Vol. 18: Chapter 01 : Die Laughing

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

In the five days after the battle for the capital, the army, and the police, with the cooperation of the intelligence system, went through all the buildings in Divine City more than 20 times, regardless of the building size and value. And only after making sure that the city was absolutely safe did the administration move into the capital.

On the 6th day, Chancellor Visual Kheda and four members of the IA supervisors also arrived. When they entered the city, the President of the Royal Academy and the General Chief of Staff officer of the Swabian Royal Army came to greet them. Because the Chancellor has always acted in a low profile, no one else was arranged to greet them except for the necessary security personnel. Despite this simple scene, the size of his fleet was still huge. 

LooChancellor at the walls of the capital, which were being rebuilt, the Chancellor looked very happy. As soon as he stopped the academy president’s half-knelt and gratefully patted the white-haired old man. 

“It’s hard for you.” A sincere smile appeared on the Chancellor’s face, “It must be hard to follow Cohen’s work, right?” 

“As long as it’s for the empire, it’s worth everything. Besides the king’s performance has improved this time, what do I have to complain about?” President Lorenzo shook his head with a wry smile. In fact, with his kind of character, following King Cohen’s work was far beyond just ‘a hard work’ in his heart? 

“How is the situation in the capital?” The Chancellor turned his head to look at the General Staff Officer, “Have the lives been stabilized?” 

“Chancellor, the residents are currently at ease in the capital, and the ordinary civilians are very supportive of the king.” Carlos, who was on the side, replied, “The previous battles went smoothly, the city suffered minimal damage. We’re only focusing on the destruction near the city walls, which was more serious. And the palace had almost no damage.” 

“That’s good, I had been worried about that.” The Chancellor nodded comfortingly, “Did the king enter the palace?” 

“He did not enter the palace, The king said he would want to wait for your arrival.” 

“The boy, what is he doing these days?” 

Carlos and Lorenzo looked at each other, and neither replied. 

“What strange things has he been doing again?” The Chancellor immediately understood that Cohen must be doing the incomprehensible again. 

“First, the king has detained the priests of the grand capital temple, from the high priest to the janitorial trainees, all of them.” It was a long time before Lorenzo spoke, “Second, we caught Luhrmann, and the king ordered that Luhrmann be bathed with several buckets of milk every day…” 

This time, even Visual Kheda was surprised, “Milk bath? Why?” 

“Because His Grace promised the high priest to let Luhrmann die with a laugh on his face.” Carlos took over, “His three meals every day were very elaborate, and the king even shared his meals with Luhrmann, and talked to Luhrmann every day.” 

Hearing that, a trace of coldness appeared in the once-elegant expression of Visual Kheda. 

“Ah, Luhrmann! If it were someone else I would wish him luck on his own. But since it’s you, I’m actually looking forward to Cohen’s nonsense this time…” The ruthless eyes flickered away, and Visual resumed his usual graceful demeanor, “Both of you, come to my carriage, let’s go into the city together. ” 

The barracks of the king’s guards are located in the square near the palace, next to the pavilion where Cohen temporarily resided was the place where the disheveled Luhrmann was being held. The prisoner was soaked in a wooden bucket of milk, only his head was above the surface, his eyes staring dully at Cohen sitting aside. 

Since being captured, Luhrmann said very little, except for Cohen’s questions, he basically did not say anything to a third individual. 

Cohen flipped through the documents in his hand. As the victor, his face was not arrogant or elated, but rather a rare calm demeanor. 

“Besides two legions from Porta, which other empires has given you troops?” Cohen looked at the list on the document and asked without raising his head, “Symbia is very generous! It’s sparing everything to fund you. It has been several days, if you could be more forthcoming and say it all at once, we would all save a lot of time.” 

The old man looked at Cohen, his gaze remained dull, his lips twitched a few times but did not answer. 

“No need to be so surprised, you know in your heart that I will not let you go. Although I promised the high priest to let you ‘die laughing’, I can always change my mind if you can’t satisfy me.” Cohen smiled slightly, “If you want to hide something, I can set up a brothel in the army specifically for your daughter, never heard of this stuff, right? Those nasty alien soldiers would love your daughter. I hear she has very fine skin.” 

