Vol. 16: Chapter 04 – Brand New Goal

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

contributing editor: s l

Dozens of elf mages, led by 10 elf elders were closely guarding a cabin located in the garden. The cabin door was closed. Inside, a giant magic crystal was at the center.

The light blue crystal was emitting cold, white mist. Fischer’s body was there, shrouded, quite alive. His hint of a smile was still there.

Cohen stood in the cabin. He gazed at his best friend silently for a prolonged period of time.

“I wonder if you can hear me, no matter… Fischer, I have to borrow your throne, for a year, maybe two, or five, six. … giving you back after I’m done.” Cohen suddenly said, “If it weren’t for you, this young lord is never gonna do shit about conquering the world. Remember, Fischer, you owe me one.”

“Well, I don’t know why, but…” Cohen stepped forward and began stroking the crystal coffin, “Anyway, with you around, I’m always confident. Take care, Fischer. Bless me, spare no effort. Or I’ll beat you half dead when you come back.”

“No objection? Deal.” Cohen stroked the crystal again and headed out.

“By the way, I still remember that princess who likes you, and the other princess who you like. I won’t let others get their hands on them, rest assured.” Cohen turned to face Fischer the moment as he reached the door, “Once outta here, I shall be a world-conquering maniac, so if my evil plans involve these two, don’t blame me.”

Fischer’s smile persisted.

“No objections again, very tolerant of you. Let’s call it a deal.” Cohen opened the door and left.

After examining the security Cohen left along the garden trail.

This very garden was not like before which was overwhelmed by exotic vegetation instead of wild tapiocas. This royal establishment’s extra fertile earth has given these ugly things all the nutrition they needed to thrive.

“What a shame that you got rid of all the fine grass.” Cohen was slightly irritated seeing the ‘food’ all his people were eating three meals a day, “And replaced them with this… thing.”

“Don’t belittle these insignificant creatures.” Someone took over Cohen’s comment, “Thanks to it, all 3 provinces’ soldiers and people have been away from starvation.”

Cohen smiled and turned to that voice. Flynn was in a plain long robe, her hands casually rested and with a smile, her caring eyes gazed at her husband without any hint of blame.

Although Cohen had been quite a troublemaker since they met, Flynn had never been so worried since Cohen’s run-away.

Before Fischer’s death, oftentimes Cohen would put himself into dangerous situations, but he was always behaving sharply and lively, which made Flynn believe that Cohen will always turn around the danger and end in safety. But this time, Flynn could tell, ever since Fischer had died, Cohen had been in a frenzy of chaos. When he selfishly abandoned everything and turned hostile to this world, Flynn believed that Cohen was going to destroy everything, including himself.

When Cohen’s guards sent news that they’d lost Cohen’s whereabouts, Flynn nearly fainted. However, as an IA supervisor, her duty clarified her. As the elder sister, she also had to be the stronger one. Therefore, Flynn had to put on a calm mask during the day when she spent most of her sleepless nights.

She worried about Cohen’s safety, also she feared the unknown future. Without Cohen’s news, Flynn could only judge his safety by Arnold’s condition. But why was he missing? Was he wounded, captured, or fell into great trouble? Flynn had to assume something in order to comfort herself. Time and time again, the nightmares seized her, time and time again her heart was torn apart. Every day, the first thing she opened her eyes was to make sure Arnold’s condition.

Her heart turned fragile. During some of her sleepless nights, Flynn began searching for her memories, picking the pieces. She began repenting that she did not treasure the days they were together. More and more, she spent her nights reflecting on her past behaviors.

It would take both of them to maintain the love. Fortunately, the man was back safely. This journey seemed to have brought him much change. Either way, Flynn decided to rebuild their relationship. She wanted to know Cohen’s heart instead of requiring Cohen to fit her own standard.

“It’s not an ordinary garden, it’s the royal garden.” Cohen was unaware of Flynn’s inner choices, he led Flynn by the kiosk and sat down, “There’s no need to count this place in even with the worst starvation.”

Flynn’s vision turned gentle, unlike before, she was more intimate to Cohen than being demure, “We needed to build an example, let everyone know the king was leading the action in order to feed his people.”

“Well, I’ll take that reason. But I’m still not comfortable with all the uncommon things around here.” Cohen nodded, “Your husband needs a delightful royal garden, love.”

