Vol. 17: Trivia – It’s Been a Long Time, Divine City

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

It was a smoky sky, chaotic streets. The Dark Army has sealed all 4 gates after it has deployed a proper amount of troops into the city. Like hungry wolves, the soldiers, guided by the liaison agents, conducted a major search throughout the city. They did not intend to spare a single rebel. They were carefully searching every urban area, every street, every house, and every corner! 

“The Dark Army is purging the rebels─open the door!” 

“Everyone stands against the corner──show me your household register!” 

“Where’s the head of the family – face to the fucking wall!” 

“What’s this? A kitchen knife? Fuck! You cut your  bread with an arm and a half long combat sword – take him away!” 

“Where did you get this armor? Where did the blood on it come from? Is this the mark of a traitor – you are one of them!” 

In order to cope with the search activities after the Divine City siege, the logistics department of the Kheda army had prepared twenty wagons of short ropes, but the officers obviously underestimated the seriousness of the situation. There were quite a few civilians in the capital who sympathized with the rebels or were even complicit in the crime. Therefore the ropes used to tie people up were quickly depleted. 

Half of the people kneeling on the street had their hands tied behind their backs, and the other half, if they were unlucky, had their joints dislocated. So the unlucky ones were soaked in sweat and pain, and they hence understood once again that no one could expect to be treated well at the hands of the army. 

Such a widespread purge easily caused panic, and once again the capital was filled with agonies. 

“I’m not a rebel. …… Please spare me, I just bought a knife!” 

“Father, please do not arrest my father! My family owns a pawn store, it’s not strange to have armor!” 

“Be reasonable! We’ve been waiting day and night for you. The rebels took advantage of the people, but we didn’t expect the Kheda family would do the same!” 

In the face of these pleas, the soldiers who had not yet recovered from the war were indifferent, they only recognized one thing in their hearts, order. Nothing could interrupt their determination to carry out their orders. Fisticuffs against civilians were commonplace, and many were beaten and bruised, tumbling helplessly among the rubble. 

To be fair, in the holy capital, which had been the rebel’s base city, it was inevitable that the residents were more or less involved with the rebels. 

Of course, as a regime that has been maintained for some time, the rebellion will have a certain popular base even if it was bad in nature. 

And if the Kheda family wants to take charge of the capital, they have to dig out the people who support the rebels – yes, it’s not an act of mercy, but a wise choice. 

After all, the Kheda family was a prestigious house and would not kill indiscriminately. This was only a wide range of crude selection. After all the suspected people were screened, local intelligence agents, who have been lurking in the capital for a long time, will come to identify the suspects. No one was better than these agents in knowing their own share of jurisdiction. 

The once-be-beggars who used to wander the streets, or the reckless hooligans were not fitted into military uniforms, striding in front of their old neighbors with their swords on the waist. The civilians watched dumbfounded as these men approached them, already too surprised to speak. 

They took the pamphlets and began discerning. 

“This one runs a restaurant. He was forced to buy this armor by rebel deserters this morning, spare him. ” 

“This family of six, two of whom died in the capital rebellion. They hate the rebels, no problem either. ” 

“These people who run an inn also have no problem──Say, madam, next time when you meet a poor beggar, don’t beat him with a stick.” 

The intelligence officer was followed by the interior officials, who, after establishing the family’s innocence, would immediately issue a new household registration for the family and, for those whose joints had been dislocated, would also be given three copper coins as a pacification payment. Although it was only three coins, plus a “sorry”, it meant that the family has been recognized by the Kheda regime. 

So the residents who had been cursing the Kheda family in their hearts a moment before, began to be grateful again. 

“Ouch! Milord, we meet again.” Every now and then, an intelligence officer would uncover a resident who was really pro-rebel, “I remember your son is doing well in the rebel army! He’s made it to lieutenant, hasn’t he?” 

“Please… officer” 

“There’s no need to beg me, speak to the Lord Justice. Mark him down, this one is a rebel party.” 

