Vol. 18: Chapter 09: Manners Maketh Man

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

The dust gradually dispersed, and the scene in the single room gradually became clear. Inside was a square table exactly the same as the ones in the hall, the tabletop sat only a small basket of baguettes, a jug of water, and a glass. Although the three simple things were just placed casually, the placement between them seemed to have been carefully designed, so that people feel comfortable from the bottom of their hearts. And in such an environment, the desktop and the things on it were still spotless, making the scene all the eerier. 

Of course, the most bizarre one was the person sitting at the table. He sat quietly, even the corners of his clothes were calm, like a statue, he and the room were one. 

The edge of his white mantle hat draped a circle of the mantle so that others could not see the face. He had a white combat suit, white belt, white cloak, white boots… everywhere on his body was white, pure, continuous white, even his package and the longsword placed aside had no trace of other colors. 

Cohen heard the sound of a dry swallow in the outer room. 

The white-clothed man in a still state raised his hand slightly, and the warriors in the outer room hastily drew their swords. The ones who had already drawn their swords out hastily leveled their weapons in front of their chests, and those who had already done the protection adjusted their weapons. Although they had an absolute advantage in numbers, they appeared to be in disorder. 

Cohen’s eyes suddenly glowed, because the man-in-white’s hand moved, as if the stopped time began to flow again, the once dead room was immediately filled with vitality. 

Although he hid behind the white cloth, Cohen could feel the man-in-white’s subtle changes, in which he sensed something familiar as if he had seen it somewhere. 

The man-in-white’s hand was still going up, the crowd then saw that what was between his slender fingers was only a piece of bread. His hand reached into the mantle and lowered it again, putting the bread into his mouth, and then the mantle shifted rhythmically several times, supposedly chewing. His movements were so delicate, so graceful, and obviously with rhythm, that even his enemies could not interrupt him. 

Although he felt like an idiot, Cohen’s eyes had been inevitably drawn to the man-in-white. 

“You, you white assassin!” The warrior leader could not wait any longer, he took a step forward, “The brothers have been chasing you for days, you’ll pay now, blood for blood, stand up and die!” 

The man-in-white was still eating his bread, the movement was not in a hurry. He did not care that he was surrounded, nor did he react to the leader’s threat. He just kept on eating and according to this situation, it seemed that he would continue to eat until filling his stomach or the moment the universe disappeared. 

The warrior leader waved his hand and a sword-bearer from his side leaped up in the air, rapidly sweeping his sword in the air out of an arc-shaped cold light, the end of the track should be finished on the chest of the man-in-white! 

But he dodged, did not even rise from the chair. The only action was that he flipped his wrist! Silent, the flying attacking swordsman’s body suddenly trembled as if his head was hit by something. Then his body uncontrollably rolled backward violently. A mist of blood sprayed before the body tumbled onto the ground. 

The unlucky man had a bloody hole in the middle of his head. Red and white matters began flowing out. It was scary, but the scene turned even quieter. 

No one in the room knew what theman-in-white had used to kill him, except for Cohen, who saw that the murder weapon was actually a ball of bread. 

As Cohen was considering, the glass in his hand subconsciously reached to his mouth, and the man-in-white at this time also happened to put a piece of bread into his mouth, in this moment, the two people’s movements, the position of the hand, the angle of the lowered head, even the body posture were almost identical. 

Although the two were separated by a layer of cloth, Cohen still felt theman-in-white’s gaze rested on him for a few moments. Both of them looked deeply at the other and marked this moment. 

The warrior leader was just about to give the order to attack again, but was interrupted by a long yawn, before he had time to get angry, the man-in-white left the bread, clapped his palms and stood up, took the longsword package aside, and walked out. 

All men stood up, defending and moving, slowly forming a narrow passage for the man-in-white. A number of them from the door rushed out of the pub to stand in position beforehand. In the cautious eyes of all, the man-in-white took out a silver coin and gently placed it on the table. 

“For your trouble.” Then he opened the door to his room. He had a very gentle voice that represented a young man, “Do your job outside.” 

