Vol. 15: Chapter 09 – Cohen the Innocent Boy

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

A river surged forward the trend of the terrain, marching its currents into the Asmodian Alliance’s territory. The flow calmed down as it entered the Teferra Empire. Like a woman expressing her tenderness, the river gradually meandered on the grand flat land, creating soft bends and turns 

The water was as calm as a mirror, reflecting all the green on the banks. On the riverside rested a lively, animal-abundant forest.

It was nothing if not an ordinary morning.

By the river stood a lonely cabin on the edge of the forest. The door opened, came out a young woman in her 20s. There was nothing but weariness on her face. She was far from beautiful. You could say that she was just an average-looking female. However, she started cleaning up her face beside a water vat. Carefully and affectionately, she rubbed her cheeks.

Having done that, she yawned. While rubbing her eyes, she fetched a wooden basin full of dirty laundries and headed toward the river.

Although the trail was rough, she lifted the edge of her robe, pivoted, span, and sometimes hopped, did her best to avoid the riverside puddles. From her back, her movements seemed somewhat exaggerated, but they were enough to seduce most men.

As she stepped onto a half-sunk giant stone, single, dull sounds of clothes pounding began echoing.

She was quite absent-minded as she did her chores. One moment she was beating her clothes, the other moment, her attention was drawn elsewhere.

Her carelessness has created the first incident. A piece of longuette went loose with the flow. She hurried and caught it. But the far end of the cloth was hanged up to something under the water.

“What is so heavy?” The woman frowned, “Oh, no no no, not again…”

The thing that caught her dress was so heavy that even the woman herself was dragged off her laundry spot. She trotted along the riverbank and almost fell into the water. However, the dress was a valuable thing to her so she wouldn’t let go.

Finally, weight eased. She took control of it and slowly lifted the thing.

However, out of the muddy water was not only her dress, but a bubble also took shape, along with a vague, dark figure.

The young woman widened her eyes. She slumped by the beach, terrified, unable to make a sound.

As the bubble burst, there was a man, or rather, it was a man-shaped demon.

Several strands of hair were covering his face. Behind them was half an eye. That piercing eye was not human.

In his right hand held a long sword. His left hand held the woman’s dress. He stood up, one, and two steps, he approached the woman. She huddled up and began to tear. Didn’t know what was going to happen to her, she’s abandoned running.

The demon left the dress, caught the woman’s neck, and raised the sword.

“Please… don’t kill me…” The woman closed her eyes, pleaded, “… please.”

“PUFF!” She felt dots of warm liquid on her face. Quickly, she opened her eyes only to find the man who caught her has fallen onto the sand. By his mouth, on the sand, and on her dress were traces of astonishing blood.

Running was the first thing that came to her mind. But she was unable to. Her feet were powerless now. She thought of calling for help, but her place was in a scarcely populated area. The nearest town was ten miles away.

Tears ran down her tightly pressed lips. She began eyeing this body.

Although he was in rags, the cloth had fine grooved patterns. She recalled that it was the officer’s uniform of the Asmodian United Forces. And she recognized that it was not that kind that belonged to an ordinary officer. She also saw his long sword and the dagger in his boots. All these were telling her that he was supposed to be a high AUF officer. During the recent War, the river often brought soldier’s and officer’s bodies from the upper reach.

After determining the man’s rough identity, the young woman’s horror eased a bit.

Been through quite a bit of pondering, she reached out a hand to brush off the wet hair on his face. She did it with caution, afraid that she might startle him. Then she saw a pale yet handsome face. His eyes were closed, lips dark. He was burning and shivering.

“Wounded…” She exclaimed as her eyes caught several cuts on his body that were soaked white and widely-open.

She was supposed to bring this incident to the town mayor. She might even earn a copper or two for that.

“A wounded officer… a man…” She stared blankly, knees in her arms.

An hour later, this unconscious ‘officer’ was brought back to the woman’s cabin by a loosely-tied, wooden rack. The effort created an on and off trace along the trail back home.

The riverside was back to its normality.

At her home, the woman kept herself busy. She cleaned the officer’s wounds and changed his clothes, hid his sword and dagger. Having done all that, she exited her cabin with a wrapped bag, heading for the town 10 miles away. She was going to work. On this continent, everyone had to work. It’s only ordinary.

As she traveled, signs of human habitation gradually emerged. The young woman has reached the edge of the town. With no time to rest, she headed toward a shabby herbal store.

