Vol. 17: Chapter 05 – I’m Finally Back to My Own Body

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

King Cohen had only inspected the front of the battlefield when the front end of the main rebel reinforcement had merely reached. When Cohen returned to his command, Brigadier General Moya, the commander in chief, was already waiting at the map with a large number of officers.

“Your Grace, the enemy’s reinforcements have arrived.” Brigadier General Moya turned his body sideways and introduced the officers behind him for Cohen: “The officers here are all the future stalwarts of the Third Legion, and I have brought them here to learn from you, Your Grace.”

“The commander of the Third Legion is you, Brigadier General Moya.” Cohen shook his head, “My identity is your king.”

“I understand, but I also know that once we take the capital, such a chance to command will be hard to come by for you.” Moya pleaded in a firm tone, “Therefore, please reconsider, Your Grace. It’ll be like lecturing us for a lesson in war, please!”

“Your Grace, please!” Hundreds of officers pleaded in unison.

“Brigadier General Moya, you make so hard.” Cohen rubbed his chin: “The Military Discipline Director Lorenzo will come looking for me if I did it, you know what I mean? It’s not like you guys don’t know what kind of ‘creature’ he is.”

“You said this is just training, and no one will tell. Those who have seen you commanding a battle have all become very competent officers, even if it is for the sake of future victory, please do that for us one more time!” Moya stepped forward: “We have been looking forward to it for a long time, commander”

“It’s really nostalgic that you call me that!” Cohen turned his head to look out the window, “Fine! I’m free anyway.”

When The King agreed, a cheer erupted from the command. Leila, who was responsible for “guarding” Cohen, pretended blind. She took a drink from the orderly and quietly stood next to Cohen.

“Staff officers in position, intel officers in position, heralds in position!” Moya gave up his command position, “Sir, I am now your deputy.”

Cohen nodded and walked over and gave the first order: “First-line positions prepare to confront the enemy, give me intel!”

“Yes, sir.” The intelligence officer replied loudly, “60,000 enemy cavalry and 20,000 auxiliary troops are advancing along the riverbank, skirmishing !”

“Enemy formation? The length of the team?”

“They are in a running attack formation, advancing in stages. The line is ten miles long!”

“Front and rear lanes, fully open. Activate the snares. Ready the catapults.” Cohen reached out to take the red wine from Leila “Wingman troops stand by, contact the Second Legion!”

“Yes, sir!”

Dozens of rebel scout cavalry who galloped at the front of the line were already targeted by Cohen’s elven archers.

Carson City, the rebel forces were all cut off from external contact.

Dark Army’s stone-throwers were still attacking. The once lofty walls had been battered and crippled. Rock piled up outside the walls. In some areas, the height of the rocks had accumulated to half the height of the walls, and several gates were completely buried under the stones.

On the first day, hundreds of people from the rebels’ logistics system had died near the walls, and no one dared to brave the dense rock rain to deliver food forward after that. It was a great irony that soldiers had to gnaw on dry food when they were just a few blocks away.

If this was ironic, then what followed was just plain sad. Some of the cave entrances were blocked by rocks, and while the soldiers were trying to clear them, the pile of rocks would suddenly collapse, burying all the people in the entire cave alive. The faint moaning continued for several days before it gradually subsided.

The rebels had also organized two assaults. The purpose of the first one was to cover the intelligence personnel to stand out from the encirclement to deliver the information. Because the number of the Dark Army, their tactics and strategy were so complex that it cannot be conveyed by lighting a few piles of signal smoke.

However, the troops that had tried to broke out of the city were in a very poor position, they didn’t even have time to unfold their formation before the huge crossbows that the Dark Army had already set up fired.

Fragile flesh wrapped in thin iron armor collided violently with the giant crossbow arrows, which were as thick as a fist and tipped metal arrows.

Amidst a flurry of blood and screams, thousands of rebel elites fell near the city gate, posing with their own flesh and blood in a miserable shape, illustrating the profound meaning of “battlefield” for the generals of both sides.

