Vol. 17: Chapter 10 – If You Were a Hooligan, I Won’t Be Here

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

Following the king, the command moved into the city as well. The capital was roughly a circular city, with one gate in each of the four directions, east, south, west and north. The north gate aside, the roads extending from the three gates intersected on the square in front of the palace, and together with the two ringed roads, they form the main transportation structure in the capital. The north gate is at the back of the palace, and the road goes straight to the back gate of the palace, which was also named the king’s road. 

Divine City had a total of 20 districts, eight of them near the city gates had all fighting subsided, the remaining 12 were still undergoing encounterments. 

The command headquarters was noisy. All staff officers were with pens, marking the progress of each district on the map. The good thing was that after clearing all the major boulevards, the troop movement was much smoother. 

More troops entered the city one after another. Each of them had their own share of responsibility to police a certain area according to priority assignment. 

After lunch, no more large-scale fighting could be heard in the city, and the fires near the city walls were extinguished, leaving only smoke filling the sky. After the fighting subsided, a large number of civilians appeared in the ruins, looking at their property, crying and beating their chests – who knows where they were hiding earlier. 

Only then did King Cohen have time to sit down and rest a bit, and when Leila handed him a plate of food in front of his eyes, he remembered that he hadn’t eaten for three days. 

“You’re so nice, Leila!” Letting out an exclamation, the king picked up a piece of cake and stuffed it into his mouth, who knew that the next moment he would give it a spurt. 

“YOUR GRACE!” A herald rushed in, “The army discipline supervisor and the Lord Justice have an urgent business!” 

“Tiff Lorenzo?” The king was very surprised, he grabbed a sip from his glass of water, “What is he doing here? Send him away!” 

“I am the First Military Discipline Supervisor, the President of the Royal Academy, and the First-Class Minister of the Empire, I can see you at any time!” A well-dressed but dusty old man stood in the doorway and yelled righteously, “The king cannot refuse me, I came all the way from Dark City.” 

Cohen raised his eyes and saw Lord Justice Jack standing behind Tif Lorenzo, waving a hand at him. 

“Since you’re all standing at the door, come on in!” King Cohen ate the rest of the cake, not wanting to spoil his rare and soothing mood, “Make it short.” 

“Yes, Your Grace, I need an army .” Tiff Lorenzo’s words were indeed short enough, “I have an urgent need or it will be too late.” 

Cohen glanced at the aged man, “Troops  are available, for what purpose?” 

“I need troops  to protect the college and the great library.” Lorenzo said eagerly, “It doesn’t take many, five hundred men will be enough!” 

“The Royal Academy, the Great Royal Library.” Cohen nodded, “You’ve traveled all the way from Dark City for this. I didn’t even think of protecting these places. Carlos, give Master Lorenzo two battalions from my guards.” 

“Yes, Your Grace.” The general staff officer took out his military orders and handed them to the master,  “The 7th and 8th battalions of the king’s guard are just behind this street.” 

“Your Grace, I also need your military order, I’m going to do my business as well.” The Lord Justice came up and smiled, “I brought my own law enforcement team.” 

“Smiley Smiley… turned creepy.” Cohen shoved the military order into Jack’s hand and whispered, “Be safe.” 

“No problem.” The young Lord Justice promised, smiling and walking out, not a bit like a court member. On his way out, he either patted an officer’s head or kicked another officer’s ass. 

King Cohen shook his head hopelessly (translation, Resigned) and swallowed the last piece of cake. 

“Your Grace, our troops are about to clean up the palace.” The general staff officer approached, “Are you going to check it out?” 

“Of course, prepare the horses.” 

Small units of the king’s Guard were spread out in the streets and alleys of the city, and they were searching door-to-door for the remnants of the rebels under the guidance of their intelligence specialist. 

The specialist, with a booklet containing the number of inhabitants in each house, carefully compared the count of heads. The rebels who had changed into civilian clothes were identified one by one and escorted to the street, and when the street was cleared, the rebel remnants were gathered and executed. 

The royal guards formed a tight wall of men to escort Cohen from the royal avenue to the palace square. 

