Vol. 15: Chapter 08 – And Then There were Four

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

The young princess’s ritual was interrupted. A team of luxurious-wearing warriors traced their target here. Well, luxurious was not a precise word. But they did have expensive capes. The rest of the outfits were under the cloth. They even had their faces veiled. After confirming the identity of this barely dressed man, they surrounded him.

They waited a day and a night. During which, Cohen was sound asleep. The warriors had to take turns to monitor him.

The situation didn’t please the young princess, but she had no choice. Demonizing a potential Death Lord was a secret ritual be done when no outsiders were around. Let alone she had considered it a competition rather than a ritual, making her all the more unwilling to reveal herself when other human beings were here.

When it was dusk as the sunset glow was fading. Cohen opened his eyes. He directed his eyes at the setting sun and the gorgeous yet mournful red cloud.

A leader-like warrior nodded to a subordinate, the latter quickly fetched pieces of clothes and place them beside Cohen. Then the leader nodded and made a ‘please’ hand.

Cohen stood up, ripped off the rags he was wearing. Whipped open the clothes and got changed.

“General Cohen Kheda,” Seeing that Cohen had finished dressing, the leader said, “Have you recovered?”

“Spare it.” Cohen tied his black sword and hid the dagger into the boot.

The leader removed his mask and opened his cape, revealing a suit of AUF army uniform.

“I’m an AUF army man. Camp is my motherland.” He said with a deep voice, “Major Cohen Kheda, during the war, you’re responsible for countless lives of my countrymen. It’s time for you to pay!”

“I don’t care. You’re all here to kill me.” Cohen adjusted his body, “For the clothes, I’ll give you a clean death.”

“We’re not for the bounty and we know we might not kill you after all. But…” The leader stepped back and drew his weapon, “Hundreds of men had the same belief. We don’t care who kills you, but you will die here.”

“Shall we?” Cohen can’t care less.

The leader saluted Cohen then pressed on with his men. Cohen knew how soldiers cooperated during battles so he darted out of the encirclement. But the men quickly reacted to his strategy and adjusted the surrounding. Eventually, Cohen was still at the center of his enemies.

Battles, endless battles mixed with blood and pain. Enemies after enemies, teams after teams of men were waiting for Cohen. Unlike the bounty hunters from the Protoss Alliance, these army men had not wasted time on talking nor did they had much private business here. All they wanted to do was to kill an enemy they respected.

Battling with such enemies was an enjoyable thing if death were not involved.

Soldiers were not like killers. They had no crafted killing skills but they were sharp and fearless than the hunters. They knew to cooperate and they were willing to die for the greater outcome.

For most of the battle, Cohen had to deal with dozens of weapons at the same time. His opponents did not care for their lives. They were happy to die if their death can cause the smallest hindrance to the enemy at hand. Therefore, soon after Cohen was on the edge of total depletion.

It took only one night to return Cohen’s body to its previous state after his full recovery.

The Asmodian young princess had been watching. She could tell that Cohen had been holding back especially when the enemy confronting him was a suicidal young soldier. As a result, the chance of him getting hurt increased even more.

“Interesting.” She discussed with her handmaid, “Can you see his emotion changing?”

“I had no idea.” The handmaid replied, “But princess, if you don’t intervene, he’ll be killed very soon.”

The young princess let out a laugh and didn’t comment.

On the ground, Cohen was trying to cross a wide river hindered by his foes. Countless men have formed an iron tight defense line along the river bank.

“PUFF!” Cohen’s calf took an arrow. He fell on one knee.

Several soldiers pressed forward. All of them thrust their weapons. Cohen was able to deflect the blades but he took another shot on the back.

He puked blood and steadied his body. Without much power, he was already a man covered in blood. But he put on a smile.

Everyone knew that he was a spent force but none wanted to go easy on him.

“PUFF!” A lance penetrated Cohen’s shoulder. His body shook twice before a longsword scraped his back.

“Okay, that’s enough.” The young princess said with a hint of dissatisfaction, “Reckless people.”

Again there descended white light from the sky. Instantly, all who surrounding Cohen were gone.

On the empty grassland, Cohen Kheda was still swinging his weapon, dodging the none-existed enemies.

“Chance!” The young princess approached Cohen, she could see his bewildered face.

“NOW!” She lifted her left arm to take control of Cohen’s staggering body, luminous beams gathered on her right hand. As for Cohen, he was still like earlier, unknown of what will befall him.

“STOP!” A crisp voice said from midair.

The Asmodian young princess stopped her hand ready to push forward. She was not happy that her magic was interrupted. But a young woman in the same white dress was approaching in the air. She wore a laurel crown and a pure-white belt. With a pair of cold eyes, a gorgeous face was looking at her.

“Alas, here you are.” The Asmodian young princess’s smile faded, “I assume you know you cannot do anything to stop me. Am I right, Charlotte Knarch?”