But the rebel commanders’ will to fight was so strong that he wasted thousands of more souls near the walls, and the information to be presented to the capital was eventually not delivered, rotting slowly in the same place.

Thereafter, the rebel forces were overwhelmed by extreme pessimism, with soldiers sitting in wooden crouches with a look of despair on their faces. They no longer had any desire to receive their wages when the silver coins were distributed each morning.

The scene in the city was even bleaker as the Dark Army’s catapults extended their range, destroying all the houses close to the walls, half a mile, a mile, striking further and further.

Although the actual number of casualties was not large, in these endless, indiscriminate, and fierce strikes, the once so “united” rebel’s morale was declining at a rare speed, because they all understood that the Dark Army was not trying to take the city, they want to destroy the city completely. Moreover, they knew Cohen Kheda was able to achieve it with plain, cheap stones.

More and more refugees fled to the center of the city, and in the last few days, the cries of the people never ceased as they watched their properties and homes being destroyed in the fighting.

The Dark Army did not do any other attacks except for the use of such “shameless and despicable means”. The rebels, on the other hand, did not dare to relax, and a large number of troops had to cower in their caves, counting their fingers in fear.

On the other hand, Major General Carlos, the general staff officer of the Dark Army, spent the last few days calming the impatience of his generals while dealing with tedious matters with his able hand.

He wanted to leave some more time to think about the immediate state of affairs, which he had not fully thought through.

The King used a small number of troops of the First Legion to besiege the city, supposedly as training for these troops, but also to find out a proper way to attack the capital, which, after all, was a vital city. Divine City was not only the future capital of the empire, but also the place where the late emperor grew up, and if it was beaten into ruins, King Cohen would not accept it emotionally.

But was it also training to put the Third Legion up to the frontline? This important strategic defense needed to be both offensive and defensive. The pure defense skills that the Third Legion was good at would not completely destroy the rebels. The enemy could just extract from the battlefield and flee.

And yet King Cohen had mobilized 10 more cavalry regiments, why was that?

Carlos took the map, carefully studied the location of the ambush site, concluded that the terrain was not suitable for confrontation between mounted troops. Suppose Cohen’s cavalry regiments and rebels’ 100,000 cavalries gathered on the narrow plain, there simply wouldn’t be enough space.

Could it be that these cavalries had another purpose? Maybe it’s not going to kill all the way to the capital after all.

“This is a completely schemed and complicated situation!” Carlos’ gaze strayed over the map, “What the hell is the boss thinking?”

“Sir – battle report ahead!” An intelligence officer shouted at the door and handed over the briefing, “The Third Legion is fighting the rebels.”

“It’s finally started, what is the situation?” Carlos took the document and flipped through it.

“The Third Legion is fighting well, the rebel reinforcements are scattered over the battlefield, and we have captured many war horses.” The intelligence officer wiped the sweat from his head and sounded very excited: “Stopping the cavalry with infantry, the Third Legion is gonna be famous, big time!”

Carlos asked, “How is the situation of the King ?”

“Everything is normal.”

After the intelligence officer left, Carlos still couldn’t figure out his boss’s intention, he only sighed and stood up, and went on to command his siege campaign. He decided he could just go and ask his boss directly.

(On the same day, the capital)

The generals of the military department explained the current situation to King Luhrmann in an impassioned tone, convincing everyone present that “the situation is very good, reinforcements have arrived at Carson and are preparing for a showdown with the Kheda army. The great hall was filled with joyfulness.

The Hand of the King, after giving a good wave of propaganda, said goodbye to The King on the pretext of not feeling well, and then went back to his residence satisfied. The first thing he did at home was to tell his mistress to pack her things and prepare for leaving.

“Why?” Obviously, the Hand’s mistress was one step behind on the understanding, “The was has not reached the capital, isn’t it too early to leave?”

