Vol. 13: Chapter 07: A Viceroy Comes Home

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

“What’s missing here, vampiric touch, my machete, ring, necklace, and assorted powders from Amart… I’m all set.”

I hid my valuables and looked through the window. There was still some time until dawn. Midnight was exceptionally quiet in this city. However, I was a man who liked to make some noise so I decided to take a walk outside.

The previous viceroy who owned this place was no doubt a villain, but he sure knew how to enjoy life. The garden behind the mansion had exquisite decor and short evergreens on both sides of a pathway, which I adored. I could see more plants further away.

While the valuable time was certainly rare to come by, my brain spun quickly.

Now that the talk with my alliances resulted positively, my army will have enough supply to fund the war. If I could initiate the attack on the new year, the war would finish before the end of spring next year.

At first, my heart still hung for Fischer’s reaction to my father’s plan which intended to find him a queen. However, from the words in the letters, my old man wrote to me, the relationship between my king and the princess I abducted have developed smoothly. The letters told me that rare, but a real smile began to show on Fischer’s face.

That was fantastic.

I cared more about Fischer rather than the war at hand. Once the war was over, I intended to ask my father to arrange the marriage ceremony for Fischer. Though the lady was a princess from another empire, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Finally, this friend of mine found his other half. Before he never stopped being jealous every time I mentioned women to him. Hell, I can’t blame him because I had 4 wives.

“Sir, the fleet was ready to leave.” Carlos voice echoed behind me.

“Very well, thank you.” I said gently, “Were you up all night?”

“Last night was a rare case. But it’s fine.” Carlos came here and stood with me side by side, “I’m at my best age.”

“Sorry I can’t take you with me to Dark City.”

“Don’t take our jokes seriously.” Carlos replied, “Boss, have you discovered you’ve changed recently.”

“Have I? I haven’t.”

“You had less anger and more calmness. You’ve matured.” Carlos nodded, “I suppose the age of 18 is a magical year.”

“Nonsense.” I was amused, “I am just plain 18, magic-free.”

“But what I said was true.” Carlos put away the smiling face, said seriously, “As your staff officer, I’d like to know your opinion on the war. What is your long-term plan?”

I intend to indulge his eagerness so I squatted on the spot, hinted Carlos to do the same, found a few pebbles.

“These are the provinces actually in Luhrmann’s hands; these are the 4 provinces in our hands.” I said, “No matter what we do, there’s no way this war will end before the new year.”

“True, judging by the intelligence we have, Luhrmann has his plans too.” Carlos nodded, “The rebels outnumber us on both men and supply. Neither of them will be ready even after the new year.”

“Exactly, and our frontline bases projects are gonna be ready by the new year. Once the rebels know, they won’t do nothing about it. That is why they’re gonna stay in front of our bases.” I drew a line with a stone, “Therefore, the back of Divine City must be a weak spot of the rebel’s defense.”

“Boss, could you mean?”

I eyed Carlos, “I don’t think our guests who just left will be completely loyal to us, so our location of the frontline bases will leak. What would you think Luhrmann is gonna do?”

“They’ll attack ahead of schedule?” Carlos touched the top of his head, “But if they do that, they’ll be short on supplies, therefore they had to take the goods from our base to feed their army. By then we can terminate them. Okay, if that were the case, they wouldn’t stand a chance against us.”

“Precisely. I think the Luhrmann bastard will let us attack first. He let us go first, then hold us down with a massive amount of troops.” I looked at Carlos, “Afterwards, they’re gonna pin us down with elite forces behind us. They might even make detours from other empires to attack Dark City and Darkmoon.”

“He…” Carlos paused for a second, “He’s capable of pulling that off?”

“With the cardinals’ support, he is.” I shook my hands off the dirt, “This is the last fight for him, as well as for us.”

“So, boss, I see that you’re very confident?”

I grinned.

“Tell me.”

“If he plans to catch our tail, can’t we do the same?” I drew a second line.

Carlos watched the line, asked a while later, “You mean you plan to go from the ocean?”

“Our navy forces have been idling for quite a while. Since the last war, we’ve acquired enough ships to carry 20, 000 soldiers at a time.” I stood up, removed drawing on the ground, “If Wilder led these 20, 000, how far do you think he’s gonna go?”

“I agree. So here lies our basic strategy.” Carlos stood up, “A detailed plan will be sent to you asap.”

“Thank you for that.” I laughed, “As a little appreciation, I’ll throw a ball for you when this is over.”

“Looking forward to it.” Carlos made a ‘please’ gesture, “You should be on your way, sir. The ladies mustn’t wait.”

“I’ll be back within 15 days, top.” After a few steps, I turned back to Carlos, “When I’m back, ready the attack.”

“Looks like you don’t want this New Year to be over peacefully, sir.” Carlos saluted me, “Rest assured.
I put on my helmet and exited the mansion gate. By the opening stood my close guards. In a distance waited a battalion of IGTs guarding a dozen swift carriage.

