Vol. 12: Chapter 07: Mutation of Soul

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

I found Kirk across the hall, telling him that I won’t be taking audience tonight and entrusted him departing the guests.

Therefore I returned my chamber where Lucy awaited. I could see that she came straight to my room because she still had her evening dress on. Accustomed to her style, I was not surprised that she shielded every inch of her skin from under the neck, even the naked shoulders were covered with a skillfully-knitted scarf. She rose to welcome my entering.

“Make yourself at home. I’m parched and toasted.” I emptied a cup of water, “You need one?”

“Thank you, but no, thanks. Unlike you, I’m quite used to social drinking.”

I seated myself to face her, joked, “It’s been a while, gorgeous boss lady.”

Lucy lowered her eyelids, “Quit making fun of me. I’ll have to ask your forgiveness from last time.”

“You have to excuse Amart.” Said I, “I ordered him to keep my secret identity under the table, even to you.”

“Lucy will never blame him. He is like a little brother to me.” She said quickly, “Apart from that, I would not partake you men’s business.”

“Why did all those guests push you forward to me earlier at the party?”

“They wanted me to spy for them. As a matter of fact, all of them gathered a considerable amount of money for me to stay as close to you as possible and satisfy your needs in every possible way, in order to get useful information out of you.” Lucy gazed at my eyes.

“And you said yes?”

“Yes, Young Lord, I said yes.” Lucy blushed, “I knew I can’t achieve that because I recognized your face earlier, and their money offering was quite tempting.”

“I guess you’ve come to know I need money now.”

“That is common knowledge in Winper City.” Answered Lucy, “I assume the money problem was overcome since Your Lordship is so wise.”

“You assumed correctly.” I stood up and approached the window.

“Young Lord.”

I turned away from the window, “You are quite clever, too not dumb to not guess the real identity of my friend.”

She nodded honestly.

“Do you know what is next?”

“I do. His Majesty’s secret is safe with me.” She lowered her head.

“Ease yourself. This place is closely guarded and protected by a magic shield. No one will know our conversation.” I leaned by the windowsill, “Where are they, the girls who I spent the night with?”

“They’re still with me.” She answered but a hint of a concern slipped from her eyes, “The elder two are minding my hotel business, and the younger two are kept close with me. I’ve taught them essential etiquette, nothing more.”

I pondered.

“Young Lord,” She suddenly closed the gap between us and gazed at me with a pair of brave eyes, “they… they are poor girls with harsh lives of frustration and hardship. But they are really good girls, please, my lord…”

“Therefore, what do you want? I wasn’t intending to do anything to them yet.” I was surprised that Lucy’s sudden change of attitude because her expression started to beg me.

“Let them go, my lord.”

She might have thought that I was being perfunctory, nevertheless, eyes welled, Lucy bit her lip, “If you let them go, I can spend the night with you.

(Wait, what? So that being said you were not willing to spend the night with me at first?)

“Put your heart back to your stomachs, Lucy. I mean it.” I wiped away her tears, “You got my interest there. What, so you don’t want to sleep with me?”

“Forgive me, my lord. I know I am too small to do anything against you. In fact, I can never achieve that considering your brilliant head and skills.” Lucy refused to look at me in the eyes, “I wish your lordship could listen to my humble words. My heart and soul will always be loyal to you, but I wish from you nothing more but to abandon the idea of getting hold of my body.”

I froze at the end of Lucy’s statement, even forgot to retrieve the hand holding the handkerchief.

Before meeting me, Lucy’s brothel was on the edge of losing business; however, she managed to stay innocent, she’d rather undergo life-threatening incidence than selling her physical body. I thought that was weird considering the situation. After she met me and acknowledged who I was, like tonight, she should be willing to offer herself to me. Why did she not?

What intrigued me more was that I didn’t grow anger from her refusal, not even a bit. It confused me.

“Tell you, Lucy, you’re the first individual, a lady, who requested me to abandon something after I was titled a nobleman.” My thumb and forefinger gently stroke Lucy’s neck and chin.

She was as surprised as me.

“You turned me down, a viceroy and a Knight of Protoss. I’m supposed to slap you furiously, rip all your clothing off and tossed you onto the bed.” I shook my head, baffled, “But this young lord is not angry at all.”

At this very moment, she smiled.

“What was that?”

“Apology, Young Lord.” Said she, “The way you shook your head earlier resembled an innocent kid.”

“A kid?”

“Forgive me, my lord. Yes, a kid.” She was again on the edge of smiling, “Like a kid under 10 years old. Anyone would smile at that kind of sweet baby’s face.”

I was completely dumbfounded because this was such a face-flapping moment for me. 

Sweet baby’s face, she said? Could a sweet baby annihilate the mighty AUF army?

“What about now?” Both of my hands rubbed, squeezed and twitched to adjust my facial skin, then made a scary face and asked, “Is it better?”

“Fearsome.” Lucy took a step back, “Young Lord.”

I surprised the anxiety, exhaled, cursed then sat by the table.

“Lucy, are you in love with someone?” I tried to calm and said, “If that is the case, I might actually help you.”

“Young Lord, I don’t have anyone in my heart yet.”

