Vol. 11: Chapter 08: Military and Politics

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

The 36 clansmen were not ordinary refugees. They were enormous in number, unique in custom, lone in lifestyle. In addition, the nature which they originated from the Protoss/Asmodian Line had given them no particular religions. Everybody knew they were not a simple sum of an extra population but a huge burden!

Since my fleet had rejoined Dark City, several cases of fistfights invoked by the clansmen have occurred. Though the incidents generally involved simple swings of fists, it was a sign to be noticed. The apparent difference between Dark City residents and the clansmen has made the situation more complicated.

The worst was their mentality.

Dark City residents including the alien races (Aqua Clan counted) who have started immigrating inward all had a condescending sense because they were with me since the beginning and their lives were more superior than the clansman.

The inadvertent 人reveal of such superiority often hinted the 36 clansmen of humiliation due to the fact that they used to be in constant harsh environments. They felt sad, and due to Gardena, their former chief had entrusted them to me, they were even gloomier.

In order to mediate the problem, Carlos and Jack have been racking their brains for a solution.

“This silence, I wonder why…” I backed my hands, walked to the alien chieftains, “Today, I’m introducing you to a new friend. Gardena Jr.!”

“Lord Cohen,” A middle-aged man rose from the back row, “I’m here.”

“Come forward. Tell everybody about your people.” I said loudly, “This is the sheik of the 36 Clans and his name is Gardena Jr..”

“Yes, my lord.” He strolled to the central hall.

“The 36 Clans followed Lord Cohen to Dark City. Our total population is 163.8 million, give or take.” Gardena Jr. cleared his throat, he seemed not quite acquainted to such an occasion, “We’re indeed, 36 tribes, but in a manner of speaking, there are hundreds of villages and each of them is a relatively independent unity. The villagers won’t separate. That’s why settling them can be tricky.”

“Mr. Gardena Jr.,” a City Hall director stood up, “can you tell us the race composition of your tribes? Is it really that miscellaneous like I heard?”

“That I can tell you.” Gardena Jr. can’t help but made a wry face, “The truth is much bigger than you can imagine. The 36 Clans sweep the board of nearly all races you can find in the Protoss and Asmodian Alliances.”

No man talked but breathed. Even the alien leader attendees frowned. Basically, Gardena was telling them that he’s got all the races, unbreakable villages, and an enormous population. There won’t be a place in this province for them; and how on earth should the future dispute be resolved?

Looked like I have to seek help from the IA directors.

“Director Flynn,” I asked, “What’s your take on this?”

“Yes, I’ve given a fair thought on this matter.” She stood up, strolled to the speaker stand, “The 3 supers have consulted several times during the past days and we’ve exchanged ideas with City Hall directors.”

“Anything?” I asked.

“Considering our current land availability, it is unrealistic to allocate a single piece of area to settle the entire 36 Clans.” Flynn said with a firm tone, “Alien colonies not counted, there are 54 medium counties and cities throughout the province. Under them, there are 464 towns, 8, 371 villages. The partitioning has been completed. The local people have farmed and harvested on the same lands for several seasons. The chance of ripping them off their places is zero.”

“It is true.” I nodded, “If we’re asking the commoners to abandon their farmlands and homes, we don’t need the rebels to attack before we destroy ourselves.”

“But on the other hand, since it’s King Fischer and Viceroy Cohen’s will to give proper settlement to the 36 Clans, our opinion focuses primarily on dispersion.” Flynn eyed over the hall, “Disseminate the refugees to sub-towns and cities. It is a comprehensive and compromise decision. This is as far as we can go.”

Wonderful, Flynn! You know me so well. If I let these people crowd together, how am I gonna guarantee good order?

“Gardena Jr., you heard her offer.” I said, “Indeed, I’ve promised your clans’ future and we’re devoting to make it happen. In this case, considering the big picture, the 36 Clans ought to share the burden, don’t you think?”

“Lord Cohen, you promoted me and I shall obey your will.” said Gardena Jr., “However, I’m also the spokesman of the clans, so I must delivery their intentions to you.”

“I understand.” I nodded, “What else do they want?”

Gardena Jr. hesitated. He did not answer me at once. Looking at his face, I instantly knew the other 36 leaders must have compelled him somehow to speak out to me.

“Well, we’ll talk about that later.” I said with leniency, “You’re my guests. Help me summon the leaders. Tell them I wanna dine with them.”

“Yes, my lord.” Gardena Jr. replied gratefully, “I believe and also understand about your decision.”

I waved my hand to tell him to go back to his seat.

“I guess there’s a glitch I’ll have to do with the clan chiefs. And the glitch is where this viceroy shall be.” I said with a smile, “Now, the problem waits for no one. I wanna see a thorough proposal from the City Hall asap!”

At my order, the directors showed their compliance then added their ideas from aspects of education, hygiene, farming, races. The sum of 160 million has been finished subdividing and dispersing quickly.