Soldiers poured in and used large paint pens to draw circles on the faces of the identified rebels, and then re-bound them, regardless of their backgrounds, and took them outside the city to await interrogation and confiscation of all their assets. 

This was done in every district, and on the same day and the next, almost 1/10 of the people in the capital were escorted out of the city. 

The officials of the various systems had long been at odds over the cleanup of the population after the war. Officials of the war administration advocated in situ trials and treatment, as this would have a strong deterrent effect, knowing that there were still a number of provinces in the empire that had not been restored and were still, at least nominally, in the hands of the rebels. 

But the officials of the internal affairs, considering the difficulty of post-war reconstruction and pacification, strongly advocated leniency in dealing with such nationals, and their reasons were justified, On the one hand, they could show the generosity and tolerance of the Kheda regime; and on the other hand, they could also quickly establish a peaceful order. If the business was done according to the opinions of the war administration, one poor decision – say, a widespread indiscriminate killing – would plant a hidden danger in the hearts of the people that would be detrimental to the rule. 

The Chancellor and the Internal Affairs Supervisors did not choose between these two different opinions, but let Cohen decide on his own under the pretext that “the situation at the front was complicated and all decisions were in the hands of the king”. 

When the officials of both factions were granted audience to the king, the palace had just been taken down. 

The officials from both sides debated fiercely in front of the king and argued. But The king Cohen sat back in his chaise longue, with his feet crossed on the railing, and his eyes closed in a very leisurely manner. 

The king opened his eyes only after the men on both sides had talked until their mouths were dry. 

“You have until dusk, before dark, you can arrest people on the basis of clear identification; after dark, all troops return to the barracks, except for the small patrols.” Cohen’s face was without any expression, but neither did he look at the officers sullenly, “In the meantime, the interior officers take over, and the security is given to the police force.” 

“Your Grace, you can’t do that to everyone!” There were interior officials who objected right then and there, shaking their heads like windmills, “It’s not just, it’s not just.” 

If it had been any other king, the officials who said such things would have been escorted down and beaten with a board. But in Cohen’s hands this would not happen, speaking the truth to the king was the most basic right and duty of a court member. 

“The army is coming into the city, a little chaos is inevitable. As long as they do not rape and rob, that are good soldiers. In order to maintain the stability of the empire, what is this grievance to the nationals? To be treated amiably, one must first prove one’s innocence, this is not difficult to understand.” The king enlightened the officials in a calm tone, “This decision is not to please both sides, in fact, one of the competences of the interior system is to try to repair the wounds of the war. In the present case, the army purge is one of the inevitable wounds.” 

“Your Grace, we are making amends! But if the army does this, people will hate them.” 

“I said you guys are stupid! And yet you are not convinced.” Cohen shook his head slightly, “Won’t you direct their hatred to the rebels?” 

“Direct, direct?” 

“To put it simply, it’s a graft, at least you know how to do that, right?” The king crossed his arms and absentmindedly looked out into the distance with his gaze, “Then let the people attend the trial of those arrested rebels personally, let them do it, and those rebel’s property will be given to the people. Once the people have devoted themselves to something, who else will hate their own decisions? ” 

“But, Your Grace…” 

“I have said my decision, go and execute.” Cohen turned his head, “Don’t waste my time.” 

The argument thus ended in the king’s flat gaze, and thus came the strange phenomenon of fist-fighting, loosening handcuffs, and giving money. Interior officials slapped the shoulders of the residents whilst blaming all the faults on the rebels, and for the first time in their lives, the citizens of Swabia were treated differently. 

When a neighborhood was cleared and the interior officials stood on the ruins and passionately announced the end of wartime rule in the neighborhood, the residents applauded and cheered – especially when they heard that there would be a trial in a few days and that they can share the rebel’s property. 

Those pro-rebel residents’ homes are rich, and people have been eyeing them for a long time. Though the physical pain has not yet completely disappeared, everyone was chanting Long Live the King. Therefore Cohen spent nothing himself, but used other people’s assets to stabilize the hearts of the people. 