Luhrmann’s eyes rolled for a moment and spoke with difficulty, “You… can’t do that…” 

Cohen continued to verbally abuse Luhrmann, “How your whole family dies depends on how you die. It’s all on your attitude. But speaking of which, your family’s second young lady is somehow related to me, she almost became my wife…” 

“Let, let her go…” Luhrmann was enchanted on his body and spoke very slowly, “All the sins… were committed by me alone…” 

“Everyone knows your crimes, and you understand that you can not escape death.” Cohen put down the paper in his hand, “But I am still considering the fate of your daughter.” 

“Will you spare her if I tell you the truth?” 

“You must understand that at this moment you do not have room for bargaining, everything depends on my mood. This is the fascinating thing about power.” Cohen stood up, “Because the capital battle went well, I have this good mood to let you live a few more days.” 

At this time, the general staff officer walked in and whispered something in Cohen’s ear. 

“I’ll be back again tonight, and you’d better give me all the answers you can. The fact that you have this good treatment now does not mean that you won’t be tortured the next moment.” 

Cohen told his guards to put away the papers on the table and walked out without looking back, leaving Luhrmann and a few physicians guarding the tent. 

Chancellor Visual Kheda had already started his office, and he and the four interior supervisors had unceremoniously commandeered the king’s pavilion. 

“O, Cohen! How much longer do you want to stay here?” Seeing his son walking in, the father said with a smile, “Your mother has come with me, she wishes to enter the palace early.” 

“I’ve made arrangements, she’ll enter today!” Cohen sat down next to Flynn and picked up the papers she was reviewing, “Why does mother want to enter the palace in a hurry?” 

“Silly child.” Visual Kheda shook his head and said with a straight face, “Your mother wanted to go early to pay her respects to the late king and his wife.” 

“It was my oversight.” Cohen knocked his head in chagrin, “There are too many things, I’m so busy that I’ve lost my head.” 

“I don’t blame you, such a tedious war has made you tired.” The Chancellor was very sympathetic to his son, “I know all about the situation in and around the capital, and I am satisfied with the results of the battle. The troops did well.” 

“There were also many wounded on our side, more than 3, 000 people were sacrificed in the battle near the city walls alone.” Cohen turned his head to look at Flynn, “I want to concentrate these army men for burial, the cemetery should be well made.” 

“Okay, leave this to me.” Flynn put her hand on Cohen’s hand with a concerned look, “Haven’t you had much rest these days?” 

“Fine.” Cohen looked at his wives, “Are you tired from the long journey?” 

The wives had not seen Cohen for many days and were all very worried, but because of the presence of the Chancellor, no one could show their longing. Cohen asked softly at this time, and the four ladies were all happy and shook their heads with smiles. 

“By the way, father, did you read the letter I gave you the other day?” Cohen remembered something else, “Is it in time?” 

“The matter of inviting other empires to attend the ceremony? I have already made arrangements, and the messengers have already left.” Visual answered Cohen while reviewing the documents, “Don’t worry! They have been watching our every move for a long time, and not only will they send special envoys this time, but also tributes.” 

“Originally, this enthronement ceremony could have been simpler, but after careful consideration, I think it’s better to make it big.” Cohen explained, “I have already sent a letter as a Protoss Knight to the supreme race.” 

“On the pretext of the temple priest matter?” 

“Yes, I want to know the attitude of the Gods.” Cohen nodded, “There are many things unclear at the moment, and the attitude of the Gods will largely affect the development of the empire later.” 

“This excuse is well found, anyway, you can not tolerate this group of people, in order to act in the future for convenience, it is right to change this group of priests.” The Chancellor considered for a moment, “But this sending-a-letter method of yours is not very sensible in itself, the gods will not fail to understand your intentions. They will definitely respond in a way that you can’t anticipate.” 

“That I have already thought of.” Cohen smiled, “The method I chose is more blatant, but there is still room for error. Even if the gods will be somewhat dissatisfied with me, but it won’t be serious. The most they can do is to give me a bit of a hard time.” 

“I have no problem with that if you can stand it.” Visual gathered up the papers before him, “Prepare to go to the palace! We have a lot of work to do.” 

“Father.” Hearing that they were going into the palace right away, Flynn got up and asked, “Do we need to hold any ceremony when we enter the palace?” 

