Vol. 15: Trivia – Absent Friends

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

At noon, on a lonely pathway outside the town came a figure far away. He was a young man with golden hair and a pair of golden eyes. On his handsome face, there was a light smile. Unhurriedly, he walked. Though his wearings were shabby, from the materials of the cloth and the peculiar patterns, one can tell his unusual identity. This officer had a long wooden case on his back. Judging by the longeutte print on the case surface, it could be a package for clothes.

Several unhygienic boys stood by the road sucking thumbs. They gazed at this stranger curiously. It was a mostly deserted road.  Usually, no one would walk on it besides a whore who they can tease.

The officer approached the boys. He offered a graceful smile.

“Where is the clothing store?” He asked kindly, “Tell me and I might spare you some candies.”

A boy happily pointed the tailor’s shop afar then carefully described the details. Afterward, he spread his palms, revealing an expecting face.

He slightly bent down and spat into the boy’s palms.

Even the most stupid kid knew the difference between candies and spittle. Hence he cried out and desperately rubbed his palm on the ground. Having done that, he grabbed a handful of sands. Before he aimed the officer, the latter gave him a loud and clear slap, still with a smile.

“Hurtful?” He kept on smiling.

The boy howled and cried for his parents. But no one came. Who would dare to offend an officer?

Later on, the officer caught all the kids on this road. He slapped them one by one until all of them were blue in the face. At last, he stripped the boys and forced them to practice goose steps naked. However, after a few rounds of back-and-forths, he grew tired of it. Eventually, he tossed the boys one by one into a pit full of dirt and garbage.

He was once again on his way to the tailor’s shop, during which, he offered smiles for everyone he met.

As he entered the shop, he asked with a gentle voice, “I need a suit. It’s better to be black.”

The shop owner looked at him then eyed his body size. He quickly recognized the uniform he wore. Then over attentively the owner invited the customer into the store, “Yes, sir. I have it. Right off the shelf. Give me a second.”

Having dressed in a clean, fit suit, the young man also tried a black warlock’s robe.

“I’ll take this one as well. Besides, I want this case.” The young man hinted the case on the counter, then he asked, “I saw a dead woman on my way here. Nobody’s gonna do something about her?”

“Mister, you just got here, I suppose.” The owner said as he gathered things, “I know a thing or two about it. Last night, a team of warriors came to our town. They spent the night in the hotel. I could tell they know the manager very well. Later that night, they called in a few whores for fun. Who knows what they’ve done to them.”

“Well, warriors.” The young man nodded, “I don’t know warriors are legally allowed to kill.”

“Just like killing a bug. No one cares.” The owner laughed and began stitching the parts on the robes where modifications were needed, “I can tell you can use a good rest. But you don’t deserve peasant’s whores. You’ll have to head north. There’s a good town and superb whores.”

“I see.” The young man admired his new outfit and nodded. He retrieved an exquisite long sword from his old box and placed it into the new case.

“How particular those patterns are. It’s the Protoss style.” The owner greedily watched the weapon, “War trophy?”

“Indeed.” The young man carried the case on his back, replied with a smile. The next moment saw his hand crushing the owner’s neck.

After gathering all the money from the tailor’s shop, the young man stepped onto the road. With the same smile, he asked for the hotel’s location and ransacked more stores along his way.

The uproar quickly spread. People rushed over and tried to catch this smiling man. In the end, the road was filled with villager’s bodies.

The hotel owner tried to act like a hero but failed in less than one round. Horrified, knelt by the young man’s feet, he was forced to tell the whereabouts, destination, and direction of last night’s warriors.

Those men belonged to a sellsword army. They came to the Line for business but apparently didn’t achieve it. Therefore they were not in a good mood. However, they’ve departed last night by ship.

“Huh, a young woman died.” The young man asked with a smile, “You know anything about it?”

The hotel owner nodded and began retelling last night. He described how the warriors tied her, how they sliced her skins, and how they licked her blood.

“She laughed at the beginning…” The owner’s face was soaked in blood.

The next moment heard a huge explosion: the owner’s entire body was destroyed.

The young man took a deep breath and stepped out.