“Gardena Jr.,” I said in the end, “never confuse military affairs and internal affairs. From today on, there’s no need to talk to Carlos if a question comes to you. He’s military and the situation before was uncalled for. From this point, you report to IA supervisor Flynn. I will give you an office in the City Hall.”

“Yes, Lord Cohen.” Gardena nodded, “I understand.”

“Good, case over. Let’s talk about supplements of forces.” I turned over, announced, “General personnel from the City Hall, directors of towns and cities, you’re dismissed.”

Hence a large collection of middle-rank officials stood up and left, leaving only IA supervisors/my wives, senior commanders and other division supervisors and directors.

And surely, all chiefs of alien races did not leave because they’re vital suppliers of my special forces.

“Let’s go to the subject. We’ve sacrificed enormously during the past long march, especially the army.” I said sorrowfully, “Our special forces, the wingmen, the elves, they’ve bled, sweated for the final victory. I am grateful”

“Lord Viceroy, our people are not afraid of death, as long as our sacrifice is deemed worthy.” Steven’s father quickly stood up and said, “I think we can entrust our people to you, Your Excellency.”

“Absolutely, Viceroy Cohen, the 4 largest alien tribes have made a decision.” Manta’s father stood up as well, “We’ll deliver soldiers as many as you need! Speak of which, you did not bring a single dwarf warrior to war this time. You’re not looking down on us, are you?”

“I’m not.” I hurriedly shook my head to the two seniors who loved to bicker, “Look, you’re right, I didn’t bring any dwarfs, but what we wielded and wore all came from you dwarf’s furnace. These armors and weapons are our soldiers’ most trusted companions, how could you say the dwarf did nothing in contribution?”

“You’re right, but I have one more request.”

“As many as you want.”

“Since you brought sandmen to war last time, a certain old kid has been making jokes on me.” Manta’s father’s eyes glared, huffed, “This time, no matter how many sandman soldiers are with you, you’ll have to take my dwarf warriors of the same number. Us dwarfs are known to be brave, and I do not want this reputation diminished.

“Calm down, sir. Please, have a seat.” I fawned, “I’d love to have the dwarf join the army, but I have to make one thing clear.”

“Tell me about it.”

“It’s not one man’s word to bring whichever tribe’s men to battle.” said I, “It has to be in accordion with the Staff Department’s actual combat plan. You see, I can’t lead the sandmen to the ocean or dwarfs to dessert, am I right?”

“Agreed. As long as you let me know.” Manta’s father touched his giant beard.

“He’s right, Viceroy sama.” The orc chief also followed, “Us orcs will not flee any difficulties.”

“You’ve solved a huge problem for me.” said I, “A draft order will be delivered to your hands soon. I believe you will be providing more than enough soldiers to the training grounds.”

The next topic was to decide the legions’ separated quartering locations and army food supply as well as the sequence of armor and weapon supplements. I was much annoyed by the tediously long meeting, but I had to force myself to discuss the details with personnel concerned until the subject was settled. If it were not for the presence of my thoughtful IA directors, I’d soon kick chairs or start swearing.

By the end of the last subject, it was a starry night sky. The ones left were only my wives and senior commanders.

“The end…” I stretched myself, walked between the officers, “We didn’t talk much about military stuff so we’ll have to find another time. Do you have an idea why I led you to this meeting?”

“Sir, that I don’t know.” Marfa shook his arms, “But I know my body is suffering from the long sitting.”

“Hehhe, that’s very straightforward of you.” I tapped on his shoulder, “Don’t underestimate your uniform. The Liaison Chief’s job is half military and half political. You can’t ignore either of them.”

“I think the purpose of us attending this meeting,” Carlos said aside, “is supposed to give us an idea of the tough jobs of internal affairs.”

“Exactly!” I nodded to agree.

“But boss, we’re army man!” Seeing that there was no one around and the meeting was adjourned, Wilder alter my appellation, “The fact that we’re here as part of the internal discussion and listening to the City Hall directors complain about things, we can’t do anything about it but feel anxious.”

“I can’t agree more, boss!” said Moya, “Next time, Chief of Staff alone here is enough.”

“Pourquoi moi!???” Carlos humphed.

“Huh, your bodies ache, this man can’t say otherwise. I’m not blaming you, you’ve got lots to learn!” I laughed, “Director Winslet is the Mistress of School, I’ll let her explain your question. Winslet, c’mere. I found your students.”

So there she came with a gentle elf’s smile.

“Tell them about it.” I took Winslet’s hands, “In case they don’t comprehend.”

“Hm, look, before the meeting, Cohen had talked with us.” Winslet said, her tone was like a breeze blowing over elbows, “Military and politics are never 2 separate things. Politics is capable of providing convenience and ensuring necessary safeguard to military operations, and army is the essential factor to uphold politics. One missing link among either of them will result in an unpredictable mistake in the overall situation.

“How should I put it, take the example of the upcoming warfare,” Flynn and her sister came over as well, she took over the subject, “why did Luhrmann initiate the rebellion? Because he knew he cannot overturn King Climos politically, but his army-holding had provided him the initiative. However, he did not gain any benefits on Cohen, in other words, he had successfully safeguarded King Fischer. This way, Luhrmann, again, fell into a passive political footing.”