There were cheers everywhere, while at this time Cohen showed a bitter smile and whispered to his side, “Look, it’s actually not hard to be a king, if you can withstand the disgust.” 

Leila replied, “I thought you were complacent about such tactics.” 

“I got tired of this rogue way a long time ago, in my last life.” Cohen leaned on the railing, “What’s the difference between being a king and being a rogue head?” 

“The exact difference, I don’t know.” Leila showed a very rare smile to Cohen, “If you were a rogue, at least I wouldn’t be with you.” 

Although the king had the nickname of “rascal viceroy”, he never proved it himself. How could this bold maid have said that. It was such a blessing to be with the king! How can she be picky? Anyway, this conversation scared the guards in the carriage to their heels. 

Only the general staff officer shouted hooray in his heart – it’s great to have Leila by Cohen’s side to take the pressure off him now! 

As darkness fell, calm gradually returned to the noisy capital, with police officers checking pedestrians in the streets and interior officials bringing in tents from outside the city for the residents whose homes and businesses had been destroyed, as well as food. 

After treating the army wounded, the medical staff also began to treat the wounded among the residents. Little by little, the capital was recovering. 

At this time, no one else would be more irritable than the Headmaster of the Royal Academy – in fact, the reason for Master Lorenzo’s fury was simple, the Royal Academy had previously been used as a temporary barracks by the rebels, and when he brought someone to protect it, the place was in a mess. 

The courtyard was full of wounded soldiers who could not escape in time, the most sacred pulpit was piled with filthy debris, and the ancient literature was used by the rebels to boil water. What kind of a character was Lorenzo? Once he saw the state of his beloved college, this military discipline supervisor’s eyes immediately reddened. 

More than a thousand rebels were thrown into the street by his order, and he even personally rushed up and slapped the wounded soldiers, although this act did not help the matters. 

It’s a good thing that the adjacent Great Royal Library wasn’t damaged much and remained largely intact. But nothing could be hidden from the shrewd Master Lorenzo, who just checked the catalog of the collection, and the “head of the Royal Library of the Rebel Regime” standing in front of him was so scared that his legs were shaking. 

“Where is the Complete Collection of Firesay? Where is the Guttaw Account? Where’s the History of the Huey? He pointed his finger at the other party’s nose, “If you can’t tell me, I’ll bury you alive!” 

“All, all in the home of the lords… was given out as a gift, I, I have the IOU here…” 

“As a curator, you can not protect the collection – why don’t you just DIE!” 

Master Lorenzo grabbed the IOUs and took an entire battalion of king’s guards out to recover these national treasures. With his position as the Royal Director of Military Discipline, he was able to move freely in the curfewed capital – in fact, he had the respect of the military system. 

The remaining members of the rebel regime were either poisoned by their masters or imprisoned by the Kheda army, and those who had contacted the Kheda family earlier were also much scared, so how could they dare to offend this man who was even more vicious than a soldier when he got angry? 

As a result of the tussle, Master Lorenzo actually gained more than he was owed – the soldiers who went with him did not care what they found, as long as they saw books, they took them away. 

Some people were even robbed of their family trees by the soldiers and ran to the king, but all of them had not been granted audience. King Cohen turned around and had the General Staff Officer draft a commendation for Master Lorenzo’s protection of the empire’s national treasures. 

Now, Master Lorenzo did his job with more vigor, although he said he did not care about the king’s commendation. 

Perhaps as a result of the Lorenzo’s overzealous behavior, someone found the secret mark left by the intelligence officer who followed Luhrmann on a street corner. Shortly afterwards, the news reached Cohen as fast as possible. 

“He’s at the capital Light Temple.” Cohen looked at the general staff officer with a little surprise, “Are you sure?” 

“Yes, Your Grace.” Carlos gave Cohen a positive reply, “This is a bit of trouble now.” 

“Trouble? What’s the trouble?” 

“That… Your Grace, no one is allowed to bring troops into the temple, let alone arrest people. As the spokesperson of the Gods of Light on this continent, they have a status far above that of earthly officials.” Major General Carlos said dryly and explained in a whisper for his king, “In the Protoss Allied Empires, it’s common sense.” 

