Vol. 15: Chapter 07 – Demonization

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

Several streams of blood and sweat traveled and eventually converged into one. Gravity brought it down along the finger to the weapon’s handle and at last, fell onto the mixture of grass and dead leaves. Four heavily panting men have surrounded Cohen Kheda, who was also gasping. The looks they gave each other were not friendly.

“You have nowhere to run.” A sabered-warrior said difficultly. By saying so, he intended to create pressure for his foe and boost his own morale.

Cohen coughed but said no word. Now his cape had gone. Cohen was in rags. The rest of his gears were also not in good shape. His right hand was still holding the black machete, the left hand had a snickersnee god knew where and when and from whom he robbed. The sheath of the black machete was carelessly fixed on his back only because didn’t want to lose it.

Three days ago, after Cohen had fended off a group of killers, a team of 9 caught him up. The ones who came claimed that they were the best bounty hunters within the Protoss Alliance. Each of them’s skills was close to that of a White Knight.

Indeed they were right. Cohen had pulled his best within the next 3 days, only to manage to kill 5 of them after sustaining 3 cuts on his body.

The 4 left were all best of the best: 3 warriors, 1 warlock.

Cohen would have killed them easily if he hadn’t been exhausted by all the killers along his way. And his opponents this time came fully prepared. Hence the confrontation has been a tie. Both parties could not win even they have exhausted their last bit of battle aura.

The winner will get to live and the loser will die. It was that simple.

Cohen was at a place on the P/A Line roughly 10 miles from the nearest Asmodian allied empire. But he couldn’t even move one step forward due to the foes at hand.

He would have been lost the battle earlier. Nevertheless, that godforsaken Asmodian princess wouldn’t let him die. Every now and then, she would toss recovery magic down on Cohen’s body to help him back on his track, which accumulated Cohen’s weariness, both mentally and physically.

Save for the undying will to win, he now completely depended on his fighting instinct.

I can’t die here, if I die, I won’t revenge him.

Then what will come after his best friend was avenged. Would Cohen still have something to live for in this world? Maybe he would choose to die. No, no he cannot. Death sounded so final whereas life, life was full of possibilities.

What do I live for? I live to live? Death sounds so clean…

Unknowingly, Cohen has sunk into a paradox that disabled him from thinking any further.

“It’s the Asmodian’s place furthermore…” The warlock among the 4 killers reminded, “Can’t let him go. Let’s settle this here.”

The warrior with a saber took a deep breath then exhaled. He rose the curved blade slowly for Cohen’s head while surveying all possible kill spots.

The other 2 warriors also lifted their weapons. One sword, the other were 2 short daggers.

Cohen licked his cracked lips that were away from water for a whole day. He made a dry swallow while eyes dully fixed on the earth.

The warrior with a sword was silently approaching.


Then came the sharp whistling of a blade cut the air.

Cohen acted. His long sword came earlier to the position to defend even though he acted late.

The two weapons impacted. Both weapon owners’ bodies shocked, then they split. The sabered warrior cursed before slumping whereas Cohen steadied his body, turned back, and engaged in a fight with the sworded one.

Both long swords crushed, flipped, causing the air to tumble, tossing the dead grass, and leaves up and down. The daggered warrior took a chance and leaped before he leveled both arms diving from the top for Cohen. The warlock, in the meantime, was chanting with both his arms over the chest.

Cohen fended the longsword while deflected the daggered with his own short blade from the back. With the help of the recoil, he deflected away from the other dagger. Afterward, Cohen slightly adjusted his body and fended off the warlock’s wind blade with the sheath on his back.

“DING!” The sheath and the wind blade made a crisp metal sound.

Cohen’s body shook twice. The rest acted out of surprise.

The warlock didn’t expect this tentative magic would actually hit the target. But with the glimpse of a second when everyone was surprising, Cohen fended another sword attack and made a low, left to right sweep with his leg.

His opponent was too slow to dodge therefore he let down his left arm to parry the attack. However, Cohen’s violent sweep broke through his arm bones, leading his body to back off.

Cohen did not stop there, he turned away from the underdog and aimed for the daggered-warrior who just landed from the leap earlier. Cohen initiated a series of sharp smites. There was metal crashing noise echoing throughout the entire battleground. In a very short moment, the two’s impacted each other’s weapon more than 30 times!

Cohen’s short blade was just a regular weapon he took from early victims. His opponent’s daggers were forged with fine steel, but it was a thin dagger after all. Therefore, on the last impact, both of their weapons broke at the same time.

It was an outcome Cohen was yearning for. At the same time when the weapons broke, Cohen instantly poked his half knife aiming his foe’s face. But the warrior sided his body just in time for Cohen to penetrate his right shoulder.

By then, the first warrior was able to stand back on his feet before Cohen gave him another chop to put him down for good.

