Vol. 17: Chapter 03 – What a Great Day to Loaf on the Job

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

It was only dawn when the camp of the Third Legion was fully prepared for battle. The tents in the camp were empty, the command group was already in position. The reconnaissance corps distributed in dozens of hundreds of locations kept sending back the latest information. Staff officers ran in and out, too busy to even drink water.

“Report – 20,000 enemy vanguards have arrived at the exit of the valley and are on alert!”

“Carry on!”

“Report – 10,000 enemy vanguards are advancing and establishing defenses one mile before the valley exit, a small number of reconnaissance cavalry are making rapid progress!”

“Got it!”

“Report – enemy engineers have started building pontoon bridges, a small number of troops are sent to the other side of the river bank!”


“Report, the enemy main force spotted – 15 miles away from the vanguard, huge huge number, all cavalry!”

“Finally.” Brigadier General Moya nodded and turned his head to look at Cohen: “Sir……”

And as the king, Cohen, at this moment, was concentrating on the study of his clothing, completely did not take the immediate situation seriously, indifferent to the information transmitted back. As he heard Moya’s words, then reluctantly looked up and “ah?” He gave a confused cry.

“Sir, the enemy main force has appeared.” Looking at Cohen’s eyes, Moya had to repeat the information: “What’s your opinion?”

“What is it to me? You are the commander of the Third Legion.” Cohen stretched his big lazy back and yawned, “It feels really good to loaf on the job……”

Although Cohen answered himself like this, the expression on Brigadier General Moya’s face didn’t change, he turned his head and ordered his adjutant, “Continue surveillance, activate the first-line dummy positions, and the rangers start hunting rebel scouts.”

“Yes, sir!” The adjutant promised and ran out.

“Aren’t you doing quite well? Why do you have to ask me about every single thing?” Cohen failed to study the clothing and his eyes were insipidly half-closed: “I am the king now, no longer your nanny.”

Hearing this, a warm smile took shape on Moya’s face. He understood in his heart that even if Cohen did not do anything now, as long as he was here, this was the greatest help to the war – with Cohen as the center, the power and cohesion of this army would be unprecedentedly strong, and would dwarf all opponents.

“Report, the 9th ranger squad of the reconnaissance regiment encountered the enemy 3 miles before the dummy position, and the enemy squad of 9 men was completely destroyed!”

“Ha, here we go.” After all, there is still the imprint of a soldier in his soul, and Cohen, who was lazy a moment before, slapped his hand on the table the next second: “Leila, bring me wine!”

Because of the reputation of Cohen Kheda and his army, the rebel generals did not dare to have the slightest carelessness in their hearts for fear of being ambushed in the valley, so the reconnoitering cavalry was tripled, the reconnaissance range around the valley was twice as wide, and the distance between the main forces in the front could also help each other should anything to happen.

Once out of this valley, the plain in front can lead straight to Carson City, then there should be no problem.

At this time, the rebel vanguard of 20,000 men had already come out of the valley and was on guard in front of the valley to cover for the main force. The information that the valley was free of ambushes also allowed the rebel commander to lift a big stone on his chest. The engineers were setting up a pontoon bridge. Next, half of the troops will be moving it to the riverside, so that they could make a unified advancing formation.

When the front of the main force appeared at the exit of the valley, the vanguard commander gave the order for the troop to continue to advance. He was personally satisfied with the status quo.

Ten thousand men on each side of the riverbank, divided into two groups, front and rear, spread out in battle formation and advanced under the guidance of scout cavalry. As far as the eye could see, the banks of the river were lined with military flags and mounted lances, and the thick, muffled sound of horses’ hooves echoed incessantly across the flatland. The rebel vanguard commander held his head high as if he wanted to question what the Kheda family was using to hold off this cavalry!

Just then, his adjutant approached on horseback: “Sir, a small unit of Kheda army has been spotted, and they are hunting our scouts!”

“Hm?” This untimely intelligence made the vanguard commander a bit annoyed that the Kheda family army would do such sneaky things.

However, as a commander, he had the basic military reasoning, and he issued an order without thinking: “Send 1,000 men from each side of the front ranks, cooperate with the scout cavalry fire reconnaissance, and forcefully advance. First of all, we must determine the size of the enemy and find out their intentions! Send this information back to headquarters as well, and say that we have an encounter with a small group of enemy troops.”