The road was crowded with weapon-holding villagers. All watched the young man eagerly. But the young man’s face was so charming that all the villagers were affected.

Though having been through quite a bit of killing, the young man had no dirt on his new suit. He left the village with the same gentle smile.

Behind him were fire and smoke and a group of terrified whores huddled up watching him. He entered the whorehouse. All poor women closed their eyes, waited for death.

As the gentle steps left the whorehouse, these women who didn’t even have the courage to run each had a bag of heavy gold in their hands.

It was almost dusk, the young man had arrived at another village. Not many people were there in the lonely street.

The young man was after that sellsword army who left by ship. But he couldn’t find himself a ship. The village was not wealthy. Too shabby that he didn’t even see a decent place to buy a carriage. The horses here were not good. They can’t run very fast, nor can they do long-distance travel. Cohen didn’t expect it.

Then, an odd-looking carriage stopped by.

“Mister!” A vigorous voice asked, “Do you need a vehicle? My cart is at your service!”

The young man saw a simple and honest middle-aged face.

“Sir, don’t judge by the outside. It’s the fastest horse in the Asmodian Alliance!” The middle-aged man jumped off his vehicle, quickly and neatly opened the door for Cohen, “Two fine horses and the best wagoner. You’ll feel like you’re flying. One more thing, it’s cheap and I won’t bother you much.”

The young man said a place then the wagoner quickly bumped his chest and vowed that he will drive him there safely, although that place was nearly a thousand miles from this village, and the road condition he’s going to travel to was worrisome.

“Fine.” The young man nodded, “Let’s see how fast you can drive. Take this money and buy us some food first.

As the wagoner went joyfully for food, the young man rested in the carriage, waiting for this journey to unfold.

The wagoner was right. Indeed his vehicle was the fastest within the alliance. However, it was the worst-conditioned one as well. To maximize the speed, the wagoner exerted his best and the journey was alarmingly dangerous.

Finally, on an endless wasteland, the dilapidated vehicle couldn’t hold together anymore. It finally collapsed. Cohen was able to break out from the top and caught the struggling wagoner in the air.

The two horses halted not far ahead. Both of them turned around to look at the broken pieces of wood.

“Fastest wagon.” Cohen eyed around this wasteland, even calling it a ‘wasteland’ would be praising it. Cohen stuck out his thumb, “Good job.”

“MY HERO!” The wagoner promptly hugged Cohen’s left leg and began crying, “Forgive me! Please don’t send me away! You need me to run your errands! I’m willing to be your servant. I’m willing to do anything for you! I’ll follow your orders if only you say otherwise!”

“I didn’t intend to do anything to you yet.”

“You don’t have to, my hero!” The wagoner intentionally let Cohen saw there were real tears in his eyes, then kept on crying, “The moment I saw you, I knew you’re my savior. Your glorious, great, valorous, almighty hero! Please don’t leave me here, or I’ll starve to death…”

Cohen pondered. Perhaps he needed a guide… or rather, a servant.

“You know around here?”

“Yes! Yes, I do!” The wagoner quickly stood up. He wiped the tears then swore and conveniently altered his occupation, “I’m the best guide in the Asmodian Alliance. You’re right in choosing me. I know every road and path. With me around, getting lost will sound like an impractical joke.”

As the wagoner… no, the guide was bragging about himself, Cohen watched him peacefully. Cohen didn’t say he was going to do anything to him, but he could tell that begging was his nature. All the kneeling, thigh-hugging, howling, and crying was fluently carried out. His behavior reminded Cohen of Tonya.

Both of them were just struggling to live. They kept on enduring, begging. Although in different ways, what they did was just for surviving.

“Get the horse. We’re leaving here.” Cohen pardoned him, “What’s your name?”

The guide swiftly ran for the horses, he yelled back while running, “Sir, just call me Liverpool!”

Then a horse’s butt bumped his face, “OUCH!”

Cohen gave a laugh but left him be.

They’ve abandoned all unnecessary heavy things and rode away.

Getting lost, the practical joke happened at the next crossing. It came too soon.

