Vol. 13: Trivia: Fischer’s Last Smile

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

It was the first time that Dark City was in such a panic state, not even during the city’s early days when enemies coveted the crystal mines.

Flusters of alerting bell echoed in the air, officers cursing, bellowing, teams of riders marching out, groups of wingmen scouts taking off. All were in an emergency state. Dark City’s guarding troops have begun pursuing from all 4 directions. Even all the infantries from the training ground out of the city were deployed into the search mission.

And all these were because Swabia’s new emperor: King Fischer Summers was looted by unknown identities!

All 4 provinces’ borders were sealed in the shortest time possible.

“Find and protect the king at all costs!”

This short order was passed on to every captain-level commander at the speed of light. Now every soldier knew the severity of this incident.

However, during the first day of this search mission carried out by Cohen Kheda’s entire army, there was no avail, no news about the king came back.

For Cohen Kheda, with the instinctive he’s got, he considered whoever has taken Fischer will go to Divine City utilizing the fastest route. Therefore he personally led a team of IGTs in pursuit along the route to the city of Lissandra.

The next day, one by one, the unconscious ones who witnessed the incident on the day came to life. Shortly after, a wingman scout brought Cohen Kheda a brief of what happened at the mansion gate on that day. Grudgingly to slow the pursuit, Cohen Kheda, with all the anxious heart, snatched the paper and started reading on horseback.

… His Majesty was at the door to receive the ladies, all were normal at first. When the king had met roughly half of them, a lady who’s near him suddenly put a dagger on his neck. Before we did anything, the lady’s wagoner squire and maiden moved. They were 4, excellent fighters with swords. They can do magic as well. After taking the king, they blew up the door with a spell. We could not even get near them…”

“Four men against 50…” Read till here, Cohen crashed the paper, “I’ve never heard of such good men. Where did Luhrmann pig find these people?”

The 8th night, after maxing out countless horses, Cohen was at the border with his guards and was informed that a team of border defense has overtaken the 4 who have kidnapped the king.

All 300 border guards were elite men whose leader came off the Clay City battle.

Now less than 10 of them barely survived after a short encounter.

A captain told Cohen Kheda his story on a stretcher, “… we saw His Majesty. There were 10 instead of 4. Damn good magic casters… strange magic and never-before-seen good fighters. Sir, I haven’t let you down, we killed 2 of them, and another exploded himself…”

“Killed 2? Where are the bodies?” Cohen suddenly saw hope.

“Destroyed by their magic…”

“Damn it.” Cohen cursed, “Get my horse. Keep moving!”

“Sir, this is the border. We can’t!” Cohen’s staff officer stopped him.

“Screw the border! Go!”

“Calm down, sir! That’s not our territory ahead. We’d lose more than the king if we continue.” The staff officer didn’t back down, “My mission is to protect our commander so we can’t advance! Sir, please head back to Lissandra! Viceroy Visual Kheda is expecting you.”

“You pig head!” A harsh slap landed on the man’s cheek, “Remember who you’re talking to!”

The staff officer stood back up after being beaten down by the slap, “Sir, please get back to Lissandra!”

Cohen ignored him. He put his eyes on the guarding troops’ captain, “Go!”

“I’m sorry, sir. We have other orders.” He replied.

“Other orders?”

“Malphite,” The young staff officer stood straight, he reached for a piece of paper, “this is the order co-signed by Viceroy Visual Kheda and the three City Hall Supervisors. They want you to take Commander Cohen Kheda back to Lissandra immediately!”

After reading the order, he reacted, “Consider it done.”

“Malphite! You traitor!”

“I’m sorry, sir. We’ve lost the king and we can’t afford to lose you now.” Malphite said emotionlessly, “It’s for your good. We really can’t lose you.”

Having said that, Malphite raised his hand and a dozen strong men seized their commander.

Not far from Divine City, Luhrmann and a bunch of his lackeys were expecting.

Luhrmann, looking all anxious, kept his temper, and was talking freely with men beside him. Bursts of chuckle sometimes could be heard.

Since he started the rebellion, Luhrmann has never revealed anything that was not anxious and joyful. As for his men, even they didn’t know who they were here to receive, but they understood something good was about to happen.

Time passed, a sizable fleet approached Divine City from the route beyond.

“Is it them?” Luhrmann’s eyes glowed, he said, “You, go up there and ask them!”

This man hurried to mount his horse and after a good while, he came back, with an overjoyed face.

“My lord! My lord!” His body and expression were flourishing, “We did it! He’s in the fleet! He’s in the fleet!”

“Finally…” Though having known that for quite some time, Luhrmann was still pleasantly surprised. He put both hands on his chest and was close to tearing up.

Now however this war went, Luhrmann knew he would never lose. Whatever Cohen Kheda intended to do, he had to compromise.

The rest of the welcome team shared looks as none of them knew who was in the fleet that made their master so excited.

The fleet drove closer and a few of the carriages stopped in front of the Luhrmann crowd.

On the horseback, the general dismounted and strode to Luhrmann.

“My lord. We’re back as commissioned.” He curtsied.

“Is everything going smoothly?” Luhrmann took a step forward and held the general’s hand. First time he asked about the men who did the work for him, “How about the 10 knights?”

“Thank you for asking, my lord.” The general glimpsed the carriage, “They were intercepted halfway. Four dead, 5 severely wounded. The dead have been taken care of. The wounded are resting in one of the carriages behind.”

“There are only 9.”

“One left halfway. We couldn’t stop him.” The general lowered his voice.

“The white one, right? Good, I don’t like his dull face…” Luhrmann was still mad about the white one for slapping his face. He ended the subject, “However, now that we got him, I don’t care the rest.”

“Precisely, he is in the 2nd carriage.” The general replied excitedly, “They actually have taken a man from Dark City and brought him here safely. These knights from the light temple are the best warriors, I’ll give them that. What’s amazing is he was not hurt! But how should we address him?”

“Listen up!” Luhrmann turned to his people, he declared, “No matter what time, and where you are, you will address him as King Fischer Summers. Because he is still our king, the only king!”

Then Luhrmann waved his hand. The squire behind the carriage opened the door.

Fischer Summers, still in the light suit on the day he was looted, stepped out of the vehicle. He descended, unhurriedly, removed his gloves, emotionlessly, then eyed the crowd from left to right.

The people he was looking at were the people who had sworn their loyalty to the Summers. These people now lowered their heads faced by Fischer’s sharp eyes of sarcasm. The scene fell silent.