But the Dark Army’s rangers faded away after hunting down a few scouting squads and never confronted the rebels again.

The rebel front continued to advance, and it wasn’t long before troops on both sides of the river approached the first line of defense of the Dark Army at the same time: the dummy position, as Brigadier General Moya called it, just 10 miles from the exit of the valley.

Although it was a false position, it was made on some scale, with all the defensive facilities, and it was manned by four field infantry regiments, all lightly armed.

On the hillside, scouts were passing information rebel’s distance to the command position. One tree after another was put down in the dead center of the rebel scout’s observation. In the position, more than 2,000 archers hidden in the underground pit were waiting for the commanders’ orders with full attention.

“Calibrate ten knots plus – draw!”

Two thousand shining arrows tilted up at the same time, the bows suddenly bent, and the metal wire creaked. The soldiers of the two armies were not far apart and could already hear the sound of the rebels’ advancing horse hooves, and the loose dust on the edge of the pit was gradually sliding down with slight vibration. As the archers waited anxiously and the commander’s eyes grew even sharper, the last tree that symbolized the enemy stepping into the range of the bow and arrow was finally let down.


A rebel’s first scout cavalryman had almost stepped into the position when he heard the chilling call across a small swelled terrain, and then he vaguely saw a gray haze fly past his eyes – only after which he heard the intense vibration of bowstrings.

In the midst of the fright, his mount stood up with a long neigh, toppling him to the ground. Before he could get up in a trance, a cold blade slashed across his throat.

A succession of arrows flew into the air, trailing a perfect trajectory, falling from the sky amidst the hoarse cries of the rebel officer’s “spread out” command, and the rebel soldiers’ terrified eyes. The sudden action stirred up a burst of blood in front of the position, and the front of the rebel ranks immediately collapsed neatly.

The Dark Army officers’ eyes were still locked on the hillside, and their commands continued: “Calibrate 10 knots – draw!”


The archers showed their extremely high combat skill at this moment, fetching arrows, hooking strings, raising bows, pushing left and pulling right, all with lightning speed!

In an instant, the rebels’ cavalrymen who were scouting ahead suffered five rounds of arrow rain, and the whole formation was in chaos, with soldiers’ corpses strewn all over the field. The horses hit by arrows hissed and crashed to the ground, the soldiers tumbling on earth screamed and were trampled by the horses behind them. In some places, the horses were huddled together, but in most places, there was not a single living thing.

The green grass was painted with long trails of blood, and the stained bodies on it were shocking! The few surviving cavalrymen with shields on their heads turned their horses and fled.

Hundreds of scattered elven archers that were hiding uncovered the turf on their heads and fired their bows. Magic arrows trailing white light traveled across both sides of the riverbank, and every time an arrow trail was revealed, one of the rebels was bound to be hit and fall.

If they hadn’t been ordered to intentionally let a few live ones back, None of the rebel soldiers would have been able to escape from this extra-long range attack.

After the swordsmen and axemen had reviewed the battlefield and finished off the rebel left wounded, three cheers neatly arise. At that moment, the unattended war horses in front of the position were led over, the relatively intact bodies were dragged back to the pit, the trees let down on the hill were re-erected, and everything returned to normal, waiting for rebel’s second patronage.

“Our vanguards have entered a very hostile defensive battlefield that the Kheda army built, and the four reconnaissance battalions were quickly annihilated.” In the rebel headquarters, the staff officer was reporting to the general commander of the reinforcements, one of the highest-ranking lieutenant generals in the rebel army, “Your Excellency, the captain of the vanguard is waiting for your order.”

The lieutenant general looked at the map with an expressionless face, somewhat confused by the arrangement of his opponents.

“What exactly is their intention in blocking us here?” The lieutenant general’s finger rubbed back and forth on the map,” This is 10 miles from the exit of the valley, the position is not up, not down, neither good nor bad, Cohen Kheda is really odd with his troops.”

“Your Excellency, they may think this is an optimal battlefield.” The staff officer took a few steps forward and whispered, “Ten miles from the exit, maybe they think that such a narrow tunnel will put a limit on the 100, 000 cavalries. Our troops will be huddled together, which will eventually lead to disorganization, that must be it!”