Cohen glimpsed Liverpool. The next moment saw Liverpool jumping off the horse and crying ‘MY HERO!’. Cohen can’t help it. Therefore, as Liverpool led both horses and made a giant detour, they’ve finally arrived at a town nearby. At the sight of the buildings, both of them were relieved.

Having been away from the town which had given him much sorrow, Cohen began considering his next step. Therefore he cannot constantly retain his usual smile.

“How’s Dark City, I wonder.” He pondered, “How should he explain his runaway to his families.  He decided to get a map later and come up with a way back…”

He trotted into the town. The setting sun has painted a layer of fascinating orange color on the centra boulevard as well as the roofs on both sides of the road. The night breeze even sent a barbeque smell from afar.

“Master, it’s a big town!” Liverpool gazed around, “There are a pub, a restaurant, and a hotel!”

“First time here?” Cohen glimpsed Liverpool, “Best Asmodian guide?”

“MY HERO…” Liverpool cried.

“Shut up.”

“Yes!” Liverpool quickly replied.

But the ‘MY HERO’ earlier still alerted a guy by the end of the street. Quickly, a vicious-looking tall man stopped before them.

“Strangers? You don’t look familiar.” He put a hand on the handle of his weapon hanging on his belt and approached, “You newcomers know the rules here?”

Cohen spared an eye for Liverpool, the latter quickly began showing the tall man with flatteries with his smart mouth.

When Liverpool was praising the tall man, a glamorous woman went out of her door from the pub on the left. She had a wine bottle in one hand, the other nipping the hem of her dress. As she began making her way to a building across the street, she blew a kiss for Cohen.

Cohen replied with a faint smile. The woman laughed dissolutely as she entered the building.

“What were you looking at?” The tall man stepped for Cohen, “She’s my boss’ woman.”

“Looking at her doesn’t mean anything.” Cohen kindly replied, “Your boss should feel great that his woman is attractive.”

The tall man froze for a second. Cohen’s outfit prevented him from acting further. Not everyone can wear a black robe. He also feared that the box on Cohen’s back. It could be a weapon.

“Strange warlock, there’s no law enforcement here. We call the deals.” The tall man began making his way back, “Don’t let trouble finds you.”

Liverpool promptly bumped his chest and vowed that they won’t cause any trouble in this place. Therefore the man followed the earlier woman’s way and left.

Hence Cohen and Liverpool entered the pub to replenish and rest.

As warm drinks were served, they saw several men ablaze with anger marching for the pub, led by the tall man from earlier.

Cohen was as calm as usual, but Liverpool was terrified. He left the drink and went to the door. Before he could fawn them, the leading man’s slap made him stagger.

“MY HERO!” Like before, Liverpool pulled his best trick while Cohen was still enjoying his drink. He knew Liverpool won’t be hurt.

“Back off, I don’t have time for you, puss!” Liverpool suffered kicks. Then the men drew their swords and stabbed Cohen’s horses. Cohen was still drinking.

“Listen, you all. Our boss does not allow you to sell horses to these two strangers! You disobey, you regret it!” The men marched into the middle of the street with the blood-stained knife. He yelled as he squinted Cohen for his reaction.

But Cohen was still focusing on his drink as if none of that concerned him. Then the troublemakers had no other things to do but to return the building across the street.

Liverpool stood back up, dirty-faced, devastated. The other men showed him despised eyes.

However Liverpool complained, Cohen acted kinder to him.

“Finish your drink, it’s getting cold.” He said.

“We’ll need horses to get out of this wasteland…” Liverpool nearly cried, “What they did was just a way to tell us that we need to go meet the boss first. Well, you stay here. I’ll beg them to forgive us.”

“There’s no need.” Cohen replied, “I’ll make them pay for our horses.”

“Make them pay?” Liverpool widened his eyes, he jabbered, “He’s the gangster’s head, how are you going to make them pay?”

“Slowly and patiently.” Cohen smiled and finished his drink, “I’ll try my best to arrange a deal.”

Liverpool was all confused as Cohen loosened the case from his back, “Take good care for me. Do not open it.”