“Same old drug? You sick again?” The store owner spared her a look then tossed a pack onto the counter, “On whose tab?”

“Er, not this one.” The young woman had her head lowered. She said in fluster, “I need… healing herbs.”

The owner quickly put on an obscene smile, “Healing herbs? Where did you hurt yourself, sweetheart?”

“Please, I have money.”

The store owner took her money then handed her several doses of healing herbs. At his convenience, he groped her breasts. The man laughed. The woman, though, exited the store, head lower, and headed to the other end of the street.

On her way, she tried her best to avoid making direct contact with any men or women and even running children.

Some boys threw gravels at her, yelled, “Whore… dirty whore!”

She smiled, head still lowered, quickened her steps, and headed into her workplace.

She was a whore, a whore cheap in position, and even in integrity. Therefore she cannot live in town. She’s obligated to curtsey everyone and be treated violently by customers.

Soon, she was stripped naked and rode down by a man. Her smile continued. One man after another rode on her. Farmers, hunters, townsmen, they laughed recklessly. They even put several women like her together, told them to pose in different positions, then judge. All of the women had the same smiles on their faces.

Men, at that time, stood for wealth and power.

A general was only as powerful as the number of armed soldiers under his command; a king was only as great as how many households in his empire; and a family was only as strong as how many males it had.

On this continent, women were attached to men. And the young woman in this story was the lowest of all.

She knew all the reasons. She’s seen the ones starved to death or struggled to resist the commonplace. She came to know how the world worked rather early. Being a whore was sufficient for her. Hell, she actually did well. She felt content with what she had now. No one can make a difference for their destinies, no one.

“Just go with it.” She thought.

After suffering through the day’s work, she went back home, all wearied with the money she earned tightly held in her hands.

That officer was still unconscious. She carefully applied the herbs to his wounds, but she discovered there were far too many places that needed treating. She needed more herbs. Soon she uncovered a number of silver vials that contained a variety of powder from the officer’s inner clothes. She had no idea what those were for.

The second day, she tossed all the powder, hammered the vials, and exchanged them for more herbs. She even traded for a healing magic scroll from a traveling vagabond. With all the effort, the officer’s condition had finally stabilized.

He was no longer burning and his breath calmed. He was even able to have water. She felt much relieved.

On the fourth day, he opened his eyes. They were purple, like his hair. Though exceptionally innocent and clear, those eyes had been fixed on the roof.

The officer’s wounds gradually closed. But the purple-ish color of his skin stayed as if the color was born with him.

She didn’t think he was human. He might even belong to a mysterious race that probably connected to the high temple. All the more so, she believed that her choice was right. She congratulated herself.

But things didn’t go as smoothly as she expected.

Without a word, the officer kept his eyes fixed on the roof for two whole days. He didn’t even move his eyeballs. On the third day, he went mad. He talked words she couldn’t understand. His arms flurried. Finally, as his eyes turned as horrifying as the day she first met him, the woman panicked. She fetched a wooden stick and hit his head.

Then the world went back to silent.

When he woke up again, his eyes were still innocent. However, it didn’t last long so the woman beat him unconscious again. It went on and on till he cried.

“Ouch…” The officer sat up, cried, dissatisfied, “Why are you beating me, big sister. Did I do something wrong?”

Her stick froze in mid-air. She was tongue-tied, stunned. Countless times she imagined how he would react when he woke up. It never came to her that it was such an innocent, naive voice.

Instinctively, she tried to explain, and wanted to ask questions. However, she found her words rambling so she gave up. Instead, she went away to fetch food. But when she came back to his resting bed, she discovered he has crawled into a dark corner, hiding his head deeply between his arms.

“Come and eat!”

He raised his eyes. She could see the bewilderment and pain from his pupils.

“What’s wrong with you?”

He shook his head. His purple eyes were still clear yet innocent. But the pain within was deeper, stronger, and more dreadful.

Did he lose a friend during the War? Or was he frustrated because of the wounds? She thought so then quickly denied herself. Therefore she squatted to ask but gained no reply. In the end, the officer’s eyes grew erratic and refocused onto the roof.

It was bizarre. But she had work to do tomorrow. So she sighed and rested.

The next day, the officer’s uncommon behavior continued. He refused to eat before making a contribution.