Flynn chuckled.

“Can I?”

“You can.” Flynn nodded, she replied, “It’s April. We’ll make the garden pretty again right before the summer harvest. Is that a yes, darling?”

Cohen laughed and stood up.

“The summer harvest will mark the time we march to the rebels.” Cohen paused then turned to look at Flynn, his voice revealed a hint of dissatisfaction, “Come on, Flynn, it’s time for you to clap for your man’s ambitious speech.”

Cohen’s seriousness amused Flynn, “Aren’t you a grownup now?”

“Say it, your claps are full of love and care. I need them.” Cohen approached his arms around Flynn’s shoulders and whispered. Flynn was overwhelmed by her man’s tender eyes, “I know what you did: waiting for me here because you worried that I might be upset after seeing Fischer.”

“Cohen, I…”

“Don’t. I thought I had too many things to do. They were numerous and cluttered. I didn’t know what I wanted and the more I did, the more I was lost. And you, you’ve hidden your love so deep that I ignored them. Don’t hide, you’re just as responsible as I am.” Cohen said, “Lucky for us, it’s not too late. Beautiful lady, can you offer me a chance to go after you again? I will give you a perfect fall-in-love.”

Her husband’s words made Flynn feel that she went back to the young days before their marriage. The next moment saw she naturally raised a hand and flapped Cohen’s hand as punishment, “Nonsense.”

“It’s not nonsense. I never do nonsense.” Cohen said seriously, “Tell you, I’m gonna eventually get you. I won’t get into your robe if you don’t say yes. Call me a rascal if you have to.”

“You just won’t stop talking.” Flynn eventually blushed, “We’re already married. Besides, you’ve been a rascal since we met.”

Cohen laughed then leaned closer to Flynn’s ear, “This young lord is not content to being just a rascal.”

Flynn gazed at her man with great interest, asked, “What would you be, then.”

“A maniac!” Cohen kissed Flynn’s earlobe. What came out next startled Flynn, “A world-conquering maniac.”

“Conquer… the world?” Flynn was astonished, “How could you… given that there are two alliances in your way. If anyone knows your intention, I’m afraid…”

“I don’t care about the alliances. Those are just subsidiaries or a boring excuse.” Cohen put away his smile and said with seriousness, “Look, it’s just us here. And amongst all, you’re the calmest, most leader-like one. Therefore I told you first.”

Flynn was a woman who wouldn’t even frown if the sky fell. But she had to put a hand over her chest to stabilize the breath. She decided to comment after Cohen, “Fine, tell me. I want all the details.”

Cohen sat aside and hugged her shoulders, then exhaled, “It’s not that of a big deal. Nothing more than finding the three most enjoyable things in my life. Although it’s just temporary, I can live with it. So, my love, would you hear it?”

Flynn took a deep breath then took her husband’s hands, “I’m ready.”

“They are…” Cohen leaned lower, enjoyed the speech while whispering, “The endless joy fighting the Protoss and the endless joy fighting the Asmodians…”

Instantly, Flynn grew pale on her face. Her palms shivered and her eyes were fixed on her husband.

“Surprised? Told ya I’m gonna be a maniac. And you said you’re ready.” Cohen began combing Flynn’s face with a finger.

It didn’t take Flynn long to go back to normal. Then she tried to validate Cohen’s declaration, “Are you serious?”

“Absolutely. Do I look like a liar?” Cohen revealed his sincerity, “To make things easier, I just borrowed Fischer’s throne… for a few years. It’s still his throne afterward. And he gave a silent yes.”

The last one Cohen didn’t lie.

“You!” Flynn was both anxious and angry. She measured Cohen’s forehead to make sure he was not sick, “Are you out of your mind?”

“I’m fine, trust me. I’ve never been so awake now.” Cohen relieved Flynn’s hand, “And it has to take steps. I will tell you when there’s a plan.”

“You want to die?” Flynn almost cried, “You’re just a human being. How could you fight the supreme races?”

“How can’t I?” Cohen laughed. He caught Flynn’s body off-guarded and embraced her. Flynn had already forgotten to maintain her usual gracefulness.