The square in front of the palace was occupied by Dark Army soldiers, and reckless soldiers even drove several siege towers from outside the city for the commanders’ convenience. 

A team of wingmen hovered over, shooting a few arrows into the palace every now and then. There were also people shouting words into the palace with amplifying magic. 

“…… Handymen, chamberlains, cooks, and technicians in the palace, listen up, stay in your rooms, don’t go out, don’t take in or hide rebel soldiers, disobey the order, you’ll be executed on the spot. When the guards enter the palace, be the first to loudly state your identity and provide clues to the rebels’ concealment, or die if you disobey the order. Protect palace property, do not steal, loot, or destroy, death to anyone who disobeys the order ……” 

Cohen Kheda boarded the siege tower outside the main palace and frowned a little as he looked at the tightly closed palace gate. Although he said he’s not gonna feel sorry, this was, after all, Fischer’s childhood home. Cohen couldn’t give up this place. 

“Have you made contact yet?” The general staff officer asked the joint chief who surrounded the palace, “When will the attack begin?” 

“We made contact once just now, something happened there and the intelligence officer went back in to check.” The captain stood at attention, “The appointed time is almost upon us.” 

“Where is Luhrmann?” Cohen asked. 

“He is under close surveillance by the intelligence officers, he’ll never get away.” The co-captain replied, “We sent the heads of his escaped court members to make him understand that he can’t escape.” 

“We can’t delay any longer, we have to start the attack when the time comes.” The general staff officer glanced at King Cohen’s face, “Send your most elite troops to minimize the damage.” 

“Yes, sir.” The co-captain gave a military salute and hurried off to make arrangements. 

Pieces of marching orders rang in the square. Soon, all the king’s guards there unloaded their extra gear, formed up in light armor, and entered the assault zone to prepare for a strong assault. The wingmen in the sky circled slowly, silently completing all preparations. 

“Your Grace, we’re ready.” The co-captain requested, “It’s time.” 

Cohen was looking down on the palace, his lips opened and he gently spat out one word, “Attack.” 

The flag bearer on the siege tower waved his banner, and the wingmen, already in formation, flew in from all directions and staggered over the palace. From this moment forward, all who were still moving in the palace would be shot to become hedgehogs. 

Trumpets sounded and the sound of killing resumed. 

Hundreds of light ladders were set up on the palace walls at the same time, and the king’s guards attacked from several directions simultaneously. Several of the palace gates were well defended and the defending rebels were outnumbered, so they immediately fell into a fierce battle. 

Cohen stood on the tower, his eyes watching the battle, his face clouded with uncertainty. 

“Your Grace, there is something I forgot to tell you.” The general staff officer leaned over and mysteriously lowered his voice, “We have captured a prisoner, a Major General of Luhrmann’s army police.” 

“So what?” 

“So far, this is the only prisoner!” Carlos showed his fox tail, “They have brought this prisoner. It’s not much of a sight to watch the palace fight anyway, so why don’t you go and interrogate the captive?” 

“Fine, bring him up.” Cohen looked at Carlos with a smirk, “You do the interrogation, I’ll watch.” 

“Me again?” 

“It is fitting that the Major General should interrogate the Major General.” King Cohen had already found a comfortable chair and placed himself on it before ordering his close guards, “Go and escort the captive up.” 

Two stout soldiers set up a middle-aged man with his hands tied behind his back and darted up the steps all the way to the platform. After standing at attention, one soldier grabbed the captive by the hair and showed his face to those present. 

The captive’s uniform had long been stripped off, and the only underwear left was in tatters. The skin from head to toe was either red and swollen or bruised and had obviously been sneaked for by many soldiers. His face was clean, the features were also correct, but unfortunately, the corners of the mouth had a hint of blood that spoiled the overall handsomeness. 

In the eyes of the crowd, the captive gasped slightly, showed a look of indifference, scanning everyone with contempt. Soon he was clear about his situation, his eyes became sharp, set straight to the black-haired and black-eyed of King Cohen. 