“Then why did you turned me down? Could it be you’ve vowed to never get married?”

“No, but every lady has her secret, doesn’t she?”

I knowingly nodded and grew interested in Lucy’s born.

“Okay, you’ve earned my respect tonight.” I took one of her hand, “I value your decision and I promise you, if one day you fall for a man by any chance, tell me, I will get him for you.”

“I should thank you in advance, my lord. With your help, a good husband is within reach.”

Oddly enough, Lucy took my advice. Then she asked, “What about my girls you mentioned?”

“Are they in the city?”

“I sent wagoner for them, they should be here soon.”

“Is that so?” I nodded.

By the door, I summoned Malphite and told him my next plan, then I returned for Lucy.

“I’m sending Raven’s girls to be maidservants. As for mine, let them stay here.”

“Thank you, my lord.”

“And in return, I have a job of utter importance for you.” I lowered my voice.

“A job?”

“A dozen days later, Amart will deliver approximately 20 or more ladies here.” I leaned close to Lucy, whispered, “They are noble pampered girls. I need you to discipline them, for me.”

“Pampered ladies? I…” Lucy gazed at me in astonishment.

“Noble ladies or even royal-born.” I shrugged, “Tell you, one of them will be our future queen for King Fischer Summers. The warring state does not allow them to come willingly. Here comes my special skill implemented to bring all to Dark City at the same time. In fact, they might be reluctant to stay at first. Your job is to make them stay happily and willingly for the king.”

Her eyes widened, and it took Lucy quite a while to understand the mission. 

“I see. I think I can make it happen.”

“Good, you’ll sleep next door tonight and tomorrow, pretend that I took your virginity tomorrow.”

She blushed within a second.

After further chattering and storytelling, Lucy told me her wagoner was back by the end of the party. By the time Lucy was away to fetch my girls, Kirk arrived at my chamber.

“Sir, we’re ready.”

“Any news on other troops?”

“No problem. I got reports from them all.” Replied Kirk, “All as scheduled, no fuss.”

“Good, you’re dismissed.”

Kirk’s excuse and Lucy’s arrival happened at the same time, along with 4 veiled girls.

“Lord Viceroy.” The four of them unveiled and curtsied.

“Rise.” I approached and eyed them four, “Hmm, you hot and pretty belong to my friend; you sweet and innocent is mine.”

One by one, I ID-ed each of them, and one by one, they acknowledged and curtsied again. Lucy didn’t lie, these girls did well in manner. I was also pretty proud of my memory.

“It’s getting late. Lord Viceroy should rest.” Said Lucy, “You two, stay with his lordship; you two with me.”

“My Lord.”

“Off you go.”

Once they left, I quickly fell into deep thought by the door. What happened today was extra odd. Apart from not getting angry after being turned down, I unknowingly showed a ‘sweet baby’s face’. What a shame.

Then I remembered there were 2 girls in the chamber. They were currently staring at me, but both of them dodged my eyes on contact.

“Sorry for ignoring you. I was a little carried away.” I stepped closer.

“We dare not take your apology, my lord.” The hotter one said, “Serving you is our nature.”

“You’ll be my maidservants from tonight. Call me ‘Young Lord’.” I held her chin while rubbing between a side of her neck and throat with my little finger, “Do you understand me?”

I did not pay attention to how she responded, but I did notice my action: the rubbing was my trademark move when flirting with a female when I was still on earth. However, now I felt the motion extremely out of practice.

For a moment, strange dizziness struck me, it made my brain spin and the time seemed to have stopped.

Odd! Although it was only a split of a second, that feeling was real.

“Undress me.” With much confusion, I did not stop flirting with the smoking hot body, yet I kept talking to the innocent one, “And you undress yourself.”

“Your name is?”

“Mama Lucy said we must forget our past so she gave us new names. I am Molly.” Said the hotter girl.

“What about you?”

“Young lord, my name is Kaylee.” The latter girl was half-dressed, her forearm over the breasts.

“You both sound like flower name to me and resemble the name of my other maidservant. Her name is Lily. When I bring you two back to my mansion, she’ll be your supervisor.”

“Yes, young lord, she is our supervisor.” Molly said with a shy smile.

This is the point where I couldn’t resist the temptation and dragged her whole body into my arms, lips nipped her earlobes, “Babe, be good, awaken my wildness with your sexy body. Make me an impulse man.”

“Young… lord…” Molly’s fingertip skated through my chest skin, taking away my inner-vest. Her own breath speeded, “If one isn’t enough, Kaylee, come. How to untie this belt?”

My eyes went downward and discovered that tie by the name ‘Wind Bondage’. Some Protoss princess once told me that this tie will take time to familiarize me as its new holder, and it will awaken someday.

Therefore this particular belt has been sleeping for 2 years without even snoring. If it weren’t for its quality and durability, I might actually keep it at the bottom of my wardrobe somewhere.

“Never mind, it’s a belt with character.” I unbelted the artifact and refocused on the two girls.

Kaylee was so shy that she quickly boarded the bed and pulled a blanket.

“Molly, have you packed other things to wear?”

