Vol. 18: Chapter 03 : Tough Decision

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

On the day of the execution, all the relatives and men captured with Luhrmann were skinned alive, leaving Luhrmann alone to continue to laugh at the altar, if that sound could still be called ‘laughter’. 

Every once in a while, the officer overseeing the execution would give Luhrmann a break and let the physician rejuvenate him. And the formerly mighty Luhrmann, whose will had now been completely destroyed by the sheep’s tongue, could not stop begging the officials to give him a clean death. But the clerks all plugged their ears and were without reactions. 

The king had words to make the rebel Luhrmann laugh for 3 full days before he died. At the same time, because Luhrmann’s laughter was so horrible, the foreign delegates all ran away soon after the king left. 

People say that Luhrmann’s laughter was like the devil’s cry, especially at night it became more unbearable, the sound of laughter constantly echoed in the quiet night sky, making the residents near the altar shudder, giving them sleepless nights. 

Fortunately, the palace had a brand new magic barrier, so the laughter could not be heard. But officials of all ranks approached the Chancellor the next day, hoping that he could persuade the king to end Luhrmann’s life early, so as not to cause everyone to sleep badly, the sound of laughter, if anything, was too unpleasant to hear! 

The Lord Chancellor, however, did not make any comment on the matter, in fact, he felt very relieved at the death of Luhrmann. Especially living in the palace and thinking of his good friend at times.

“Bear with it! There are less than two days away.” The Lord Chancellor told the officials, “The king is rarely happy. And if he is unhappy, the king is gonna let it out on you guys.” 

The officials thought about it, it was only three days, right? It would pass if they endured it. 

A heavy dungeon door was violently pulled open in a secluded corner of the royal palace. The harsh sunlight rayed down from the extended doorway, instantly blinding the eyes of the only prisoner. 

This person was fixed to an iron shelf, simply unable to avoid the light. She could only side her head. The gorgeous robe was wrapped in filth, fine jewelry has long since disappeared. The pale cheeks sunken deeply, a pair of large eyes without the slightest liveliness. Only a little numbness remained in the eyes. The only thing that one could tell was this was a woman. 

The voice of the guarding officer echoed, “Bring up the prisoner!” 

Two soldiers turned the winch and pulled up the rebel pseudo-princess with an iron frame, after which they removed the torture instruments and dragged her to the officer. 

An elf came forward and carefully examined the magic seal on her arm and confirmed Lisa’s identity. 

“It’s her.” The elf handed the order to the guarding officer, turned to Lisa, and said, “Come with me.” 

Lisa bowed her head, did not answer the elf’s words and dragged her shaken body to follow. 

The group passed the lofty palace buildings and walked toward the harem. Along the way, Lisa’s tightly closed eyes gradually adjusted to the sunlight and began to discern the sights around her; the palace was not new to her, and she certainly knew where she was headed. 

If it was an execution, it should have gone out from the front palace main gate or the harem side gate, without going through the courtyard. Since she was already here, it was clear that someone wanted to see her, so who would this person be? It’s definitely not Visual Kheda, and the four royal consorts did not seem to condescend themselves to see a prisoner.

Cohen Kheda, it must be him. The only person who would appear at this time as a victor to take pleasure in her with cruelty must be him. 

The dull eyes hence were filled with wariness, Lisa examined herself. Was she still a princess? She looked no better than a beggar on the street! 

Lisa’s footsteps stopped at a fountain. She spoke for the first time, not in a high voice but a firm tone, “I want to freshen up.” 

As soon as the words were out, the soldier behind her pushed on her back, and Lisa’s frail body then fell to the ground. 

“Don’t make many requests.” The elf turned around gracefully, “Think about your current status.” 

“I want to freshen up.” Lisa raised her head, a crimson bloodstain hanging on her forehead, her face calmly replied, “I am a woman, I want to freshen up.” 

The elf turned away and did not speak again. Lisa moved step by step to the fountain. To the swirling water, she carefully cleaned up her appearance, tore the tattered robe lace as a whole, and then cleaned her loose long hair, coiled a moderate woman’s hairstyle, then fixed the hair with a clean piece of lace. 