“Anne Ishakbert, release my Knight!” The Protoss young princess stopped moving. She gently rested her arms near her waist, “Behave yourself, Asmodian princess. If you insist on your act, I will make you regret.”

Anne Ishakbert chuckled. She put up her left hand to take Cohen’s body over the air.

“Pathetic, now you remember Cohen Kheda is your Knight?” Anne casually brandished her left hand, making Cohen’s body moving up and down in the air, “Look at this poor human. Is he really a Protoss Knight? Have you Protoss lots blessed him ever?”

“It is our affair.” Charlotte Knarch faced Anne Ishakbert, she said softly, “You are in no position to interfere.”

“Don’t make me laugh. You are in no position to interfere with anything that happens in the Asmodian territory.” Anne’s taunting eyes surveyed Charlotte, “How poor of him, Cohen Kheda, you’ve abandoned him. And now he is mine, mine!”

“Even if you were right, Cohen Kheda was still under the Protoss’s protection. He believes in the Protoss. If you want him, find him a way to believe in your race.” Charlotte downplayed, “However, easier said than done, you naughty little girl. All you knew was to trick his way across the Line.”

“Trick him? Funny, did I?” Anne skimmed Charlotte’s statement, “And today, I want to show you how an Asmodian princess cultivates a Lord of Death.”

“If you have to, you will bear the consequence.” Charlotte readied her position, “Do not attempt to harm him, final warning!”

“Ohh, I’m so scared.” Anne humph-ed. She quickly tossed Cohen high into the sky, then shot the dazzling energy ball for Cohen’s body.

Charlotte was only half a second behind. Her beam of red magic had only hit the trail of Anne’s magic. It had slightly altered the former’s trajectory but most of the demonizing magic still banged Cohen’s head.

At that moment, Cohen made emitted a horrifying cry. His body froze in midair for an instance then fell into the rapid river.

“YOU… DARE!” Apparently, Anne successfully challenged Charlotte’s authority.

“Blame yourself.” As if she had just done an insignificant thing, Anne dusted her hands, “If you hadn’t interrupted me, he could at least have a bit of his own consciousness. Now, he won’t be. When he woke up, he will head straight to Hell Island. Although it’s a long journey, the faith will drive him there. He is going to crawl down my throne and lick my toes if you have to know.

“Then you have sabotaged the Protoss/Asmodian Agreement. Hence you will receive punishment.” Charlotte said no other words. She crossed her palms and aimed for Anne.

“You want a fight?” Anne did not back off, “You and me?”

It was a meaningless question because their handmaids have already started fighting

Two giant glaring light balls, one red, one white, were expanding, condensing, moving, and knocking.

The earth shook, even the sky trembled. Dust and sand shaded the sun. Even huge trees were uprooted. Enormous surges billowed. After an earth-shattering explosion, the booming expanded as the circled shockwave agitated countless rounds of dust.

The aftermath of the fight resulted in a deep crater hundred of arm’s length in radius that cut off the river. The river water rushed down to the bottom of it, making even more distraught noise.

Nevertheless, both princesses were unharmed, the same was true for their handmaids. However, the maids were astonished by her foe’s power. Both of them traveled back to their masters, but their eyes were fixed on each other all the time.

“Huh, mediocre.” The Asmodian young princess was still light-hearted, “I expected more.”

“As your opponent, I should not remind you. However, your naiveness far exceeds my anticipation so I advise you. Release the demonization before you cause a direct war between our races!”

“Are you offering me your honest advice?” Anne puckered her mouth, “As for releasing the magic. Knotty question, I didn’t learn at all.”

Charlotte was suddenly struck by the powerlessness and anger from Anne’s answer, she said, “Then war is inevitable.

“Speaking of wars…” A breathtaking chuckle abruptly echoed in the cool night sky, “Asmodians are never afraid of any.”

“Big sister!” Anne shouted out. Her smaller body quickly floated to a maturer female. But then she made a sharp stop in the midair, abashed and embarrassed.

“Come, sister.” The Asmodian elder princess embraced the young princess in her arms. She concerned as she eyed the girl up and down, “Are you having a good time with your new toy?”

She simply ignored the Protoss younger princess.

“YES!” Anne replied as she looked around, “Where is it?”

“Stupid little one, it’ll come to you.” The elder princess said, “It won’t be going anywhere else. Your demonizing magic will work.”

Having said that, the Asmodian elder princess took a look at Charlotte, “Princess Charlotte, were the Protoss Alliance and the so-called Light Temple under your management before the War?”


“I heard there is some discord between your sisters.”

“Better than you two.”

“Hmm, I doubt that. Your people lost after all.” The elder princess said, “Is that all you have? You two working together?”

“Till the next war.” Charlotte’s face turned cold, “It’s still early yet.”

“I bet you’ll be angry. I worked extra hours for this War.” The elder princess spread her hands, “Let’s call it a day. Off you go. Say hi to your sister for me.”

“Call it a day?” Charlotte said reluctantly, “That is all you can say?”

Anne made a scary face in her sister’s arms. She’s forgotten how to behave like a princess, which made Charlotte angrier.