“Would Cohen Kheda be so stupid?” The lieutenant general snorted coldly and turned his head to look at the intelligence officer, “Which general under Cohen Kheda is the best at defense?”

The intelligence officer stood at attention and replied in a loud voice: “Among the Kheda house’s troops, the one who is most adept at defense should be Brigadier General Moya, the commander of the Third Legion. This man is Cohen Kheda’s childhood friend and now one of his most trusted subordinates. This man has performed well in the big War as well as in our army’s two operations against Dark City.”

“How many people are in the Third Legion?”

“According to our pre-war intelligence, the Third Legion has more than 40,000 men, mainly infantry, supplemented by a small number of cavalry, with poor mobility.”

The lieutenant general held his chin in one hand, slowly walked two round trips, and finally returned to the map. While gesturing with his hand on the map, his mouth whispered: “Forty thousand people, less the riders, logistics, miscellaneous… the best they have would be 30, 000 at most to put on the front line… preparation time, defense width, defense gears and so… our army has the advantage, they can’t defend… could it be that Cohen Kheda has other plans?”

“Send my order, main force exits the passage. The rear guard to expand the reconnaissance range. Pay extra attention to our tail.” The lieutenant general looked up, “Tell the vanguard, attack!”

“Your Excellency, what is the reason behind your arrangement?” The adjutant signaled the herald to depart, then asked.

“Cohen-Kheda is a very sinister man, he set up a position 10 miles from the valley as a decoy, with the aim of drawing our main force to attack.” The lieutenant general explained calmly “Since our army’s advantage cannot be brought into play in this narrow space, Cohen Kheda will simultaneously swing his army to attack from behind and block us in the valley. The current situation leaves Cohen Kheda with too many options ……”

“Then we will be safe if we exit the valley, right?” The adjutant looked at the map, “What about the vanguards?”

“They are only infantry, 20,000 vanguards can’t be beaten easily. If the battle ahead gets too intense, then it must be the enemy’s main force they are fighting. In that case, we must reinforce to break through Cohen Kheda’s defense line and march down Carson City to confront them.” The lieutenant general looked back at the other end of the valley: “If the enemy tries to attack behind us, then a troop is gonna appear any time now. Good for us, we can just turn around and eat them in one bite. In this case, it’s not too late for us to arrive at Carson.”

“So that’s how it is, Cohen Kheda can choose between striking us and striking Carson City.” The adjutant nodded his head and said, “If no enemy troops appear behind us, then Carson City must be in danger.”

“If they are striking Carson, of course, they will desperately try to stop us. The resistance we encountered in the front is a perfect proof.” The lieutenant general smiled: “Of course, it’s a bit crazy for infantry to try to block cavalry in the plains. Although it is, we can’t slack, not at all!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Prep the gears for the front, tell them that breaking this line is a great merit, spread out the fight for me!”

“Yes, sir!”

And at that moment, King Cohen Kheda, who had been doing nothing, finally gave an order, and he told someone to inform the general staff officer at Carson to light the warning signal smoke outside when appropriate. His intelligence staff has infiltrated the enemy’s intelligence system, in which they had already learned the rebels’ contact method.

For this battle, the rebels had set up a dozen secret locations along the line from Carson to the Divine City, specifically to transmit this one life-and-death message. But it seemed too much to play intelligence warfare under the nose of Cohen Kheda.

The rebel’s vanguards arrived in full force in front of the Third Legion dummy positions. After a little time to prepare, and then launched a fierce attack. Using the location of the previous attack as a marker, the rebels gathered a series of troops, including heavy infantry, and launched a simultaneous charge on both sides of the river.

After enchanting various magic, the infantry in the front raised their large shields and moved slowly forward toward the Dark Army’s defensive line in the order of light, heavy, and light troops, while the cavalry units behind them remained still, waiting for the order to assault.

Seeing that the infantry was about to enter firing range, the rebel commander shouted, “Front troops, assault!”

The soldiers hailed as they spread out. They charged forward in a scattered formation, which was an effective way to escape arrow attack, at least not so many would fall at the same time, and it would not look too horrible.