“Not at all, once Cohen Kheda’s troops reach near the capital, I’ll have to see Luhrmann’s ugly face again, and every time he gets angry, I had to control the urge to break his neck with my own hands!” Although he was complaining, the Hand was all cheerful: “Don’t tell me you didn’t prepare a hideout for us, it’s broad daylight and I don’t want to risk flying.”

“Don’t worry about it, the safe house has been prepared long ago.” As the mistress watched the Hand running around and looking for his usual favorites, she became even more confused: “You can’t be that hurry! Just tell me what’s going on first.”

The Hand put down the things in his hands, and suddenly his expression became a bit disheveled.

“The most fundamental reason lies in my underestimation for Cohen Kaida.” It was a long time before the Hand said softly, “You still remember my last conversation with you, right? At first, I intended to test him with the fortified Carson City of and the 100,000 cavalry troops.”

“And now? What now?” The mistress asked in a whisper.

“My animals have returned one after another, and they have reported to me the full course of the battle engagements on each battlefield. According to them, I’m afraid that the combat capability of the Cohen Kheda’s army is even higher than the most elite troops from our alliance.” The Hand sighed: “Coupled with beautiful tactics and unique command, the army besieging Carson City has not yet died a single soldier, but Carson City is already in danger. As for the 100,000 cavalries, they’ve lost in Cohen Kheda’s scheme. Luhrmann’s way on the ocean from the back of the capital was cut off. Now they can only flee abroad if they want to live. By the way, the fool Luhrmann still does not know that his daughter has fallen into the hands of Cohen.”

“That’s how wars are fought! Whoever has the best strategy wins.”

“But from the whole situation in front of us, it seems that Cohen Kheda doesn’t need to trouble himself this much at all. With his powerful army, he can simply march down to the capital. Even if he slaughtered the 100,000 cavalries, Luhrmann couldn’t do anything about it.” A bitter smile appeared on the Hand’s face: “What was a simple situation, he made it messier. We are all confused by him.”

“He stirred up the situation to confuse you? Does he know who we are? We don’t get involved in these things.”

“It was not his intention to confuse me.” The Hand shook his head and said, “He is confusing his officers for the purpose of training his troops. His army is already so powerful, but he is still not satisfied. Once the war is over, he’ll own Swabia. So what do you need such a powerful army for? You tell me what he wants?”

“He… he doesn’t want to go to war with other empires, does he?” The mistress covered her mouth in surprise: “Who is the target?”

“It could be those empires that helped Luhrmann’s rebellion, Rivalz, Porta, Symbia… who knows!”

“How does he dare to strike the allied empires?” Hearing this, the mistress was even more surprised: “The Protoss can spare him?”

“If it’s a little friction, the Gods will only appease him, right…” then suddenly, the Hand’s face changed: “Cohen Kheda, he wouldn’t want to attack us, would he? “

“Then he would be crazy. It’s not P/A War.” The mistress slapped the Hand on the shoulder: “He definitely doesn’t have that kind of guts, what are you thinking!”

“Whatever, we don’t need to hurt our brains about these things anyway.” The Hand stood up, “Let’s go!”


“What? You don’t want to go yet?”

“Do you want to walk out with this body? My Lord Hand, who doesn’t know you in the capital?”

“Finally I’m back my own body. I’m so happy.”

“My excellent Asmodian-at-Arms, honestly, you just borrowed this body, how did you catch his bad habit?”

The two people packed up everything and disappeared out of thin air with their trusted subordinates.

Because of the war, in and out of the Divine City gates were much stricter than usual, all people entering have to be checked thoroughly, including family history, before being released. The streets are also full of soldiers to inventory inns and Divine City residents. Those who wandered the street without proper reasons have been stuffed into prisons which were already full due to the same reason.

As far as what Luhrmann had ordered, it did not see any results in addition to scaring the commoners. Cohen Kheda’s underground intelligence network was still operational in Divine City and growing. It had spread to all classes, all institutions, forming an invisible net, the Divine City was being tightly wrapped by it.

In order to successfully attack the capital, Cohen Kheda took advantage of all the intelligence forces in the area near the capital.