“The ceremony will not be necessary.” Cohen made it clear before the Chancellor could speak, “It’s not good to make it too elaborate, besides, there will be the enthronement ceremony soon.” 

“Then let’s keep everything simple.” Chancellor Visual Kheda nodded, “Anyway, there is not even a priest to conduct the ceremony at the moment.” 

Although no ceremony was to be held, the academy president insisted on leading the civil and military officials to line up in front of the main entrance of the palace to welcome the king into the palace. Outside the wide palace gates, officials in formal court dress stood. 

In the opinion of some of the officials, the moment Cohen entered the palace would be the beginning of a happy life for himself – those who stood outside the palace gates at that time, regardless of their official positions, were all the founding court members of the empire! This special status will be very solid and noble, which was not the same as the future officials. 

Cohen did not even have time to show a disgusted expression before the congratulatory voices of the officials rang out in unison, “Congratulations to the king on his entry into the palace – long live the king!” 

At least he squeezed a smile, Cohen nodded frequently to the officials, but in his heart, he wanted to kick them out of the city one by one.

Mr. and Mrs. Kheda stood behind Cohen, and the four ladies stood on either side. 

“Open the middle gate wide.” President Lorenzo stepped out of line, “Welcome the king into the palace!” 

The redeveloped middle gate of the palace slowly opened wide, revealing a jade avenue that led straight to the palace hall and was reserved for the royal family to walk on. On both sides of the road, there stood rows of brightly armored and well-groomed soldiers of the king’s guard. 

Cohen extended his hand and gestured to President Lorenzo. After talking to Cohen for a couple of minutes, the President’s face showed a few hints of shame, but it was King Cohen who was still comforting him. 

A large, tightly wrapped carriage came up from the back and stopped beside King Cohen, and when it stopped, the driver immediately unloaded the horses. 

King Cohen and President Lorenzo went over and held the carriage with one left and one right. Since both His Majesty and the President held the carriage, the officials could not stay away. 

Those who were smarter already knew who was on the carriage, it was the late king – Fischer Summers. 

“Fischer, we’re going home,” Cohen said softly, his eyes could not help but moisten. 

Hearing the words of the king, remembering the face of the late king Fischer, those officials who often worked with Fischer immediately had red eyes and a sense of guilt. The wheels slowly turned, and under the eyes of everyone, the carriage was pushed by hand by the court members with tears in their eyes into the gates of the palace. 

“Attention – present arm!” 

The carriage was pushed all the way to the back of the main hall before the warlocks took over and moved it into a heavily guarded building in the royal garden. In the days following the capture of the capital, the elven warlocks, under the guidance of Leila, had built a brand new magic array using the palace as a defense perimeter. 

Cohen supervised the entire process until the crystal coffin that encased Fischer’s body was placed. 

After everyone else had exited, Cohen patted the magic crystal and said goodbye to Fischer, “Raven, I have to go out to help you run the country, I’ll see you at night.” 

When they returned to the Great Hall, the officials were reporting the current state of the empire to the Chancellor and the Supervisors of Interior. Cohen made a gesture to them that there was no need to interrupt, and sat down casually in his place. 

But the officials’ talking was immediately suspended, and from the look in their eyes, it seemed that many of them were stunned by Cohen. 

Although in Cohen’s mind, this golden gem-studded throne was not much different from other seats. But it looked different in the eyes of a group of officials, who had designed a series of small ceremonies for King Cohen to walk toward and sit on it! 

Cohen looked at the officials who were half amused and half annoyed and asked in disbelief, “What’s wrong? Keep talking.” 

“Yes.” The official who was speaking curtsied, “As far as the immediate situation is concerned, there is no longer a sizable rebellion in the empire. Due to the fact that our troops have blocked the roads in other directions during the capitol battle, most of the scattered rebels fled to Porta. Of course, that involves some noble scums who know they will die. Our suggestion is, can we send cavalry to chase them down? Otherwise, they will regroup in Porta and possibly disrupt our borders in the days to come.” 

“There is no need for that, our army is already very tired from fighting for days on end, besides the focus now is on stabilizing the country, the army should not be scattered even more. It should stay near the capital and continue to deter those provinces that have not yet been clearly attached to us.” The Chancellor had already answered in the king’s place, “As for those scattered rebels, we can reach an agreement with Porta through other means and let it settle for us.” 