“Sir, we’re prepped for departure. Four more IGT battalions are waiting to converge with us out of the city.” Malphite came to me and said, “Sir, may I bring you your horse or vehicle?”

“A major rides a horse.” I shielded my face, “Tell our boys, look after the ladies. We’ll have a huge headache if they even lose hair.”


“Move out!”

I love galloping on a horseback, but the fleet I was leading has been testing my temper for 2 days. With the ladies, the speed was extremely slow yet I had to meet every one of their conditions. It killed me. The good thing was that I was on my own territory so I took a battalion and left early, leaving the ladies with the rest of the troops guarding them.

Then I went straight back to Dark City.

Was it because of the unambiguous outfit that made people recognize me after entering Dark City’s gate? Though I was kept at the center of the guards, a crowd of children rooted me in the middle of the street a while later. It was afternoon and clan kids were on their way to school.

Fortunately, City Hall’s supervising officer, my wife, Karey Rohna has been keeping herself busy establishing Dark City’s police station. A team of policing soldiers with brand new uniforms saved me.

Technically, as the viceroy of a province, I was supposed to feel the warmth and homeness of this place, on the contrary, it had a certain danger to it. Therefore, the first thing I said after stepping into my home was, “Where is the old bastard!?”

“Er… sir!” The soldier who  took my words was clearly a newcomer, “I…”

“Away you greenhorn!” The captain on duty shoved the rookie off then whispered to me, “Sir, Principal Lorenzo will be in the academy all day today.”

“Speaking of the academy, how’s the construction going now?” I walked and asked.

“Nearly half now. Too many people came to help so we built tons of temporary tents.” The captain answered, “Master Lorenzo spent his whole day till midnight on a daily basis now.”

(I admit Lorenzo does put his heart into the academy.)

Then my eyes caught a eunuch leader passing by. I quickly summoned him over. He informed me that my wives were in the front meeting building, my father is in the rear meeting building, and the king is in the garden.

So where should I visit first? A tough decision. I’ve finally decided to do this in order.

“Your Excellency, er… your mother is here… along with a…”

“Noted.” My heart churned, knowing this was going to be a major crisis for me, “Now get lost.”

(Dior Merlin is in the city!)

On the stairs to the front meeting building, each step grew heavier as I progressed. When I set off for war last time, I’ve talked to Flynn about Dior Merlin. My wives grudgingly accepted at that time. I remembered wise words like ‘men can never guess a woman’s heart’. Were they getting along well, only God knew.

Before today, there was a reason that my 3 wives got along quite well. Flynn, Carey, Winslet and I were childhood playmates. We’ve known each other for a long time. Flynn and Carey understood how I felt about Winslet. So naturally, the sisters accepted her.

But Dior came last. Can they forgive Dior Merlin after she cut in halfway?”

If they failed to be friends, eventually I will be one who would suffer.

How can I make them befriend each other? What if the 4 girls really hit it off and went on the same track and united against me? Again, I will be the only one to suffer.

(Gosh, why am I marrying 4 wives? What a headache?)

Eventually, I’ve made up my mind to not fail them and fix the problem once and for all.

I was almost on the top floor. I removed the helm and lightened the steps.

Then I halted the maidens by the door before they announced my arrival. I quietly approached the door.

My 3 wives were sitting by the window dealing paperwork by their separate desks.

The girls had their hair plated by the same hairpin behind their neck. On the pin fixed a piece of hair I collected from the wings of the Protoss elder princess. I could not tell Carey from Flynn even from this distance.

“Humph, clan gentry did it again! Three guys were taken by police this time!” I recognized the one on the left was Carey’s voice.

In the middle sat Flynn, she asked “Why?”

“What else could it be.” Replied Carey, “Each of them claimed their clan women to be the prettiest, which led to arguments, which led to a group fistfight.”

“I had a reverent complaint here.” Winslet said, “Most clan gentry are applying to end their academy life early, said Master Lorenzo is giving them a crazy time.”

“Carey, easy on your punishment. They’ve merely settled down, give them more time before they cry for help at Cohen.” Flynn quickly made a decision after a brief thought, “Winslet, don’t back down on your end. If they can’t learn what we need them to know, they’ll bring more trouble than benefits for our husband.”

“Okay.” Replied Winslet, “Speaking of him, where is our love?”

“It’s still too soon. He’s traveling with a group of girls. You know he always indulges girls.”

I leaned myself on the door frame as I eavesdropped on my wives guessing what I would do traveling here as I enjoyed the view of the girls’ skinny backs.

So this was their daily, verbose job while I was gone. No matter if it was a City Hall’s supervisor’s duty or the obligation of viceroy’s wife. They did it wholeheartedly because of their love for me.

Well, if they were to throw a tantrum at me or do mischievous things, what of it? Because I had the same love for them.

Love and be loved were the 2 luxurious things in my previous life and I actually got my hands on now. It was enough for me.