“Others have scruples about the pantheon, but I do not. Pass the order, surround the temple for me.” Cohen smiled coldly, “Let’s go for a walk!” 

“But Your Grace ……” 

“Cut the crap, the soldiers are going to the sword and the fire because of my word, whilst their king doesn’t even dare to go to the temple. What kind of king is that?” Cohen gestured to Leila to tie his matching sword, “The temple! This young master has been missing for a long time.” 

This was just overheard by Master Lorenzo who walked to the top floor of the siege tower. 

“Well said, Your Grace!” Master Lorenzo took the initiative to salute Cohen for the first time, “Your Grace’s decision is very correct, and I am willing to accompany you.” 

“Is that so? If Master Lorenzo is coming along, I’ll have to get a vehicle.” Cohen put on a kind smile and walked over to talk to the Lorenzo cordially, “Lorenzo, I just realized today that your character is suitable for a soldier!” 

“It’s my misfortune to have the opportunity to display such a character.” Master Lorenzo walked side by side with Cohen on the steps, “Your Grace, I heard that you mistreated my students, in fact they’ve come to me” 

“A small matter, you know the military emergency, how can I have time to reason with them?” 

“But the matter of you insulting art, Your Grace ……” 

“Art varies from person to person, from time to time, and from mood to mood.” 

“You’re being sophomoric.” 

“Thank you for the compliment.” 

Major General Carlos watched the two “old and young bastards” arguing and walking down with a helpless expression. Although he disapproved, he finally shook his head and asked someone to prepare the carriage. 

Divine City is the capital of the Swabia Empire, and as a symbol of the supreme power of the Gods of Light, the scale of the temple building was certainly not small. Just to surround the it, the Kheda army sent out 2 king’s guard regiments. 

By the time the king’s vehicle arrived, an engineer regiment had already dug five tunnels leading from the temple to the outside, completely cutting off the possibility of the target escaping again. 

Cohen got off midway to check one of them, and also chatted with the engineer regiment leader for a few minutes, and finally talked in an infinitely lingering tone about smoked rabbits as a child. 

As soon as the king left, the clever engineer commander immediately ordered his men to peel open the entrance of the tunnel, throw the kind of half-dry firewood, and then light a fire… 

“Ten-hut!” The duty officer at the main entrance gave a shout and trotted to the carriage, “Report, Your Grace, we have just reconfirmed that the target is indeed inside.” 

“Well done.” Cohen stepped down from the carriage, “What was their reaction?” 

“The priests chanted the King of Light quotation aloud and blocked the doorway with their bodies.” The officer looked puzzled, “Is it hard to believe that their bodies can stop swords?” 

“It’s hard for you to know that they are chanting the Light King’s discourse, you have to make up for your common sense.” The academy Master also got off the carriage, “Your Grace, you can enter in the name of a Protoss Knight!” 

Cohen shook his head. 

Lorenzo aggravated his breath and repeated his opinion again, “Your Grace, I request you to enter in the name of a Protoss Knight, and at this juncture, please do not cause trouble for the empire.” 

“My academy master.” Cohen suddenly turned around and placed his hands on the Lorenzo’s shoulders, “I am going to capture my enemy and avenge my closest brother. I don’t want to go in any other identity, just in my personal name, Cohen Kheda’s name. Even if you do not allow it, please indulge my decision this time.” 

After saying that, Cohen let go of his hand, striding towards the main entrance of the temple. The king’s guard had long since rushed out and surpassed Cohen by a distance of several dozen arms, and the Leila in white also followed. 

“Stupid, clumsy and hot-headed!” Lorenzo took a few steps to catch up, in a very small voice he yelled in Cohen’s ear, “You are the king, can not be emotional…” 

“Geez, emotions used to be all I had in my life.” Cohen stopped and glared at Lorenzo with both eyes, “You are free to not follow, but please do not stop me.” 