“I already have. First one-on-one for about 10 days. That little bitch didn’t win. Then one-on-four. It was quite a scene. I had to bail before things got ugly.”

Therefore Cohen retold his experience on the Protoss/Asmodian Line. He omitted many details before concluding, “So these four  bitches toyed your husband. What do you think, Queen Flynn who deeply loves her husband.”

“Unforgivable… unforgivable!”

Flynn’s fists were already clenching when she heard the Asmodian young princess tortured Cohen. Her anger reached the peak soon after. Therefore she almost instantly drew the conclusion which was a great offense to the supreme race. Actually, Cohen should be blamed because he addressed the four supreme princesses as ordinary women in his story.

Flynn quickly regretted it.

“We finally have something in common now.” Cohen’s little trick worked but he didn’t gloat, instead, he said gently, “As long as we’re together, we won’t fail.”

Flynn remained silent but her hands took Cohen’s

“What’s on your mind?”

“I can’t think that far beyond.” Flynn shook her head, “Tell me your first step.”

“Recover the empire.” Cohen replied without thinking, “In the coming summer, I will eliminate all rebels.”

Flynn nodded solemnly, “I’m still unclear but of that, we’re on the same page. You can tell me the rest when you realize the first step.” Then she reached for the headwear with a pure white feather fixed on it and tossed it harshly onto the ground and stomped on it, “No one toys my husband!”

Flynn was a very distinctive woman. The stomping meant one less believer for the God of Light. As for Cohen, he never was.

Cohen was overjoyed by Flynn’s reaction. But he picked the headwear while comforting his wife. Then said that he could exchange the headwear for money then the money can be used to buy army supplies. The reason was legit so Flynn had no objections and bought it.

“Now the business is done, so…” Cohen clapped, “Lady, let me go after you. I can’t wait.”

“Okay, but promise me first. Don’t make a joke when we talk business and don’t say anything unrelated when we’re on a date.”

“Fair, okay.” Cohen stood up, “I’ll escort you back to your chamber.”

“Not bad.” Flynn stood up and put her arms in Cohen’s, “No flowers?”

“Flowers?” Cohen eyed the garden full of tapiocas and said bitterly, “Delivery before sunset!”

As they headed back, Flynn filled Cohen in on what happened after he ran. Soon they reached Flynn’s chamber.

“And where are Carey and the rest,” Cohen asked.

“She’s with Dior and Winslet in your study.” Flynn replied, “They’re after the dragon’s stories.”

“Good for them. How about we go, too! I’m interested.”

“A gentleman will excuse himself at the door.” Flynn pointed a finger at Cohen’s forehead, “Besides, a lady needs more time to get dressed. See you later.”

Cohen was speechless. He knew Flynn was freeing him so that he could debrief other people. Therefore he stopped persisting and headed to the study.

On his way there, Cohen ran into Master Lorenzo who was on his way to ask Visual Kheda why the sudden day-off. Both people saw each other so there was no way they could avoid this encounter. Therefore, teeth barked, eyes widened, they passed each other without a word.

Just as Cohen reached the study, a delicate figure was running out and bumped into Cohen. It was Dior Merlin.

“Cohen… you’re back!” She said anxiously, “Talk to Winslet, she’s punishing the elves from your guarding troop!”

“Well, Winslet is not on the receiving end. Why the fuss, Dior.” Cohen said, “We can go later.”

Dior stomped her foot and snapped, “Winslet said she’s gonna join them because she failed as a supervisor!”

“What?” Cohen was surprised, “Where?”

As soon as they got a location, Cohen declared, “Whose idea was it?”

In an unnoticeable yard in the viceroy’s mansion, a group of 30-ish elves, including Winslet, were sitting with legs crossed on the ground, eyes closed. They were waiting for an elf elder to release the punishing magic. The choice of such a method was due to the fact that they were in the viceroy’s place.

After jumping over a mini bridge and flipping over several walls, Cohen had finally arrived at the scene. But he intentionally slowed down and took a deep breath before entering. Then he put on a calm face.

“Alas, why are you all here.” Cohen asked as he made his entrance, “What are you elf lot doing here?”

“Greeting, Your Grace…” The elder paused the magic.

“Not so graceful before the ascending.” Cohen’s eyes suddenly directed aside, “Winslet, why are you here? Get up before you catch a cold.”