“I take that you want something from us?” The elder princess stopped her little sister, she replied, “What was done to Cohen Kheda is done. Nothing can change that. If the Protoss has any demands regarding tonight, the Asmodians will make sure you have it. Go home, before I change my mind.”

Charlotte knew she cannot compete with her despite that she was too reluctant to leave it like this. At this moment, she actually can’t think of anything to say.

But another refreshing and gentle voice took over the conversation for her. It was the 4th female voice here tonight.

“Well said. You Asmodians will undertake whatever we Protoss demands.”

However ugly things went between the Protoss sisters before, this voice was the savior of Charlotte. Since she took over the management of the alliance, Charlotte had never so hoped her sister to be by her side.

“Can I trust your words? Tell me, Frigga, old friend.” The Protoss elder princess’s slender figure gradually visualized. Her pure white feathered-wings calmly fluttered. Her hair had no band. They flew freely in the breeze, bearing the moonlight.

Frigga let go of her sister, carefully replied, “What a night to even have you here, Princess Micha’el.”

“Indeed!” Micha’el smiled gently, “You didn’t bully my little sister while I was away, did you?”

“I was just bluffing. I honor the agreement.”

“Were you? I was indeed afraid that things get unfriendly.” Micha’el Knarch flapped a hand over her chest as if she really was concerned and as if she bought Frigga’s excuse. However, the disappointment on her face was actually saying that she wanted a good fight.

Later her attention was drawn to the Asmodian young princess, “Alas, I haven’t met your little sister. Come here, girl, let me have a look at you.”

Frigga was suddenly out of choices. If she let Anne go, Anne won’t be coming back without a tease; if she didn’t, Micha’el would definitely make an issue of it. She couldn’t imagine what this Protoss elder princess would do when she got cranky.

Frigga was well aware of her old opponent’s power. She’s lost to her so many times during the countless past competitions. Sure, there were small wins every now and then. However, most of the time, she chose to avoid conflicts.

Anne was obviously unwilling to go. Like her big sister, she knew how fearsome that woman was.

While Frigga was pondering. The two Protoss princesses sat in the air, hands held, started conversing. How mean the Protoss elder princess was, she even let out hearty laughs in between talks.

“Oyi, you decided yet?” Micha’el began getting impatient. With no trace of politeness, she said, “Come join us…”

“I think not. Next time, Micha’el.” The Asmodian elder princess took a step back thinking that she would rather ease things today. She apologized, “Thank you for your kindness. We’re in a hurry.”

“There’s the contempt. I’m despised!” Micha’el made a very painful face. She looked miserably to Charlotte, “This princess was despised…”

No, she can’t be the graceful and elegant Protoss princess! It was obviously one of the signature faces Cohen Kheda made when he was messing with someone!

“I’ll make it easier. Fight now, because you rejected me.” Micha’el straightened up emotionlessly, “Asmodians, prep yourself. For fairness, I’ll give you time to get ready. Hmm, 3 breaths’ time.”

Although she knew her opponent was exceptionally changeful, the Asmodian elder princess was caught off-guarded. An elder-princess-level fight won’t end for days, even months. At least, it won’t end well tonight.

More importantly, Frigga’s record was more losing than winning.

As for now, since Micha’el declared she wanted to battle, Frigga had to take up the fight. Both of them represented their respective race after all. Frigga had to stand up for her race. Win or lose will come after.

Frigga did make full preparation before the Protoss elder princess yawned and stretched her body. She said lazily, “I’m just messing you. You bought that?”

God knew how angry Frigga was. She used to be a calm Asmodian.

“Well, well. Are you angry?” The Protoss elder princess added, “Well if you do wanna fight. I’ll give it to you.”

“YOU…” The Asmodian elder princess knew Micha’el was getting back at her for what happened earlier. She swallowed the pride and gathered Anne and the handmaid.

“We’re leaving!”

“No, you’re not.”

Now Frigga had no temper for what she’s been through during the earlier moments. She just turned to face Micha’el without a word.

“I was not being petty, but I like Cohen Kheda. He makes me laugh.” Micha’el subtly blinked, “When are you giving him back to me?”

“Asmodians don’t want such a human being. You’ll have Cohen Kheda if you want.” Frigga replied, “When he arrived at Hell Island, I’ll lift the magic and set him free.”

A change of emotion flashed over the Protoss elder princess’s face, then she asked in an undertone, “So then, the Asmodians do have a cure for demonization.”

By then did Frigga realized that she said it wrong. She fell silent because the conversation was dragged into a past event in which the Protoss elder princess had been holding a grudge.

“It’s after that…”

“Spare it! You don’t need to remove the magic!” The Protoss princess was as cold as frost, “If Cohen Kheda does go to your Hell Island, that is a part of his destiny!”

Having said that, she took Charlotte and stepped into the void.

Frigga was left there. She gazed into the starry sky and made a long sigh. Her eyes were full of mixed feelings.

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