Lorenzo sighed in his heart and followed Cohen towards the temple gate even though he didn’t agree with Cohen’s approach. 

“Halt – this is the temple, the most glorious and sacred place that cannot be desecrated!” A group of priests huddled at the entrance and warned those who approached in a forceful tone, “Those who dare to offend will surely be punished by the Gods of Light!” 

Such words of endless deterrence to the worldly people had no effect on Malphite and the other king’s guards. The orc leaned toward the door and punched the shouting priest so hard that he flew backwards into the courtyard with a spray of blood from his mouth. 

“Will the great and wise King of Light stand up for you?” Surprisingly, the first one to rush in was Lorenzo, who pointed at the fallen priests and cursed them, and said the first guilt for the priests, “Deceiving the top – it is simply blasphemy for a vile person like you to call the name of the Lord of Light! ” 

The courtyard was in chaos as soldiers poured in behind them amidst the noise. The priests didn’t dare to play the bully with Cohen and the others, but dared to pull and tug with the soldiers, but the soldiers of the Kheda family won’t take this at all. The dispute soon turned into a one-sided fight. 

“How dare you!” A slightly higher-ranking priest stood out from the passage leading to the main hall in the front courtyard of the temple, and he shouted in righteous indignation, “Do you still have the temple and the Light Gods in your eyes!” 

These words were shouted with amplifying magic, and even the soldiers surrounding the temple could hear them clearly. As he shouted, a dozen priests of low status were straining to move a statue of the King of Light, which they had carried from the temple and placed behind the yelling priest. 

“Your Kheda family is going to behave! After entering the holy capital, you did not come to ask for an audience, and did not ask for peace, which was already rude. To the point that now you are actually leading troops to break into the temple!” The priest leaned his back against the statue of the God of Light, and he became more and more justified, beating his chest and shouting, “Come on! Hit this and stomp over it!” 

Cohen remained unhurriedly striding forward as the guard surged forward led by Malphite. Looking at the soldiers’ grim faces, the priests were alarmed, and by the time they felt that things were bad and wanted to bolt, it was too late. 

“Don’t run.” A wingman king’s guard officer pulled the head priest who wanted to bolt and knocked him to the ground with a single punch, “We’ll meet your needs.” 

Then the group of people actually stomp over him. The priests lying on the ground did not understand to their death why things had gone to this point, the status of the temple was incomparably high in every empire, and so was the status of the priests. Usually it took only a look to make people scared out of their wits, why would the priests end up in such a situation today? Could it be that these soldiers were not from the Protoss Alliance? 

Cohen stood on the square behind the main hall and whispered to Malphite, “Find him out.” 

“Yes, sir – get Luhrmann out.” Rock shouted, “Dig the ground and turn him out, alive!” 

The troops responded and scattered in a line, searching every room with swords and lances. 

The soldiers’ rude movements caused a variety of fragile things to break, even the carved jade doors of the main hall were smashed to pieces 

The temple has always been extremely extravagant, and now every cracking sound can make the high priest who hid in the back of the room feel pain. 

After the soldiers succeeded in demolishing the hall, the high priest sent someone to invite King Cohen to “speak in the inner hall”. 

“Is that appropriate?” Cohen pretended, “The inner courtyard of the temple is where the high priests live, it is not convenient for secular officials to go in…” 

“Your Grace, please be gracious! Please leave the temple for the sake of a past acquaintance!” The priest who came to invite him pleaded, “It’s not easy for the temple to accumulate such a small amount of fortune! Please be kind.” 

Cohen immediately raised his graceful hand – and slapped him! 

“Your stance has grown!” The academy Master next to him immediately jumped out at the first sign of trouble, “A Knight of Protoss arrives, and the high priest doesn’t even come out to welcome him – not even a ceremonial guard!” 

“Right away, right away!” The beaten priest held his highly swollen face and ran towards the inner courtyard in panic. 

Cohen gave Lorenzo a funny and good-natured look, and was a bit resigned at the old man’s insistence. 