When she was back on her way, Lisa seemed to be in much better spirits, and although she was a little out of breath, she managed to walk to her destination, a small and chicly shaped rooming house in the harem. 

“Captain Malphite, the prisoner.” The elf stopped and reported to a tall orc officer. 

The orc nodded and led Lisa into the room. 

Through the two layers of carefully set window screens, the harsh sunlight became very soft, and there was a slight cool breeze brushing around. The summer heat was dutifully tamed in this building. 

Following the sky-blue carpet, Lisa walked to the middle of the room, stopped, and then raised her eyes slightly. And at the end of the carpet, there was a man standing with his back to her, a silver cloak covering most of his body, his long, tied-up black hair hanging over a carefully embroidered stand-up collar and down to the cloak in contrasting colors. 

“Sir, she’s here.” 

Cohen Kheda raised a hand and waved it lightly at his side, and the guards in the room immediately exited. Then he turned his body, hence his majestic gaze enveloped Lisa. 

The two individuals were separated by a distance of ten paces. 

In Lisa’s eyes, the man in front of her was no longer the same as the Cohen of her memory. The child who was so pure and simple that he looked like an idiot could no longer be compared to him. 

His gaze now contains a lot of things she did not understand, although he did not speak, an invisible, majestic aura extended, daring Lisa’s eyes. 

Lisa’s face regained some liveliness, the demeanor was neither miserable nor unruly. Although dressed in tattered clothes, Cohen could see that she had done her best to clean up. If not for the few drops of water that dripped down her hair onto the carpet, others would have thought this was a young woman from an ordinary home and not a prisoner. 

After a moment of silence, Lisa lowered her body and gave a courtly lady’s courtesy to Cohen. 

Cohen quietly looked at this familiar stranger, at the face that has not changed much. His heart can not help but surge of thoughts, his brain in a trance as if they were taken back to his youth. How time flew. That year that young self would never think that one day the two will meet in such a circumstance. 

It was because of this woman that he came to the holy capital for the first time and came across the series of things that happened afterward. If not for her, he would not have been injured, let alone met Fischer. The many years of experiences, bitter or sweet, perhaps would not have happened. At least, this individual was a key to the change of his life. 

When thinking of Fischer, Cohen can’t help but think of the first meeting with him, two teenagers who didn’t know any better, met in a grassland, at that time, he lifted up his face visor with one hand, revealing his clean face, and reached out to him with the other hand. There was a genuine smile on his face, and a pure-blue sky behind him, a few white clouds floating lazily, and Cohen himself, half dead. 

“I know you, you are Cohen Kheda.” 

Instantly, the smile along with the blue sky and white clouds came to mind. 

Cohen even felt that as soon as he walked out of this room, he would see Fischer leaning against the porch pillar, and he would give himself a faint smile and say, “How was the meeting with that woman?” 

His smile will be mischievous, his eyes will be a little bit gloating, and the mixture of words will make people want to punch him. 

Was this really going to happen when he walked out of this room? While deceiving himself, and trying desperately to convince himself with the truth, Cohen’s mind was not on Lisa at all.

“Good day.” With a slightly hoarse voice uttering a greeting, Lisa’s hands were then clasped in front of her body, and her gaze was leveled at the man who had almost become her husband. 

“There’s something I need to tell you, your father is being executed, right there on the altar.” Cohen kept a cold expression on his face, “This is a long process, it may take another two days, and your husband is being executed together.” 

“I see.” Lisa did not show any sadness or panic, “So when is my execution?” 

“You seem to be in a hurry to die.” Cohen stepped forward, but his eyes looked out the window, “Your father begged me to spare you before the execution, and you didn’t feel anything at all?” 

“What do you think is the right way for me to show my feelings at this moment?” Lisa replied flatly, “In your honor’s mind, I have long since ceased to be a normal person, right? After all, I have made you seriously wounded or near death, it would be a strange thing if you spare me. Since it is hard to escape death, why should I bother to show my feelings regarding your words?” 