The king sat quietly, not at all anxious, as if this captive was an ordinary piece of gravel in the field of his vision. 

“Nothing serious, right?” Seeing that the king was really not stepping forward, Carlos had only let himself to start the work, he stepped forward first and asked without concern, “Major General Commander-in-Chief of the army police, you probably want to stand by yourself, right?” 

“A little wound, nothing.” The captive replied with contempt, his stoic gaze still fixed on his target. 

“Not bad, tough though.” Carlos raised his head at the soldier escorting the captive, “Make him on his knees.” 

The next moment, the captive’s knees hit the floor with a thud as he was kicked in the crook of the knee. Therefore the captive turned his attention to Carlos – his current opponent. 

“Your name, rank, position, and everything you know about Luhrmann.” Carlos still kept his smile, “Give me only the important stuff.” 

The captive grinned proudly. 

“High ranking officer, a nobleman, right?” Carlos took a chair, “You’re an army man. I don’t need to remind you – what will happen if you keep your mouth shut.” 

“Since you’re also a major general.” Despite kneeling on the floor, the captive tried to raise his gaze, “Then you should also know how I will answer you.” 

“The truth is that we might also have knowledge of what you know, and with the war going on now, what value is that little thing in your head?” Carlos grinned, “You’re a ranked officer after all. I am just going through the rituals. If someone asks about you in the future, we can all save some time.” 

“Then I have nothing more to say ……” 

“Frankly speaking, it is that I have nothing to say to you.” Carlos put away his smile and said without mercy, “It’s been a little while since you were captured, and I’ve heard that you’ve been swarmed. If you don’t have anything to tell us, why don’t you kill yourself? Although we are keeping an eye on you, there is always a chance that you bite your tongue or smash your head on the wall, right? If that happens, we’ll all save ourselves the embarrassment.” 

“If you don’t have anything to tell me, why did you bring me here?” The captive laughed, “I’ve heard of the Kheda family’s methods of extracting confessions, and I’d like to know how long I can last.” 

“As I said earlier, it’s not worth using forced confessions on you as far as the current situation is concerned.” Carlos replied to him in a flat tone, “You and I are both soldiers, and because you fought well in the previous battle, that’s why we left a chance for you to talk. If you really don’t want to say anything, we won’t force you.” 

The captive was slightly flabbergasted, and then let out a light hum, “When did the Kheda army come up with a character of great righteousness?” 

“This great and righteous man of mine has been staying in the Dark Army, only you are just finding out now. I am not surprised that you feel this way when you are in such a filthy environment – wait.” Carlos signed a document handed to him by an orderly before turning his head again and saying, “The way we usually treat the enemy’s commanders is simple, the enemy’s performance determines the treatment of its commanders – if your troops  are a wimp, you’ll be executed by a fresh recruit with the chicken-slaughtering knife.” 

“And what about me now? Slaughtered by you with the sword of a dragon slayer? Isn’t it all one death? Still so much talk?” 

“In slaughtering you, at least you can put on neat clothes and meet with your family if conditions allow.” Carlos replied with a straight face, “Of course, you can’t ask for someone to watch.” 

“I have yet to hear of anyone who has fallen into the hands of the Kheda’s hands ever being decent, your deception is not very clever.” 

This time it was Carlos’ turn to use a contemptuous tone, “Lies and deception are the preserve of your master, do you think the top soldiers in the Kheda army are of the same virtue as your master?” 

“No matter how bad King Luhrmann’s reputation is, he is still the king we are willing to protect with our lives. Deceits and lies, that’s how you should treat your enemies!” The captive retorted, “And you, what topsy-turvy soldiers, are nothing but butchers!” 

Carlos raised his hand to stop the soldier who was about to hit him, and fixed his captive with a stern gaze, “Luhrmann plotted against the king, subverted the empire, and put the people in misery! Do you think what Luhrmann did was right? You should know how many civilians have died and how many families have been torn apart by just one big chaos in the capital!” 

“Yes, we rebelled, but we overthrew the rule of the Summers. We’re not traitors!” The captives did not show any weakness, “If we can change the rule, it will all be worth it!” 