If it was in other places, Master Lorenzo would have jumped up and quarreled with Cohen, but in front of outsiders, Master Lorenzo still had to do his best to maintain the king’s authority and do his best to make up for the mistakes in the king’s way of doing things. 

In the old days, the Lorenzo had stood against Cohen and was treated by Cohen in a tough manner. Today, after following Cohen and watching Cohen deal with others in a unique way, he finally found some balance in his heart. 

Besides, Lorenzo didn’t approve of these priests either. 

In a short while, the high priest of the temple, who had given in, came out with a ceremonial team to welcome Cohen the Knight of Protoss and his party and invited them respectfully into the inner courtyard. 

In the temple’s luxurious grand council chamber, Cohen sat unhurriedly on the main seat, not at all anxious to speak. The refreshments served by the priests were checked one by one by Leila before being allowed to be placed in front of Cohen. 

The well-dressed high priest sat across from Cohen, his smiling face with an expression that was not without embarrassment. 

“The Protoss Knight has come a long way, so I’m sure it’s been very hard. Because of the order of the Light God, no priests were sent to the army to bless the soldiers during the war, I hope that we will not be blamed.” Having said the opening words, the high priest asked cautiously, “I wonder what is the purpose of your visit at night?” 

Cohen smiled faintly and did not answer. The general staff officer standing behind him coughed lightly, signaling someone to step forward. 

“Your High Priest, everyone here is a person of stature and a significant figure in the Swabia Empire, so of course there is no need to take the words out so clearly.” Master Lorenzo opened his mouth with a smile, “We have to think of a way to avoid damage to the reputation of the temple.” 

“Yes, yes, that’s for sure.” 

“The national traitor Luhrmann is in your hands, right!” Master Lorenzo picked up his glass of water and raised his eyes to look at the high priest who was pretending to be confused, “You can ask your men to hand him over to the soldiers waiting outside, then our arrival today will be considered as an ordinary visit.” 

After hearing Lorenzo’s words, the High Priest smiled noncommittally as he owed his body and looked at Cohen with his eyes, “Your Highness, the Knight of Protoss, as far as the position of the temple is concerned, no matter how great the crime of a worldly person is, he is still a child of the Gods of Light. As priests, we have the obligation to redeem him.” 

Cohen inclined his head and did not pay attention to him. 

“Your High Priest, this man’s crimes are so heinous that it is no longer possible for the temple to shelter.” Master Lorenzo put down the cup in his hand, “You should understand the current state of affairs in your heart, and we don’t want to have any unpleasantness with the temple.” 

“Lorenzo’s words are very right, I totally agree, in fact the temple has always had a very close relationship with the Kheda family.” The high priest saw that Cohen did not say anything at all, so he had to turn his head to Lorenzo, “Yes, this man is in the temple at the moment. We know more or less about what he has done, but can the Knight of Protoss listen to the temple’s suggestion?” 

“If it’s just advice, of course more is better.” 

“I wonder how the Protoss Knight prepares to punish this man?” The high priest smiled and said, “Yes, he is guilty, but he is still a nobleman. We certainly hope he can maintain the dignity of a nobleman.” 

“We will consider your opinion solemnly.” Lorenzo nodded and replied, “But I can’t promise anything now, you know, this final decision is in the hands of the Protoss Knight.” 

“I also ask His Excellency and the Knight of Protoss to do me a favor.” The high priest pleaded with Cohen, “These are the words he – he asked me to convey to you that he wants to ‘die with a smile’ if you want to end his life. Personally, I would certainly like to receive an affirmative answer from you.” 

Cohen looked at the high priest with a puzzled look, and the high priest, not knowing what to expect, could only keep his mouth shut. Of all the people present, only the Chief Staff Officer knew the reason for the king’s doubts. 

“Your Grace, the so-called ‘death with a smile’ is a death without pain.” The general staff officer leaned forward and bit his ear with Cohen, “There are various specific practices…” 

Cohen then released and nodded to Lorenzo. 

“Okay, the Protoss Knight has agreed.” The stone in Master Lorenzo’s heart fell to his stomache, “Hand him over!” 