Luhrmann hinted at one of his lackeys.

The latter quickly yelled out, “Presenting His Royal Majesty!”

Luhrmann went forward with a smile. He bowed along with his men, “Here lies Prime Minister of Swabia and all courtiers for our king.”

“So I am still you king.” Fischer toyed with the gloves, said calmly, “Your serious faces made me feel it’s real.”

“Your Majesty, you’re the only king of Swabia, there’s no doubt.” Luhrmann was on his knees. He thought what Fischer’s talking style resembled his dead father. However, Luhrmann was patient.

“Well, rise, all. I’m not comfortable seeing you on your knees.” Fischer began analyzing Luhrmann’s intention. He’s been considering since he’s looted.

The Prime Minister’s intention was clear and Fischer was not in a good position now.

He knew if he did anything off track, he would put the Kheda family, even the entire course of war into a dangerous position.

Before settling down what to do next, he must get to know all Luhrmann’s cards.

The moment he was taken, he made the worst plan. Fischer was a smart man. He knew his status was valuable to the man that planned his abduction, which was precisely what Fischer intended to take advantage of.

“Let’s welcome the king into the capital.” Luhrmann hinted at an empty carriage he brought, “After you, my king.”

He quickly made a step first to open the door of this horse-driven vehicle of the royal family.

However, Fischer did not board the carriage. His attention was attracted by the golden sigil that belonged to his house: this was his father’s, Climos Summers’ vehicle.

“King father, queen mother,” As his fingers gently rubbing the sigil, Fischer told himself silently, “I won’t let you down. I’m a Summers. I won’t fear death, neither will I belittle my life.”

“Please, my king.” Luhrmann urged, “Do I have the pleasure to ride with you, my king?”

Fischer glimpsed the Prime Minister, “As you wish.”

Luhrmann gloated and boarded the vehicle.


Hence all courtiers who came with Luhrmann to ‘welcome’ Fischer ascended their own carriages. The fleet began slowly moving towards the center of Divine City.

Luhrmann was certainly overjoyed to ride with Fischer in person. If he was alone and had enough space, he could even hum a song or dance.

How about a glass of red, my king?” Luhrmann offered a goblet despite the atmosphere between the two has been awkward. However, he has been gazing Fischer with the utter feverish and precious eyes, “Since you’ve been kidnapped by rebellious Cohen Kheda, we have been doing everything we can to expect your return.”

The weird wording made Luhrmann’s movement overcautious whereas Fischer was acting magnanimous and tolerant.

“Is that so?” Fischer took the wine, replied with a half a smile, “I suppose I should thank you for saving me from Dark City.”

“I suppose. I serve the king.” The Prime Minister was not angry at all. He drove his eyes to look at his goblet, “Your Grace, I know what I’m about to ask was rude, but what is your plan after you’ve arrived in Divine City?”

Fischer glanced at him.

“I mean, a wise king must see the big picture, correct?” Luhrmann sniffed the wine, “I wonder how are you going to deal with the rebels within the empire, say, people like the Kheda family?”

Fischer gazed at the man who’s responsible for his parent’s death, “I’m considering. Do I have any advice from you?”

“I’m also considering it.” Luhrmann pondered, he thought he could give Fischer a rest, “Well, I advise you to take time and consider. We’ve got enough time.”

Fischer nodded peacefully.

“I nearly forgot, Your Grace. I intend to throw you a great welcoming party, a real royal ball.” Luhrmann changed the subject, “It’s been a while since Divine City has had such an event. All of the noble lords and masters in DC are coming. How’s my proposal?”

“I’m tired. Let me rest for a few days.” Fischer said.

“As you wish.

Fischer sneered silently then asked, “Where’s my staying?”

“Forgive me, Your Grace.” Luhrmann said, “The palace was sabotaged during the rebellion. Therefore you’ll have to condescend to live in my mansion.”

Later that day, the Prime Minister received the newest intel on Cohen Kheda’s army. Luhrmann thought this young Knight of Protoss should have gone crazy. As long as Cohen Kheda went hot-blooded, he will attack ahead of schedule before all the supplies and provisions were ready. Then the rest of the war should be easy for the Prime Minister.

To his surprise, the liaison said Cohen Kheda took back his troops. He completely abandoned Maple City, took all his forces to Lissandra. Goods and supplies assignment was as normal. Nothing indicated that he would be attacking anytime sooner.

Dully, Luhrmann let the intel paper off his hands, started pacing in the chamber, thinking about his opponent’s strategy.

Could Cohen Kheda not care about Fischer? He should be! Could it be that the Khedas have abandoned Fischer, after Fischer’s death, they’ll attack in the name of avenging the king? And they be the king?

But losing Fischer, Kheda’s house will be much less appealing.

Or it could be that Visual Kheda sees through his scheme, therefore Visual let his son pretend to not care about Fischer’s life. In this way, Luhrmann would not do anything to Fischer. If that were the case, Fischer’s fate would troublesome indeed.

“Could I be right in any way?” Luhrmann thought.

“If that were true, you’ve underestimated me.” Luhrmann sneered and headed to the back yard where Fischer rested.

The entire Prime Minister’s mansion was tightly guarded. Fischer’s courtyard was even tighter.

“Aren’t you going to rest, my king?” Luhrmann sighed as he saw Fischer was calmly gazing into the night sky by his door.

“You think I should rest?” Fischer didn’t bother to look after hearing Luhrmann’s voice.

“Your Grace, I’d be very concerned if you’re sick.” Luhrmann was not unfamiliar with exhortation. But he regretted he said that right after.

Fischer turned, “Face it, Luhrmann, are you in trouble?” 

His piercing eyes nearly saw through the Prime Minister.

“No, no individual can bring me any trouble in the empire.” Luhrmann shook his head, “I’m merely visiting my king and informing you of the latest news of the war.”

“Tell me about it.”

“The Khedas, who lead this rebellion, are planning to attack.” Luhrmann laughed, “And of course, we all know they’re under-supplied. They’ll be fighting a war they can’t win.”

“That’s indeed great.” Fischer nodded, said seriously, “How about you throw a party to celebrate?”

Luhrmann was almost choked. He didn’t expect every Summers to talk like that.

“Huh, I think my king would want the party to be held in the name of welcoming you back.” Prime Minister calmed down, “I’ve gained a huge amount of support from the temple and other empires. Now my army is enormous, well-supplied. Defeating Cohen Kheda is an unalterable fact.”

