Vol. 16: Chapter 01 – Dragonstone

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

(I borrowed the title from Daenerys’ birthplace, but actually, the direct translation of the island’s name from the book is Dragon Stone)

In the vast ocean lied an area that has been shrouded by mist since ancient times. If you traveled through the thick mist and went far enough, you’ll discover an enormous island located in a sea of green water. The elliptical island had endless chains of mountains, scattered lakes, flatlands, dense forests. What was the most peculiar was the extraordinarily huge and luminous stone floating above this place.

It has been self-spinning and giving warm, sunny shines.

Dragonstone, a place where even the Protoss and Asmodians cannot penetrate, and the place where the ancient dragons were exiled due to their savage and brutality.

It was silent in the holly dragon pit where only the dragon patriarchs were allowed to enter.

Cohen’s temper was so carried away that he sat on the ground for a good two hours. Only the golden dragon (Marshmallow) was there for him.

Marsh squinted and remained silent. She has been with Cohen for an enormous amount of time so she knew that he’ll ignore everything she said during such a state of mind.

Then finally, Cohen’s eyes refocused. First, he took a deep breath then approached the golden dragon and sat by her neck.

“Fine, tell me.” Cohen curled up his legs, put both hands on the laps, said relaxedly, “What the hell is going on here. Gold dragon? ‘the fuck? You used to be chubbier.”

“The golden dragon is the dragon elder. It took me quite a while to find him. Amongst all lives on this continent, only his brain is able to temporarily bear mine.” Marsh explained, “And it had cost one of my abilities to descend into this body in order to see you. There won’t be a next time.”

“Only once?” Cohen was stunned, “Don’t fuck with me.”

“It’s true. And it’s not a good news for both of us so I see no need to hide.”

Then Marsh shook her head, “My power won’t hold for long. Are you going to listen to me or not?

“Fine, fine…” Cohen crossed his legs, “You talk.”

“You are aware of my kind and my existence. In fact, I have never come across the same form of life as I. Since eons ago, I think I was the only being in this vast universe.” Marsh paused, “Before I met you, one day, after an endless search, I had finally found a being that could communicate with me.”

“Who?” Cohen laughed and asked, all relaxed, “Was it an epic encounter. Was there glowing radiance?”

“No, it was a plain but true meeting. When I wandered near your planet, I sensed her existence. Therefore, I lingered nearby. You knew what loneliness was, you can understand the reason behind my behavior.”

“I do. And if you don’t bring Fischer back, I won’t let you go easily…”

Marshmallow gazed at Cohen unsatisfied. The latter quickly put on a flattering face.

“She is on this planet, on this continent, with beings like you. And the way I talk to you now is a skill she taught me.” Marsh recalled, “We depended on each other, exchanged our memories. She was my friend. To me, she was inseparable, like Fischer was to you.”

“What then?” Cohen asked.

“Then, I lost contact with her.” Marsh’s voice was calm but the overly peaceful story had been burdened with all her agony, “Then I returned to being lonely, for thousands of years…”

“I see you.” Cohen acknowledged the sorrow within Marsh’s story, he nodded, “For someone like me who shares a similar history…”

“I could no longer hear from her, nor gain any of her news. I had tried many ways, but to no avail. I could easily destroy this planet, but I can’t descend onto the surface to search for her. Now that I’ve come here through the dragon elder, but there was only so much I can do when I had no clue about her.” Marsh lowered her head, “Time is meaningless for me until the moment you stepped into my realm.”

“You…” Something struck Cohen.

“Indeed, putting you here was my plan. I wanted you to find her for me. But you were too weak to fulfill this mission. As anxious as I was, I couldn’t tell you too soon.

“What about now? So now I can?”

“It seems that you don’t respect anyone or anything before. Think, have you ever taken anything seriously? But now, things are different. You and I.” Marsh dragged her voice, with her rare, malicious voice, she said, “Our destinies are connected.”

Cohen acted innocently. He threw an inquiring eye for Marsh. However, Marsh acted casual, remaining silent.

“Hey, you, you are the one who has a time limit.”

“Now, the thing has come to an awkward moment.” Marsh said unhurriedly, “Essentially, I am unable to revive your friend. I merely know a solution!”

“Hey, hey…” Cohen bounced from the earth, “I’ll make myself clear: don’t joke with me. People might die!”

“I didn’t. If you want to bring back your friend in one piece, you must find my companion first.” Marsh’s voice was definite, “She was the one being called the God by ancient people on your continent.”

Cohen bounced back, he put a hand on his waist, the other pointed Marsh and began pouring out profanities.

“FUCK, what does an ancient god has to do with me?” Cohen said as his arms and legs slapped and kicked in the air. But Marsh knew this little one was overly intrigued, “Curse you, Marsh, stop bluffing. If you bring my Fischer back now, we can still be friends, otherwise…”

“You have to find her.” Marsh’s voice was unchanged, “I can only preserve your friend’s soul. His soul is under my protection now. Do you want me to tell him all your secrets?”