Hearing Lisa’s mention of this matter, Cohen was not angry. He thought only of the series of events that happened after the injury, the meeting with Fischer as if he was in that meadow again, and as if the sound of dense hoof beats rang in his ears, Fischer’s horse team was shouting and approaching from behind. A faint gentle breeze seemed to have brought the fresh fragrance of wild grass. 

“The world has changed. It’s been only a few years, you are already talking like a politician .” Cohen replied casually. 

Lisa stared at the side of Cohen’s face and found that the man’s eyes were no longer stern, and the previous compelling posture had been replaced by a gentle one, “Your Grace is very kind, I am not racking my brains to stay alive, and I do not regret what happened. If I were given another chance, I still would stab that dagger into your back.” 

“Good.” Cohen smoothly unhooked a dagger from his waist and tossed it in front of Lisa, “Here’s your chance.” 

The sheathed dagger bounced twice on the carpet and finally came to rest at Lisa’s feet, the inlaid stones reflecting cold light that penetrated the surface of her shoes. Lisa’s gaze rested on her feet for a long time. 

“Thought you had become so smart, but you still haven’t grown much.” Cohen said taunting words, his face did not change in the slightest, “The moment you came into that door, you have been deliberately struggling to live. Mentioning the stab was to make me remember the past, hoping to have half a chance to live…” 

“It’s up to you!” Lisa suddenly raised her head, “Your Excellency, I have nothing to say! And what is your purpose in bringing me here? If you want to humiliate me, be my guest! I hope Your Excellency is accustomed to seeing this broken body!” 

“Is that so? I see.” Cohen put his hands behind his back and said with a slight nod, “Your fate will be decided by the interior officer, get out.” 

“I don’t ask for anything, if I am to die, please Your Excellency, at least allow me to change my clothes.” Lisa gathered her hair and gave another lady’s courtesy to Cohen before turning toward the door. 

Lisa stepped out of the room, the two doors slowly closed, in the “snap”, the door lock shut. 

And Cohen has been watching the dagger on the carpet, his emotion turned cloudy and uncertain. 

When he thought of himself back then, Cohen couldn’t help but smile. He bent down to pick up the dagger and sat on a chair. 

At that time, he, and the prince lying together in the carriage… must have been a fool in other’s eyes, right? With one half-dead and the other seriously wounded, they were still outlining their dreams for the future, Fischer’s idea was to be a good king, right? 

Although when it comes to this part, he was always a little helpless. Fischer would make fun of him and later ask him to travel the world with him. He always had many reasons.

But time flew really fast as if everything had changed in the blink of an eye. And suddenly he had become a different person. Fischer’s family had a misfortune. And himself has replaced Fischer and become the king of an empire. 

Thinking about the latter, Cohen’s face gradually coldened. 

If, if there was a second chance, he would do his best to undo it all, no matter what the cost. What’s the point of making a name for yourself if you can’t have a friend to share it with? What about conquering the continent? 

But now there seemed to be no such opportunity… At this moment, Fischer was sleeping in the ice crystal, but he was standing here in a royal gown, managing this bullshit empire. 

This was the iron-cold truth, it was hammering heavily against the front and back of Cohen’s body so that Cohen could not breathe. With the power of their own, they can not shake the facts. If these things can not change, what use of it if he could change the world! This continent simply can not be compared with the life of a friend. 

The projection of sunlight on the carpet slowly moved, light spots changed shape, encroaching on a piece after piece of colorful patterns, and finally crawled to Cohen’s feet. Sulking into contemplation, Cohen was not aware of the time. But his face was ever gloomier. His eyes were sometimes despondent, sometimes melancholy. 

A glass of red wine traveled its way to Cohen’s eyes, dragging him back from endless thoughts. He looked along the hand holding the glass, a slightly confused gaze swept over the blond arm, and finally rested on Flynn’s face. 

“Drink.” Flynn smiled, put down the glass, and sat down next to him, “Look at you, you’ve been sitting still for a long time. If you feel bored, you can talk to us!” 