“I suppose it is.” Fischer nodded.

“Could you at least do something to finishing the rebellion? You are, after all, King of Swabia.” said Luhrmann, “For example, write a letter, order the rebels to drop their weapons…”

“Oh, my minister, I would love to write that letter.” Fischer paced 2 circles, “It is an easy thing to do. But do you think the house of Kheda would listen? As you said, they are rebellious. It’s just too naive to think a single letter from me will relieve them of weapons?”

“You could at least try.” Luhrmann nearly bit through his teeth, “What if it’ll work?”

“Well, if you insist.” Fischer laughed, “I shall write a letter.”

(The same day in Asmodian’s holy ground: the Hell Island.)

The Asmodian’s younger princess sat in her chamber, reading a few scrolls. Her black wings spread, then retracted, spread again, then again, retracted.

Her life has been extremely boring.

“Ugh, nothing’s ever happened! It’s just reading all day!” She was gloomy, talked to herself, “Without catching that leader of the Phantom Legion, I can’t play with my sister!”

“Your Grace, a priest is requesting the elder princess’ audience.” An Asmodian maiden came, she blinked at the younger princess, “He looks afraid.”

“Is he? Which priest is here?” The young princess’s body instantly floated, “What happened?”

“It’s the pope godinal. But I have no idea what he’s after.” The maiden replied, “If the elder princess knew I eavesdropped, she’s going to throw me into the blood pool!”

“Okay, then, I’ll do it myself…” Before finishing, the young princess’ body vanished in midair.

In the meantime, in a gazebo located in the elder princess’ palace, the pope godinal was on all fours listening to the princess’ question.

“… about that, my father has made it very clear.” The Asmodian elder princess glimpsed the empty handrail aside. She sensed her naughty sister was here, which made her half annoyed, half amused. Just to indulge her, the elder princess had to repeat what she had said, “Remember my father wants us to stay away from the Swabian civil war. The Protoss light temple has been dragged into this dirty business. What we do is watch and see how our Protoss friends wrap it up.”

“As you wish, Your Grace!” The goldinal nodded, “What about the Protoss Knight?”

“Cohen Kheda? Huh.” A rare smile showed on the elder princess’ face, “It takes thousands of years for the world to give us a man like Cohen Kheda, whether in the Protoss Alliance or the Asmodian Alliance. He is unique, therefore leave him alone.”

“How about the kill warrant on him?” The goldinal’s volume turned down, “Many men would want him dead since there’s a huge bounty on him.”

“Change it, I want him captured alive.” The elder princess said without much thinking, “If Cohen Kheda’s been captured alive, it’s proven he’s not brilliant. He might as well be dead.”

“Yes, Your Grace. Here according to the latest intel, the king of Swabia was apprehended by the head of the rebellion: Swabian Prime Minister. And this Swabian new king is Cohen Kheda’s closest friend.

“Looks like our Knight of Protoss is in trouble.” said the elder princess, “I like it. A good chance for us to see how he will react.”

“How wise, my princess. I have another issue.” Asked the priest, “Since the last big war, Camp was left with very few nobilities. Welsh empire’s 2 backbone legions were destroyed as well. I’m here to plead for them. Your Grace, please show your mercy for them, relieve them of this year’s tribute.”

“I see.” The elder princess paced left and right, “In that case, I’m giving Welsh 2 years free of tributes, 6 years for Camp. Let them remedy. They’ll need to promote new nobilities! Level up the rank if nobilities from other empires who are willing to migrate. Off you go talk to people.”

“Yes, Your Grace.” The goldinal curtsied and left.

Hence the priest exited the gazebo. Before the elder princess could make a sound, her younger sister began laughing on the handrail.

“Away from the bars. You’ll be seen. Come.” The elder princess seated by a marble table.

“You are the best, big sister!” The little Asmodian girl also sat down, she asked with a fist supporting the jaw, “Is there a rebellion happening in Swabia? Tell me everything.”

The elder fondled her sister’s hair as she told her what went on in Swabia.

“A Protoss member is involved. How is that possible?” The young princess naturally shook her head, “Isn’t it enough to just let the temple meddle?”

“Hey, Asmodian princess, which side are you? The elder princess stroke her sister’s nose tip, “It’s a good thing that our Protoss friends have intervened. Good chance to let the enemy empires see what kind of lousy job their masters have done. If we plan this well, it’s possible that we could shake the very foundation of the enemy.”

“I see. But in this case, I think it’s very unfair for that Protoss Knight – Cohen Kheda. Both us Asmodians and the Protoss have given him enormous enemies.”

“There’s no such thing as fair on the Peace continent.” Said the elder princess, “Fair is only relative. And human beings are an inferior race. They’re capable of anything if it fulfills their lust. Loyalty and betrayal, vows and deception, they’re happening as we speak till the end of time.”

“So humans are filthy.” The younger princess showed expression of distaste, “What about that Cohen Kheda. Is he the same as every human?”

“As for him, he is not defined yet. The only thing we do know is that this human being is fond of very unexpected strategies. Even our father grew interested in him. I’ve given an order for the temple to not disturb him.” The elder explained, “Now that his best friend has been kidnapped. It’s a good chance for us to observe him.”

The younger princess kept silent.

“Even you didn’t comment, I know you do understand the tough choice this human is facing now.”

“Yes, I know. His enemy most likely will take advantage of his friend’s life to threaten him.” The younger princess answered faintly, “If he is tough, his friend will die; if he does give in, his friend may not be saved after all.”

“It is true for him. But it’s also true for the Protoss race. This rebellion within Swabia has been there for quite a while. If not subsided in time, people are going to underestimate their god.” The elder took her sister’s hands, “And in order to suppress the rebellion sooner, it’s better to put your money on the Protoss Knight rather than counting on Swabia’s prime minister.

“What a messed up situation! What would you do if you were them?”

“Me?” She chuckled, “I’m ordering this minister to hand over the king and split Swabia into 2 empires judging by how much territory each party currently occupies.”

“It won’t help the war if you do that.” The young princess frowned, “They’re still against each other.”

“However, if I did that, technically, it’s a conflict between 2 empires instead of a rebellious civil war.” The elder princess explained.”

“I see, it’s normal for our races supreme to stay away from a war between 2 empires” Young princess clapped her hands, “Eventually, the conflict can resolve itself.”

“Correct.” Elder princess offered an admiring nod, “Usually, the elder princess Micha’el should be able to handle such a matter properly. However, she’s not doing anything till now. Could another Protoss member be handling it?”