Liverpool was stunned to watched Cohen took off his robe and asked a few questions from the pub owner. Then Cohen exited the pub empty-handed.

He must be mad!

Meanwhile, in the pub, all drinkers including the owner poured out from all the possible places. They hid their heads to peep behind the windows, whispered.

A breeze blew by, whipping his suit. Liverpool saw Cohen knocked on the door and entered the building. Immediately came a round of sighs in the pub because the door was shut.

It was a giant room where a dozen ugly and fierce-looking men were scattered. Each of them was toying a dagger and gazed at Cohen with unfriendly eyes.

A luxury lounge was placed at the most center of the room. A vulgar man was lying on it while the woman who caused all the fuss was massaging him.

Cohen stopped before the lounge, gazed at the boss kindly. The bossman must have heard Cohen’s steps but he didn’t open his eyes. Looks like he was waiting for Cohen to talk first.

“Oyi, talk, dummy!” The silent confrontation didn’t last long before a man lost patience and yelled.

“I…” Cohen laughed, “I’m here to talk.”

“Talk about what?” The bossman opened his eyes. He eyed at the ceiling, asked absent-mindedly, “Business?”

“Your men killed my horses…” Cohen made a killing gesture, “We can’t leave without horses.”

“They were reckless for killing your horses.” The bossman turned and grinned, “So what?”

“You ought to pay me.”

“Pay you? Good, good idea, I love it.” The bossman went excited, he rose to sit, “Babe, come and get it, do it yourself.”

A round of jeers

“Do it myself?” Cohen gazed at the boss man sincerely, “You’ll get hurt.”

The boss man picked his weapon from beside and boomed, “Come and show me hurt.”

Even the ones in the pub could hear.

Liverpool certainly heard it like everyone else. As he was worried about his future, he vaguely saw the building across the street shook. He refocused his eyes thinking it was his illusion. Quickly something he saw told him it was real. A burly body was shot through the wall and ended up hanging and shedding blood. What came next was a shockwave that broke the window and a muscular leg was tossed out on the street.

Then it was a series of bangs. Even the earth quivered. The building spasmed, making a creaking noise.

All who gathered by the pub window were astonished like a group of fools.

Then finally, all eased.

As the door was opened accompanied by an extremely unpleasant moan, a blood-covered face showed by it. From his figure, it was the tall man who confronted Cohen and Liverpool earlier. He still had the blade in his hand. Staggering, he made his way toward the pub. As he arrived at the center of the street, he tried to make a sound.

“Hel…” He sounded as if his windpipe was leaking. Before he could finish, he fell on his knees and began twitching.

All who watched scattered. A moment later, everyone went back to where they were, drinking and selling.

Liverpool gazed at that broken door until Cohen showed. He was unharmed, unstained, smiling. Like how he strolled into the building, he returned.

“Put it away.” Cohen tossed two large bags onto the desk. From one of the loosened mouth leaked a few pieces of gold. Then he sat down, poured himself a drink. He did what he did as easily as taking a leak.

“Weren’t… weren’t… you…” Liverpool has never felt talking was such a difficult thing, “Weren’t you going to talk, just talk?”

“Our talk fell out.”

Liverpool grabbed the bags with lightning-fast speed. Quickly he tied the leaking mouth and nested the bag in his arms, unwilling to look at Cohen.

He was afraid, unspeakably afraid.

He had witnessed countless men being killed and seen countless killings. But no one was like his company who can give him such intense fear.

He was kind and approachable. His smile was innocent. He can be as close and as far. With his company, half of the time you’ll feel secure and the other half will be overwhelming fear. Liverpool knew no one will be able to run away from him, including himself. He will be a man Liverpool can depend on and also his nightmare.

Once a man had a reliable background, he can outperform himself. Liverpool has proven this point.

To be fair, he was not a kind man. When he faced a man stronger than him, he’ll flatter him; with someone the same as him, he’ll buddy him up; when he met someone weaker than him, he’ll bully him without hesitation. Certainly, if his target was worth bullying, he’ll definitely do it.

And now, his standard had leveled up: he’ll go up and bully everyone who’s weaker than his boss. And he didn’t seem to come across anyone who’s stronger than his boss yet.