“What a refreshing statement, a rebellion but not a traitor to the state – are you still of sound mind? Do you not blush to say such far-fetched things?” 

The captive raised his head and roared reluctantly, “Is the Summers family equal to the state! And when did Swabia become the private property of the Summers? Ever since they became royalty, as long as its bloodline is born with privileges, even if it is a fool, as long as it happens to be born in the right place he can enjoy everything! Such an inheritance, can’t it be reversed? If the Summers family was really virtuous, how could my family be left all by myself? Shouldn’t such a royal family rebel? So what if you kill me? If there is an afterlife, I will still follow king Luhrmann!” 

“A very determined will!” Carlos nodded noncommittally, “Such an example of your die-hard loyalty is rare, and can be fully compiled into the academy’s textbook for the world to be alerted.” 

“It doesn’t matter, it’s not up to me in your hands anyway.” The captive looked at Carlos and laughed in a trembling voice, “Orthodoxy? Dynasty? It’s a fucking lie – what good is your vaunted Summers dynasty? Would they be here today if they hadn’t destroyed so many powers 400 years ago? For the sake of the people. The nationals are just an add-on to the struggle for supremacy, killed cleanly and then grow back like weeds a dozen years later” 

“400 years ago the empire was devastated by the Asmodians, the nobles were at odds with each other, and people’s lives were in hell! The Summers, with their bravery and benevolence, were able to calm the chaos. They started with nothing and relied on their own efforts for more than a dozen generations to build a prosperous empire.” Carlos looked back at the captive with a firm gaze, “The nation knows right from wrong, I can announce your words to the world and let the nation judge for itself.” 

“How can the ignorant nation understand this? They only want clothes, they only want food!” The captive did not show any weakness, “It is only a pity that king Luhrmann’s ambitions were destroyed by your hands! Now that the Kheda family has become royalty, Cohen Kheda should be grateful!” 

“That’s where the difference lies, do you think that everyone in this world wants to be the king? For him, it’s only a painful thing to sit on the throne.” Carlos laughed brightly, “Open your little eyes and see! At whose hands you were defeated! Won’t you hold it in your heart to be defeated by the nation you despise the most?” 

“I am not convinced!” 

“Convince or not, you won’t have a chance to start over anyway. Do you hear this cheering? The general attack is almost over, this is the end of the whole war of the rebellion, and the end of your life. I’m sorry that this meeting with you didn’t yield much.” Carlos walked back and forth a few steps, “You just said that you disobeyed the royal family’s people born with privileges, right? If you and your lord really think that the Summers family is not qualified to sit on the throne, fine! But you’ll have to prove that you are indeed better than the Summers to do so. Don’t you think the people just want clothes and food, regardless of orthodoxy or whatever? Maybe you’re right, but your lord isn’t satisfied with the foolish people you’re talking about.” 

“In time, we will surely be much better than the House of Summers! It’s a pity that we are useless and let the Kheda family take advantage of us instead…” 

“That can’t be helped, now it’s us who are victorious, which means the Kheda family is more qualified to do these things than your lord. If you really can’t balance in your heart, just think of it as your master rebelling against the Summers family and the Kheda family rebelling against your master.” Carlos shook his head contemptuously and said to the soldier escorting the captive, “Take him to the military judge and take him into custody first.” 

As soon as the captive was escorted out, the co-captain in charge of the battle rushed up to the siege tower. 

“Report, Your Grace, we took the palace, the rebels are weakly defended except for the palace gate, and all the main officials were poisoned in the main hall.” The joint captain said eagerly, “But we can’t find Luhrmann.” 

Cohen turned his head to look at the co-captain, “Are you sure he didn’t escape?” 

“No! Our intelligence officers have been watching him, but the intelligence officer in charge of intermediate contact was also poisoned, so we lost contact for the time being.” 

Cohen thought for a moment, “The cleanse of the city is done, isn’t it?” 


“Then there are not many places where Luhrmann can go…” Cohen replied faintly, “Let’s wait! He can’t get away.” 

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