Without hesitation, Cohen darted towards the direction where his destination was.

“Run after him!” The daggered warrior cried with a hand on his broken shoulder.

Hence they started running and chasing. A stunning trace of blood was left behind.

Soon, again they’ve engaged in a brief fight。

Cohen’s much-exhausted body shook twice. He was too exhausted that he couldn’t even stand straight with the help of a sword. He had to get down on one knee, one arm on his weapon, which was inserted in the earth.

It was only less than a mile from the Asmodian side of the P/A Line.

A variety of wounds and pains were torturing Cohen. The number of bleeding wounds has increased to 7: stabbed by swords, chopped by sabers, burnt by magic. Each step had tormented Cohen. If it weren’t for the pride from the deep of his heart, Cohen Kheda could not make it this far.

He didn’t even have any strength left to remove the dagger left in his body.

Only 2 foes left. The daggered warrior’s head had been chopped; the sworded one was killed by Cohen smashing his face.

As for the warlock, he had lost an arm. Now he was leaning by a tree 10 feet away, looking agony. The sabered warrior had lost his weapon. He was struggling to stand up. There were 3 long sword cuts on his chest plate. Blood was running non-stop from his body.

“I said… I said…” The warrior ejected a mist of blood, “You… can’t go…”

“Come get me…” Although Cohen was also gasping, he glimpsed his opponent with scorn, “… if you can.”

The warrior hesitate. He eventually decided to wait because he knew the warlock was still on cooldown. He can’t take Cohen all by himself.”

The same situation went for Cohen. It was his luck to even keep straight. This ongoing 3-day chasing and running have turned from physical fight-and-kill to the competition of willpower. All that remained was to see which party will last till the other party die first.

Time passed as the warlock has been pleading power for the Lord of Light. Finally, with all the perseverance he could muster, he rose to stand.

“Pathetic human, do you want to live?” The Asmodian young princess whispered in time.

In order to successfully hold her ‘toy’ captive, the young princess had shown great patience. Although Cohen had his head lowered, she insisted on talking to him face to face, which required that she sunk part of her body into the earth, a challenging pose.

“All you need to do is to beg.” The princess revealed her first clear smile, “Let down your other knee, beg me for salvation.”

The girl’s wicked face perplexed Cohen as his lips moved away from each other.

“Louder.” The princess was overjoyed seeing that she was near success. She pointed a finger and injected a trace of vitality for Cohen’s collapsing body.

“I… once…” Cohen tried to widen his eyes, “… told my Chief of Staff…”

“Tell him what?” The young princess leaned closer.

“If… you… want… to… demonize me… I’ll…” Cohen’s voice once again weakened.

“What will you do?” The princess injected more power, “Suicide?”

“Steal… YOUR FIRST KISS!” Cohen’s suddenly put on a wicked laugh on his dull face, then bite his way for the Asmodian young princess’ face.

Although she was an Asmodian who lived for thousands of years, this young princess had never come across anything like it. Everyone, either human beings or Asmodian males had to kneel for her arrival and departure. No one dared to even think to have a taste of her lips.

She was so stunned by Cohen’s bold act that she nearly lost thinking and was on the edge of crying.

Cohen nearly succeeded before a pair of arms grasped his body. The sabered warrior stopped Cohen as the latter’s lips were a finger’s wide from the young princess’ face.

The warrior forced Cohen’s body to face the warlock.

“Kill ’im!” The warrior tightened his grasp and yelled with his last strength, “NOW!”

Hence the warlock began chanting a charm. An energy ball began enlarging above his chest.

But Cohen grinned. He lifted a piece of sharp gravel with the tip of his foot, then kick-shot it toward the warlock. The next moment saw that gravel destroying half of the warlock’s face.

“BOOM!” Without the user to maintain it, that half-finished energy ball also exploded by its master’s chest, destroying the rest of his body.

The warrior that left was stunned by the mist of blood in the air. He couldn’t believe what just happened. But Cohen didn’t intend to give him time to accept the reality. With a standard suplex, the warrior was put down on the ground before Cohen smashed his body a dozen times.

He resulted in a chest full of broken bones.

Up till this moment, the ‘best bounty hunters within the Protoss Alliance’ has been annihilated.

Cohen slumped onto the earth. He was gasping but his eyes were looking at the Asmodian young princess with pride and defiance, whereas the girl was pale on her face. Her disappointing eyes were full of anger.


Her confidence was struck once again today. What was more indignant was that she fell for this dying man’s trick a second time. After all, she did twice gave him the vitality he needed to win. If other Asmodian members knew it, she’ll definitely become a joke.

The dying man grinned as he retrieved his black sword and went back on his track.

Cohen’s ignorance nearly drew the young princess crazy. If her handmaid hadn’t discouraged her, she would have ended his life.