Cohen smiled apologetically at his wife and took the glass, “Can you do me a favor.” 

“Is there something difficult to decide?” Flynn whispered, “Tell me if you can!” 

“Now exactly.” The wine glass stopped to his chest, and Cohen’s gaze was directed to the door, “I suppose you saw that woman outside the door?” 

“Lisa, isn’t she? We’ve met.” 

“Please, just one favor?” 

“I’m your wife, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to say please, does it?” Flynn smiled slightly, “Tell me, dear, I will try my best.” 

“That woman outside, handle her for me!” Cohen stood up and sighed, “Whatever the outcome is, just don’t let me know.” 

“Okay, leave it to me.” 

Cohen nodded, “I’m going to take a break, this air is too dull.” 

Not long after, an officer carried a wooden barrel up to the altar. Several soldiers poured the barrel of strange little crawlers into Luhrmann’s mouth. Almost immediately, Luhrmann’s miserable howl was more than an octave higher, so much so that all the people and animals in the three miles around the altar ran away. 

This mixture of all the sounds that human beings can make came to an abrupt end after half an hour, and Luhrmann’s body was then wrapped in layers of magic and carried away. 

And at this time, the king was taking advantage of this rare free time to familiarize himself with his new home, such a large palace, if not careful, one will be lost quickly. And the peculiar character of King Cohen would not like to be followed by a large tail of chambermaids. 

The palace of Divine City has a history of more than 400 years, plus the Summers family has had several kings who enjoyed the pleasures of the past, so the building cluster has undergone several large-scale expansions, in which the most extravagant one, the walls expanded outward for the length of an entire district. 

Since the most recent few kings were enlightened and honest, the palace was not further expanded in addition to routine maintenance. But there were already quite a handful of buildings. As the heart of the administration of an empire and the residence of the royal family, the palace has been fully able to carry out its mission. 

These days, King Cohen and Leila led a large group of magicians built a dozen large and small magic arrays both inside and outside the palace, then further allocated detailed delineation of the defense areas for the king’s guard, in order to ensure that the security of the palace was foolproof. 

On the advice of the Interior Supervisors and the Chancellor, King Cohen redefined the various parts of the palace, and even the offices of the heads of the Interior and Military Departments were all moved into the palace. 

The huge square in front of the palace was removed of all unnecessary decorations and was hence only used for military parades, festivals, or popular gatherings. 

The main gate of the palace has been repaired, its walls were much higher than before, and the defenses have been reorganized. The moat surrounding the palace was being widened. And in addition to the original 6 turrets, two new ones have been added atop of the palace walls, totaling 12 turret spires over the capital. 

Entering the main gate was a medium-sized square, which, at the request of the Chancellor, was kept as it was, unchanged, and was dedicated to royal celebrations. The huge building behind the square was the former Council Building, which was five stories high, all built with white stone as the outer wall. Each of the building’s floors was equipped with huge floor-to-ceiling windows and jade fences, and the top of the building was a huge dome with a staid style. 

The whole building looked brilliant and atmospheric. It was the place where the empire held various meetings and where the king received local officials. The royal balls were also held on the first floor here. 

To the left of the square were the army offices, and to the right was the interior office, each dealing with their own affairs, both with their own meeting rooms and information rooms. In addition to these, there were also two king’s guard quarters and the garrison station. These buildings together formed the front of the royal palace, all under the protection of the main magic array. 

Toward the rear, after a heavily guarded wall was the main palace, which was the most vital location in the entire empire. 

At the center of the main palace was the tallest building in Divine City – the nine-story Royal Council Building. The architecture of this building was different from that of the former council building, with stained glass floor-to-ceiling windows and huge graphics inlaid with various colored stones highlighting the royalty. 

The vast square in front of the building, the high abutment below, and the long royal boulevard were all made of large pieces of jade. The platform of the Council Building alone was taller than a typical three-story building. 

The roof of the building was made up of 5 large spires, under which was the king’s private roof garden. 