“Protoss elder? That Micha’el who’s defeated you dozens of times?”

“Again, whose sister are you, Asmodian princess? Stop mocking your big sister.” The elder raised a hand, then retrieved it seeing that her young sister winced.

“From what I saw, it’s not Micha’el’s style.” The elder sighed.

“Therefore another Protoss is handling it. That is easy.” The younger made a mischievous face, “Finally you can do something to win this time, sister.”

“Never underestimate your enemies. Even our father said he can not guess a human being.” The elder smiled, “Let’s watch this time, how this Knight of Protoss makes his choice.”

“Why is god father interested in this human?” Said the younger princess, “Because of him, several generals in the alliance guiltily committed suicide.”

“That’s not his fault. He’s found the only way to live out of the given condition at that time. He’s proven that he’s capable. As for the generals who killed themselves, I’ve given them chances, twice. And they have failed to seize them. Therefore they must pay the price.” The elder princess stated seriously, “We, the Asmodians are physically immortal and destined to lead a dull life. You, me, and our god father need a toy to divert ourselves from boredom. Therefore, this human being has the novelty we need, and that’s his value.”

“A toy?”

“Yes, toy. By utilizing our special magic, we’re capable of demonizing him into a Lord of Death.” The elder princess lowered her voice, “I could appeal to our god father to give you a chance to make your own toy, if you behave.”

“Yes!” Eyes of the younger princess glinted, “I will! Sister, tell me more about the Death Lord!”

To show DC’s residents that the king is in the city, Luhrmann has arranged Fischer’s public appearance in the capital altar under close surveillance.

As he walked on the clean, stone stairs, what was going on in Fischer’s mind?

It was Cohen Kheda, his closest friend.

Because of Cohen’s reckless act in DC altar: a boy who was neither capable of magic nor fighting defeated 3 senior students of the Royal Academy, that he became known to everyone in the nobility circle. Amongst the 3 defeated, one died on the spot.

But what made Cohen more famous is what happened next: he was severely wounded by a mere girl and he became the first student who was expelled in the Royal Academy history.

Fischer stood on the altar, a smile took place on his face. He recalled his memories as he searched for the spot where Cohen was standing on that day.

With his excellent 6th sense, Fischer was able to locate the very point where dying Cohen Kheda was at given the stair was indifferently clean from other stairs.

“Found it.” He nodded, “This guy fell from here.”

Then he peered around. What a view. From where he stood, the entire capital was within reach.

“Cohen…” Fischer said with the lowest voice only he could hear, “give me courage.”

A growing hint of firmness took shape in Fischer’s eyes. In there, DC’s beauty turned far and vague and not important any longer.

Since dispatching Fischer’s written letter to Cohen Kheda’s, Prime Minister Luhrmann began his dull life of waiting.

He needed Cohen Kheda’s reply so he could analyze his opponent’s thoughts and further anticipate the next move. Luhrmann wished everything would go smoothly since he’s got his hand on the legitimate king.

If everything went well, lots of trouble could be saved in further ruling.

However, there was no evading the eventually big war. Therefore Luhrmann still needed military supremacy.

“My Lord, our forces are finally ready!” One of Luhrmann’s subordinates excitedly reported, “And our allied empires have sent their elite forces. The total foreign soldiers now counted 200, 000. All the supplied are prepared and waiting for your next instruction.”

“That’s great news.” Prime Minister was gratified, “From your military point of view, can we defeat Cohen Kheda’s army?”

“Absolutely. Now that we have the king, they can no longer obtain any help from 3rd party viceroys. It is possible that they can’t even feed their own soldiers now.” The man replied confidently, “If we were not in a hurry to finish this, we could even lay siege to them and just wait till they’re starved to death.”

The Prime Minister shook his head.

“You’ve underestimated them again. The Khedas are not easy to kill.” Luhrmann urged, “For example, I’ve never seen anyone who’s better at solving internal affairs than Visual Kheda; and Cohen Kheda, this bastard is the ultimate variable who defeated AUF that’s several times more than his own army, I know luck is not part of it. We would be fighting a harder war if we didn’t have the king in our hands.”

“Yes, my lord. I will be extra careful.” The general looked at Luhrmann and said, “Since you mentioned the king, we’re all a little concerned.”

“Tell me.”

“Yes, my lord. As we all know, we follow you because you have the potential to be an  emperor.” He lowered his voice to the floor, “But now Fischer is here in the city…”

Luhrmann stood up to stop the general.

“I don’t need you all to worry about it, neither should you all discuss it in the future. I have better plans for your future and trust me, you won’t be doing all this without rewards.” Luhrmann said with a smile, “As for the king, he is the king and king forever. Do I make myself clear?”

“Understood.” The general quickly got Luhrmann’s idea.

“Em, what about the rest of the viceroy, any replies?”

“We’re getting replies every day. Now that we have the king, it’s not wise to stand against us.” One of Luhrmann’s lackeys was beyond joyful, “Even the provinces who cut a deal with them now have allied with us. The Khedas are now indeed home alone.”

“Hahaha…” Luhrmann echoed a laugh, “I’m going to let you know what it’s like to be my enemy, Kheda!”

The next moment, a eunuch came in running, “My lord, our envoy is back from Lissandra.”

“Bring him in.”

Moments later, the messenger walked in with a letter in his hand.

“I want to read this letter.” Luhrmann took the paper, he glimpsed before his face turned south. It was a reply from Dean Lorenzo instead of Cohen Kheda. This ex-dean of the Royal Academy said no good words in the letter.

Rather than getting moody by Lorenzo’s sharp language, Luhrmann concerned more about the last part of the letter: Lorenzo made it clear that the Kheda house has refused to believe King Fischer Summers was in Luhrmann’s hand.

The Prime Minister made a ball of paper, his eyes fixed on his lackeys, “Are all our troops ready to mobilize?”

“Any time, my lord.”

“Well, well, well!” Muscle on Luhrmann’s face tweaked, “I knew this war will come sooner than later. Let’s win it once and for all.”

“Waiting on your orders, my lord. We’re bound to take out the enemy.”

“All forces, prepare for departure! Luhrmann sneered, “I’m personally leading! Lissandra is a beautiful place for a reunion.”


Later on, on the grand road leading to the army camp out of the capital, Luhrmann and the king began a fair conversation, at least the Prime Minister thought it was fair.

As an educated man, he had a variety of ways to enjoy life.