Cohen chuckled and was about to make a few jokes about the scene in front of him when the mantle shading the man’s face was unintentionally lifted by the wind. Cohen coincidently caught the sight of half of his face. In this instant, Cohen’s joking smile immediately froze, his body almost slumped, and the wine glass in his hand slipped off the table. 

The wine splashed as the glass shattered. 

When Leila pulled Cohen out of the trance state with her powerful mental magic, it was already an intense fight outside. Cohen shook his head, snapped out of his confused look, and then with a single bound of his body, he had passed through the window! 

In the midst of the melee, his reckless action immediately attracted several warriors to attack. A dagger and a sword sandwiched Cohen. Although their speed was quick, in Cohen’s view this kind of attack was not a threat. 

Cohen rolled in the air, then landed behind the two attackers, landed on his toes while his hands reached back, grabbed the two men’s belts, and threw the two living men into the battlefield. The action seemed casual, but just in time to land the two warriors to the feet of the man-in-white. 

In the siege the man-in-white figure slightly rotates, toe hit the ground, the two suffering warriors immediately altered direction, their body was tossed out of the field, fell to the ground without any movements, apparently dead. 

Cohen’s interruption inevitably caused a break of the encirclement. The warriors were reluctant to fight Cohen because dealing the man-in-white alone had already rendered them low manpower. 

At once, someone spoke out to warn him, “Friend! It’s none of your business, get outta here!” 

“Ah! It’s okay, you guys go on fine, I promise I won’t disturb you.” Cohen’s eyes stayed on the man-in-white, and only then did he notice that he hadn’t drawn his sword. 

This answer embarrassed the warrior leader, and who would believe Cohen’s words in this situation? 

At this critical moment, the carriages that were parked at the roadside opened their doors and a dozen more men stepped out. As soon as these people in strange costumes got out of the car, Cohen was shocked to see that some of them were actually Scorpion Warriors whom Cohen was very enthusiastic about! 

The Scorpion Warrior was the force trained by the Dark Temple. What did they come here for? Was this man-in-white that powerful? Cohen’s heart was full of questions. 

The warrior who came down from behind took over the encirclement of the man-in-white without moving. Then a warrior in black walked up to Cohen. 

“What is your identity? What is the purpose of your visit?” The warrior spoke up and asked Cohen. 

“I… I’m a traveling apprentice magician, my name is Turner.” Cohen had to pull his gaze back, “Traveling, traveling only.” 


Cohen dug around in his pocket for a while before handing over the papers he had bought. The warrior looked at it and tossed the papers back to him, “Get out of here.” 


Cohen agreed and put the documents in his pocket, but the warrior, who had turned around to leave, took the opportunity to turn his back on his body and drew his combat knife, and struck a diagonal slash at Cohen! 

“Wha- ” Cohen made an exaggerated cry, then flipped up to the roof, his fast and agile body skills even caught the Scorpion Warriors’ attention. 

“Oi oi! I’m just a traveling mage! Why are you attacking me?” Although he was not sure where he had made a mistake, Cohen was still on the roof screaming against injustice. 

The man-in-white was watching while Cohen juggled. 

“You deal with this man.” The warrior who had attacked Cohen earlier assigned the task, “We’ll take care of the man-in-white.” 


As soon as the chief’s beckoned, someone aimed a hand crossbow at Cohen, and as they shot at Cohen, a dozen warriors, including the Scorpion Warriors, began to surround the white-clothed man. These people should be special soldiers on par with the Scorpion Warriors, and from their advance and retreat coordination work, they seemed to be much more powerful than Cohen had seen on the battlefield, and their combat power was even higher than that of the Templar White Knights! 

Faced with such an attack, the man-in-white finally drew his longsword, and as usual, his movement of drawing looked so elegant and smooth. So much so that a certain ‘traveling mage’ who ‘took’ an arrow and ‘died’ let out a heartfelt exclamation of admiration. 

“I really don’t understand what’s going on in your brain?” Leila commented as she landed at the corner of the house, “What does this person have to do with you?” 

“You will understand when you see his face.” Cohen’s eyes opened a thin slit, catching the man-in-white’s every move, “It’s lucky for an ordinary person to come across such a thing once or twice in his life!” 