The high priest turned around and ordered a few words. Then a small priest scampered away. In a short while, the sleeping Luhrmann was handed over to the king’s guards, and the general staff officer personally went to identify him, and it was indeed Luhrmann. 

There were thirty people who were handed over together, along with the rebel king, except for three concubines and personal guards, all of whom were Luhrmann’s trusted officials, and five of them were intelligence officers who were Cohen’s spies. 

All of them were unconscious, it seems that the white priests used magic to hypnotize them – in the end, Luhrmann was still betrayed by his master. 

“Ouch! The High Priestess is just smart.” Seeing the large group of people unconscious on the ground, Cohen spoke for the first time, “Knew we were coming and got everything ready.” 

“Well… well.” The high priest’s mouth was still modest, “How can I go against a Protoss Knight?” 

“Good, with a high priest like you, things will be fine in the future.” Cohen patted the high priest’s shoulder affectionately, “Had I known this, you could just ask someone to inform me. Apologies for earlier.” 

“It’s okay, it’s okay ……” 

“I’ll respect you if you do the same for me.” The king Cohen chortled, “Just now the soldiers were careless and hurt someone in the front yard. In this way, gather the priests together and I will say a few words to ease their hearts.” 

“No need, God bless the knight…” 

“What did I said about respecting?” 

“I dare not. I’ll arrange it.” In fact, a Protoss Knight’s apology was indeed a very rare thing. Therefore the high priest himself was reluctant to reject it.

“You did me a great favor, this is a small thing!” Cohen lifted his leg and walked out, “Let’s go together!” 

The capital temple has a huge establishment, with nearly a thousand priests from top to bottom, so it would take a little time to gather. After chatting with the high priest for a few minutes, King Cohen found an excuse to sit on the carriage with Lorenzo. 

“Your Grace is doing very well today.” As soon as he got on the carriage, Master Lorenzo praised Cohen, “It’s a remarkable progress to shed your posture at the right time, don’t speak too explicitly when you talk later…” 

“Talk?” The king Cohen smiled wickedly, “What talk? Let’s go!” 

Master Lorenzo was taken aback and was about to retort when the guards had already escorted the carriage to depart. 

The priests finished gathering in the square, but the high priest could not find Cohen. He waited and waited, then came a fierce officer. 

“I wonder when the Protoss Knight…” The high priest went forward to ask Cohen’s whereabouts, but was pushed away by the officer with a slap and sat down on his buttocks. 

“We have an order!” The officer stood on the podium, “The priests of the temple of the capital are endowed with divine grace, but they are indistinguishable between right and wrong, black and white, spreading rebellious rhetoric in the rebellion, advocating national traitors as orthodoxy, they have violated the will of the gods and betrayed their trust – it is now decided that all of them will be taken into custody and await the punishment sent by the gods! Arrest all of them!” 

The soldiers around pounced on them, and the priests were in a panic. 

(Hell Island, palace of the Dark Lord) 

An Asmodian-at-Arm reported the latest situation of the Swabia Empire to the Dark Lord before exiting the palace on his knees. With a little smile on the corner of his mouth, the Dark Lord calmly gazed at his two daughters. 

The elder princess looked at her little sister. 

“Because of my capriciousness, I have spoiled my father’s great event, and please punish me.” The little princess bowed her head and knelt down to the Dark Lord, “It’s my fault for not being able to successfully demonize him.” 

“It’s the first time that you cast magic transformation, a little mistake is forgivable. And a small empire such as Swabia is not a big deal.” The Dark Lord replied calmly, “But you chose to demonize him, so you must finish it. It is against the tradition of the Asmodian race to do things halfway, and your noble status makes it all the more important for you to pay attention to this.” 

“Thank you, Father, for pointing it out.” Without the Dark Lord’s words, the little princess did not dare to get up, “My daughter will definitely finish the job.” 

“Get up!” The Dark Lord nodded, “A human escaped from you, it is a lesson. Learn well from your big sister and try harder next time.” 