She comforted, wheedled, threatened, but all were useless. In the end, after she told him to move the firewood from the left of the door to the right, he began enjoying the food.

An hour after the meal, the officer once again fell into depression. He hid in the shadow of the room. No matter how she tried, he wouldn’t move.

“Dark Lord…” She preyed, “What a man I saved.”

Every day, the officer’s spirit would go low for three to five times. Afterward, he would come out of the shadow to sweep the floor, do laundry, and even tidy the room. It seemed that he intended to work in exchange for today’s food.

Though she didn’t need it, the firewood kept changing location.

Whenever he felt low, the officer would clench his fists, straightened his eyes. He was stubborn, silent. Sometimes he would hide under the table, behind the door. One time, she discovered him in the water vat after work.

But he still wouldn’t tell his name, which annoyed her. The thought of exchanging him for money might not work after all.

“If you don’t say your name, I’ll sell you away!” Arms crossed, she yelled, “Even if you’re worth only a copper coin, I’ll send you for money!”

As a result, when she work up the next day, there was a huge pile of firewood by the door worth far more than a copper.

She had no choice but to give up.

“It’s too much wood. I can’t sell it.” She yelled at the officer who was pretending to sleep, “Just stay where you are!”

She discovered several small animals by the fence when she came back at night.

Her life was much more interesting with such a man as a company.

Half a month has passed, the officer still wouldn’t tell his name. So she again threatened to sell him for two coppers. Soon after, the hunted games became larger. Now she completely gave up. As a whore, she can only offer her body. Selling games will result in her being enslaved.

But at least, they can have meat now.

However, after having meat, one more mental state came out of the officer: violence. Randomly, three to five times, the officer would storm into the woods to let out his steam.

She followed him once. Wherever he went, she saw dilapidated trees and countless dead beasts. And the officers stood alone in the destroyed woods with a face full of helplessness and bewilderment.

She put on a smile then took the deflated officer home.

During the officer’s company, ofttimes the woman would suffer sleepless nights. A lot would come to her mind when she was watching the officer from the other bed.

“He is a strong male. If he regained his consciousness, he would thank me.” She thought. However, she frustrated at the thought that he might recover one day. She understood that any officer will regain his pride after recovering. There was no chance that he will appreciate a whore and stay here with her.

If only things could remain the same. They can have a decent meal together. Look at each other’s faces. She could look at him, be angry at him, or even ignore his handsome face. She could talk to him, she could sometimes pinch his ears, or yell at him. The officer would gaze at her with confusing eyes, or at most lower his head and stop looking at her.

Every day, many men would crawl onto her body then toss her a few copper coins and leave. For long, she only knew what it felt to be owned instead of to own.

But now, she knew. She had a healthy, handsome man. A man who would call her ‘big sister’ every now and then. With his sometimes naive, sometimes stubborn company, her life stopped being dull like before. She never knew the nice thing about the company.

She appreciated the Dark Lord for bestowing her such a gift.

If possible, she hoped that this officer would never regain his memory. She was happy as long as he was around.

One night, she made her mind to keep him here.

But for a woman who basically had nothing, there were not many choices to make a man stay.

Approaching his bed, she exposed herself. She knew she was not pretty, nor in an excellent figure. There were even bruises from work. But she intended to try.

Her face was burning as she looked at the man lying on his side. For so many years, the smiles, happiness she pretended, now the normal emotions were actually luxuries here.

For the first time, she knew how it was like to blush for a man. There was a little sweetness added by a hint of shyness, cold feet, and expectation.

There was a gentle fire being lit in her heart, a soul hoping like a deer, dancing like a feather. She shielded her breasts with shivering arms like shielding a treasure. How she wished she could run away, but like being chained, she could not move. As she bit her lips, trembling, she finally turned in by his side.

Just as she wanted to wake him, she discovered that he was not asleep. She looked into his eyes, the heartbreaking, regretful, sorrowful eyes.

“You could always cry out.” She rubbed his face.

“Cry?” His eyes trembled, “Tried, but I can’t.”

She’s seen too many beastly, lustful eyes as much as she saw eyes of contempt. But at that moment, she was shocked by this officer’s eyes. She couldn’t help but circled her arms around him without any hint of lust or selfishness.

She could not understand his eyes except for the pain. She cannot enter his world except for showing sympathy. However, there were too many things that did not need words to describe.

They cuddled like this till dawn.

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