Vol. 11: Chapter 10: Rising Warfare

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

The Dark City management exited the dining hall. Even after they have crossed the backyard, Carey’s cheeks were still puffing like a frog at its mate.

“Cohen!” She eventually talked with much anger, “Why were you being that nice to them, those ungrateful men!”

I froze my steps then made a silent exchange of smiles with Flynn.

“Here!” I hinted a table made out of marble which had seen Flynn and I argue about love the other night, “Let’s rest at this point for a moment.”

Though Carey was still filled with fury, Winslet gently pulled her there and seated her on the stool.

“Tell me, the ‘Carey way’ must be placing a sharpened blade next to their neck skin?”

“That’s too far, even for me.” said Carey, “Honestly, they survived because of you, Cohen. On what grounds did they think they had the right to ask for more. I’d be more discreet.”

“Leaders of small clans are certainly not as smart other big tribes. Anyone can be their leader as long as he’s healthy, literate and has a lineage.” I took Carey’s hands, “Be tolerate and give them time to learn.”

“But their attitude towards you was outrageous!” said Carey, “I would see them flogged until their skin burst open!”

“You can’t do that. Given the fact that they did require certain positions and other rewards, they’re still loyal people, much less cheeky, I can live with it.” I shook my head, “Besides, more than half of the current provincial army comes from their clans, you don’t want the soldiers’ morale shaken, do you?”

“I am still concerning!” said Carey, “How could they work with each other given the disparity of education between our own bureaucratic personnel and the clan leaders?”

“Haha,” I was amused, “I don’t see them working together is necessary.”

Carey gaped, “Flynn wants them to be senators, did she not?”

“Tell me, did your sister say who reports to the senators? One has to graduate from an academy in order to be a senator.” I was even more amused, “Try imaging their posture after Lorenzo’s ‘monstrous torture’.”

“What on earth is a senator?”

“A senator is qualified to join meetings with high directors from the City Hall, he can also require an audience with the king and the viceroy. His position is similar to senior functionaries.” Flynn said with a smile, “It’s a very prestigious title but he has no power essentially.”

“I see! You made me worry.”

“That is why you cannot act as if you’re going to slaughter them the next moment.” said I, “These clansmen had tough and ill lives but they have no lack of naivety.  The only problem is they’re extremely self-inferior. We take it slow, we change them.”

“But,” Carey was still pouting her mouth, “Whenever I see them, I get uncomfortable.”

“Perhaps you need time to get to know them. Here, do you know why your husband indulged them?” said I, “That’s because I have seen the other side of them. They, too, have precious qualities. These clan leaders are the worst you can get if I were to be strict.”

“Fine…” Carey gave up, “I’ll try.”

“By the way,” I turned to Flynn, “why did His Majesty send wine earlier. Are you behind it?”

“I worried you might throw a tantrum.” Flynn glanced at me, “So I sent a man for the king before the meeting was over.”

“Appreciation. I couldn’t have handled that meeting without you.”

“Huh, he is starting to talk sweet. I bet he’s onto something bad.” said Carey in an exaggerated way, “Sister, ignore him. Winslet, let’s kick him out, what say you?”

The she-elf nodded though her actions didn’t follow. Instead, her gentle eyes were on me. Flynn ended Carey’s nonsense so the four continued chatting with laughter.

This poor viceroy seldom had the chance to talk freely with his wives. That was why all 4 of them treasured this precious moment.

And surely, this viceroy ended up hitting the study all by himself. How strong he had to be to derive his attention from his 3 wives’ affection.

Well, I must be immune from ladies’ temptation that no one can compare.

During the next 2 days, I rarely had the chance to leave the front meeting building. Countless business burdened me at the desk. The hand that I used to stamp documents swelled; city officials who came running up and down nearly trampled through the stairs; even, cases that I slumping desk or swearing in public took place like it rained cats and dogs.

Fischer had his servant constantly come to remind me to be calm. Eventually, he simply remained across my desk raising a big card with the writing ‘CALM’ for me to see.