The archers at the back of the Dark Army’s battlefield once again fired, and the white-feathered, black-stemmed arrows rained. ‘Whoosh’, cold arrowheads penetrated lively bodies, brought out blood, shouts, and wails, accompanied by the loss of life, along with the sinking of the soul.

After several rounds of flak, the rebel infantry’s formation became even more scattered, but their lives seemed not so protected by the counter-arrow formation. But the rebel soldiers’ impact speed significantly accelerated. Seeing the decreasing effect of the arrow rain, the Dark Army position stopped shooting arrows, and the strong crossbowmen at the front of the battlefield poked out their upper bodies and aimed at the approaching enemies.

The rebel commander also saw the right moment and ordered the cavalry behind to start the onslaught.

The muffled sound of horses’ hooves rang out, and the cavalry’s impacting formation spread as well, with the bodies of the cavalrymen on their horses rising and falling. They held either saber or mounted lances, their weapons all gleaming cold light. The 4,000 cavalrymen came raging and pounced on the Dark Army’s direction.

The commander of the Dark Army ordered the archers to block the cavalry as much as possible as he ordered them to turn on the deadfalls.

The elven archers tightened their bows, scoping for enemy officers. Soon, the trails of silver-white magic arrows shuttled across the battlefield. Once caught by their keen eyes, no one would be spared.

This group of rebels is the fiercest among all the 350,000 rebels, Luhrmann’s best hope. Of course, they will not be defeated by mere bows and arrows.

While spurring, although their shields were full of arrows, and although their comrades kept falling down with cries, their fighting spirit was still high.

In the blink of an eye, the rebel infantry and cavalry had mixed together, and they rushed to the front of the battlefield at the same time, which also triggered the attack of the enhanced crossbowmen.

The strong crossbows were more lethal than feather arrows, and they were easy to operate, so anyone could use them.

In a moment, the rebels who rushed to the front fell to the ground in pieces, their bodies wrapped in iron, leather, and even wooden armor tumbled helplessly on the shallow slope, human’s dying cries rose and fell, red blood blurred the dead’s vision.

On the Dark Army’s, the sound of the crossbow wheel clicked, combined with the officer’s cries and yelling, they formed a force enough to compete with the rebel’s battle cry!

The crossbow operators were searching the battle line for targets while stringing the weapon. Their rapid movements could finish two men’s work with only one. And in their eyes, either excited or cold, they attacked indiscriminately, regardless of the enemy’s cavalry and infantry, and regardless of the horses and humans.

This was the creed of the Third Legion commander, the one order that every Third Legion soldier had to remember for the rest of his life: when fighting, never allow any living creature in front of the defensive line!

They remembered, they executed, and one by one the ammunition depleted, and one by one the rebels were nullified.

Aiming and firing, the operation was quick and precise.

The rebel cavalry and infantry that followed kept coming up, inevitably stepping into the traps prepared for them, the danger brewing beneath the ground was no less than that of the crossbows.

The traps that had claimed countless souls of the Asmodian United Forces had been upgraded and today they tested positively on the rebels.

A normal square of green grass, one moment before was fine, the next moment it was sunken. Traps, one after another, were like living ghosts.

Large traps, like a devilish creature, opened their mouths to swallow dozens of people. But small-scale traps only bite half of the human body. Some deadfalls were dark and deep, but some were puking flesh and mists of blood out.

The screams of the rebel soldiers carried the characteristics of different traps, some screams were short and high-pitched, some screams were low and long, some rose and fell like a high song, some twitched like a low sob.

This was the murder place! As magic, flying axes, and crossbows claimed countless lives, the united assault launched by more than 4, 000 enemy troops had in fact failed.

When the time was right, the assault infantry of the Dark Army leaped out from the pit to do a final cleansing of the remaining rebels.

Seeing the situation, the vanguard commander in the distant rebel command sighed quietly.

“Gentlemen, now you have an idea of the enemy’s way of fighting? We don’t have much time left.” He stared at the staff officers under his command with an expressionless face, “Come up with a way to break through the enemy’s defenses as soon as possible, and we will attack again in an hour.”


“Inform the rear, the front encountered fierce resistance, the attack operation killed four thousand people, the enemy defense line ……” The commander pondered for a moment, “The enemy defense line is intact.”

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