“The Chancellor is right, but that is what I’m worried about.” This official said worriedly, “The power conflict within Porta is complicated, and the relationship between the various classes and the rebels has always been ambiguous, so it is highly likely that they will be perfunctory.” 

The Chancellor turned his head to look at Cohen, “Your Grace, what is your opinion?” 

“As far as I can see, it’s not much of a problem.” Cohen sat crookedly on his throne, propping up his jaw with one hand, “Although Porta used to wear the same pants with the rebels, that is an empire, after all, we should treat our neighbors with peaceful means. Don’t send troops to engage on the border just after recovering the empire, or others will say we are not generous.” 

“But Your Grace, as long as these people are not dead, they will always be a hidden danger to the empire.” 

“Don’t worry, we should trust other empires.” King Cohen lazily replied, “If we can’t, we still have God.” 

Once they heard Cohen say this, all the officials knew that the king had a ghostly idea in mind, so they did not continue the discussion on this issue. 

“Your Grace, how should we treat the other provinces that are not attached to us?” 

“This is easy, aren’t you preparing for the enthronement ceremony?” 

“Yes, Your Grace.” The President stepped forward and replied, “Because we have to wait for the special envoys from the gods as well as the foreign empires, the enthronement ceremony will probably not be ready until a month later.” 

“My President, this is a big deal, don’t be so hasty. We’d better hold the ceremony in two months, and I want all the governors of the provinces to attend.” Cohen smiled faintly, “For those provinces that have not yet attached, I will send the acting foreign minister, so you don’t have to worry about it.” 

“Then the decrees for each province will be issued soon?” 

“To all the provinces at the same time.” The Chancellor once again replied in place of the king, “Don’t you understand? The king has already recognized the status of their provincial viceroys. With the promise of the Kheda House, they will not have any objection. With the little strength in hand, they can’t make a big mess.” 

“My lord father is right.” The king concluded with a smile, “They don’t have the power to rebel, so they have to love peace.” 

Hearing the king’s shallow comment, the officials couldn’t comment. What kind of theory is that? 

“Since we’re all here, I have to announce something.” The king did not care about the officials’ feelings, he then said in a lazy tone, “The future meeting of the Great Hall will be held once every three days. The Chancellor and the Superintendents of the Interior will handle official business upstairs, and city officials can ask for an audience each morning. And at any time for special matters, deputy heads of ministries and above, clan chiefs, legion commanders, and above, can see me at any time. Of course, I can refuse if I’m not in a good mood.” 

“Yes, Your Grace.” The officers were reluctant but still conformed. 

“Then, all the ministries will have to replenish personnel. But you should be careful about the selection of people. It is better to have a shortage than to have an overabundance, we can’t let the faint-hearted hold the power, and it is good that right now there are still two months left, so you may be busy for a while.” The king stood up, “At the time of the enthronement, I would like to see a well-functioning system of the interior.” 

“Yes, Your Grace.” 

“Has the capital viceroy Kirk arrived yet?” Cohen’s gaze swept through the officials. 

“Yes.” Kirk hurriedly stepped forward, “At your service, Your Grace.” 

“In another five days, I will execute the rebel leader Luhrmann, right at the capital alter, so get prepared.” Cohen smiled and said, “According to his own request, he will die with a laugh on his face. I want the residents of the capital and the foreign representatives currently in the capital to see.” 

“Yes, Your Grace. Are the other rebel captives also executed at the same time?” 

“Together and together.” Cohen nodded, “There is no need to waste too much time on these filthy scums.” 

“Your Grace, the so-called ‘death with a laugh’ is a special execution technique, not suitable for civilians’ eyes.” The President stepped forward to object, “The people will be displeased with us when they see Luhrmann having such a comfortable death.” 

“Why?” Cohen scratched his head. 

“Because that kind of… is to give Luhrmann several women… let them take the poison together….” 

“No need! Although they all die with a smile, this method of mine is more special.” Cohen laughed, “Kirk, you prepare three hundred sheep, and just starve them for three days.” 

“Yes, Your Grace.” 

“Then everyone, that’s all for today’s meeting. You have just arrived in the capital, and the official residence has just been arranged. You also need some time to settle down with your families, so go back and pack up! I have personal matters to attend to as well.” 

“Thank you for your concern, Your Grace.”

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