Vol. 14: Chapter 10 – Race Supreme’s Attitude

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

The impulsive intake of a slice of wild tapioca had granted King Luhrmann a period of time constantly visiting toilets.

Still, he was glad that he saw through Kheda’s vicious scheme.

Therefore, though he was suffering the ‘tapioca symptoms’, he was very light-hearted and kept doing a king’s duty.

To prepared the coronation, Luhrmann had granted permission to the funds needed for the ceremony and sent people to purchase needed goods and services. A list of important guests was among the invitees. Getting fitted in new royal robes, training honor guards, forging new royal sigils, Luhrmann didn’t forget the most important thing to do: inviting the red popes from the Heaven Island temple to host his coronation.

Luhrmann urged that the DC temple sent a special envoy to Heaven Island.

However, the envoy was not permitted into Heaven Island temple along with 3 gold-stamping invitations. The white priest at the door told him, “Wait here. Popes are in a meeting.”

He was telling the truth because the three cardinals were attending an ultra-important meeting hosted by the Protoss princess: Charlotte Knarch.

It was the end of the 3-month limit and the royal members of Swabia have all died. The empire was in a total mess. Two domestic cliques claiming they were the rightful ruler of the country were fighting a civil war. Look, what have the priests done?

It was a situation the race supreme cannot endure. Therefore the 3 cardinals opened the transportation magic field along with the royal representatives from the 7 Protoss empires, waiting for the arrival of the upper race.

Princess Charlotte was not in a hurry to go as she finished her work of ikebana in her palace located in the Heaven Island Mountains. She brought her finished work and placed on her sister, Micha’el Knarch’s desk.

The younger sister’s roundabout apology was not reflected by her elder. On the contrary, the latter had a maiden brought a chair, peacefully told little sister to sit then began conversing.

“Sister, there will be a meeting in the temple.” Princess Charlotte cautiously inquired her sister’s ideas, “It is about Swabia. The empire is far from peaceful and I can’t allow any further development. Can you offer any suggestions?”

“Is Swabia always manipulated by the temple?” Micha’el glanced her sister, “What are you worrying about?”

“The development of the situation is unexpected.” It was difficult for Charlotte to say because it was basically admitting that she failed, “There’s not yet a clear winner between the 2 opposing parties.”

Princess Micha’el stood up, “What is your idea? Which side do you think, or I should ask hope, to win?”

“Our God father would like us to consider a result best for our benefits instead of the victory of either side.”

Having heard that, Micha’el turned away and sighed.

“Sister…” Micha’el’s attitude was confusing to Charlotte.

“Too late. You’ve come too late.” Micha’el gazed at her sister, “Has Swabia’s King Fischer Summers died when God father told you that?”

Charlotte shook her head.

“And now he is dead. Where do you think Cohen Kheda’s resentment would go?” The elder princess sat back to her chair, “Human being is a kind of animal most peculiar. Sometimes they are unimaginably motivated because of a friend and they can make a great sacrifice for him. Cohen Kheda was not a fool, and you think he would keep his hatred to the temple alone?”

“I… what could we do now?”

“There’re 2 ways.” Micha’el glanced again at her sister, “You’ve missed the best time. I hope they can still help you.”

“Do tell me.”

“Send Protoss warriors and befell retribution. Eliminate Cohen Kheda and every associated human being. Terminate this malaise before it’s uncontrollable.” Micha’el frowned, “This is the wisest way if you don’t want any trouble.”

“That’ll kill tens of thousands, but not the most important problem.” Charlotte said, “Father doesn’t allow Cohen Kheda to die.”

“I should’ve thought of that. It’s a clean wipe but very troublesome.” Princess Micha’el sighed, “Then there’s the second method: you should uphold the absolute justice from this moment forward.”

“Uphold justice?”

“Yes, do it and not favor either side. Don’t you have a meeting, go now.” Micha’el nodded, “Remember, come here often.”

Princess Charlotte left. As she walked on the stairs, she recalled her sister, thinking about how to be absolutely justice as far as the situation went.

Accompanied by David (the God of War), she stepped into the magic field and arrived at the Heaven Island’s inner garden where all human beings were on their knees waiting.

Princess Charlotte was quite upset seeing all these insignificant beings.

“Rise.” Charlotte didn’t even want to go into the meeting room, “Talk while I’m still not bored.”

“Yes, Your Grace.” The red pope said.

“Why are you still here?” Charlotte calmly said, “Do you consider you can still be the high priest after what you have done?”

“Your… Your Grace…” The pope put himself down to the ground though he didn’t catch Princess Charlotte’s meaning, “Forgive me, Your Grace.”

“You said yourself all you need is 3 months.” Charlotte’s tone was emotionless but shattering to the pope cardinal, “The time is up. What about Swabia now?”

“Your Grace!” Said the pope cardinal, “The situation in Swabia has changed!”

Charlotte remained silent but the God of War sneered behind.