For example, Luhrmann considered conversing with the king like now was the most enjoyable. He felt the pleasure by verbally insulting his opponent. Luhrmann still remembered how he failed against Fischer’s father.

“You must remember here.” Said Luhrmann with a fake smile, “How’s the memory?”

“Much.” Fischer nodded, his calm face extremely resembled his father, “But not like what you are expecting.”

“So what is it?” Luhrmann sided his body, “I’m interested.”

“Maybe I’ll tell you next time.” Fischer threw a look at the grassland. The wild was starting to turn yellow near the new year, some were still deep green. The mixture of color was very gorgeous.

“Very well.” Luhrmann shrugged, “We’re soon leaving for Lissan City. The final battle with the rebels led by Cohen Kheda is imminent. I personally hope the war will be over before the new year.”

“I hope so.” Fischer still answered calmly without much emotion, “If that happened, everybody could have a happy holiday.”

The Prime Minister abandoned his intention after watching Fischer’s reaction. He also acknowledged that deep-rooted filthy habits has been passing down Summers’ family tree. He abandoned trying to gain any benefits verbally.

“If the war is over before the new year, you’ll have to work hard, my king.” Luhrmann said sincerely, “Khedas have refused to believe the letter you wrote is real.”

“Huh, rebels, typical.” Fischer shrugged, “I suspect even if I stood right in front of them, they’ll judge if I were real.”

Luhrmann breathed deeply after he quickly turned to the other side.

“I agree, but you can still do it.” After easing the rage within, Luhrmann continued, “At least give them despair. Most importantly, pass the fact to other empires and nobilities who lingers. They will come to your side after you’ve stated your intention and believe me, they will.”

“It’s great to despair Kheda’s army.” Fischer said, “But do you actually think that’s possible from your experience of Kheda army’s nature?”

“Don’t underestimate yourself, my king. No one can do what you can.” replied the Prime Minister, “Try your best to convince them. As long as they can lower the weapons, I’ll let them live. As long as they’re willing to disarm, you still can make them viceroys of their own lands. I’m with you on this one.”

“Why would you think so?” Fischer gazed at Luhrmann, “Didn’t you always deteste evil? And nowadays Kheda’s army is in a really bad position. It might be wiser to wipe them out.”

“I’ll be honest, I don’t want to let them go, no one hates them more than I do.” Luhrmann toyed with his robe, “The temple is the problem.”

“The temple?”

“Yes, since the empire sunk into chaos, the temple has been paying extra attention to it. They told me I must end this turmoil within 3 months.” Luhrmann wasn’t even ashamed to say it, “Even though I gasped at the general idea what to do, I’m too powerless to do anything further now that half of the time limit has passed.”

“Since you already know, why are you still worried?”

“Don’t laugh at me, my king. Everybody knows it is impossible to annihilate Kheda’s armed forces within a month.” Luhrmann made a wry face, “However, I can’t extend any further than 3 months. For the sake of safety and peace, I plea for you to talk the Khedas out of any further resistance.”

“Then the Khedas will be doomed if any parts of what you said were true.” Fischer said, “How should I convince them? It is a world of utility and reality. You’ll have to offer something in return, you must know that, Prime Minister.”

“I do.” Luhrmann smiled, “I have my plans, would you like to hear it?”

“I’m all ears.”

“There’re 2 ways.” Luhrmann hence said his grand plan for Swabia’s

future, “A, the house of Kheda drops its weapon, they can still have Dark City and Darkmoon. The empire will no longer be collecting tax from the 2 provinces, neither will it intervene in any affairs of the 2 provinces.”

“Very favorable terms. I think they’ll be interested. What about B?”

“The second one is also favorable, but also difficult.” Luhrmann said vaguely, “We split Swabia into two…”

The rare silence fell as Luhrmann finished talking, then Fischer said, “My Prime Minister, I admire your imagination. It’s very unique. How do you explain it to the race supreme?”

“There is no need to explain.” Luhrmann grinned, “As long as the agreement with Kheda is done, there will be men to do the talking for me.

“Oh?” Fischer’s eyebrow tilted, “You mean the temple? Have you had a prior discussion?”

“Exactly, how could I make this far without the temple’s support?” Luhrmann said proudly, “They’re well aware of the said 2 ways. But the House of Kheda must take a leap of faith first by lowering their weapons. It’s a prerequisite!”

“It is a difficult prerequisite.” Fischer shook his head, “You’re only talking empty words. There’s no guarantee for them.”

“Guarantee? They’re dying!” Luhrmann said angrily, “Your word is the guarantee, my word is the guarantee! If they don’t agree, I’m gonna kill every last one of the Khedas even if the temple threatened to punish me!”

“Calm down. I’m just asking, not judging.” Fischer smiled, “However, practically, both of your plans are a little indiscreet.”


“Indeed, neither the Khedas nor anyone else is going to believe it.” Fischer gazed at the window, “The terms are too good to be true.”

“I can’t help it. Actually, I never expected it has come this far.” Luhrmann’s face grew wry one more time, “I’m still not convinced I can win with this huge amount of armies!”

Fischer’s eyes were back on Luhrmann, “It’s alright. Keep on trying. You will eventually defeat the Khedas.”

“Like your father, you never feel me and the pressure I’m undergoing.” Luhrmann put away the smiling face, “Your Majesty, I’ve grown tired of the riddles between us. Let’s be honest.”


“If a chance was given to me that I can annihilate the Khedas, I will grab it. But I can’t. As long as the 3 months limit expires, the temple will abandon me like they’ve abandoned Cohen Kheda and his army during the last P/A War.” Luhrmann made a self-mocking laugh, “I came from the temple. No one knows them better than me.”


“Therefore, I have to end this turmoil within 3 months in order to survive. No matter what, I need to have a result for the temple. Even it meant to deceive them.” Luhrmann lied on the couch, eyes dull, “I can fulfill my personal enmity later on. I won’t let the Khedas go and the same is true for them.”

“So this is your plan?”

“I very much know how implausible they are. I’ve lost hope at first. But things are different now that you’re with me.f You are the key variable for this plan to succeed. For your safety, Cohen Kheda’s house has to put down weapons and make peace with me, at least let it pass the crisis at hand. And just to be safe, we could always find a few scapegoats to take responsibility for us.” Luhrmann stated, “As for you, my king, as a deterrence, you will have to stay in DC forever. You are my card against them.”

“I never thought the blank king title is one day useful.”

