Vol. 16: Chapter 02 – Leila

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

It has been a whole day since Cohen had entered the dragon pit. A layer of rainbow color had sealed the entrance. Sometimes it would ripple, sending waves outward. During the day they passed, Liverpool had been extremely patient as his eyes moved only between the earth under his feet and the pit’s entrance, without leering elsewhere.

The white girl also had been keeping herself standing on the side of the entrance without moving, still with her calm face. She’s not moved an inch beside her swaying blonde hair and the hem of her robe.

Liverpool knew that he cannot sleep because his young master could be exiting at any time. For someone like his young master, he needed to be served as soon as he was out. Liverpool really thought that he’ll die if he ever pissed his young master off.

However, the urge to sleep came, so gradually and so irresistibly. Then finally, he had to close his eyes.

Ever since Liverpool had met Cohen, he’s spent every moment trying to make Cohen happy. At the same time, he had to endure all the bloody killing and slaughtering that could happen at any time, which also always forced his nerve at high tension. Then finally, a glimpse of a gap had found him, and Liverpool sunk into sleep.

But he dreamt of hatred. Instinctively, he clenched his fists as his muscles twitched from time to time.

The human’s unusual activity alerted the white girl. Hence she began observing Liverpool curiously. His bizarre pose triggered the girl to probe his dream with magic. A while later, the girl ended the magic, sighed as her eyes gradually showed a hint of compassion. Then she slightly raised a hand to bring up a shade of magic light that shrouded Liverpool in order to stabilize his subconscious.

Liverpool had lost sense of how long he slept until a giant bang awakened him. As he rubbed his eyes, he noticed the layer of the rainbow at the cave entrance has dissipated. Where the bang came from was a misty dot of light dashing upwards into the vast sky with a long, white trail.

While Liverpool was stunned by what he saw, a series of footsteps came. It was Master Cohen followed by several elders. He quickly knelt seeing that the while girl has courtesied.

“Bah, that’s the head of her clan she’s kneeling to. You’re not one of them.” Master Cohen scouted, “What? Jealous?”

“Er…” Liverpool quickly thought and openly lied, “I was kneeling to you, Young Lord.”

“My friend, what’s this human’s relationship to you?” An elder behind Cohen asked as he allowed the white girl to stand up.

Liverpool looked forward to Cohen’s reaction, hoping his Young Lord could clarify his servitude. But to his surprise, Cohen replied without even considering, “Him? Not related.”

“He addressed you as Young Lord.” Ray said, “My memory told me it’s a title used only by people close to you.”

“He’s free to call me anything.” Cohen hummed coldly. His next comment sent Liverpool’s remaining hope to hell, “Have I reacted to him?”

Ray let out a faint smile. As a dragon, his insight and extraordinary wit told him that Cohen was merely taming a servant.

“Young Lord!” Liverpool turned pale with fright. He had no choice but to pull out his specialty: hugging Cohen’s leg, “Please don’t abandon me…”

Cohen’s leg shook twice and got rid of Liverpool. Then he turned and started conversing with a dragon beside him.

Despite being tossed away, Liverpool re-rose and stretched several times. Seeing that he was unharmed, he knew that Cohen was not ditching him for real. Therefore he remained obediently yet poorly aside.

He kept a distance from Cohen and the elders who were walking and talking along a quiet trail.

For the moment, Liverpool could not figure out his Young Master’s intention. If only Cohen could give him a glimpse of a hint, he would know.

What Liverpool didn’t know was that since the moment Cohen exit the dragon pit, he’s already a changed man.

Cohen felt his life has gone back to being existing in this world after he had met Marshmellow. Everything’s regained liveliness now.

It was near dusk as a shade of scarlet sunset glow by the skyline. The scene used to be rather sorrowful to Cohen than pretty. The breeze brought the scent of the ocean as well as the sound of tidewater beating the reef. Seagulls hummed from above. Cohen looked up in the birds’ direction, his vision took his thoughts to that foreseeable future.

Cohen’s heart was brought back to life. Once again, he had a future. All were built above one key info: As long as he’s able to find Gaia, Fischer will come back.

Fischer was just this important to him.

During a time of relief, Cohen didn’t mind pulling a few pranks on his long-absent friends.

“This island had another name. During ancient times, it was called the Dragon’s Purgatory.” Ray talked and walked, “Because it was the place where the ancient dragons were imprisoned. The enormous rock floating above the island was created to hide this island. It contains an enormous amount of magic energy. The shield it creates prevents the so-called Supreme Races from spying here.”

“So this was how you dragons survived.”

“Maybe. All we know are pieces of memories. The rest were lost.” The dragon chief nodded, “We have forgotten when and why the entire dragon clan migrated to this place, nor do we know the origin of you human’s Supreme Races.”

“I do,” Cohen hummed, “and it impressed me greatly.”

“Don’t worry, my friend.” The dragon chief smiled, “We have no knowledge regarding the conversation of you and that one.”

Do you?” Cohen grinned, “I wish I can trust your words.”

The elders that followed all revealed hints of unusual smiles.

