and spread his palm, “I came to give you money, you just ate three bread in that store, plain water free, so you’ve got a silver and a half spare change after tipping a copper to the waiter. I would have liked to save you copper, but I was afraid to spoil your image. You know I think you’re quite good-looking! I hope you won’t blame me for being generous…” 

The man-in-white looked at the few coins in his hand, and for a moment did not know how to answer him. His identity was classified, no one should know, not to mention the Asmodian commoners; as for the man-in-black, he had very good martial skills, supposedly there was no need to approach him in such a way, not to mention that the means he used was really stupid, it should not have been planned. 

“Give it to me.” It was only after a long time that the white-clothed man uttered four simple words. 

Several copper coins were tossed and flipped in the air until they were grabbed by the man-in-white’s hand. 

“I should have killed you.” After catching the bronze coins, the man-in-white raised his eyebrows, “You really do have an intention.” 

“I, I, what intention do I have?” The man-in-black stammered and asked, with a terrified look on his face. 

“It’s useless for you to put poison on the metal.” The man-in-white opened his fingers and dropped the copper coin at his feet, “Poison doesn’t work on me.” 

“Hey… don’t, that’s not poison, it’s really not.” The man-in-black confusedly said, his expression seemed very innocent, “That, it’s just a little sweat…” 

“Lie.” The man-in-white also does not understand why he was so talkative today, “You have excellent martial skills, running will not make you sweat.” 

“I’m not lying.” The other party replied foolishly, “That’s the sweat of my palms, I didn’t know you were allergic to this, I ran sweat on purpose, I ran several laps around this valley…” 

“Reason.” Even in question, the man-in-white face was without any expression, there was no trace of doubt in the tone of voice. 

“I think, though it is a small thing, but if I can sweat a little then, at least to show that I am very sincere…” Having said that, the man-in-black suddenly became very coy, the tiny bird resting on his shoulder suddenly fell head down to the ground. 

The two people were ten arms’ length away from each other, staring silently. They had no idea of each other’s real thoughts. After a long time, the man-in-white bent over and picked up the copper coins by his feet one by one. 

“I’ll take the money, you can leave.” The man-in-white turned around and prepared to continue his journey. 

“That – may I know your name?” 

“Raven.” The man-in-white’s body froze half a second, “My name is Raven.” 

After knowing his name, the talkative man behind him did not speak. After stepping out a few steps, Raven’s sharp ears heard two extremely subtle sounds – the sound of liquid dripping off the grass and leaves. 

He turned to see. The man-in-black had two lines of tears on his face, his gaze contained even stranger feelings. But the hint of obsession-like emotion in the black’s eyes enraged him! 

It was almost a natural reaction, Raven noiselessly sent his sword out, the tip of the sword instantly appeared in front of the chest of the man-in-black. The man-in-black simply ignored the sharp tip of the sword, until the long sword stopped right in front of the man-in-black’s chest, he did not make any movement. 

From the opponent’s eyes, Raven also knew that he did not even think about dodging or counterattacking, but his spur-of-the-moment attack could no longer continue. 

The man-in-black’s expression was very complicated and very real, he slowly lowered his head, his eyes seemed to be entangled with endless remorse. No one will dare to face such an eye. After a long time, he raised his head, although there were still tears in the corners of the eyes, the look of sadness had faded away, replaced by what seemed to be grateful. 

Raven even felt that if someone was able to show so many expressions in such a short period of time, then he deserved to be cheated. 

“Raven…,” the man-in-black said in a hoarse, trembling voice, “My name is Claude.” 

“You’re not afraid to die?” For the first time, Raven had a little tone in his words. 

“I’m afraid, I really am.” The man-in-black replied, “But I’m more afraid that if I dodge, then you’ll leave me and I have to go after you. I’d rather take your sword.” 

“You’re boring.” Raven put away the long sword, “What do you want?” 

Claude was no shame of his action at all, because he immediately made an exaggerated expression of surprise, “Be a friend…” 

“I don’t have friends, and I don’t need them.” 

“There is a first time for everything! How do you know you don’t need it if you don’t try? I have a feeling we’re going to be friends, and nothing is going to stop that…” 

“Even if I need to try. You’re not the right person for that either.” 

“How do you know I’m not if you haven’t tried?” Claude was not going to stop until he got what he wanted, “Anyway, you can’t shake me off, and you can’t kill me yet, so let’s try.” 