“In this way, no one would have to die from both sides. And my king, you’ve successfully saved tens of thousands of lives. I cannot foresee any further. But we will be evading any more shed of blood.” Luhrmann ignored Fischer’s sarcastic comment, “Although you’ve lost freedom, you’ll still be treated like a king and free of any harm. You have my word.”

“This is your plan.” Fischer nodded, “And your subordinates are willing to take it?”

“If they had done a good job, we wouldn’t have had today’s conversation.” Luhrmann humph-ed, “Therefore I don’t need to consider their feelings.”

Fischer pondered.

“My king, they are the best way for today’s situation. If the Khedas agree, we will have peace; if they don’t, both parties will be in grave danger. No one, besides the temple, will gain anything from it.” Luhrmann said, “I don’t want to give temple any benefits. Or worse, we can help each other against them.”

“I will think about it.” Fischer waved a hand and ended the conversation.

“About your parents, that’s an incident.” With the lowest voice possible, Luhrmann said, “Or things wouldn’t have come this far.”

Fischer’s lips tweaked as he heard it.

As Luhrmann and his enormous army set off from Divine City, covert spies in the capital from Dark City’s liaison bureau delivered the news to Lissan City, capital of Lissandra province.

When Cohen Kheda learned the news, he panicked.

Both Cohen and his father Visual Kheda knew that it was the only way to save Fischer.

If the Khedas lost the one last member of the royal family, the rest of the nobilities from neutral provinces won’t offer any more support. And this war against Luhrmann and his army would be doomed to lose.

Therefore, this pre-war council that’s currently going on was largely under an extremely tense atmosphere. Cohen Kheda was making the most detailed plan for the upcoming battles. He’s taken advantage of every method. Seniors officers took down their respective works. There are even arguments about very tiny details.

The current situation allowed no mistakes.

Visual Kheda remained sitting aside. He took no part in the meeting. And it was not because of his civic duty.

Visual Kheda and the Prime Minister were two old rivalries that have been fighting for over 20 years. He knew Luhrmann was a complicated enemy. Therefore saving their king this time would be extremely difficult.

Since the perishment of Climos king couple, Visual Kheda has become the key figure of the royal clique. He must think even further into the future than everyone else.

The best outcome would be the king’s safety. However, since Luhrmann came to war with the king, he must have something to count on. What if he couldn’t save the king, what would be the next move?

To surrender? Even if the entire Kheda family were willing to trade lives for the king’s, Luhrmann would want even more lives in exchange. But could Luhrmann keep his words?

As the usurper, the Prime Minister will never give room to anyone with royal blood.

Not surrender? What would Luhrmann do to the king? Will the Kheda family be burdened for betraying the king and forever fight alone like a dinghy in the middle of a dangerous ocean?

An acute pain took shape in Visual Kheda’s head as the argument of officers in the same room grew ever louder. Eyes closed, he put a palm on the forehead.

The Prime Minister’s 3 formidable armies pressed down to the City of Lissan.

In the meantime, Cohen Kheda’s army played offensively. His 3rd legion and general staff have all retreated into Lissan while the 1st and 2nd Legions stood on either side of the city.

Luhrmann’s forces stopped at 6 miles away from Lissan and stationed there. Very gradually, one grey tens after another, the endless camps have taken the flat land outside Lissan.

The Prime Minister had planned this operation very carefully. He set strong camps, built dense watch turrets, gave countless orders to evade mistakes.

As for Cohen Kheda, he and his subordinates watched as Luhrmann did his work. All frowned.

To Cohen and his army, destroying such a camp was not difficult if Fischer was not in it. It would be god’s work if anyone intended to end the battle before Fischer was hurt.

With a harsh voice, Cohen canceled the plan to assault at night. He can only hope for tomorrow.

That night, Luhrmann had one army facing Lissan, the other two facing Cohen Kheda’s 1st and 2nd Legion.

None of them has plans to attack first. It was dead silent both in and out of the city.

Somewhere in the rebels’ tent, a conversation was going on between 2 black figures.

“… order from the elder princess: Your first priority is to prolong this rebellion within Swabia. Do as much damage as you can should you see any signs of peace…”

“Consider it done.”

All men have spent a sleepless night.

“Sir, we’re unable to detect the king’s location. The enemy has very close surveillance work.” By dawn, commander of the reconnaissance regiment under general staff’s direct order came to report, “However, we have his approximate location. The king is kept with Luhrmann, along with roughly 300 troops with very casual outfits.”

Cohen was toying his ring, but he made no comments.

“Considering that intel and intel from DC, these 300 could be knights from the Light Temple.” Marfa took over the report, “They were the ones that infiltrated the capital palace on day zero of the rebellion.

Carlos asked vaguely, “Sir, what’s our strategy today.”

“Very complicated.” Cohen inhaled, “We’ll have to act accordingly. See what bastard Luhrmann wants.”

All sub-commanders gazed at each other.

“Cohen, a moment.” Visual Kheda showed himself at the door, waiving a letter in his hand, “Luhrmann sent his envoy.”

Cohen Kheda’s body bounced right up to the door.

“This letter, what does this scum want?” Cohen gazed back at his father confusedly.

“We’ll need to deduct that.” Visual lowered his voice, “What’s important is we need to reply to him quickly.”

“Go get ready.” Cohen turned to his sub-commanders, “Show some spirit!”

“Yes, sir.”

“I think he’s being funny by even offering these 2 choices. We’re like fire and water. It won’t work.” Cohen cursed, “What’s wrong with his fucking brain?”

“He’s not.” Visual sighed, “He has the king. We have to choose one.”

“How can we? What about Fisher?”

“Listen to me Cohen, since the moment the minister took our king, he’s regained the initiative of the war.” Visual Kheda put a hand on his son’s shoulder, “We’re lucky we still can choose, at least now we know he’s alive.”

“That is to say, if we choose one, Fischer’s gonna be Luhrmann’s hostage forever?”

“I’m afraid so.” Visual turned to his son, “Take the offer. As long as the king is alive, we have hope.”

“Damn it!” Cohen threw his fist on the door frame, cracking the wood.

“Prepare yourself.” Visual Kheda said softly, “I’m going to write him a reply. No matter what, we shall meet His Majesty first.”

Despite all the power he had but no target to punch, Cohen Kheda puked a huge amount of profanities and sullenly slid down along the door frame.

At daybreak, Luhrmann’s army aligned information in front of the camp. In the meantime, his soldiers sounded the war drum, echoed the horns.