“Alas, I’ll pass. We’re good buddies, right?” Immediately, Cohen hugged the gold dragon’s neck, “Are you for real? Fischer is with you? Is he alright?”

“If you don’t find my friend quickly. Your friend might not be.” Marsh attempted to avoid Cohen’s intimate gesture but failed so she had to indulge him, “It’s too much of a price to pay for our meeting this time. I cannot watch you from the universe, nor can I speak to you through a third party like today.”

Marsh’s statement stunned Cohen, “So then, my good luck is over?”

“Afraid so. I won’t be able to come to you when you are in danger. I can’t gain any information about you until you’ve found my pal. Only she knows how to contact me.”

“The fuck! It’s a huge planet, how the hell am I supposed to know where your friend is hiding?” Cohen once again yelled, “That friend of yours doesn’t even have a name, huh? What’s her name? John Doe?”

“She has a name.” Marsh’s eyes turned gloomy, “She had once told me the lives called her ‘Source of Life’ or ‘Gaia’ on the ancient continent. And you, my friend, I’ve noticed something about her in you. Though it is faint, it’s hers.”

Cohen straightened up, emotionlessly, “Fuck you, Marsh. When the hell I’ve met a fucking ‘Source of Life’”?

“You didn’t necessarily meet her.” Marsh was stubborn, “I could be a brief pass-by or it might be that she had watched you for a long period of time.”

“That worked?” Cohen gazed at Marsh astonishingly as if Marsh owed lots of his money.

“Her energy was generous whereas mine, too selfish, is private. Marsh subtly reminded, “Find her, listen to her is the only way to bring back your friend.”

It was not the first time that Cohen had been entrusted to finding Gaia. However, he had forced himself to not think about it. However, Marshmallow was able to read others’ minds. Therefore Cohen had to exploit certain benefits for himself for the future.

This is the thing you said was difficult?” Cohen said after a long while, “I’m not going to deny it, but I’m on a huge, huge, huuuuuge planet, come on! You only give me a name? Too little info! I have enemies all over this place so I can’t just go and search for a place. And I’ve got millions of starving people waiting for me to feed. Okay, before I can find your friend, my people are all gonna die first.”

Marsh sighed, “You’ve gained a few more bad habits. I recalled you were not a schemeful being. Although you were a little naive but still cute.”

“Was I cute?” Cohen replied seriously, “Let’s say I was, but you know, people change.”

“I didn’t see a stronger little one.” Marsh harshly said, “I’ve only seen a fallen Cohen Kheda. You hide behind a naive mask but underneath, there is growing violence. However, probably the demonization failed because you have two personalities.”

“Fine, I am a violent man, so what?” Cohen was furious when Marsh pointed out his weak point, “You are the one who lost a friend, big time. Have you ever been toyed by a little bitch for days? You haven’t! I fooled my way from her. I, the mighty, famous Cohen Kheda had to act like a fool! In the end, all the more, four FUCK bitches fought their right for their toy, ME! You don’t know how it felt to act like a fool and eventually become a real fool! Bitches literally drove me crazy!”

“I… I… I… the woman who saved me. She was so kind and she was so tragically killed…” Cohen slumped, he hit his head, “I had to watch her die, I had to watch life slipped away from her. And I could do nothing. Do you know why she died? She was KILLED by a bunch scums! What a fucking world! A world where men eat men. Why the hell could I act naive? Why? They don’t deserve me!”

“What you said is true, but it can’t be the excuse for your fall.” Marsh said slowly, “The reason is simple: she, too, lived in this world, but she was still kind, unstained by this world’s filth. Precisely because of her kindness, life continued. Kind is innocent and innocent is kind. I will not object to how you want to punish all the sins, but have you ever considered even the kindest person has evil thoughts?”

Cohen didn’t comment.

“No one can be perfect including your friends and families, and even you and I.” Marsh sighed, “The fight between good and evil will always be in each being’s heart. And you, don’t be disheartened, don’t fall, little one. I see the might in you, might that despises all things, might that could lead you somehow in the future.”

“Knock it off.” Cohen raised his eyes, “I’m just a normal man, no might.”

“I don’t need to tell how. They will come to you naturally.” Marshmallow chuckled, “I see your kindness deep within and it will always be there. If you keep on denying your nature, you’ll be in more agony. You are too easily moved. If you cannot acknowledge a kind woman’s death, you will not advance any further.”

Cohen again lowered his head. He was well aware of his nature. He can’t help but let it out on Marshmallow. It was like confessing before a good friend.

“Tell your story, you’ll feel better, I know.” Marshmallow was very understanding, “But afterward, after the low point, you’ll be brave. As you said, many people are waiting for your salvation and leadership.”

Cohen exhaled, “I’ll leave that afterward.”