“Thank you, Father.” 

“Father.” Only after the young princess exited the hall did the elder princess ask the Dark Lord, “The situation in Swabia has arguably settled, what are we going to do from now on?” 

“There is no need for us to do anything, Cohen Kheda will naturally give us surprises. He is a character who is not willing to be lonely.” The Dark Lord smiled and waved his hand, “Without the restraint of Fischer Summers and with the power of an empire in his hands, there will be a big mess in the Protoss Alliance.” 

“Father, you mean that… he will find trouble with other empires within the alliance?” 

“This possibility will be great, any human ascending the throne will be confused for a while, and what will be the reaction of Cohen Kheda? How will he play with the scepter in his hands? I’m curious to know, the Light Lord’s side must have the same attitude.” It seems that the Dark Lord is in a very good mood, “Find an appropriate time to have the Asmodian-at-Arms make contact and find out the details.” 

“Yes, Father.” 

“Things after the Protoss/Asmodian War are finally over, so you can relax a little!” The Dark Lord finally instructed his daughter, “It’s good to go out and take a walk.” 


As soon as the elder princess walked out of the palace, she saw her little sister wandering the corridor with a soporific face. 

“Big sister…” Seeing her sister approaching, the young princess wanted to say something but stopped. 

“Well, don’t worry, big sister will teach you more demonizing magic.” The elder princess stroked her sister’s head, “Don’t be afraid, didn’t he also say that he forgave you?” 

“But… it’s embarrassing!” 

“What’s so embarrassing about it? Next time do a good job.” 

“Then I can go to demonize him after I learn?” 

“No, now Cohen Kheda is a king of an empire, according to the agreement, we can not demonize a king. This matter will depend on the timing, the technique must also be clever.” 

(On the same day, the Island of Paradise, the palace of the Protoss elder princess. )

The two Protoss princesses were sitting opposite each other in the garden, both’s demeanor was very peaceful, it seems that the last meeting with the Asmodian princesses had eased the tension between them. 

On the middle table was an opened letter, and the two princesses’ eyes rested on the letterhead. 

“I didn’t expect that Cohen Kheda still had the potential to be a king, actually using this matter to spy on the reaction of the gods to his ascension to the throne.” It was a good half day before the young princess opened her mouth, “There was no reason to hate him before, but now I finally found one.” 

“It’s just a small thing.” The elder princess rested her chin on her wrist and said softly, “It has always been the custom that us give care to the newly crowned king.” 

“But this time is different.” The young princess frowned, “If we take care of him, thousands of priests of the temple will have to lose their heads.” 

“There’s no reason to keep those useless people. Keeping them alive will only turn worse.” The elder princess smiled lightly, “You don’t want the temple’s reputation to be tarnished, which I can understand. But in the end, the temple is only a tool for ruling, there is nothing to give up in itself. As long as it is conducive to ruling, it is worth doing.” 

“But sister, even if we do this, how long will this Cohen Kheda be honest?” The young princess picked up the letterhead again and read it, “Didn’t you say, sister, that he has a very open personality and that being king would be a problem?” 

“Killing these priests will keep him honest for a year and a half! Even if he wants some minor trouble, he has to put his heart and soul into finding a good excuse, don’t you think that’s fun?” The elder princess’s eyes wandered all over the garden, “In fact, Father is waiting to see what he will do! When have you ever seen Father so happy?” 

“I see.” The young princess nodded, “Then, I’ll let the red priest go on a trip!” 

“That’s a good idea, you just let the two remaining red priests go.” The elder princess’ finger drew circles on the table, “Cohen Kheda hates the Red Priests even more than Luhrmann, imagine how interesting it will be to watch your enemy deliver the orders.” 

“Sister, that’s vile! Didn’t we say we can’t stimulate him?” 

“No, it’s not really stimulating, it’s a little test.” The elder princess gave a sweet smile, “He even dared to test you, can’t you test him?” 

“Isn’t there a prize to be given after the test! How do I find anything for him?” 

“Stupid girl, think for yourself!” 

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