Thick, low clouds shaded the sun, so low like inches away from people’s heads. The not-so-chill wind it brought over tortured everyone.

Though today’s war was technically a negotiation, the minister prepared well because he knew Cohen Kheda and his army’s fearsome reputation.

Therefore, Luhrmann’s men have brought all the toys: siege vehicles, arrow shields, structure ladders, siege towers. Among which, one enormous siege tower was exceptionally eye-tracking.

Cohen had early planned only a small portion of his army fending the top of the wall. All the elite forces were waiting for orders behind the gate of the city. Along the city’s wall were elf marksmen and warlocks. The elves were prepped to release magic at any time.

Now Luhrmann’s army was advancing slowly and approaching within range of the archers.

“Sir, the enemy’s in range.” Cohen’s duty officer said.

“Stay put. Wait for my order.” Cohen said in his undertone.

“Yes, sir.”

At this moment, Visual Kheda led all civil officers onto the wall. He also brought Bernie Ebbinghaus who wore a man’s outfit. The last was Dean Lorenzo as he nodded to greet each and everyone except for Cohen Kheda.

Horns down the wall echoed before the minister’s troops halted. Soldiers presented the enormous siege tower and stopped it at an advanced position.

The minister wore a set of new robes. He was preparing to speak before his warlocks readied the sound-amplifying spell.

“Viceroy Visual Kheda, how have you been?” Here came the voice of Luhrmann.

Cohen’s elf warlocks made quick preparation as well for Viceroy Visual Kheda.

“Just ok.” Visual replied, “Same old, same old. Good to hear from you.”

“Oh, me? It’s my duty. I have to think about everyone in the empire.” Luhrmann made a dry smile, “Why, today is just a friend’s reunion, why are we bringing swords and arrows?”

“I thought you liked to do the caring. As for the blades and soldiers…” Visual stroke his head, “Luhrmann my old friend, do you have to bring 200, 000 men just to do a reunion?”

“My bad, my bad… haha.” Luhrmann’s dry smile suddenly turned into laughter, “I didn’t bring these men, don’t need that much protection. These are the king’s guards, and here’s the king.”

“The king?”

“Precisely, the king of Swabia, King Fischer Summers!”

“Are you making jokes?” Visual Kheda said calmly, “There are no king’s banners nor king’s insignia, you’re telling me the king is with you?”

“Your power of observation serves you well.” said the minister, “Don’t blame you, you know the king likes it discreet.”

“What’s the king doing with you??”

“A king likes to visit his old servants. And he felt bored living in DC for a few days, therefore he would like to take a walk or maybe issue a decree. Now presenting His Royal Majesty!” Luhrmann stroked his beard.

A dozen trumpet began playing royal rhythm before Fischer Summers, who wore white, royal ceremonial robe, exited his carriage and went onto the red carpet that led to the giant siege tower.

Every few steps on both sides of the red carpet stood a pair of emotionlessly knights of the light temple. They had vigilante eyes, but the soldiers behind them were not so alert. They knew with King Fischer on their side, the Khedas would never choose to war.

At this very moment, people on Lissan City’s wall had completely different feelings.

(The king, that’s the king over there.)

Though he was still far away, not so easy to see clearly, there was no copy of the king’s elegant movement.

From the Kheda father and son to senior officers, Princess Bernie Ebbinghaus, even guarding troops who only saw Fischer a few times have all recognized the king, the unique King Fischer Summers.

To senior officers and civil servants, Climos Summers was the one they swore their loyalty to. And now because of Luhrmann’s rebellious act, Fischer has become their king. They were absolutely concerned because they were wondering what if the king ordered them to surrender, what should they do?

But it was much easier for plain soldiers.

Most of them came from the Protoss United Forces of the last P/A War. Afterward, a great number of young men of the 36 Clans joined Cohen Kheda’s army. These people had neither the definition of His Majesty nor the king. The only thing they knew is Commander Cohen.

If Commander Cohen ordered them to march west, they wouldn’t go otherwise. If Commander Cohen called the horse chick, they will think it’s chicken.

Since a long time ago, Fischer Summers has taken a special position in the plain soldier’s heart: he was a friend, brother, the higher commander of Commander Cohen, but he was not Commander Cohen.

Luhrmann did not assume the Prime Minister position and learned nothing. He knew once he had Fischer, the Khedas were going to panic; he also knew once Fischer showed himself, his enemy’s military and political system were going to show problems. The reason lied in the fact that within this family, the civil servants were close to the king while the army was closer to Cohen Kheda. As these 2 cliques have co-existed for so long was entirely because of Fischer and Cohen Kheda’s close, private relationship.

If he were to let Fischer talk about his offers, the people on Lissan City’s wall might quickly fall into arguments.

At this moment, Fischer went onto the top of the siege tower.

The minister turned to his king. He curtsied and smiled, “My king, apologies for letting you climb this high.”

“It’s ok.” Fischer replied calmly, “Do you believe Cohen would say yes?”

“Then, by all means, convince him.” The minister showed his sympathy, “He is your best friend. Please, my king, reason with him, use your words, move him. They’ll get the idea.”

“I’ll try.” Fischer nodded, “It’s a hard thing to convince Cohen to not attack.”

“Hahaha, you’re making jokes, Your Majesty. Cohen Kheda is not a fool. He knows what it means if he attacks me.” Luhrmann said carelessly, “I’ll be waiting for your good news down there.”

Fischer went forward to the front of the platform on top of the siege tower, one hand on the handrail, both eyes looked at the top of Lissan City’s wall.

Cohen Kheda, in his black armor, was immediately spotted by Fischer.

It was silent both up and down the city wall. Tens of thousands of people from both parties kept their breath, waiting for King Fischer to speak.

Fischer took a deep breath, he spoke.

“Viceroy… Cohen, it’s been a while. Is everything all right with everybody?”

“My king, all good. Everyone’s fine.”

“I see.” Fischer felt his power of speech has grown weaker, he couldn’t even find a proper word to say at this moment, “I feel utterly sorry for your concern.”

“No, it was because of my negligence. Please do not blame yourself, my king.”

“Okay, let’s forget it.” Fischer nodded, “It occurred to me those noble ladies who you invited to attend the dancing party are still in Dark City, please send them back for me. The Prime Minister has arranged a bigger masquerade for me in the capital. He said that it would be a real Royal Ball.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. I’ll send them back immediately after this.” Cohen almost bit through his lips.

Luhrmann was at half the height of the siege tower, he sneered.