His boss told him his name was Cohen Kheda. Liverpool had heard this name before and was well aware of what this name stood for. He had his own plan and he never considered betraying his boss. In fact, he’s more inclined to put a label on everything in this world and sell them to his boss.

He was very good at observing. He came to know his boss was a man who liked to enjoy. Therefore he hired the No.1 comfortable carriage with big money and the best guide in the alliance just to let his boss enjoy his way to his destination.

Cohen knew what Liverpool had done and he never commented. Whenever the money bag was almost empty, Cohen would get out of the carriage and plunder a place. Then he would toss the refilled money bag back to Liverpool. The ambiguity has indulged Liverpool, aggravated his behavior.

The old thigh-hugging, my-hero-calling Liverpool had gone. Here came the confident, imposing, dignified, extinguished man. He even tried to dress like a gentleman.

From the beginning, Liverpool was indeed unable to tell vulgarity from grace. He put everything expensive indifferently onto his body. Naturally, he ended up like a clown. But he actually felt good about himself. Whenever it happened, Cohen will drive him off the vehicle, strip him naked, and force him to run after the vehicle.

If he happened to buy the thing that fit Cohen’s taste, Cohen will allow him to keep it. After several times’ mistakes and corrections, Liverpool was smart enough to learn Cohen’s preferences. He learned what was the right thing to keep and what was not and he will not make the same mistake again.

To make a man like Liverpool learn how to treat different people with different approaches and attitudes could be challenging, but it’s proven to be exceptionally easy for Cohen. Liverpool needed Cohen to show him just once to completely master it. For Liverpool, Cohen has become the center of his world. Cohen’s will has become his own will. He won’t disobey Cohen because he grasped that his only value in life was to follow Cohen’s order.

Cohen knew Liverpool’s change was due to him showing his powers. There must be something hiding within this ordinary middle-aged man’s heart.

Cohen wanted to see how far would an adult’s behavior change. An adult’s habit would have settled. It’s proven to be very hard to even pretend, let alone a complete change. However, Liverpool has been doing it and he succeeded, which astonished Cohen.

The reason that Cohen did not tell was that he wanted to see how far this adult man can go. Another reason was, Cohen was astonished about his own change.

It has never occurred to him that he could deduct someone’s inner ideas from his behaviors. Or rather, Cohen did not know it was an option before. After he had recovered from the demonization, it’s become one of his skills. Now, he was able to instinctively analyze his counterpart’s thoughts from the behaviors.

After the first try, Cohen was fascinated by it.

With enough money, the traveling speeded up. Cohen could even arrive at his destination ahead of time: another distant village.

As the carriage stopped by the only hotel in the village, Liverpool got off-board and checked the environment. He’s looked like a real gentleman after all these days.

His hair was carefully combed. A handcrafted neckerchief, which was made from exquisite cloth with skilled patterns, tied a beautiful knot on his neck. The suit was simple but elegant, highlighting a mid-life man’s maturity and charm. The few delicate ornaments adorned his calmness.

“Master,” He turned to the carriage, “we’ve arrived.”

Cohen stepped out of the vehicle and entered the hotel.

When Cohen had sat down and sipped a few drinks, Liverpool came back with the information he snooped. He went sitting by Cohen and told him about the sellsword army. When being debriefed, Cohen, like usual, focused on his drink, didn’t show any opinions for them.

“That ship has all of their muscles.” Liverpool continued, “I lied to them that I have a commission so they told me everything. The ship will arrive here later this afternoon.”

“Cohen nodded and rested the cup, “Ready the vehicle. After we’re done here, we’re heading for the capital.

“Yes, master,” Liverpool replied. Although Cohen’s orders were confusing most of the time and he never cared to explain. Liverpool would never be too curious to ask.

He glimpsed and found there was no trace of emotions in Cohen’s eyes or on his face. It was not a good sign.

(During the afternoon at the encampment of the sellsword army)

It was a mid-range mercenary group with more than a hundred men. The members lived in 20, 30-ish tents, which took up a huge area. On the side of the tents was the training ground. The other side was close to the river. They even built a small docking station.