On the first floor was the palace hall, which was so spacious that it could accommodate thousands of people at the same time without being too crowded, and it was also one of the most majestic halls in the capital city. 

The interior was decorated in silver, the floor was covered with a piece of finely woven wool carpet, the surrounding walls were full of reliefs based on myths and legends, hundreds of charmingly shaped sterling silver lamp holders hanging down from the roof, soft magic lights around the clock, the entire hall illuminated to a fine visible. 

The upper floors were the king’s private office, which was not accessible to anyone without special permission, except for the royal members and the core court members. 

The palace hall was the place where the king held his court meetings, and according to the rules of King Cohen, every three days, the head ministers from the departments would gather here to debrief the king, and ordinary officials were not even qualified to approach the building. 

There were about two hundred rooms in the upper floors, and King Cohen assigned the upper floors and the terrace garden to the Chancellor and the four interior supervisors, giving them a place to conduct their ritual business beside themselves, leaving only the highest floor as a private space for himself. 

After the Royal Council Building, there were two other larger symmetrical buildings along the centerline of the capital city, the Royal Archives on the left and the Royal Library on the right. 

The buildings stretching further outward were the offices of the various intelligence systems on the left, and the offices of the Interior Prosecutor, the alien chiefs, and the Ministry of Justice on the right. A large number of king’s guards, one squad guarding each office were stationed there. They had extensive training facilities available, and a special martial arts arena. 

The front palace and the main palace were guarded by the king’s guard and were commanded under military rules. There was not a single chamberlain, let alone a chambermaid, to be seen in these places. Of course, Leila, and the chambermaids accompanying the members of the royal families did not count, nor did the female warlocks in charge of the defense. 

Behind the main palace was the harem where the royal family lives. The harem was huge, accounting for half of the entire palace. The architecture and design of the palace were beyond the word ‘exquisite’. It was only natural because Swabia has always been affluent, therefore the palace building was perfect. There were no limits in the kinds of materials used. Some past kings even had personally supervised the construction. 

In the empire, each generation of the most outstanding architects dreams of one day showing their skills here. If there were a top 10 best architectures on this continent, this Swabian harem alone can be in the top five. 

There were three royal gardens, five artificial lakes of various sizes, a training ground, a horse-racing arena, more than 30 buildings of different styles, and countless pavilions built to the environment. The other members of the royal family live on the right side, and the king and his concubines’ children live on the left side. The various regions were clearly separated and impenetrable. 

It was this beautiful green and red scenery that gave Cohen a big headache. It wasn’t a huge reason, he just felt that the roads here were too complicated, unlike the roads in the front and the main palace, which were so straight that they were clear at a glance. 

According to the suggestions of the interior supervisors, a new building was being prepared on the square outside the palace gate of the harem for the exchange and gathering of scholars. The king himself, however, showed rare attention to the new construction and was personally involved in the design. 

The officials did not voice much opposition to this matter; in fact, they had mentally prepared for the extensive destruction of the capital before the war and had raised a large sum of money for its restoration in advance. But the king who commanded the battle of the holy capital landed minimal destruction, therefore this sum was saved. Compared with it, this small spending at hand was nothing, as long as it was used to make the king happy. 

The day after Luhrmann’s execution, King’s mother, Catherine Hagrid held a ceremony in the royal garden. It was simple but solemn in order to pay tribute to the late king and queen. Visual Kheda accompanied his wife, and two other princes also attended. But the king insisted on not attending and ended up just standing at a distance to follow the ceremony. 

Cohen’s heart has always had a sense of regret for King and Queen Climos. He did not want to be too close, because such a scene which was buried deep in the heart of the tragic past might turn up. 

In fact, standing a little farther away can not avoid such a situation at all, but “the farther away, the less harm” was something the naive half of Cohen believed and was supported by another tough half character firmly. But in the view of outsiders, this was very odd. 

The two personalities in Cohen’s body were torn apart by the magic of the Asmodian young princess, and because of this, Cohen barely escaped the fate of being demonized. 