The occupying days had deprived me of my time with the wives. Hell, this young lord fell asleep by his desk almost all days. He was carried back to his chamber by Malphite almost every night. He had no idea how other viceroys carried out their rituals. How could they be whoring around while being burdened by all the paperwork?

My misery had to continue if not my Lord Father came arriving just in time.

Once I had the first notice that my father was here, I pushed aside all men who were ready to debrief me and headed to the king’s building in the rear.

My father looked fresh-minded but the hardship of traveling days and night had worn him out. His well-combed hairs had seen traces of silver.

“Lord Visual, look at this Cohen Kheda.” Seeing that I rushed in haste into the chamber, Fischer teased, “I seemed to lose count of men who were yelled at during the days he took over the city.”

“Errrrr, my beloved king.” I yelled, “Hell, they deserved it for doing things wrong.”

“Tell me about it.” said Fischer, “What went wrong?”

“They! They had no idea of their mistakes.” I cracked my lips, “You had to tell them time after time to make only one thing correct!”

“I get it! Stop talking, please.” Fischer raised a hand, “Now that Lord Visual is here, your misery has come to an end.”

“And why is that?” I asked with joy.

“See, Cohen,” My Lord Father explained, “His Majesty knows your way around things. The mansion can’t keep you in. This is why we’ll take over the political affairs and you’ll be able to focus on army business.”

I was so overjoyed that I took Fischer in my arms and started dancing.

“Halt, Cohen!” My father ordered, “HALT!”

Only after I let Fischer go had I discovered all who stood in the room were sweating like hell. Then I remembered it was a punishable offense to throw a king in a swirl.

“It’s alright.” Eventually, Fischer exculpated for me, “He’s just too excited.”

“He can’t! My King!” Looked like my father took this matter very seriously, “The king’s subject cannot overstep. Cohen has to take proper punishment. I recommend decapitating his title.”

Damn, I lose my rank for hugging the king!

“Lord Visual, your point is taken.” Fischer was still in vertigo from my action, he said with a hand on his forehead, “Cohen is privately my friend as well. The manners shouldn’t be a problem for our friendship.”

“But my king…” My father insisted, “You’re a king now and all viceroys of the empire are watching you. Your every move and word matters. If we do not restrain Cohen’s behavior, god knows what inappropriate moves he might be showing off.”

“Cohen is a first rank viceroy. Suddenly lowering his rank will induce other viceroys’ allegation.” said Fischer, “You might be as well drop that proposal.”

“My King, I insist…”

Well, I had to stand obediently aside listening to the two’s argument on how to punish me. As far as I being a viceroy, I kinda failed.

“Okay, Lord Visual, I will lower Cohen’s rank.” Fischer gave up and said, “However, given the situation, let us keep the decision in this room only.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Lord Visual, since you arrived very recently, I supposed you could use a rest.” Fischer sat down and said, “But there are things that can’t wait. You’ll have to work a little longer and sooner.”

“It’s my duty for being your subject.”

“Good, Viceroy Cohen.” Fischer turned to me, “Send your order now, call in all your senior military and civil officers here. We’re having an immediate meeting.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Although it was called a ‘military and civil officers’ meeting, it only involved 2 legion commanders, the Chief of Staff, Lord Justice and 3 IA supervisors (my wives). We sat around the table while Marfa gazed at me in crying eyes because I dragged him over to the meeting and grouped him as IA staffs for fearing of lack of meeting attendees.

“Since we’re all here, you may begin.” Said Fischer, “This meeting aims to have a general discussion of our future strategic plan as well as your respective division of works.”

“You know, currently we only have total control of Darkmoon and Dark City.” Fischer’s finger hinted a map on the desk, “We have people to recruit, battles to fight and warfares to confront. That is why I just had a discussion with Viceroy Visual in the attempt to leave internal affairs of both provinces to him.”

“Yes to it.” Said Carey, “Cohen is an asshole when dealing with civil things. You can hear him cursing people from a hundred miles apart.”