“Everything changes every day.” David stepped forward, “You have heard about the Asmodian left gold-robbed pope who took his guilty life for cheating his upper princess. What’s your excuse? If you have a proper reason, anyone here is free to defend for your sake.”

Princess Charlotte did not halt the God of War for being angry. Now the pope cardinal was out of words. His body curled to a ball on the ground as his limbs twitching.

The left and the right cardinals had their heads lowered, not even dared to breathe any heavier while feeling lucky that the one kneeling were not themselves.

The 7 royal representatives who stood behind the pope watched the scene as if it had nothing to do with them. These people were not politically green hands, they knew the Protoss princess was not just punishing the pope. Her action showed the upper race’s attitude has changed. As of now, nobody cared about what was going to happen to the pope.

“Take the former pope cardinal away.” Princess Charlotte said after a moment, “Put him in a cell. I’ll deal with him later on.”

The sudden addition of ‘former’ was unexpected although it did summon 2 handsome white-robed priests. The former pope was dragged away like a dead dog.

Princess Charlotte spared her look at the left and right cardinal. The glance struck the two, turning their legs to jelly.

Normally, she should put both of them in cells like what she did to the pope, but Princess Charlotte’s careful consideration left these 2 men a hint of life. Sure, it did not mean that Charlotte’s forgiveness. Once she sorted everything out, she will need people to take the responsibility. And only after that, new cardinals can assume the clean job.

“You two will attend the temple affairs for now.” Charlotte made her decision, “ As for Swabia, keep your hand away from it.”

“Yes, Your Grace.” The two thought their lives were safe but it never occurred to them they will be eventually punished one day.

“Well, royal representatives.” Charlotte turned herself to the rest of the attendees, “What do you think about the situation.”

The delegates shared looks. None of them were willing to talk first.

“Symbia delegate, during the Swabian rebellion, most of the rebels’ supply came from your empire, what’s your excuse?” Princess Charlotte asked.

“My wise lord,” The Symbian representative replied, “before today, we have no direct channel to listen to the upper race’s instructions. Our king obeyed his duty and followed the red pope’s direction. The former pope ordered the supply, therefore our king sent it.”

“You have a point.” Princess Charlotte steered her eyes to the Tanzia representative, “More than half of the rebels’ army came from your empire, explain.”

“Your Grace,” The Tanzian delegate was astute, he replied, “We had received the former pope’s letter to dismantle 5 legions and sent them into Swabia as mercenaries. They told us it was the great upper race’s will. Our king has kept the original letters for your disposal.”

“I see…” Princess Charlotte nodded, then looked at the 2 red cardinals, “Who’s idea was it?”

“Your Grace…” The left cardinal was half scared to death, “It was the former pope. He did it! We’ve no ideas!”

Princess Charlotte reminded herself of her elder sister’s method. Then she paced in the garden.

“Left and right cardinal.”


“Bring back all temple forces within Swabia, including the white knights. They’ve spent this much time there and with no avail, stop shaming themselves.” Princess Charlotte said, “All light temple must be neutral. Do not publicly advocate either side as the rightful ruler. I have my own plan for its future.”

“Yes, Your Grace.”

“As for you, royal delegates, when you’re back home, tell your kings, I don’t want a single foreign seed of grain nor a cart of supply into Swabia. Retrieve all your mercenaries as well.”

“As you wish, Your Grace.”

“That’ll be all.” Princess Charlotte turned away, “I will send a Protoss envoy to Swabia for further information.”

“Your Grace.” All knelt.

The meeting was short but earth-shattering for all. The power within the Heaven Island light temple was going the experience drastic change. Likewise, the light temple within the empires will be the same. It will affect all of the empires’ political structure as well.

Now none of them cared much about what this meeting will do to Swabia.

Not quite.

Thousands of miles away in the Asmodian Alliance, Brooks Empire, capital Foxburg.

It took quite a long time for the news to arrive at Earl Swiss Hepburn’s hands due to the long distance. By the time the light temple meeting had finished, news regarding Cohen Kheda’s ‘Wild Tapioca Movement’ had just arrived.

Swiss was particularly interested in his archenemy. After reading the intelligence, he looked down at his carpet which happened to be a giant Swabian map.

He didn’t wish Cohen Kheda to fail right now because he thought he should be the one who defeated his enemy who caused the former marshal to commit suicide.

Therefore when he heard about Cohen Kheda was in need of food, he nearly wanted to send food for him however it was unplausible.

As of now, when he heard Cohen Kheda was growing tapioca on a large scale, it made him wonder. Was it the substitute food he’s discovered?

“Robert,” Swiss told his steward, “get me a van of tapiocas or two and invite the Royal Academy headmaster to my place. I’m having him for dinner. Tell my butler, get me 30 capable slaves from the market today.”

That same noon, Earl Swiss Hepburn performed the identical farce that happened on the Divine City’s square, only smaller.

At the last moment, Swiss Hepburn gazed at a tapioca fruit holding in his hand. Unlike someone, he didn’t put it in his mouth.

A wicked smile took shape on his face.

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