After the last meeting with Marshmallow, Cohen’s mental state was stimulated by the good news and the two personalities in his body had been completing their fusion at a very fast pace. The two personalities were freed from their antagonistic and mutually oppressive situations, compensating for each other’s flaws and moving toward the same goal. 

After the ceremony, Cohen went to see Fischer as usual. In his mind, Fischer was a big living person, and it was just a matter of time when he could wake him up. 

Although the whole person was wrapped in a huge magic crystal, Fischer’s face had a faint smile, Cohen was not able to guess his smile. What’s so funny, Fischer?

By the time King Cohen walked out of the room, a message-carrying chamberlain had long waited outside the cordon with an anxious face. 

“What happened?” Cohen walked over and asked slowly and methodically. 

“Your Grace, a special messenger sent by the supreme race has arrived, and the Lord Chancellor has asked you to come to the front council building.” 

“An emissary from the god? It came a little too soon, didn’t it?” Cohen wondered in his heart, “Do you know who it is?” 

“I don’t know the details of the situation.” 

Cohen waved away this chamberlain and told someone to bring his horse over. In such a large city, the distance between the harem and the front council building was quite a journey. One would be exhausted.

On the back of Raven Jr, Cohen followed the special passage to the front palace, then passed through the military department, and finally dismounted outside the transitional hall next to the front council building, and went up to the top floor of the council building with several officials. 

When the guards at the entrance shouted out the announcement, the long-waiting Chancellor and the messenger of the Gods both stood up and turned their heads to look at the entrance. 

After occupying the palace, King Cohen resumed his old appearance and began to wear full body armor again. He stood in the doorway, flicked his helmet visor upward with his fingers, revealed his face, and surveyed the short God’s emissary with a sightless gaze. 

“Greetings, Your Grace.” The so-called messenger of the gods was nothing more than an elderly priest of the temple, who was bending down to salute at this point, “I am sent by the God of Light to deliver a message.” 

After exchanging a glance with his father, Cohen decided to treat him with courtesy and spoke, “Since you are a messenger of the supreme race, there is no need to courtesy, please sit down and talk!” 

“Likewise, Your Grace.” 

Cohen, who has never liked to beat around the bush, immediately asked after sitting down, “I wonder what instructions the priest has brought from the Gods in this visit? You know that Swabia has just been restored and the nation is in desperate need of God’s guide, and we are already eagerly awaiting the Gods’ oracle.” 

“In reply to Your Grace, what I bring is good news.” The priest straightened his robe and ribbon, “First, let me introduce myself, I am Mathieu, the First Cardinal-Priest of the Paradise Island Temple, with a position just below the Red Cardinal.” 

“And then?” Cohen replied casually. 

In reality, our sire, who appeared to be an idiot in some aspects, had no idea what the difference between a First Cardinal Priest and a Red Cardinal was. 

“From what we can see, the Gods have deemed it inappropriate for all three Cardinals of the Temple to come forward, and in fact, the Pope Cardinal has been imprisoned.” Mathieu explained with a smile, “After our investigation, the former Pope did participate in the Swabian civil rebellion, so it is said that the entire temple is in a sorry mood about this rebellion. We also want to ask Your Grace to be more sympathetic to us, after all, there are still innocent people in the pantheon.” 

“Of course of course.” Cohen dismissed perfunctorily, “There will always be a day when things will be revealed to the world, depending on whether the people can wait for that day to come.” 

“It seems that the king still has some complaints, but that’s not important.” Mathieu smiled generously, “Let’s get down to business! The Gods of Light have agreed to your proposal regarding the punishment of the Swabia pantheon. But there is one condition, you can’t do it yourself, the determination of the guilt of these priests shall be judged by the Paradise Island pantheon, and we will send special people to punish them.” 

“Punished by the temple?” Cohen’s head raced to analyze, “That is to say, the temple has the right to sentence these sinful priests not guilty, or even let them go?” 

“Theoretically speaking, there is indeed such a possibility as Your Grace said.” The cardinal-priest continued, “But please note one thing, Your Grace, the main premise now is that both the supreme race and the Paradise Island Temple have already deemed them guilty, and the people sent to them will naturally not let them go, this is just a determination of the terms of reference. After all, these people are not secular officials, the matter is not big, but the prestige of the temple is at stake.” 