“Hear me out, many Darkmoon’s policies are apply-worthy on Dark City’s management system.” Said Fischer, “Relying on Viceroy Visual’s rich administrative experience is going to coordinate well on both two cities’ daily affairs as well as to supplement all the holes which Viceroy Cohen had left for lack of experience.”

I had to agree because I knew he was telling the truth.

“And one more thing, Lord Justice and his men have to stand out from the army system. Jack is still young. He needs further and relevant instructions.” Continued Fischer, “I’ll indulge him with a period of time to study with Viceroy Visual and me, then he’ll officially take up the duty as Lord Justice. Likewise, the Chief Liaison Officer’s job will have to stand out afrom the army.”

“That went well.” I nodded, “You two’s duties are no longer limited to the military. Jack’s justice lords, as well as Marfa’s liaison system,  will exert further potential by expanding to broader fields. Staying with me on the battlefield will do them no further good.”

“Your Majesty, what about Lord Cohen?” Jack added.

“As for Viceroy Cohen, his specialties are more military.” Fischer made a faint smile, “That’s where we should let him be, to focus on leading armies.”

“However,” it was Flynn’s question this time, “is Cohen really able to serve our purpose despite that I admit he is indeed military-capable. Please be prudent, my king.”

“I know what you’re worried about. I guess I didn’t make myself clear earlier.” Said Fischer, “I’m not asking Cohen to take responsibility of all military affairs within the two provinces. In one hand, Cohen’s style is not suited to commanding current Darkmoon soldiers. On the other hand, Cohen’s army only obeys Cohen’s order. Now, Viceroy Visual, please enlighten us on Darkmoon’s army system.”

I exhaled after hearing Fischer’s statement.

“Yes, my king. During the last reign, I’ve accumulated a certain amount of troops and regular supplies in Darkmoon. It remained a secret which was solely known by three, namely the royal couple and myself. During the rebellion, lack of time had given me no chance to use this force.” Said my father, “As of now, it has been fully mobilized. The army has 70, 000 functional soldiers, led by General Martin Luther.”

“That’s amazing!” I exclaimed, “It’s been hurting my brain, Darkmoon’s defense job.”

“Hold that thought. Darkmoon is not like Dark City. Your territory faces the ocean on one side, Darkmoon on the other. Your actual defense job lies in one direction and only.” Said Fischer, “As for Darkmoon, the huge province neighboring 4 other viceroy’s territories has a vast area that needs attention. This army of 70, 000 plus the original city garrison can barely build a working line of defense. They are of no help to you.”

The excitement diminished.

“That is why you are the solution, Cohen.” Continued my father, “Leave the IA and the logistics to us.”

“Then… what’s my job?” I blinked.

“We need you to battle.” My father said with utter seriousness, “We require you to win several battles in the shortest time possible!”

“Er… am I thinking what you’re thinking?” I moistened my lips.

“A month,” My father said, “is all we have.”

“Understood, but I don’t have enough men. Out there are merely 3 legions worth of soldiers who can actually fight.” Said I, “And that animal Luhrmann does not necessarily need to attack me within a month.”

“You’re quite right.” My father said, “Luhrmann has not shown any intentions of military operations. He has started winning over neutral viceroys. I believe his intention is us in isolation.”

“I see…” I was not surprised, “Have we heard anything from the Race Supreme yet, no?”

“I’m afraid no. The 3 cardinals cannot be underestimated.” Said Fischer, “They’re entirely capable of excusing the Race Supreme from upholding the ultimate justice within a certain amount of time. I guess the Protoss race is also watching us. If Luhrmann is winning, the upper race will save a lot of trouble picking up pieces.”

“Looks like Luhrmann has waged big money on this.” I exhaled, “Same goes for the 3 cardinals.”

“Absolutely. The 3 have even notified your father and your 2 brothers. He’s promised them very favorable terms. I wouldn’t worry about your families, but I can’t promise you about other viceroys. I heard many of Luhrmann’s messengers have set off riding carriages loaded with gold.” Fischer was solemn on his face, “Our future seems to be gloomy at this point.”

“Don’t worry, my king.” I stood up, “Battling is my strongest suit.”

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