“Huhhe, Cohen, remember the first time we met?” Fischer discreetly stroked his collar.

“I sure do.” Cohen nodded, “Much like this time, it was because of  scum Luhrmann.”

“No, I’m not talking about the minister.” Fischer made a wave of his hand, “I meant the talk between you and me on that carriage.”

“I do remember that moment.”

“We were still young boys by then.” Fischer’s tone suddenly turned extremely gentle, “But you and I, the two of us can actually draw such a pretty future. On that broken carriage without a roof, we’ve planned so much and have vowed to finish everything together.”

“I remember…” Cohen’s fists clenched.

Luhrmann, on the other hand, slammed a fist onto his other palm. He realized it was that time these 2 bastards hooked up.

And the days we were out touring.” As Fischer talked, Cohen Kheda recalled every beautiful thing that happened in the past, “We’ve done so many fun things and you’ve given me so much happiness. My days as a young man were not alone. Thank you, truly, my friend.”

“But now, Cohen Kheda, how I wish we could fulfill our future together. Reality does not allow us.” Said Fischer, “Look at now, I can’t share your dream and you can’t share mine…”

“I understand…” Cohen diverted his eyes from Fischer’s, “I don’t blame you.”

“No matter what, I want to ask of you: before today, were we the best friends?”

“We are. No matter what has happened, we are forever!”

“Cohen, forever is a luxury thing to come by. I’m content to be your friend for this long. You, as well as everyone, your friendship is my lifelong treasure.” Fischer also diverted his vision elsewhere, “But since today, since this moment, I am a king and you are a viceroy. We are no longer friends.”

“…” A meaningless groan came out of Cohen.

“Viceroy Cohen,” Fischer turned calm once again, “Our Prime Minister has 2 proposals drawn to today’s situation, I trust you’ve read them.”

“I did.” Cohen forced 2 words out of his gutter.

“Good. And frankly, I don’t feel ok knowing that I’d be giving you this order as a king.” Fischer nodded, stroked his collar a second time, “Although it’s going to be hard for you, it’s for yours and your family’s and your people’s welfare. I’ve given it a fair amount of thought. It’s the only best way. I hope you can take it.”

“Please, Your Majesty.” Cohen was on the edge of losing control, “I will obey my king’s command.”

A smile of victory took shape on Luhrmann’s face.

“Before I tell you, I need your word that you’ll carry it out. Promise me.”

“I promise, I guarantee!” Cohen bellowed, “JUST TELL ME!”

“What’s that attitude of yours?” Fischer sulked, “I am your king. Can’t you be happy about my orders? Come on!”

“I… Yes, I’ll be happy.” Several expressions flashed over Cohen’s face but none of them was even remotely related to happiness.

“Alright, everyone, listen up…” Fischer’s face turned serious, “Everyone both on and down the wall is a witness!”

Now, this was the moment Luhrmann and his army were waiting for.

“I, Fischer Summers, in the name of the 16th King of Swabia Empire now pass on this order to the House of Kheda.” Fischer held his head, “Viceroy Cohen Kheda of Dark City, from this moment forward, you are to succeed and be the 17th King of Swabia!”

The magic amplifier worked exceptionally well. Fischer’s decree passed into everybody’s ears loudly and clearly. It was like a bolt of thunder that struck everybody’s brain. All were stunned!

Cohen Kheda’s eyes were wide open. Now he completely comprehended Fischer’s intention. An unhuman cry of lament came out of him.


“Cohen Kheda, you must eradicate all rebels led by Luhrmann within the empire!” Fischer kicked away the first enemy soldier that came running to him. He took his last moment to yell, “Swear that you’ll recover Swabia from all evil and avenge my family with the blood of our foes!”

Cohen’s body leaped forward. He intended to jump off the wall and go for Fischer! He nearly succeeded before Malphite and a few guards took him firmly.

Luhrmann also awakened from deep astonishment. He yelled like a crazy person, “Stop him!”

Visual Kheda was at the highest point of the city. His heart has gone cold knowing that he’s failed to preserve the last bloodline of the Summers family.

Carlos, Cohen Kheda’s Chief of Staff was one of the quickest to react among the officers. He immediately yelled, “Send my order! Both wings assault! Open gate! Mid wing, strike!”

Several red messenger magic balls quickly took off into the sky.

It was an uproar within the minister’s army. No one anticipated Fischer’s final decision. No one knew why Fischer Summers said that.

However, among them, one man fetched a folding bow and a sharpened arrow. His target: Fischer on the top platform!

“Take him down!” Just as Luhrmann shouted, a black trail shot from Luhrmann’s army. Like in slow motion, this black path traveled and finally landed on Fischer’s left chest!

The ones near Fischer were stunned, everyone who saw this was stunned!

Red stain began taking shape on Fischer’s white robe. It instantly crawled to his entire left chest. Fischer showed a self-mocking smile. One of his hands grabbed the arrow. He made an effort to turn to his friend.

“No, no no!” Cohen violently shook his head, “It can’t be…”

An order was shouted out, countless arrows fired with the marksmen’s fury to their enemies.

Lissan’s drawbridge was let loose and smashed to the ground across the moat, making an earth-shattering roar. The riders hid in the city by Cohen Kheda marched across!

Fischer, with a pale face, intended to say more. However, the once red lips with vigor have lost their liveliness.

Although it was a chaotic battlefield down there, he heard nothing, saw nothing. Only flashes of old pictures passed through his memories.


“I know you. You are Cohen Kheda.”

On the beautiful grassland, he rode a horse, reached out a friendly handshake to his future best brother.

“You know me? What do you want, Mr. Nobleman? Wanna beat me up?”

His best brother lied on an open carriage, half dead.

“A man cannot live without a dream because dreams are our goals of life. For the sake of your life’s integrity, I decided to give you half of my dream.”

In the garden, he told Cohen as he grabbed firmly on Cohen’s shoulders.

“Can you share dreams?”

Cohen asked a silly question.

“How can you not, you silly ass.”

It was in that very garden, he’s settled a date with him to travel with their wives.


“Apologies, Cohen, I can’t be there with you. But I… I don’t want to go. I want to be with you all…” Fischer said though no one could hear him anymore. But he was trying his last effort to make one more step to his precious friends, one more step.

“Cohen, I believe you… you can finish it for me… can you?” Irresistible darkness swept Fischer, making his body soft and weak. Fischer shook twice and finally fell. Slowly, his once glowing eyes shut close. But a hint of a smile froze on his face.

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