Long before the Kheda family army acted, two of Cohen’s most trusted agents had already infiltrated Divine City and lurked there. One was the Chief Liaison Officer who was responsible for subverting rebel’s high court members; the other was Don Amart, the mafia king within the empire. He was responsible for all other intelligence assignments.

In order to coordinate the actions of the two intelligence networks, Marfa and Amart, the two intelligence big shots met at a private residence, which was only half a block away from the Hand’s residence.

They were both smart and capable people, and they met without a word of nonsense, even avoided pleasantries. They spent a whole day dividing down the districts and streets in the capital, as well as measures to turn Luhrman’s army against him, how to maintain law and order, protect the food from being sabotaged, the preparation before the final attack, troublemakers arrangements, and guide personnel. They had settled down all affairs in detail. The final count of all liaison personnel, agents added up to thousands of people.

“There is only one place we cannot penetrate yet.” After things were done, Amart regrettably said, “The city’s magic shield array, they do not want my rogues. Even a handyman has to be a sorcerer.”

“Same, I’ve tried and failed several times. All a hundred attained sorcerers are protected. I can do nothing.” Marfa pressed his fingers to his head, all tired “Can’t impersonate, my oldest man is only 35 years old.”

“If the magic array is not disabled, our army will lose a lot, right?”

“Yes, it could even double the casualties, all the ways that can be thought of have been thought of, only with the last resort.” Marfa replied in a low voice: “Let’s prepare an assault! In such a critical place, you can’t afford to not be prepared to pay sacrifices.”

“Then, I’ll send half of my men and the garbage men.” Amart nodded, then stood up, “See you soon.”

“We all need to hurry up.” Marfa got up to see him off: “Time is too tight, we can only one last time before the operation.”

When Amaterasu walked out the door, there was a team of steeds on the street marching wildly towards the palace. The riders looked anxious and panicked. Amart and Marfa looked at each other and parted their ways.

The riders headed straight to the palace, the lead knight rushed directly to the main hall. “Your Grace, there is urgent military information coming from the frontline.” The chamberlain walked into the great hall and informed Luhrmann, who was relaxing, “Will you see him now?”

“Urgent military information? Bring him in!”

The knight stumbled in and flung himself on his knees, opening his dry, cracked lips.

“Your Grace, something is wrong!” There was desperation in his eyes: “The traffic from the capital to all parts of the empire has been cut off by the Kheda’s army. Only road to the Porta Empire is still in our hands!”

The words were like a fierce lightning bolt that struck Luhrmann, who was sitting on the throne, and he froze. He immediately bounced up from the seat, rushed forward and grabbed the knight’s collar with a few steps, and shouted, “What did you say!

“It’s the cavalry of the Dark Army, they came from the sea and cut off the capital from the rest of the empire. And there are spies among our governors and lords to assist them.” The knight on his knees raised his panicked eyes: “Your Grace, we lost contact with the second princess’ caravan.”

Luhrmann’s fingers loosened feebly, the muscles in his face twitched and paled.

The hall fell silent with only the sound of the ministers’ nervous breathing. The rest did not know what to do. Although this news was very striking, they were more afraid of the ‘king’ who was about to fall into a state of madness.

Luhrmann’s body shook slightly a few times, then forced himself to stabilize. He slowly turned around and walked back to the throne and sat down. He closed his eyes in thought and put his shaking hands in his sleeves.

No one dared to make a sound, for fear of alarming Luhrmann, more afraid that Luhrmann took himself as a punching bag.

After a long time, Luhrmann’s eyes opened, and he was sweeping his men with a gaze full of “prestige”.

“Pass the order to close the gates of the capital and set up defenses.” The king said in a strange tone of voice, “Contact all the troops you can and order them to head back to the capital. Where is the Hand?

“The Hand went home in the morning and should be at his residence now.”

“Tell him to come here immediately and convene a meeting!” The king stared at the ceiling, “Now get out and let me clear my head!”

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