“Well, you have your businesses. I’m not used to dealing with old people.” Regardless of he was the guest here, Cohen ordered a leave. “She can show me around.” Cohen hinted at the white-robbed girl.

“Might as well.” The dragon leader nodded, “Leila, take care of our guests.”

The white girl, namely Leila, though reluctantly, cannot disobey the clan leader’s will.

On the other hand, seeing that the elders have left, Liverpool instantly knew the important conversation had come to an end. Therefore he closed the distance. However, as soon as he crept nearer, Cohen’s murder smile gave him great chill. That purest smile usually takes place when Cohen was ready to slaughter.

“Leila, well, nice-sounding name.” Cohen circle-walked around Leila, “It was the second time I heard this name.”

Leila lowered her head and remained silent.

“Say…” Cohen approached the dragon girl and whispered, “The last time I saw you, the time when you were poorly lying on the earth. What were you thinking?”

Leila angrily squinted Cohen, “Nothing.”

“Well, lying is not a good habit.” Cohen traveled to the other side of the girl, “You know, your chief and elders have sold you to me…”

You are lying.” Leila gazed at Cohen, feeling unsettled, “They will never do that. Only humans like you say a word like ‘sell’.”

“I did lie.” Cohen said sincerely, “But it’s allowed. However, it’s quite the opposite for you.”

Leila was half annoyed, half amused. But she decided to not argue and once again lowered her head.

Cohen’s mental health had gone back along with his bizarre behaviors. Obviously, staying silent was not the optimal choice.

“I have questions, a lot, say…”

Cohen’s face was full of mystery and modest, he also leaned his head closer to Leila, which led to her curiosity. Therefore Leila also leaned closer to listen.

Cohen thereafter asked, “The scar from the last time I met you, where is it now, in your human form.”


“I am one already.” Cohen said seriously, he even regretfully shrugged, “Took you so long to find out.”

Leila quietly sighed. She also questioned why Cohen could be so changeful. Earlier today he was so grim instead of so talkative like now.

“Walk with me, to that flatland.” Cohen was also in a high mood for sightseeing, “You, what’s-your-name, come along.”

Liverpool’s body quaked as he was mentioned. Hence he followed with light steps as if his Young Lord’s calling has given him much energy.

It was all dense woods and colorful flowers along the trail to the destination. Every now and then, a peculiar little creature would stop by the trail to observe the newcomers.

“Alas, these little ones are not afraid of strangers, nor dragons.” Cohen asked, “You guys don’t feed on meat, do you?”

“There are fish in the ocean. Some dragons are herbivorous.” said Leila, “Not all dragons are like us.”

“Eat grass? Are they ever gonna have time to sleep when they spend most of their time to feed their enormous body?” Cohen fetched a tiny creature aside, impolitely he toyed it, “Tell me about it. I’m your guest.”

“Our chief, elders, and all who came to welcome you on the square are a very rare kind of dragon within the clan. We’re free to use magic and transform into human form.” Leila carried on her duty, “The ones slightly lower than us can still fly, use less magic, and unable to transform.”

“Can’t transform into humans. So that means they’re not intelligent?”

“They not only are,” Leila chuckled with pride, “but far exceed ordinary human beings.”

As they talked, suddenly a giant head revealed itself from the woods aside. It leaned down and stopped in front of the travelers. Most of its body was still behind the dense leaves. Cohen reckoned it might be as large as two full-grown horses.

“You ran this far? The elders will punish you if they know.” Leila approached the head. Her hand gently stroke the head as large as a wine barrel. Then she turned to Cohen, “It is a terrestrial dragon who’s in charge of the Dragonoid on this flatland. They are intelligent as well.”

“So he is a terrestrial dragon.” Cohen touched his jaw, “What’s a Dragonoid like?”

“Over there.” Leila hinted at the flatland afar, “Those are Dragonoid. Technically they are not dragons. Without much intelligence, their bodies resemble the terrestrial dragons. I guess they are the indigenous creatures long before we settled here. Oh, these ones feed on grass.”

Cohen looked ahead and caught a herd of vigorous animals with his eyes.

Almost as big as a terrestrial dragon, but they are with vigorous bodies along with a short but thick tail. The tail must’ve helped them to balance their bodies in order to walk like a human most of the time. And they were able to run very fast on two legs. Cohen noticed there were several Dragonoids nearby who were playing. For many times, some were harshly put onto the ground by another, but no one was hurt at all. The Dragonoids also had flexible forearms.

“Well well,” Cohen said, “that’s a handful.”

“Indeed…” Leila said, but she suddenly was alerted, “What’s on your evil mind?”

“My evil mind?” Cohen laughed, “I have a vague idea. Those Dragonoids are naturally good steeds. I’m gonna talk to your chief and ask him to send a thousand or two to Dark City.”

“For war? What’s the point?” Leila frowned, “Why do you have to drive them to kill instead of keeping a peaceful life here?”

“You think I don’t know that? Fine, go and search the entire continent, and good luck finding someone who wants less killing than myself.” Cohen kept on walking, “It never makes sense to prevent death with war. However, the inferior ones do not have many choices. Indeed, the Dragonoids have a peaceful life here. But what about tomorrow, or the day after that? Who knows if one day the Protoss and Asmodians would arrive at Dragon Stone and slaughter you all?”