“Okay, let’s talk about now. I’m going to take good care of your friend’s soul but find Gaia asap. It takes both of us to revive your friend.” Marshmallow said seriously, “I had been asking the dragon patriarchs about the continent’s history and gained knowledge about what had happened in the past. The so-called Protoss and Asmodians are somehow responsible for Gaia’s absence.”

Cohen was disheartened, “How the hell am I going to fight the supreme race. Even a little girl can fuck me around.”

“There’s no need to cause direct conflict with your Gods now. I know you’re leading an empire. Go back to your realm, unite your people, accumulate your power, and extend your power until you find Gaia.” Marshmallow instructed, “Besides, I know the energy you absorbed in space had awakened. I also know you are able to use that power in the form of magic. Although you still can’t master it, trust yourself, practice, and you’ll manage. Tell you, I’ve spent time on the so-called forbidden magic, I believe you have the potential to oppose it.”

“That simple?”

“How complicated do you want? You’ve been unable to grow stronger because you did it wrong. Besides, you didn’t absorb that much energy in space than you think. Take your time and meditate.” Marshmallow said simply, “But remember, time, time is critical. The longer you take, the harder for me to protect your friend’s soul. By then, there’s no guarantee that there might be problems…”

“What’s my time frame?”

“Better not be longer than five years. The sooner, the more intact your friend’s soul will be, and the less harm for him.”

“I seriously doubt you’re bluffing.” Cohen humphed, “Why the hell it was so easy for you to revive me?”

“You were a body of energy, complete and powerful. I only needed to compress your power at that time.” Marshmallow explained, “As for your friend’s soul, it took me a while to collect his broken pieces. And I’ve just finished remedying. In addition to that, his body was beyond repair due to bizarre damage.”

“Okay, okay!” Cohen bounced once again, “You’re basically telling me to conquer the world.”

“Do it for your friend and mine.” Marshmallow shook her head and sighed, “And sure, conquering the world is not wrong.”

“Don’t be sentimental. I don’t know what’s in your head.” Cohen paced before Marshmallow, “I’m only by myself, too weak to conquer. A little Asmodian pawn can easily have me sliced and diced!”

“About that, I have introduced a few tricks to the dragon patriarchs. They will tell you at an appropriate time. You’ll be able to protect yourself from the supreme races.” Marshmallow said roughly. She was a step ahead of Cohen who would certainly bargain, “I have taught them many things, but they are mainly subsidiary. You are the key. Before you find Gaia, you cannot let a third party know your purpose. You could always pretend that you’re a crazy man who wants to conquer the world.”

Cohen humphed, “I thought you think I’m underpowered. Give me some of yours…”

“I’m willing to offer.” Marshmallow replied sincerely, “But your body will explode and your soul vanishes. This is the difference.”

Cohen had no more idea but to be perverse, “Don’t care! You gave me too many tasks. Without a guarantee, I’ll be soon dead the moment I get out…”

“I didn’t give you tasks. Your friend’s well being requires that you do all that.”

“I don’t care! Don’t care!”

“Okay, Okay!” Marshmallow made herself louder, “Find Gaia, she’ll help you!”

“Huh-huh, Gaia, what a nada…” Cohen humphed, “It doesn’t work this way. You ought to feed a horse before riding it, and you ought to feed it fine grass! I need the same! Last time you said you’ll reward me if I did well. Now you want to turn away and leave me with a bunch of difficulties. Pay me in advance!”

Marshmallow once again doubted her choice. She suspected all those nasty jobs she did during her last life may have led to Cohen today to annoy her. Obviously, her train of thoughts was affected by Cohen’s cause-and-effect ideology in his memory.

“Fine, let me see.” Marshmallow finally gave in. She found that her willpower was becoming increasingly weaker every time she met Cohen, “Or I could give you a little something as an experiment…”

“Tell me earlier, I was worried you won’t give me…” Cohen instantly beamed and itched for a try, “You said yourself, you won’t see me anymore. What if I was in danger, there won’t be going back. My ask is very reasonable.”

“Huh, nice try!” Marshmallow cut Cohen off, “Poor me, I gave such an important job to an irresponsible and temperamental little one…”

“It’s not too late to say no.”

You are the one to ask! Can’t you be a little modest?”

“Hey, I thought you don’t have feelings.” Cohen grinned, “How come you asked such an emotional question?”

“If I can think, I have emotions!” Marshmallow rejected loudly, “I’m just not good at expressing!”

“Okay, okay. At least I know you are a cold-faced but warm-hearted good, good dragon.” Cohen impolitely approached and began stroking Marshmallow’s head, “Good girl…”

Marshmallow shut his eyes then suddenly opened. Two sky blue beams shot into Cohen’s chest. Cohen cried then began shivering.

Meanwhile, in the viceroy’s mansion in Dark City, Arnold was handling his daily affairs. He, too, cried then fell onto the carpet and began shivering. When the panicked servants rushed in and held him up, Arnold came back to normal.

“It’s ok.” He shook his head, “Carry on.”

This chapter was originally published on Wuxianation, any despicable reposts or copies without proper citings are strictly prohibited.

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