She nodded but I guess she did not get me. Before she could think deeper, I abruptly pushed her onto the bed, two hands ripped open her petticoat, then her upper-wear, innerwear, till every piece of cloth on her body were destroyed. During the time, the out-of-practice kind of feeling never occurred.

“So weird…”

I talked to myself at the same time.


A huge explosion took place in my consciousness. Everything visible started shaking. After I came back to myself, the only thing in my eyes was Molly’s naked body, though the outline was still fuzzy, her blond skin tempted me. A vicious notion that I should afflict this woman overwhelmed me.

“Young lord…. ahhhh!” Without foreplay, Molly was not ready to take me in before I crushed my body onto hers while brutally bit on her nipple.

What happened next was complete one-sided torment. She cried.

For me, my mind was clear and I understand I never intended to do what I was doing. However, I lost control of the primordial impulse.

Clearly, I was greatly satisfied by sexually torturing Molly. The body contact, traction of our skins, her painfully moan all deepened the experience. The tougher, the deeper. As I licked away Molly’s tears, I could even spare a part of my brain to consider tomorrow jobs and marching routes, or how pretty Dior Merlin’s hair was.

How lucky did I send Dior Merlin on her way. If what was happening now happened on my wife who I respected….

As this very thought struck me, a sharp pain struck my brain. It came so quickly, I groaned, one hand instinctively went to find the hurting spot on my brain. My whole body inevitably fell onto Molly’s.

I saw her eyes, it was a pair of pupils of fear, but quickly became bewilderment. Everything was so clear. The expression on her face altered.

(But why, the scene went on so slowly.)

… boss, nothing unusual, the deal is on…

… you’ve done too much, it’s time for your retirement…

… all memories should be shared in response to potential danger…

… mama, why is my hair black…

… you’ll have to call me boss if you want in…

Turmoil in my brain, everything that happened in my previous life and my child life spliced into chunks. And they bounced like debris in the space. I tried so hard to put them together, but I can’t. I was watching another man’s movie.

Frankly speaking, I have come to know everything about this Cohen Kheda, but I knew it, that was it. I’ve been in deep sleep before my incident at Divine City’s holy altar. Before that, all the memories were not mine. I took them in, I was a bystander, but they were not truly mine.

All I knew, I was not a part of the other Cohen Kheda. I could not feel his happiness, bitterness, not even a bit of feeling.

… he sometimes became totally a stranger even I don’t know…

(There was a gap between the child me and the current me. Could it be there are 2 Cohen within this body? Could the two are fighting for control of this body?)

… sister, come! I caught a thief…

Kelly glared her eyes while pointing the giant long sword to me.

Then the scene changed, a grownup Kelly standing at the Viceroy’s mansion gate.

… this lady has her way around a blade!

Kelly, it was Kelly. At the thought of her, I thought of her impossible disposition. And the needlework on the cape she made me. What kind of a girl she was when we were young?

My brain kept on spinning. Pieces of the past about Kelly emerged. Slowly I tasted little Cohen Kheda’s feeling. I was not a bystander, instead, I’ve become a man standing by the child who I once was. The awkwardness, the sweetness, and more helplessness.

My feeling about Kelly stitched together and formed an intact picture.

What a chance. All loose chunks became one. Could all difference from this 2 Cohen Kheda be stitched together?

The acute pain in my head continued. The scenes in my brain progressed and Flynn and Winslet showed. What a marvelous experience. Whenever I successfully put a few things together, the less pain stayed in my head. The rough storm in my head eased.

Slowly, all my memories have found their slots and fitted in.

My storm in my brain stopped.

“Young Lord…” came Molly’s carefully asked, “Are you okay?”

I blinked twice and found the 2 girls were staring at me nervously.

“I…” I tapped my forehead and asked, “How long since I was onto you?”

“Huh?” Molly bit her lip, “A second ago.”

(A second? Crazy! It’s like a year has passed. But they can’t be lying.)

“Sorry, I hurt you.” I noticed Molly’s bruises.

“It… it’s alright.” Molly winced. Kelly was still pale on her face.

“Stay closer.” I half sat and straightened Molly’s body, attached my palm on her forehead.


Elves, fly, in the darkness. Open your noble eyes, I’m calling you, in the name of nature, heal the life in my eyes…


I chanted as the palm attached on Molly’s head heated. A gentle white light overflow from my palm then it enclosed her entire body.

Molly’s bruises gradually healed. After the duration of the enchantment, it was like she was never hurt.

“The pain’s gone, huh? It was my fault. I won’t do that again.

“It’s not your fault, young lord.”

“Gosh, the bitting wound on your chest was terrifying.” Kaylee felt Molly’s skin with her fingers. She could not believe her eyes.

“So many wounds and all healed so fast. I remember even a high-level priest from the temple will take at least 15 minutes to do it.”

“How did you know that? You ever saw one?”

“Yes, I fell from a slope when I was young. It was a special holiday of the holy temple. Therefore my mom took me and seek for help. An elder priest treated me. Every other priest showed great respect for him. I remembered all that.”

(So my mana increased?)

“You two shall rest here.” I let them lie down and pulled a blanket, “I’ll be right back.”

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