The field was in a slaughtering mess, and the battle was thrilling. More than a dozen colorfully-dressed figures were flying up and down near the man-in-white, but in Cohen’s eyes, all had faded away, the only one worthy of his attention in the field of vision was the man-in-white, his thrust, his parry, he wandered through the field in such an elegant posture, his every subtle movement becomes so clear, so familiar. 

The man-in-white’s weapon was a two-finger wide longsword, but this ordinary longsword in his hands had become a living thing, his stabbing was crisp and smooth, his picking and slashing were light and floating. Ordinary people would call this a fight, but to Cohen, it was more like a dance. The sound of metal colliding was just like the music accompanying this dance, even the beat was not bad at all! 

Although this was not deliberately done by the man-in-white, no one can make such spontaneous and smooth movements, all his movements were so natural, so intoxicating. 

“Good! Good job!” After the man-in-white had disabled over several people with a beautiful triple stab, Cohen had completely forgotten that he was pretending to be dead and shouted his approval from the roof; it was also at this time that the people on the ground knew that he was still alive and well, so they cursed and resumed their focus on Cohen. 

For Cohen, any interruption of his viewership was unforgivable. So he handed over the defense to Leila so that he could concentrate on continuing to watch from the sidelines. And Leila was just in time to cast the long-shelved summoning magic, 5 huge stone men hence emerged from the ground and beat the shit out of the ordinary warriors with their huge fists. 

The man-in-white was not slow to swing his sword. One moment, he was like a swallow flying in the sky, and the next he turned into a butterfly fluttering between flowers, attacking his warriors opponent one by one. Although there were mists of blood everywhere, his white clothing has not been stained with a trace of color other than white. 

“Excellent, excellent.” This contrasting scene was taken in by Cohen’s eyes without a glimpse, “It’s superb.” 

“Other than the killing, I don’t see anything peculiar.” Leila did not take care of Cohen’s mood at all, “The smell of blood here is too strong.” 

Cohen was in an extremely good mood at the moment, smiling without arguing back. And the fight in the field was almost over, only 4 warriors were left. The warrior leader made a low cry, then the 3 people thrust out, hoping their last attack could work. 

“Poof, poof, poof, poof!” 

After four dull sounds, 4 bursts of blood erupted between their eyes, all four of them leaned back and fell without screams, or wails, only the sound of broken weapons fell to the ground. In the breeze, the man-in-white who could not stop his clothes from flying spun around and made himself face Cohen, the whipping cloak slowly rested. The backhanded longsword tucked behind him slanted over his left shoulder to reveal some of the tip of the sword. It was glittering as the sunshine rayed on it. 

He did not look up, but Cohen, who stayed on a roof, felt that he stood taller than himself. A proud figure was mixed with a little loneliness, a noble temperament with some severity. Although the ground was full of blood and corpses, he did not let his white figure taint with any point with the incongruous killing breath. 

“Pop, pop, pop!” Cohen clapped his hands lightly, with a smile on his face. 

“Come down and fight.” The man-in-white waited for a moment, and when he saw that Cohen still did not make any other moves, he could not help but urge out loud, “I’m in a hurry.” 

“Be my guest, I’m just a little traveling mage.” Cohen smiled and replied, “You don’t really need to pay attention to me.” 

“If I make the first move.” The man-in-white admonished Cohen in his pleasant voice, “You won’t stand a chance.” 

“Don’t scare me like that! It’s not like I’ve done anything bad.” Cohen crouched on the roof, hands casually resting on his knees and swaying, though in an ungainly position, he said playfully, “Traveling alone? How do you like a companion?” 

“No need.” From the unchanging tone of the man-in-white, we can tell that he was not interested in Cohen’s proposal at all. 

“Don’t reject me so forcefully! I am very sincere. I am a person with many advantages, you will not understand without hanging out with me a little. If you reject me, it will be the biggest loss in your life, and seeing that you are about to suffer a loss, how can I not remind you of it? In fact, I am fully qualified to make this suggestion. First, I am handsome, second, you also look handsome, and third…” 

In the midst of Cohen’s incessant lobbying (at least Cohen himself thought it was lobbying rather than nonsense), the man-in-white flipped his wrist and swept toward the roof with his longsword. 