“According to what you mean, the Paradise Island pantheon has already internalized the degree of punishment?” King Cohen looked at the priest in front of him, not even turning his eyes for a moment, “For the sake of my inner peace, just give me a hint!” 

“Your Grace, you are really good at making things difficult for people.” The cardinal-priest said with a bitter smile, “I don’t want to deceive you, in fact, I do know the final resolution to deal with them, but I can’t reveal it in advance in the meantime…” 

After a moment of silence, the three people sitting there all smiled heartily. 

“You’re a smart priest, other things aside, I personally have a good impression of you.” Cohen smiled and stood up, removed his helmet, and also took a few glasses of red wine and handed them to the Chancellor and the priest, “To these friendly conversations, let’s drink.” 

“To have Your Grace’s understanding is the greatest reward of my trip.” The cardinal-priest was very good at his job and immediately ingratiate himself with Cohen, “In addition, I would like to know when Your Grace’s enthronement ceremony will be held.” 

“It’s a serious ceremony, and it can’t be done in a hurry, so we decided to hold it two months later.” The Chancellor approached with his glass, “We would like you to come too.” 

“I’ll try my best! The temple is also very busy due to the civil unrest in Swabia in recent times. I will report the situation here as it is, and I guess the envoy sent will arrive a few days before the enthronement ceremony of the king.” The cardinal-priest said, “If there is nothing else, I will take my leave here, the guards are still waiting for me outside the city.” 

“It’s done. Thank you for your effort. If you have any dissatisfaction, we’ll make it up to you next time” the Chancellor politely said as he sent the Cardinal-Priest all the way out of the chamber, and then arranged the men to escort him out of the city. 

Turning back, the Lord Chancellor had a gloomy look on his face. 

“For decades as an official, the attitude of the Light Gods towards the Empire has never been as ambiguous as it is today.” When Cohen spoke up and asked, the Chancellor replied, “In the past, whether it was the Gods or the grand temple, their answers were never categorical. But this time, their answers make people feel that the attitude is not so resolute!” 

“Could there be some kind of conspiracy?” Cohen smiled mockingly, “Now it’s such a mess, what conspiracy is needed? At most, they are just unhappy with me.” 

“You are now the king, of course, it will not be easy to conspire against you.” Visual Kheda sighed, “However, they can take their anger against you to the ordinary people. Take my advice, curb your temper a little, your sharpness is for killing the enemy, not for telling the enemy to make an early defense.” 

“Understood.” Cohen nodded in agreement, “I will wholeheartedly act my role – a big madman.” 

“There you go again, who gave you permission to be playful in the palace?” 

Cohen was lectured by his father, but he did not care and smilingly asked about the current situation in the provinces. 

“As of today, two governors of the provinces have already sent letters of repentance and publicly declared their affiliation to us.” The Chancellor smiled slightly, “Now that we had the Cardinal Priest’s visit, we are equivalent to being recognized by the Gods. Therefore presumably the governors of those remaining provinces will send letters in a very short time.” 

“I want them to come to the enthronement ceremony, and you can appease them as well, Father.” Cohen sat down against the window, “By the way dad, you said before that you had a way to replace them.” 

The Chancellor nodded with a smile. 

“So. Would two years – Nah, a year and a half be okay?” Cohen’s eyes sparkled. 

“A year would be fine, as long as we have our Lord Justice who knows how to work together.” The Chancellor nodded, “O these old empire faction officials! They are not clean, none of them, and no one has not done anything nasty, one year is enough for Jack to get hold of ironclad evidence.” 

“OK, I will provide him with the opportunity to make a reputation here.” Cohen almost laughed out loud, “Then I’ll go to the general staff officer and tell him to prepare to send troops to these provinces.” 

“Why the rush?” The Chancellor turned around and asked. 

“Nothing to do with idleness!” Cohen’s voice came from the stairs. 

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