A midsize cargo ship emerged from the skyline. Slowly, it docked.

Meanwhile, a luxurious carriage rode along the road and parked just out of the encampment. Before several pawns came to welcome, the mercenary leader came and drove the little ones away. The leader himself came out and welcomed his guests of honor.

“After inviting the guests into the largest tent, the leader promptly began introducing the best members in his army: the ones who just came back in that ship. After all the routines, he changed the subject and subtly inquired about the commission.

“It’s a simple one.” Liverpool was also an honored guest, he first glimpsed Cohen, then stood up, “I have to explain first that my master is a benevolent lord, but he has his foes who don’t know how to appreciate.”

“Absolutely!” said the leader, “The best men in this world would need us to deal with problems sometimes.”

“Your target’s behavior has been abominable. That is why my young lord is furious about her.” Liverpool stepped forward as he broadly stated the reasons, “However, as a renowned nobility, there are many things he cannot carry out by himself. Although he could, he is not willing to go through all the trouble.”

“I understand, many nobilities also came to us to deal with their dirty business. This is our job and we’re willing to serve you.

“You are indeed a wise leader.” Liverpool approached and smiled with gratification, “Your target is a young woman. She is not nobility, but her background is somewhat strong. Her family has dozens of mercenaries and many regular guards. You have to understand, my master wants this problem gone clean. That is why he pays big money to hire you.”

“Understood. How far do you want us to go to make you satisfied?”

My young lord believes you have the ability to get rid of the one who intrigues him. But to deal with such an ungrateful woman, death is just too simple and too easy for her.” Liverpool laughed, he boomed, “She will die miserably, and suffer all the miseries a woman can taste. Money won’t be a problem. The problem is, are you able to complete the mission?”

“Of course! It’s our strongest suit.” At once a mercenary stepped out, “On our way back, we did exactly what you asked, on a whore…”

“A whore?” Liverpool spared his hands, “Sorry, warriors, I can’t imagine what you can do to a whore.”

“My lord, I tell you.” Seeing the disappointment in Liverpool’s eyes, the mercenary quickly described the bloody scene from that day. As he talked, other members nodded to add to his credit.

Liverpool peacefully listened to the story. Then he turned to look at Cohen.

“Very well.” Slowly, Cohen stood up, “You’re all here.”

The leader was overjoyed. He thought he’s got the mission. Before he could say thank-you, he saw two mirages took shape beside as Cohen’s body shook twice.

“My…” The leader’s question was cut off by his cry. His body exploded being hit by one of the mirages.

As the mirages made more copies, they quickly slaughtered all mercenaries within the tent, leaving only the ones from that ship. Afterward, all the mirages darted out and initiated a round of massacre in the camping ground.

Within the tent, the carpet was soaking red with body parts and bones scattering. The last few mercenaries were on their back as Cohen approached one step at a time.

He was smiling.

“P… please…”

They did not know why he suddenly turned hostile. But there must be a reason. After seeing what he can do, the mercenaries knew that they were unable to resist. They had to beg.

“That woman must have begged. How did you respond?” Cohen’s steps approached as well as his gentle words accompanied by all the shrills from outside. It was death.

“HOW did you respond? Now, tell me.” Cohen kept onward and stopped at the mercenaries’ faces. The gentle smile gradually misshaped in the mercenaries’ eyes. They sweated, eyes frightened, helplessly watched as this lord of death approached. They did not have the power to resist, nor did they have the courage to run.

“We… we… I…”

The one facing Cohen harshly opened his mouth but lost the power to speak due to the intense fear.

“Life is pain.” Cohen laughed, “Let me help you.”

Till this point, Liverpool could not keep himself together any longer. He nearly collapsed before running out of the tent. Then came a shivering and horrifying sound. It was not crying, nor howling. It was a bizarre, trembling, wet, on-and-off panting.

Liverpool covered his ears but that voice irresistibly came. It gave him gooseflesh, made him want to cry but he couldn’t! He wanted to run away but lost the power to do it!

He understood that these mercenaries deserved to die. But they died so horribly.