Cohen continued, “I know you’re reluctant to and choiceless, but you cannot give up fighting.”

Leila remained silent whereas Cohen’s eyes were still fixed on the Dragonoids, “As for myself, the only thing left is the will to fight.

Leila put her hand on the Terrestrial Dragon’s head, still didn’t say a word. She knew Cohen was right. She just wanted to argue because the way Cohen talked was like a total jerk.

Although there were only so many times that Leila had met Cohen, each time, she did coincidently witnessed Cohen’s true self. She lived because of Cohen and he lived because of her. Therefore, they shared a special connection that resembled that of a distant relative.

“So… how was it, my speech? Caught you off-guarded, right?” Cohen suddenly faced Leila and laughed, “It’s the punishment for you ignoring me on that day. Haha.”

“You…” Leila was speechless.

“Now I call us even. Walk me back, Leila.” Cohen grinned and began heading back quickly, “I like messing with you. Maybe I’ll talk to your chief and he’ll hand you to me. So you’ll be my maiden, I like that.”

“No!” Leila stopped fondling her dragon friend and ran after, “You are not!”

“Dragon maiden, wicked…” A certain individual ignored Leila’s protest and kept on advancing, “But I’m not letting her transform into the dragon form without my order. This young lord doesn’t have enough room for her. Besides, if I’m around when she purposely transforms, I’ll be crushed…”

“Cohen Kheda, you stop there!”

“Well, dissatisfied? Bite me!”

“I’m bitting you for real if you take another step!”

“Oh, really? You’d do that? You know who I am?”

“Cohen Kheda!”


“A rascal!”

“Wrong again! Let me tell you and I’m not repeating: This young lord is a world-conquering maniac!”

“Conquer your own kitchen!”

“Your kitchen is indeed included.”

Liverpool was amused as he followed obediently.

The argument continued until they were back to the dragon pit. Cohen entered the cave, laughing, whereas Leila was banned angrily outside due to her status.

Not long after, Cohen exited the pit, all gloated as he declared Leila the dragon has been officially fit into Cohen’s command. Leila had to listen to Cohen.

The news almost drove Leila nuts.

Liverpool, on the other hand, was relieved. He knew his young master was being easy on Leila. And besides, it meant that he was going to see that pair of deep eyes often, which was a good thing for him.

While Leila was throwing a tantrum, Cohen suddenly returned to the cave. A prolonged conversation with the dragon elders took place there.

When Cohen was once again out of the cave. He has returned to peace. In the meantime, the elders were humping their brains on how to transport all the Dragonoids Cohen needed to Dark City: it was quite a long journey.

“Well, let’s go for my old friends.” Cohen stretched his body, “Dragon, now, transform.”

(Swabia empire, Divine City, suburban area)

Malphite was in his plain clothes, grim-faced. He went into the woods where he’s been hiding, along with a few IGT members. Several officers stood up seeing that the orc captain had returned.

“Any news?”

“News my ass…” Malphite dropped his weapon and said with a weary face, “No news.”

“It’s already April. Should we continue…?” Another captain asked.

“ ‘f course we continue. What were you thinking?” Malphite had learned to take charge since the day Cohen had gone missing. However, an orc was born with crude language, “We’re his guards. Search for him is our freaking job! Forget about going the damn back. I’ll cut each of your head if we missed him!”

All officers had no choice but poorly remained silent.

“Easy now, everyone calms down.” Diana approached, “We’ll find him.”

“What can we do?” Malphite was so depressed.

“Captain!” An IGT member ran over, “We caught a man by the woods. He came from above. Even our guards missed him.”

“From above?” The mysterious man came right on time when Malphite wanted to take his anger out somehow, “Bring him to me.”

A well-dressed, middle-aged man was brought to Malphite. He was not afraid, nor did he worry about his life. He even smiled and nodded to the unfriendly orc.

“Who are you? What’s your business here?”

“I’m Asmo… er, I’m Liverpool. And I have news for you.”

“What news?”

“My young lord said ‘Your face is dirty.’. So he’s gonna give you some time to clean it. If it’s still not cleaned by that time, he’s gonna make you a farmer…”

As soon as he heard that, Malphite pulled Liverpool over, “Who is your master?”

“My master’s name is Cohen Kheda. He let me count the second, 50 times.” Liverpool jeered, “Don’t waste any seconds now, 31, 32, 33…”

Malphite panicked. He pushed Liverpool aside and robbed a bag of water. His face was not clean the first time he met Cohen.

Liverpool fell onto the earth, but he didn’t curse nor yell. However, the number jumped from 34 directly to 45: He’s found an excuse already, he’s innumerate.

“Sir!” Malphite cried out of astonishment, “You’re back!”

“Damn you, Mal, still not clean!”

This chapter was originally published on Wuxianation, any despicable reposts or copies without proper citings are strictly prohibited.

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    It seems like a good arc is coming along, im excited. And because of how Marsh talked about Gaia i strongly suspect she’s Arethusa.

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