Then he went straight and helped his elf lady up.

“Cohen…” Being in her lover’s hug, Winslet can no longer keep her eyes shut, “the elders are still here.”

“Oh, is she going to be mad?” Cohen turned his sincere eyes to an elf elder, “Will you be mad, the great grand elf?”

The receiving end of the question could only sigh and remain silent.

“Cohen, we’ll talk later.” Winslet still thought it was her fault that her choice of location was spotted by her husband, “We are being punished.”

“Punishment? What have you done wrong?” Cohen wouldn’t let Winslet go then asked the rest of the elves with great but fake astonishment, “All of you have returned merely today. You’ve only gone off my watch for so long, what could you possibly have done that dragged my Winslet with you?”

The IGT members were all half amused, half embarrassed. However, the elf elder has constructed the story and started explaining.

Having heard the reasons, Cohen frowned then asked, “Are you serious about it?”

Winslet nodded with her determined yet heartbroken eyes.

“She’s right. The law is equal to everyone. How can we uphold the empire’s justice if we don’t follow it? Even I cannot break it.” Cohen nodded then suddenly altered his tone, “However, the IGT’s recent conduct was carried out only because its commander had failed to discipline it. Therefore I am due for this punishment. That being said, count me in.”

The elder did not anticipate Cohen’s move, she promptly excused, “Your Grace, I mostly can not!”

“When I was your apprentice, I was used to your punishment. Have you forgotten?” Cohen smiled, “The law is the law. Please, don’t hold back.”

“Maybe…” The elf elder suddenly had an idea, “I could postpone the punishment to another day or have another way.”

“No,” Winslet was still in  Cohen’s hug, she struggled, “not an option.”

“Winslet is right. The law is impartial.” But Cohen felt bitter on the inside, he agreed, “I am Winslet’s husband. We ought to share the same. It’s fair. As the supreme commander of the guarding troops, I ought to share the same punishment with my subordinates, it’s also fair.”

“Now,” Cohen paused, then continued, “in the name of the king, start the magic. You are not allowed to weaken the magic power because of me.”

Since the king has given his order, the elders were surely okay with it. First, she offered her respect then leveled both hands to begin the punishing magic.

Cohen kept standing, tightened the hug. Winslet struggled twice then gave up and leaned her head over Cohen’s chest, slightly blushed. The other elves remained sitting, legs crossed. The punishment magic expanded and spread countless green threads then they shrouded the individuals. Many elves sweated.

But Winslet had her protection. The punishment magic was like a tickle for Cohen. He even had time to peek around, entirely ignoring the very mild pain. Later on, he simply took advantage of his magic knowledge and attracted the green threats around other elves.

However strong Cohen was, he was dealing with special magic invented just for punishing. As time went by, even Cohen was getting incredibly itchy on his back. However, he upheld a man and a husband’s honor and persisted.

Two hours later, as the elders brought the magic to an end. By that time, Cohen was also sweating on his forehead.

Of course, the magic’s power was heavily discounted by the elf elder because, well, no one wanted the sick king in bed.

“Your Grace, it’s done.” An elder expressed.

“Your effort is appreciated.”

Cohen said with a stiff smile due to the lingering pain. Then he said to his elf guarding troop members, “You’re all dismissed. Mind your own businesses. It won’t be this easy next time.”

Winslet wiped her husband’s forehead. She was not affected by the magic at all.

Dior and the others who were watching approached them.

“Well, I hate it.” Cohen complained in the circle formed by his wives, “Very tricky magic. Anyone other than myself might end up 10 days in bed!”

“What about you?” Carey helped Cohen to stand, “How many days are you gonna end up in bed?”

“Not even you ask me to.” Cohen grinned, “Carey, don’t fall asleep too early. Maybe I’ll sneak into your bed.”

“You dare…”

“Fine, I’ll sneak Dior and Winslet’s bed.” Cohen declared before Carey reacted.

“Sneak what?” Dior pinched Cohen’s arm, “Now lie down still!”

Cohen poorly replied, “But… I want stories too…”

“Fine…” Carey said, “Let’s move the storytelling to the bed.”

“With pleasure.” Cohen said, “Leila, remember that’s not my idea.”

The dragon girl chuckled.

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