“Well said. People, your future jobs will no longer be about wars only.” said I, “You need to know, you’re senior commanders now and you’ll learn to take advantage of the necessities of politics.”

“Take advantage?” Moya scratched his head.

“True, think about it. Why haven’t the Protoss race and the light temple reacted to Swabia’s domestic turmoil after such a long while?” I eyed around the people and lowered my voice, “You know, the cardinals of the light temple took part in the rebellion. This is a political deal. Luhrmann and the Cardinals have colluded and they played their tricks to create a time lag. During this time, the Protoss race will not react. This is their political advantage.”

“I see.” Jack nodded.

“This war is essentially a political contest because the Protoss race hasn’t revealed their stand. Luhrmann has to make it a fact that King Fischer is dead in order to silent the Protoss. That is why he will attack us crazily!” I continued, “And our purpose is to protect King Fischer and utilize our forces to slaughter Luhrmann’s men. Only in this way can we seize more political initiative for King Fischer.”

“Indeed, the Protoss hasn’t said a thing, it is rare.” Carlos said, “And how would things develop?”

“If we win, we eliminate Luhrmann’s time lag. So as the war prolongs, words will spread. The light temple can never silent the whole world.” I gathered the heads around me. We squatted, heads to heads, “By that time, the Protoss race will have to come forward and pick up the pieces. Given that Luhrmann and the Cardinals have more tricks to play, we still have a huge political and military advantage. That is why the Protoss race has to make rulings that favor us and King Fischer.”

“How much advantage are we talking about?” Carlos asked, “How far should we go to obtain that political advantage?”

“That I’ll have to ask Fischer.” I touch my jaw, “If King Fischer wants to take Luhrmann down for good, us loyal men must make our best even it means to bump open Luhrmann’s bedroom door.”

“As a wise king, I doubt he’ll try to do that.” Flynn said, “King Fischer is a merciful emperor who treasures his soldiers.”

“Indeed. The cost of training a qualified soldier is high.” said Carlos, “And today’s meeting told me our province’s resources have difficulty to support us to draw long distance battle.”

“You know, that’s an interesting point. That is why I asked Winslet to teach you smart asses. Military difficulties can be alleviated by political approaches. Here is the plan. We’ll need to win the first few wars. Let the enemies suffer certain losses. They will flinch.” said I, “By that time, the viceroys who had decided to watch instead of being a part of the civil war will lean to us. They’ll make a nice addition to our power. If those viceroys aren’t willing to offer their armies, they’ll offer food and supplies at least. It will be our first political victory.”

“Secondly,” I continued, “as the war prolongs, the Protoss race will have to come forward. Everybody knows Luhrmann does not have royal blood and a rightful name to claim the throne so the light temple cannot stand against the Protoss race. Once the Protoss goes out, other empires’ troops who help Luhrmann will flee. Once they flee, Luhrmann is weakened. This will be our second victory won by political approaches.”

“I see it!” said Moya, “We must hold Luhrmann’s first attack, no matter the cost!”

“Right! The mightier we are, the quicker we can enter the political scramble and the less loss to our army.” I said joyfully, “If you hesitated for even a second and the war lagged, we’ll be forced to enter a long range and long-term war with Luhrmann. By that time, both of the parties will suffer and the outcome dismal.”

“Yeah, if that was the case, we won’t be having any political advantages.” said Wilder, “Pray for our tiny lives.”

“Like the old men said, better a little loss than a long sorrow.” I grinned, “During the first round of battle, we can’t hide, we can’t conceal. You’ll sharpen your blades and shove them good!”

“Then entering the procedure you said.” Wilder’s eyes lightened, “Luhrmann bastard is so screwed!”

“How he’s gonna die is up to the king.” said I, “Our job is to battle. We can take care of the other empire pigs one by one when the civil war is over…”

“Done talking, you all?” Flynn said, “It’s dark now. Off you go for dinner!”

“Great, back to your dining tables.” Seeing that all have learned my intention, I stood up, “Is it dinner time already? Shit, the clan leaders are expecting me!”

“You still remember that?” Flynn said with a smile, “Poor memory, you. Forgetful man.”

“Sigh, I must leave now.” said I, “They must be starving now.”

“Don’t be so hurry. We didn’t keep them waiting on purpose.” Flynn caught up with me, “The meeting hall’s light can be seen from every corner in the city. If they can’t see it, they’re too dumb to be your subordinates.”

“You’re right.” I slowed my pace, “One more thing, these men are self-interested, a bunch of asses.”

“You’re the one to talk!” Carey caught up with us, “I remember a group of men squatting in a place where there were chairs to sit, shifty like petty thieves!”

“Not a petty thief, this lord is the boss thief.” I closed my distance between me and Carey’s ear, “And this madame… is the boss thief’ wife.”

“Ah, sister!”


“He’s stolen a kiss!”

“Sounds like him.”

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