“I can try to kill you again.” 

“Don’t spoil the fun. How about we make a pact. Half a month, if by then you think I’m not suitable to be your friend, I’ll leave, promptly, I said it!” 


“Then it’s settled! We’ll set out together as probational friends, Raven, where is your destination?” 

“The capital of Teffera…” 

“That’s only God’s work! That’s where I’m heading too! Woah! Now I can’t even think of a reason for not going together!” A certain individual showed his true face of arrogance, “Raven, wait a minute, I’ll get the horse. Don’t sneak away! I tell you, this young lord is a good tracker, you can never get rid of me!” 

Raven, standing quietly on the path, was regretting his decision. Not knowing whether he was right or wrong in that whim decision just now, the black-clad man named Claude jumped and ran to get the horse, he did not hide his excitement, and his mouth was roaring an unknown local ditty. 

“Whaa! Raven, this white horse is for you!” The horse’s reins were shoved hard into Raven’s hands, and he didn’t even have a chance to refuse, “Like it? I’ve got everything ready!” 

Raven shook his head and got on his horse in silence. 

“Say, Raven, how old are you? Twenty yet?” Claude looked at him with unblinking eyes, and did not shift his gaze for a moment, “Tell me! We are now probational friends…” 


“It is immoral to lie… one more chance.” 


“I told you I was right! So, you always remember the past, right? Have you ever lost your memory or something like that? Come on! Tell me….” 


“No? You’re not lying to me, are you? Where were you a year ago?” 


In the midst of Claude’s never-ending nonsense, darkness slowly fell and the two reached the next town. Because Raven planned to continue on the road, Claude hurriedly replenished a large amount of food, followed by the departure. ” 

By midnight, Raven suddenly reined the horse and turned onto a side road. Although Claude did not understand what he was going to do, he followed! 

“Where are you going? Where does this trail lead to?” Claude’s mouth was full of words. 

“I have to do something, you can wait for me here.” Raven pointed to a large building in the distance, “or come along.” 

“Of course I’m going along!” Claude bumped his chest, “It’s the right thing to do for your friends… But what are we going to do?” 

“To kill,” Raven replied indifferently. 

“Ok… killing?” Claude asked foolishly, “Why do you want to kill?” 

“The purpose of my existence is to kill people, that’s all.” 

“Is that so? Then I’d better go with you.” Claude put away his smile, “Although I’m not gonna help the killing part, I can snatch you away when you miss your cut…” 

“Do you think I will miss?” 

“There’s always a chance! And it’s not a good career.” Claude moderate, “Let’s prepare first, this stupid bird can look after our things. First, get rid of that cloak, and take the cumbersome things off as well as the things that will make loud noises. Why don’t you prepare? Do you think you are going sightseeing?” 

“I have nothing to prepare.” 

“Bro, since you are a killer, then please be professional, okay? ” Claude had a very old-fashioned look, “At least get changed into something discreet! ” 

“Night clothes.” Raven blinked, “I always wear my nightclothes.” 

“Although you are very handsome, please figure out that your clothes are white!” 

“Who says white can’t be a nightclothes?” 

Claude looked at Raven’s pure-white clothes, slapped on his forehead, a while later, he wagged his thumb at him and had nothing to say. 

Looking at Claude’s exasperated look, Raven couldn’t help but feel a sense of pleasure in his heart at the success of his comeback. Although indeed, he would never wear any color other than white, he was immediately taken aback by the fact that he felt this way, hadn’t he always been unperturbed inside? 

“Well! There are several doors! Which door are you going to enter through?” While Raven was thinking nonsense, Claude had already stood up high, “If the main door, there should be a lot of guards, I think it’s good that we enter directly from the tower, there is a window there, the height and angle are okay… Who is the target?” 

“The target is a nobleman in his 40th, tonight is his birthday.” Raven crossed his arms and looked at Claude with great interest, “Your move is professional, are you also a killer?” 

“No, actually I’m just a traveling mage.” Claude smiled sarcastically, “But sometimes, I will be short of money to spend… so I don’t mind moonlighting as a thief or something.” 

“Understood, then let’s get started!” Raven picked up his sword, “Kill every last guest at the party.” 

“I won’t help you kill… that is violence, I will stay away from violence…” 

A white and a black figure leaped up to the top of the tree and skirted to that building in the distance…

This chapter was originally published on Wuxianation; any despicable reposts or copies without proper citings are strictly prohibited.

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