He had to end Cohen’s behavior. If he didn’t, he’ll be mad. And finally, he found a reason, though he wanted to free them a moment ago.

“Young lord… they’re running away!” Liverpool’s arm pointed to an undocking cargo ship, he yelled, “The ship!”

Silently, Cohen showed beside Liverpool. The next moment, he already was on the dock. Liverpool ran after him. He wanted to see how his master dealt with the fleeing people, but without warnings, a huge fireball fell from the sky and smashed on the ship.


The entire ship blew, along with all the lives on it. They’ve become wrecks floating on the surface of the river, burning powerlessly.

“WHO IS IT!” Cohen was furious, he turned away, “WHO?”

Liverpool was stunned as Cohen’s vision swept him.

Suddenly a blustery whirl roared, blowing sand and dust. Liverpool was almost taken by the wind. He irresistibly began stepping back as he spun. As soon as he cried for help, a huge swallow of dust poured into his mouth. He flustered, but all at once, his body stabilized. Turned out he somehow found Cohen’s back.

Liverpool was confused by the sudden incident. As the wind kept on blowing, Cohen’s body was not affected, while there was a shade of white at the eye of the tornado.

The wind gradually eased. Before them stood a white, giant dragon. It proudly held its head as it closed its wings. A pair of clear, calm, and deep eyes were gazing at Cohen.

Apparently, Cohen was still angry. He leaped forward and fisted for the white dragon’s head. To counter, the dragon dissolved Cohen’s attack with its front talon. But Cohen made a flip in the air and attacked again.

When the battle between Cohen and the dragon began, Liverpool was totally confused. He expected that Cohen would attack, but he couldn’t figure out why his boss spared his weapon and the white dragon didn’t use any magic. The fight was somewhat intense but there was not much power. The style was not like his boss and neither was not like how the tale said about dragons.

Liverpool watched without blinking. He’s tried his best to think because he knew there must be something odd about his master and this dragon. So he caught the glimpse of the moment when Cohen and the dragon detached from each other and yelled, “PLEASE HAVE A REST!” Then rushed into the ground and stood between them like a bolt of lightning.

“Young lord, please take a rest. Dragon hero, rest yourself as well, please!” Liverpool bowed, “Both of you please calm down. Let’s talk about what happened. I sincerely hope you can make peace for the better. But this is not a good place to talk. I know a good spot, green mountain, clear water…”

The white dragon opened its mouth and sneezed. Poor Liverpool, he was sent away for half a mile. He had to stay there for quite a while now.

As Liverpool struggled to stand and went back to find his master. He discovered that the white dragon had gone. Where it once stood was a young girl dressed in white. She was tall and elegant. With a peaceful face, she was staring at Cohen with a pair of lively eyes.

Overly pure, beyond human compare, as Liverpool gazed at this girl, his mouth opened but could not make a sound.

“NO TELEPATH! I HATE ANYTHING INTO MY HEAD!” Suddenly, Cohen yelled, “Use your voice, you have a mouth!”

The white girl spitefully turned away and kicked off a pebble, stopped looking at Cohen.

The girl’s behavior terrified Liverpool. His heart raced. Ignoring his master, he could not imagine what’s going to happen to this girl later.

Liverpool had seen too much killing and blood along the way. He’s turned unprecedentedly kind. The white girl has eased his fear to some extend. Her eyes were like a magic stream that was able to cleanse a stained soul.

He will not accept such a girl turn into a pile of dead flesh and bones. No matter what she was, Cohen won’t let her end well.

“Well, haha…” Liverpool struggled and crawled between them. He gathered his courage and said, “Have a rest, young lord.”

Cohen was not looking at him so Liverpool quickly understood the key to this incident was that white girl!

“Er… my lady HERO! I am Liverpool. Are you here for my master? How heroic!” Liverpool struggled to stand up and began expressing his admiration for her. Seeing that this girl was not showing any despise for his words, he went straight to the point, “Are you here for my master? My master is a hero. He’s powerful and also kind. Surely, sometimes he can be tough but that’s part of his charm…”

The girl smiled pleasantly, brandished her hand then a whirl sent Liverpool into the river.