“Princess!” The handmaid grabbed her master’s elbow, “Don’t!”

“MOVE AWAY!” The young princess cried, “I KILL HIM!”

“I cannot stop you from pouring your anger. But he is much more inferior and foolish to bear your anger.” Said the handmaid, “He won’t be holding much longer. I advise you to be patient.”

The young princess unwillingly listened.

Having looked at that struggling view from behind, she came up with an idea. He had not slept for 4 days. Since human beings needed to sleep…

The young princess grinned.

Cohen Kheda had finally marched his way into the Asmodian Alliance. After watering himself by a creek, the weariness overwhelmed him. Just as he closed his eyes, Cohen suddenly discovered he was full of energy.

He opened his eyes with surprise only to see the girl floating before him with her legs crossed. Her face told him that she was up for no good. A beam of white light was traveling into his chest.

“Sleep? Not that easy!” She gnashed, “Prepare to go metal!”

All magic will accumulate certain after-effects on a human’s body. Cohen’s lack of sleep for 4 days was already out-stretched himself. Now that he was deprived of the right to sleep, the strongest willpower in the world would collapse.

Cohen suddenly realized the severity he was facing.

But he was too sleepy to come up with a countermeasure. Therefore, out of panic, he did what he was best at: sending his ‘respect’ to the Asmodian princess’ whole family.

“Humph, I’m waiting to see how strong you are! I’m just going to keep you healthy and watch you not sleep!”

The wounds and cuts on Cohen’s body were healing with an amazing speed. This kind of high level recovering magic will burden Cohen’s body even more, and it will eventually transform into mental pain.

“What else can you pull? I’d like to see!” The girl was pretty satisfied with her idea, “Easy peasy!”

A beam of gentle white light connected her palm with Cohen’s body. Whenever the white light weakened, Cohen’s eyes would instantly close and be ready to sleep; but the light would quickly strengthen to make Cohen full of vigor. It went on and on…

“Sleep! I thought you want to sleep! Beg me, then I’ll let you sleep…” The young princess even spared a hand to control Cohen’s eyelid like controlling a doll, “Sleep again? Wake up! Wake up, you sleeping bug!”

Once after twice, Cohen’s brain was already dull. He could not even say another profanity. He wished nothing but to die.

“Ready to beg?”


“Beg for my mercy!”


“Beg now!” The white light strengthened. The young princess had felt how playful her toy was.

Then Cohen rosed his eyes to look at the female before him. His eyes were deep with complex, mixed feelings.

“Huh?” She blinked twice and stopped her magic because her curiosity was acting up again.

Only at this glimpse of freedom did Cohen fisted his right hand and punched hard on his head. Finally, he successfully knocked himself out for good. Nevertheless, he just wanted to close his eyes.

The young princess was tongue-tied, wide-eyed, then eventually stomped. She didn’t wake up Cohen this time.

“Fine, we’ll play something else when you wake up.”

Since she did lose this round, waking him up would be cheating.

The reckless man gained 1 point.

As soon as the last scene happened, came two very gentle chuckles in the Dark Lord’s palace on Hell Island and in the Light Lord’s palace on Light Island. However, the Asmodian young princess didn’t feel a thing. She was scheming what she’ll pull next time to avoid the mistake she just made.

Poor Cohen, eyes closed, had lost consciousness. If only he could think when fainted because, by the time he woke up, there’ll be more cruelty waiting for him.

As expected, when he opened his eyes by himself, he was welcomed by the warmest treat. And surely, it was the fire.

Then came the frost.




The Asmodian young princess’ act had far exceeded cultivating a Lord of Death. She had established a long-lasting war between herself and this human. She wanted him to admit defeat but he just would not. No matter what she did, he was too stubborn to yield.

Obviously, every individual who was watching the scene including the Asmodian and Protoss members were greatly satisfied by it.

Save for Cohen.

The Asmodian young princess had come up with every torturing way from human history and put to use on Cohen, making Cohen’s body and brain on the edge of collapsing. The girl was so into it that she even forgot why she was here

As for Cohen, for most of the time, he had nothing in his mind except for one word: NO.

He was unable to resist, there’s no need; nor did he have any thoughts or interest to plan something out. Only ‘NO’. It was just a pure, simple word. At this moment, his entire life, and mind were supported by this word.


“… no.”

“Beg for salvation!”

“… no.”

“You want to live?”

“… no.”

“Well then, let’s try something else…”

The young princess cheerfully did what was pleasing her unknowingly of what consequences her actions would bring. Cohen just kept on experiencing the agony, endless agony.

As for the rest Protoss and Asmodian members, they were enjoying it as well. They all were sure that this man will bring them more pleasure in the future.

Cohen Kheda will always be the toy shared by both.

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