“Don’t use violence!” Cohen shouted to dodge the man-in-white’s attack, mouth kept on talking, “Violence is immoral and irrational, most of all cruel! Only smelly barbarians use it, we are all civilized people, let’s talk properly! Oops! It’s dangerous! Can’t you calm down a bit? You look like a gentleman with reasons, we can use other ways to communicate…” 

The man-in-white’s consecutive sword attacks were dodged, he stopped for a moment, “Take out your weapon.” 

“I’m using it.” Cohen giggled a little, “I am using the most sincere words to dispel your murderous spirit, oops – you sneak attack! Bad boy… At least say something back! I’m talking with my heart and you still take such a big sword to attack me. Although you failed, you have hurt my pure… feeling!” 

Leila was furious with Cohen’s speech and behaviors. After several failed communications with her telepathy, Cohen took the time to respond to her and let her remove the man-in-white’s mantle hat, and after seeing it, Cohen told her that she will naturally understand everything. While the man-in-white was concentrating on chasing Cohen, Leila calculated the trajectory and created a very small wind blade that cut the man-in-white’s veil into two. 

As the mantle fell, the man-in-white’s face was exposed to the sun, this time, as if the time stopped, even Leila froze. 

His face slowly revealed to Leila’s line of sight: golden hair, clean face, tightly-pressed lips, clean eyes. Although he wasn’t saying anything, the expression, attitude, facial contours were almost identical to that of Fischer Summers! 

“It’s shocking, isn’t it?” Cohen’s words echoed in Leila’s head, “If he puts a smile on the corners of his mouth, he’s exactly like Fischer, and I could hardly believe my own eyes when I saw it just now.” 

“Yeah right!” Leila hopped, jumping from one corner of the house to another, looking at various angles and directions; the more she looked, the more he’s like Fischer. 

The man-in-white was also a bit surprised when his hat was inexplicably knocked off, but he thought that this sudden attack should not come from this playful “traveling magician” in front of him, there should be other enemies around. Although his body did not move, his keen perception has searched the surrounding several passes, in addition to that hoping bird, he did not find any abnormalities.

“Ah… that, brother.” Cohen waved at him, the smile on his face could put people to death, “Can I know your name?” 

“There is no reason to tell you.” The man-in-white’s perfect lips opened, his words were ever so clear and pleasant to the ear. 

Now Leila had fully understood Cohen’s behavior after seeing his appearance. 

“Must I have a reason?” Cohen asked stupidly. 

“Must.” The man-in-white never used any intonation aids when he spoke, although he didn’t mince words, which made his tone a bit flat. 

“Of course there’s a reason, just wait!” Cohen grimaced and scratched his head, a rude gesture that had completely separated him from his identity as a traveling wizard, “There – I knocked off your hat, that should count as a reason, right?” 

“Not really.” The man-in-white put away his longsword, turned around, and walked off the roof, “Follow me again and I’ll kill you.” 

“Hey! Don’t be so rude, okay?” Cohen shouted several times, but the man-in-white still ignored him and walked away. 

“What a cold person! What should I do?” Cohen frowned and rubbed his chin, “Leila, what do you think of his character?” 

“How do I know his character? Besides, you’re not going to matchmake him, why ask about his character?” Leila replied, “What are you going to do? Going after him, or not?” 

“Definitely, I’m not the kind of idiot who believes that we’ll meet again.” Cohen shook his head to answer, “But you heard him, if I go after him without a reason, he will cut me; and I don’t want him to cut me with a sword. Do you think I should go?” 

“Although I can not say there is a need for this, if you want to, just go!” Leila coldly snorted, “When was the last time you had a lack of reason?” 

“Yeah! Ya right! As long as I want, I can find a reason?” Cohen also followed with a cold snort, “Wait, here I come,” Then he tumbled off the roof with a flip, “Innkeeper? Where’s the Innkeeper?”

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