“Lady hero… hear me out… my master…”

When Liverpool was soaking wet on the bank, he was surprised to find the girl was strolling toward Cohen Kheda. Both of her hands were behind her waist with fingers locked on one another. What a nifty girl, what a cute scene. Liverpool nearly suffocated.

But he exhaled quickly and came to the conclusion that the ice has broken thanks to him.

The girl confronted Cohen, her chin lifted.

“Every time I saw you, you always had interesting companies.” She talked like two jades knocking.

“Knock it off.” Cohen’s eyes eased and his voice sounded less vicious, “You met me only twice.”

“In order to find you, I’ve traveled mountains and valleys, thunders and lightning.” The girl tilted her head, “Is this how you welcome an absent friend?”

“Since you came for me, you must know I was not good.” Cohen’s face was still cold, no one can tell his mind from what he said, “My head was recently hit and a dragon blew the ship I wanted.”

“I did that, you want me to pay?”

“You better…”

The girl giggle. Head lowered, she whirled on the spot, her white dress made a snow-white whirl as well.

“Forget all those.” When she was back to face Cohen, her face turned solemn, “Come with me.”



“Not where I’m going.”

“I haven’t told you where I’m going.” The girl insisted, “It matters.”

“Not even your mother died.”

“Well, that’s going to be troublesome.” The girl pondered then she said, “Although I don’t like you, can’t you just say yes once.”

Liverpool thought the girl was too naive. If she didn’t like Cohen, then why would he say yes.

To his surprise, Cohen gave in.

A while later, a white dragon took off and began flying between the clouds. On its back lied a black-dressed man. In its talons was Liverpool.

Just as Liverpool thought he was going to freeze to death, the dragon began hovering and descending. When there came several clear and melodious howling, the white dragon landed in an enormous square.

Liverpool shivered and stood up. He saw a circle of people were already there on the square. There were men, women, the young, the old. They all had the same clear eyes as the white dragon girl.

“My friend, you are finally here.” A red-haired old man strode forward and hugged Cohen, “We’ve heard what happened to you. We’re glad you’re alright.”

Cohen was not expecting it but he was not surprised. So he indulged the hug.

“Cheer up, my friend.” The old man put a hand on Cohen’s shoulder, “Things will be better.”

“Doesn’t work talking like that, Ray.”

Ray let out a hearty laugh. He took Cohen’s hand and led him along a jade-stacked pathway toward the edge of the square. Seeing that the dragon girl followed, Liverpool did the same.

When they arrived at the opening of a giant cave, Ray stopped. He said, “In you go, my friend. Be honored, you are the first human being to enter the dragon pit.”

Cohen intended to mock Ray’s comment before an unparalleled feeling expanded, then included him. He paused for a second, cried, and galloped in.

Ray again laughed out loud and followed as well.

Liverpool saw the dragon girl at the entrance. Eventually, he didn’t follow his master and sat obediently aside.

“MARSH FUCKING MALLOW” As Cohen rushed in, his feverish voice echoed in the empty hall, “YOU COME THE FUCKING OUT, NOW!”

A giant, golden dragon was resting there. It raised its eyes.

“If you didn’t show up, we will miss each other.” The golden dragon talked, “Little one.”

“Curse you! There’s no time for this. Come with me now.” Cohen strode over, “My friend, brother, that Fischer, bring him back for me… The fuck, when did you become a dragon?”

“Quiet, quiet.” The golden dragon had no choice but to compete volume, “QUIET!”

Cohen froze.

“You were talking about Fischer Summers.” The golden dragon lowered his voice, “I get it.”

“Then, you…”

“You want to revive that being.”


“Along with all his previous memories and body.”

“Yes, yes yes yes.”

“Little one, it’s extremely difficult.”

“Difficult? What does that mean? Are you avoiding the problem? Wait, difficult means you still can, right?”

Cohen’s voice was gradually depressed. Since Fischer’s death, all the pain, agony, regret have become tears and the tears fell.

“Fischer…” Cohen slumped, he muttered, “I can… you can…”

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