“Sis, I’m done.” Carey collected her paperwork then stretched, “How about you two?”

“I still have a few, a moment.” Flynn answered, “I’m seeing Dior at mother’s then visit His Majesty.”

“Why every time Dior first?” Carey was not very content with Flynn’s decision.

“Dior is Cohen’s fiancée but she can’t yet join the City Hall with us before she marries him, so I reckon she might get bored. The earlier we befriend with her, the less worry Cohen has. By the way, Fischer is certainly having a great time with Princess Bernie.” Replied Winslet.

She also finished her part of the job and stood up, turned, saw me smiling by the door. She exclaimed beneath her breath, “Cohen?”

“Cohen?” Carey turned to the door, half-believed, then she also cheered, “You’re back for real!”

“Absolutely, surprise!” I approached with a big smile.

“Nope!” After the short pleasant surprise, she bulged her eyes, “Eavesdropping again!”

“Not quite, arrived just in time.” I took Carey’s hands, “I can’t interrupt while my girls were attending their jobs, isn’t that right, Flynn?”

“Don’t make excuses for your petty act!” Flynn stood up, a hint of blush added to her smile, “My work is done too.”

“Let’s go visit mother, together?” I proposed.

“Nah.” Unexpectedly, Flynn refused, “You visit mother, and we are going to father’s for today’s public affairs.”

“Er, why?”

Then I quickly came to understand, “Well, then so be it. We shall meet at Fischer’s place later on.”

“Very well, have it your way.” They left. Carey and Winslet offered their smile before leaving.

Flynn meant to let me see Dior alone. Therefore I descended the building.

My wife was actually thinking for Dior now. This was not good. I could even foresee how they allied against me.

I knew from the start that Flynn was a natural leader. The feeling came ever stronger today. She liked to take control of everything she knew. I could even say she loved power more than I did.

Whereas Carey and Winslet had no pursuit for power so Flynn could take charge of things. If Dior joined her party….

I sincerely hoped this Wives United Force wasn’t any more difficult than the Asmodian United Forces.

My mother, ugh, my mother was another tough one. All these years I was out there fighting wars. I seldomly sent anything to my mother. And now she’s got a big one, a daughter-in-law. She must have thought her authority as the viceroy’s mother was underestimated. Certainly, my contribution to this empire cannot account for my wrongdoings before this female.

(I might be tortured to death.)

“My great great great great lord mother…” I tossed my helm aside, shamelessly entered her chamber, “I’m back.”

“Quite.” The woman in the room was not giving me a good face, “Come and sit!”

“Yes, mother.” I hurried to sit, put on a flattering face, both hands crossed on my laps like a pet.

“You’re home now.” She calmly asked.

“Indeed, yes, mother, I’m home.”

“You finally remembered to come home?” She smiled.

“Mother… I’ve been a good boy…” I had a bad feeling.

But she simply ignored my obedience. Her face suddenly turned hostile. Her fingers caught my ear and she started shouting, “What is this about?”

“Well… mother.” I replied carefully, “I have great news from the frontline. We’ve been winning all along…”

Almost immediately, my precious, proud, smart and chic head received a quick knock while I had to keep smiling. Sadly my talking tricks never worked in front of my mother.

“Talk the war with the king, IA to your father. They must like it.” Now my mother’s finger began nipping my nose, “I AM ASKING YOU, about your fiancée, Dior Merlin! How could you have left such an incredible girl in a godforsaken place in Wimper, FOR 2 YEARS!”

“Mother, please!” I cried, “I’m wrong!”

“When are you going to marry her?” Her fingers were still on my nose and twisting, “Where will the marriage ceremony be? How many guests?”

In order to save my nose, I compromised, “Mother, you call the shots! You’re the boss!”

“Humph, smart boy.” She let go of my nose, acted, “Since you pleaded, and for the sake of Dior, I shall arrange this marriage for you.”

(It’s your plan from the start!)

“Dior, Cohen is here. Come over here!” My mother said to the inner chamber.

“Yes, mother.” A gentle voice came. She showed herself. The girl wore a casual dress, a hint of smile and blush were on her face. Her red hair rested casually on her back. How pretty.

Wait a second.

If she was there all this time, she must’ve heard everything when my mother almost killed me??!

My brain lost its ability to think further.

“What are you smirking at?” My mother saw that I didn’t make a sound for quite a while, she scolded, “Cohen, walk with your fiancée!”

”Ye… yes, mother.” I supplicated, “But before that, mother, can this worn-out general have a drink? I was thirsty and hungry and came back from war. Ugh, how stiff is my body.”

I emptied a glass of water and exhaled.

“Mother, am I not your son? Why did you have to torture me?” I used one arm to support my head, asked.

“I’m your mother. It means I can’t and don’t want to care about wars or the empire. A mother’s responsibility to her son lies in the marriage. It’s a family tradition.”

“Responsibility…” I passed the glass to Dior, “Please, one more water, love.”

Dior, how did she win over my mother? What a scary girl.

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